A Seattle Streetcar with an advertisement wrap for Sound Credit Union

Become a Seattle Streetcar Sponsor!

Streetcar Sponsorships are a great way to get your product, service or event exposure to thousands of streetcar riders and the thousands more who see the streetcar travel through the city. The Streetcar network canvasses some of Seattle’s most popular and dense neighborhoods, providing a dependable advertising opportunity for those looking to reach those audiences.


Become a sponsor for the streetcar!

The options listed below can be combined depending on availability. To make sponsorship inquiries, email seattle.streetcar@seattle.gov.

Sponsorship Policies & Guidelines

See the Streetcar Sponsorship Message Guidelines and Streetcar Station Sponsorship Design Guidelines for the City’s policies on sponsorship messages.


Seattle U wrap

Streetcar Vehicle Wraps

Wrap the streetcar for a dynamic way to present yourself in Seattle’s Center City! The sponsorship fee is $6,500 per month, and will be increasing to $7,000 per month on January 1, 2019. There is a 4-month minimum per streetcar; there are also one-time production and installation costs of approximately $10K. Please contact us for details.

Interior of streetcar with an advertisement for Zipcar

Interior Panels

Upgrade your streetcar vehicle sponsorship by adding interior messaging to your exterior wrap. Inside each streetcar, there are glass panels available for sponsorship. (There are four double-sided panels located throughout the streetcar at various locations. An adhesive can be installed to both sides, thus creating a total of eight panels available.) Sponsors have all eight panels available in a package, with the following exceptions: On the South Lake Union line, interior panels are only available with streetcar wrap sponsorships. Interior panel sponsorships are available separately from wraps on three First Hill streetcars. The fee is $500/month.

A photo of a man waiting at a streetcar station shelter displaying an advertisement for the 2200 building

Station Sponsorship

Present your graphic message on the large glass panels of the station shelters. The sponsorship fee is $2,000 per month for mid-line stations, and $3000 per month for terminus stations. The minimum term is 4 months per station. Reduced rates are available for terms of one year or longer, non-profits and community organizations.  Please contact us for details.