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First Hill StreetCar Construction

What Bicyclists Can Expect

  • Shared lanes during construction
    During certain types of work, especially early in the project, warning signs will be posted and cyclists will be directed to share the lane with vehicles.
  • Grooved pavement and raised castings
    Substantial segments of the project will have the top layer of asphalt removed, creating an uneven surface and raised castings. Advanced warning signs will be posted and cyclists may seek alternate routes if bikes are not already asked to detour.
  • Detours
    Once streetcar track installation begins, the road will be closed to bicycle travel to ensure safe crossing of the tracks.  A signed bike detour will be established and permanent warning signs installed.  Perpendicular crossings of the tracks will be maintained.  During weekend road closures, the vehicle and bicycle detour may be shared.
  • Open trenches, steel plates and rail located in sections of the street
    Construction may create different types of hazards to bicycles. Barricades and advanced warning signs will be utilized to warn of these conditions.
  • Increased truck activity and traffic stoppages
    During roadway excavation and paving, flaggers and uniformed police officers may be on hand to ensure safe flow of traffic.

During construction the Seattle Department of Transportation will take a number of steps to ensure safe travel for bicyclists. These include:

  • Posting bike-specific warning signs alerting riders to upcoming construction activity and road conditions.
  • Posting alternate routes and wayfinding signage for bicyclists to avoid construction zones.
  • Establishing fully signed bike detour routes when street conditions on S. Jackson St. and Broadway are not suitable for bike travel.
  • Phasing work to minimize construction impacts.
  • Conducting outreach and providing notice to the biking community.

Benefits To Bicyclists

The First Hill Streetcar Project includes a number of benefits for bicyclists:

  • New cycle track on Broadway between Yesler Way and Denny Way that will enhance bicycle safety and mobility.
  • New road surface that will enhance cyclists’ riding experience and improve safety.
  • Bike friendly drainage grates.
  • More green bike lanes to highlight areas where bicycles and cars cross paths.

Bike detours map



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