Transit accessibility


Urban mobility depends on equitable accessibility and thoughtful integration with all modes of transportation.


Committing to an Accessible Transportation Network

The Seattle Streetcar’s accessibility aligns with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. No person shall be subject to discrimination based on race, color, national origin, or disability. The City of Seattle provides language translation as available and interpretation for those with limited English proficiency and provides auxiliary aids and/or alternative formats to persons with disabilities.

To request an accommodation, modification, translation, interpretation or language service, click here.

Passenger waiting to board streetcar


The Seattle Streetcar is accessible and easy to board for all users. Streetcar stations feature low floors and high platforms for a minimal gap between the platform and streetcar. Wheelchair ramps on the streetcar automatically deploy upon the press of a blue button from inside or outside of the car. The streetcar also features both audio and digital display stop announcements.

A photo of bikes along streetcar tracks together on the road before passing a station.


Bikes are allowed, space permitting, in the center section of the streetcar. Please use the bike racks, located in the center section of the First Hill streetcar and new South Lake Union streetcar, when available. If the racks are occupied, or if you are on a South Lake Union streetcar without racks, please hold your bike upright while riding.