How to Adjust a Motorcycle Foot Pegs?

Did you buy a new motorcycle but have no idea how to adjust the footpegs? Don’t worry! We got you covered.

If you want to go hit the roads with your new motorcycle, you need to learn how to adjust your foot pegs. While it might seem like a tedious task and a lot of work, it’s not as hard as it looks.

So, to help you out, we’ll be going through a couple of methods to adjust a motorcycle foot pegs so that you can hop on your new motorcycle and drive like a boss!

How to Adjust a Motorcycle Foot Pegs: Simple Steps

Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t know much about motorcycles and how they work. The steps we’ll be going through are quite easy to follow and can be done by anybody.

So, let’s go over the steps needed to adjust motorcycle foot pegs.

Things You’ll Need To Adjust a Motorcycle Foot Pegs

Adjust a Motorcycle Foot Pegs

Before we move any further, we’re going to need a few tools to get the job done. We suggest gathering these tools before you attempt to do anything. Without them, you won’t be able to do anything. So, take the time and get them.

· Snap ring pliers to take out all the snap rings

· A new pivot pin

· New snap rings to replace the old one

· A drill bit to make the holes as clean as possible

· Safety glasses

· A hammer

Once you’ve gathered these items, then you can start with the next steps:

1. Take Them Out

If your footpegs are moving around as soon as you place your feet on it, you must take them out.

This tends to happen when you’ve been using your motorcycle a lot. Don’t worry about it too much, in case you thought it was broken.

Once you’ve done a few times, it will seem like nothing.

Steps to take

Tightening up loose foot pegs is surprisingly easy and barely takes any time. So, here is what you need to do before you tighten up your foot pegs:

· Go ahead and grab the snap ring plier

· Now that you have the snap ring pliers, you need to remove the snap rings

· If you want to tighten up your motorcycle passenger foot pegs you need to remove the snap rings as well

· The snap rings can be found at the end of the clip. That is where you want to grip the snap rings using your snap ring pliers

· With your snap ring pliers, you want to pull the snap rings

· Make sure to store them somewhere you can find it

· Now you just need to remove the pivot pin and pull the peg out

· And finally, make sure to get the spring clip and store it somewhere safely

You should now have the pegs out of the bike.

2. Drill the Foot Pegs

Drill the Foot Pegs

You really want to be careful here. This is the most essential step. So, take as much time as needed.

What we want to accomplish here is to drill the holes. This will allow us to have crisp and clean holes. If this is your first time doing this, you might have a hard time trying to drill the holes.

We strongly suggest wearing safety glasses to prevent anything from getting into your eyes.

Steps to take

These are the steps you must follow to tighten up your footpegs. Take as much time as needed if this your first time doing this.

· Put on your protective gear before you get started

· Put the drill into the jaw

· Make sure it has a good grip

· Tighten it down

· Put the foot pegs in a vise

· Now drill both holes on your foot pegs

· The drill has to go through the holes, but you don’t want the drill to go through both holes at the same time

· By adjusting them, you will learn how to lower motorcycle foot pegs for more foot space in your motorcycle

The pegs should now be almost wholly adjusted.

3. Drill Other Holes

Now that you have successfully drilled the foot pegs. There is just one more thing you need to drill before you can adjust your motorcycle footpegs.

Steps to take

What we want to do now is to drill the other holes. The idea behind this whole process is to drill all the holes and match them with each other once you have drilled them.

· Head over to your motorcycle and find the holes where the foot pegs go

· Carefully turn on your drill

· Here, you want to drill the holes just like before

· Don’t forget that you can’t go through both holes at the same time

· Keep doing this until the frame matches the foot pegs

You’re almost ready to finish now.

4. Secure the Pegs

Now, all we need to do is put it all together. We’ll be using all the tools that we got before. This just to make sure that the footpegs are as tight as possible.

Since these are all brand-new tools, you won’t experience any noisy and weak footpegs anymore.

You don’t have to use the old ones as they have been compromised. Feel free to store them somewhere safe in case you ever need them again for whatever reason. Otherwise, throw them away.

Steps to take

These steps are quite easy to follow. All you need to do is put together all the new pieces. This will essentially tighten up your motorcycle foot pegs.

  • Here is how to install motorcycle foot peg adjuster: hold the new footpegs against the holes once you have removed the old ones
  • Now you want to grab the pivot spin and slowly put it back
  • You might find it hard to put it back so you will need to use a hammer
  • Grip the handle of your hammer closer its bottom and gently hit the pivot spin
  • If needed, apply more pressure for better results
  • Now put back all the snap rings we took out
  • Make sure you’ve assembled them correctly. Otherwise, you will have to take them out again
  • You should now be able to test the pegs as necessary.

5. Testing Them Out

Before you hop on your motorcycle and begin hitting the roads. You want to make sure that everything is working.

Steps to take

Always test your foot pegs after you’re done adjusting your foot pegs. To do that, you must follow these simple steps.

· Use your hands and try to move the footpegs around

· If your foot pegs feel tighter after putting back all the pieces, then you’re good to go

· But if it doesn’t feel tight, you might want to remove the foot pegs again just to make sure you assembled all the pieces correctly

The footpegs are properly adjusted now. You’re ready to enjoy them.

Final Words

Adjusting your motorcycle foot pegs is something you will have to do every so often. This is something that tends to happen when you’ve been driving a lot. It is not much you can do to prevent that, other than having to tighten it up again.

Now you know how to adjust a motorcycle foot pegs. It’s an easy and worthwhile endeavor anyone can take.

All you need to do now is hop on your motorcycle and see just how comfortable your foot pegs feel now.

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