Aluminum vs Fiberglass Truck Caps – Pros, Cons, and Comparison

Truck caps, or alternatively known as camper shells, is a helpful accessory for pickup trucks. The back of pickup trucks are often exposed to harsh weather, and the contents can also be stolen. Truck caps can protect against these.

While looking for a suitable truck cap, you’ll find yourself seeing a heated debate, which is aluminum vs. fiberglass truck caps. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how do they compare? This article will help give you a good look at each type of truck cap.

Aluminum Truck Cap

Aluminum truck caps are, as the name suggests, made out of aluminum. It is used for car chassis and likewise makes for great truck caps. 

Pros of Aluminium Truck Caps

Let’s get acquainted with the advantages of aluminum truck caps.

  • Lightweight

Aluminum is a lightweight material, and it easily lends itself to being used for car chassis as well as truck caps. Lightweight truck caps have several advantages.

The most prominent advantage is that due to their smaller weight, they put less stress on the car’s suspension system. 

They also do not affect the weight distribution of your car too much, and you more or less won’t feel much of a difference when driving. 

  • Easier to Remove and Install

This advantage also stems from how lightweight aluminum truck caps are compared to fiberglass truck caps. Since they weigh less, you have an easier time moving them around. They put less strain on your arms and backs, and often one person can easily pick it up and move it around.

And this makes installation and removal of the truck cap much easier, and you often do not need another person’s help to do it provided you know what you’re doing. 

Cons of Aluminium Truck Caps

Below, we’ll learn the cons of aluminum truck caps.

  • Noisy

Aluminum truck caps tend to not have the best noise damping ability. This is especially audible during rain or whenever something hits your aluminum truck cap. A large din can often be heard. This is usually an issue during very heavy rainfall.

  • Lack of Insulation

Aluminum truck caps aren’t often insulated. This can result in a few problems. Heavy rainfall and water seeping in can damage it, especially on very long drives and if left unattended. 

The lack of insulation also causes it to get heated up when exposed to the sun for a long time. This can make it difficult to touch, as it tends to get very hot. However, it should be noted that you can insulate your aluminum truck caps and reduce these problems a bit.

  • Less Color

A more subjective issue, but aluminum tends to be only available in select colors. If you care a lot about looks, you might not find aluminum truck caps pleasing to your eyes.

Fiberglass Truck Cap

Another popular option is fiberglass truck caps. They are made using fiberglass and have a much more intricate development process. 

Pros of Fiberglass Truck Cap

Here are some of the advantages of fiberglass truck cap.

  • Durable and Insulated

Fiberglass truck caps are very strong and durable. This makes them excellent for long rides and will hold up when exposed to the elements. They are also well insulated, making them hold up well during heavy rainfall, much better than aluminum truck caps.

  • Quieter than Aluminium Truck Caps

Fiberglass truck caps are much less noisy compared to aluminum truck caps. When driving in the rain, you will hardly hear much noise when the rain makes contact with the truck cap.

  • Highly Customizable

While a truck cap is mainly used to protect the back of a pickup truck, fiberglass truck caps can go a step further and feature customization options.

This includes windows and holders for objects. They are generally very spacious and can serve as a good roof for sleeping during a long drive.

Cons of Fiberglass Truck Caps

Here, we’ll tell you about the drawbacks of fiberglass truck caps. 

  • Heavy

Compared to aluminum truck caps, fiberglass ones are much heavier. This makes them very difficult to install and remove without help from another person or two.

  • Expensive

Fiberglass is generally much more expensive than aluminum. Alongside the highly customizable options, a fiberglass truck top can reach prices such as 1500 dollars easily. As such, it is a very hefty investment.

Verdict: Which One to Choose?

As you can see, the article has laid down most of the basic aspects of both types of truck caps. If you want a cheaper option, you will probably want to go for an aluminum truck cap.

However, if you can afford to spend more, a fiberglass truck cap is a much better option and investment. 

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