Best Anti Fog Enduro Goggles: Reviews 2022 [#1 is Recommended]

If you are an adventurer who loves traveling on a motorbike or dirt bike, you often had to shop for goggles. Goggles are essential for your eyes’ safety, and also provide a level of flair.

But these things fog up quickly, and that’s why you require clear and unimpeded vision. To deal with this problem, anti-fog goggles provide the best solution.

Selecting anti-fog goggles is a task by itself, and with so many rip-offs out there, you don’t want to be flushing your money down the drain. That’s where we come in.

We are going to review the best anti fog enduro goggles available and help you make a worthy investment.

Soon you will have a clear picture of different brands of goggles so that you can get yourself the best pair of anti-fog goggles.

Need a quick choice? Here are our three recommendations for you 

Image Product Our Rating Price

ZDATT Motocross Goggles, ATV Goggles Adult Dirt Bike MX Goggle Glasses, and Anti Fog Motorcycle Goggles

Motorcycle Goggles Motocross Goggles Anti Fog UV ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Goggles

Oakley O-Frame Graphic Frame MX Goggles

10 Best Anti Fog Enduro Goggles Review

10 Best Anti Fog Enduro Goggles

Let us not waste time and get to the reviews. We have reviewed the top 10 best anti-fog enduro goggles and summarized our findings, all for your convenience!

1. ZDATT Motocross Goggles, ATV Goggles Adult Dirt Bike MX Goggle Glasses

The best anti-fog goggles brought to you by ZDATT, combining style and quality.

Made with the highest quality of polyurethane resin (PU), it is not only soft to the touch but also highly lightweight and durable. It is made with the most advanced technology to reduce drag and fog simultaneously.

This product will make you look stylish and also protect your eyes by shielding them from dust that would otherwise cause irritation and itching.

If you wear glasses, worry not. This goggle can also be worn over glasses, so you will not have to resort to contact lenses just to wear these goggles.

Neither do you have to worry about the glass of the goggles becoming foggy; they will be clear at all times and will provide unimpeded and clear vision.

They are suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications and activities. Some activities they are recommended for include racing, cycling, skiing, dirt biking, and much more.

Key Features

  • Equipped with an elastic strap to prevent slippage
  • Made of tough polyurethane resin
  • Can be used for different activities


  • Strong ABS frame, designed to last long
  • UV protecting lens
  • Provides maximum shielding from dust and wind
  • Adjustable strap
  • Cons

  • Replacement lens is not available
  • 2. Motorcycle Goggles Motocross Goggles Anti Fog UV ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Goggles

    One of the most trusted names when it comes to motorcycle goggles, Dmeixs, has been making and supplying the very best in quality to their customers for a long time.

    These goggles are made of the most rigid polyurethane material, which adds to their resilience and durability. Besides, they are incredibly lightweight.

    They are equipped with lenses that are fully resistant to any type of abrasion, scratches, or wear. This makes the lenses last longer and keeps them in better shape as opposed to other lenses found in conventional goggles.

    The goggles provide maximum protection from harmful sunlight and act as a barrier against dust and wind.

    With their adjustable elastic strap, you can be assured that they will fit just about any helmet; hence you don’t have to buy a new helmet only to accommodate the goggles.

    They are equipped with padding around the frame; this makes them comfortable to wear and prevents slip. Your eyes will be on a good level while riding. They will not fog up and will keep your vision clear at all times.

    Key Features

    • Can be worn with glasses
    • Wide inner space
    • Made of polyurethane


  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Protects from dust
  • Resistant to wear and abrasions
  • Anti-fog technology
  • Cons

  • The nose piece can be slightly uncomfortable
  • 3. Oakley O-Frame Graphic Frame MX Goggles

    A pair of goggles engineered to provide maximum protection and ultimate comfort. Oakley does not disappoint with their MX goggles.

    First off, the construction is customized to provide the best view from the most convenient angle. You will not have to worry about being blindsided when wearing these goggles.

    Their carbon fiber builds add not only a high-tech and sophisticated feature to the product but also provides an unparalleled measure of strength and durability. They act as an impenetrable shield against dust and other irritants that would otherwise cause great discomfort.

    If you frequently travel on rough and dusty terrain, these goggles are just for you.

    They are highly resistant to scratches and any form of abrasion, making them last longer and also provide top-notch service where ever you wear them.

    Do you live in a humid region? No worries! This product is also fog-resistant; so, you can expect clear and unobstructed vision at all times. With its unique lens, it will allow the optimum amount of light to reach your eyes, thereby providing a clear and glare-free view of your surroundings.

    Key Features

    • Absorbs sweat well
    • Resists scratches
    • Glare-free lens


  • Built with strong and durable carbon fiber
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Optimum light entry
  • Fog-resistance
  • Cons

  • Can be a bit uncomfortable over regular glasses
  • 4. ‘Fit Over Glasses’ Anti-fog Riding Goggles with Sponge Liner

    A pair of best motorcycle goggles for your riding adventures, Optional life delivers on quality with a mark of assurance.

    The size of the goggles is at a customized 7*3.7 inch on the outside and 5.9*3.14inch on the inside. This means they are suitable for adults and will neither be too tight or too loose.

    It has a stylish and elegant looking frame and is painted black for added aesthetic appeal. A strong and durable frame ensures it lasts long. The inside is lined with a sponge, and you can adjust it if necessary.

    This thing is also equipped with an elastic headband. They are tailor-made for comfort and provide safety as well. Having the finest polycarbonate lens, the goggles offer complete protection for your eyes from harmful UV rays and dust.

    Moreover, the product is also resistant to fog, which is a beneficial quality that makes it ideal to use during winters or early in the morning.

    With your goggles, you will also get three other products. These include a goggle case, a goggle bag, and a dust cloth to clean your goggle whenever needed.

    Key Features

    • Can be worn over glasses and does not have to be readjusted
    • Includes accessories to maintain the goggles
    • Lens is made of polycarbonate


  • Suitable size for adults
  • Anti-fog property
  • Dust shielding ability
  • Gives protection from UV rays
  • Cons

  • Glasses must also be anti-fog
  • 5. 4-FQ Motocross Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles Adult PU Resin Motorcycle Goggles

    4-FQ delivers its best product to provide you an unparalleled level of safety and comfort, not to mention style as well.

    Engineered to be lightweight, it is easy to carry around at all times. With its anti-fog and dust shielding properties, your eyes will be protected without any doubt.

    The lens also acts as a protective barrier between UV rays that would otherwise cause harm to your eyes.

    While many goggles impede ventilation and make breathing uncomfortable, these goggles are built to ensure optimum ventilation so that your oxygen intake is not obstructed. The frame is bendable, so it will not break even when under stress or handled roughly.

    If you are worried about the bridge of your nose feeling uncomfortable, these goggles have a layer of foam around the frame, so you can wear them without worrying about pressure on your face.

    For people who wear glasses, this goggle is a must-have. It can easily be slipped over your glasses and can even be adjusted to suit your needs. They are versatile when it comes to application and can be used for skiing, snowboarding, dirt biking, and many other fun activities.

    Key Features

    • Compatible with open face helmets
    • Bendable frame, and can resist stress
    • Good ventilation system


  • Strong and flexible
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Resists abrasions
  • Can be worn with glasses
  • Cons

  • The lens is a bit dark, so not recommended for night use
  • 6. 100% STRATA Goggles

    When it comes to quality and style, not many can compete with Strata. They make the best goggles at the most affordable price.

    Its frame is flexible and is made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber, which is a material known for its strength and flexibility.

    The polycarbonate lens makes them lighter than usual conventional lenses, and also make them more resistant to abrasions and scratches.

    To provide a comfortable fit, the goggles are curved to ensure a snug placement and also keep your vision unobstructed.

    The frame has a distinctive gloss and a fine finish to it, so you will stand out from the crowd when you wear these goggles.

    Are you worried about fog obstructing your vision? Don’t be! These goggles come with tear-off pins. You can easily wipe away the fog or dust in a second, without having to take them off.

    To hold them firmly in place, they are equipped with 40 mm silicone-coated straps.

    A key feature of this product is the dual-layer face foam that is fitted inside. It soaks up moisture and sweat fast, and thus keeps you cool and your face fresh.

    Key Features

    • Inside is lined with sweat absorbing foam
    • Resistant to wear
    • Made of high-quality rubber


  • Flexible frame
  • Lightweight polycarbonate lens
  • Adjustable fit and comfortable to wear
  • Equipped with tear-offs
  • Cons

  • Cannot wear glasses under them (not OTG)
  • 7. MOOREAXE Motorcycle Goggles,Motocross Motorbike

    A fantastic product from MOOREAXE, this pair of anti-fog goggles are customized for both men and women.

    First off, comes their flexible and durable frame, made from high-quality TPU. This makes the frame soft, secure, but also very comfortable to wear.

    To make things better, you do not have to worry about adjusting your glasses (if you wear any), because these goggles will slip right over those spectacles smoothly.

    The lens itself is high-tech, to say the least. It has been tested industrially to withstand impact and provide aerodynamic efficiency.

    What’s more, they provide complete protection from harmful UV rays of up to 400 nanometers in wavelength. In case you are wondering how much that is, that is almost the entire UV spectrum.

    There are specially placed vents at the top of the goggles to ensure uniform and rapid circulation of air at all times. This brilliantly engineered ventilation system prevents fogging and allows unimpeded vision at all times.

    To cap things off, this product is as versatile as they come. You can wear them for a wide range of activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and dirt bike riding, etc.

    Key Features

    • Comes with headbands that secure helmets
    • Can be worn over glasses
    • Excellent ventilation system


  • High quality and flexible frame
  • Advanced lens technology to block out UV rays
  • Versatile use
  • Adjustable headband
  • Cons

  • Not suitable for use under very brightly lit conditions (since the lens is clear)
  • 8. Smith Optics Squad MTB Off-Road Goggles

    With over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Smith has made a name for themselves in producing quality and well-tested goggles and other eyewear. They do not disappoint with their MTB off-road goggles.

    The lens is made of carbonic-x material, which is a very highly valued and rigorously tested lens material. Only the best goggles are incorporated with this type of lens.

    They are engineered to resist abrasion and wear so that they can be assured of their quality.

    The anti-fog coating combines engineering with style and has several advantages; this coating is ingrained within the lens and has the ability to capture moisture from the surroundings rapidly.

    It works throughout the surface area of the lens, and to cap it off, it cannot be wiped off or erased. This is because it is etched with the lens itself, allowing for lifelong use.

    To prevent fogging from the inside, this product comes with an optimized ventilation system to ensure quick and regular circulation of air. You can use it with your helmet as well, because of its long straps.

    Key Features

    • Has a lens with a water-repelling coating
    • Very resistant to dirt and grease
    • Compatible with helmets


  • Carbonic-X lens, designed for durability
  • Wear and scratch-resistant
  • Excellent ventilation to ensure air circulation
  • Fog resistant coating on the lens
  • Cons

  • Only available in medium size
  • 9. Biltwell (M2LOGBKGY) Script Moto 2.0 Goggles (Black, One Size Fits Most)

    A sleek and smart-looking pair of goggles, very rarely will you find aesthetic appeal blended with excellence.

    The frame is forged with a manufacturing process called injection plastic molding. This type of manufacturing results in tough and very durable products, and this product is no exception.

    Because of its wide frame, it can easily accommodate glasses as well. The lens is made of the highest quality polycarbonate; this means they are resistant to wear and also provide an anti-fog ability.

    While many goggles are not compatible with helmets, this goggle can be adjusted using a pair of rings on the strap to fit helmets of any size.

    To minimize slippage and uncomfortable placement, there are silicon straps on the back to tighten the goggles to the required extent.

    This makes sure that the goggles do not slip off during use and put you in danger of any sort.

    The goggles can be worn for a wide range of outdoor activities, including motorbiking, riding street vehicles, dirt bike riding, and much more.

    What sets them apart from the rest is their two-layer face foam. This foam has a wick that rapidly draws away perspiration and moisture, thereby keeping the inside of the goggle dirt and moisture-free.

    Key Features

    • Contains a two-layer face foam to absorb moisture
    • Can be worn on top of glasses
    • Anti-slippage mechanism in place


  • Strongly made frame
  • Durable and long-lasting lens
  • Abrasion-resistant and anti-fog lens
  • Can be used with helmets
  • Cons

  • Does not provide complete protection from UV rays
  • 10. 100% 50110-002-02 unisex-adult Goggle

    A pair of top-notch unisex goggles is perfect for your everyday needs. Their stylish look adds to the list of why people should go for this product.

    To start, all goggles of this brand have the same lens, so you can easily find a replacement needed. With their tear-off profile feature, you can easily change the coating of the lens and replace it with a new one.

    This frame is made of the highest quality urethane, and this ensures the goggles last longer and is more resistant to force.

    The lens is made to withstand and resist scratches and wear, so you can expect them to always be in pristine shape and condition.

    Due to the wide frame, the goggles will provide an unobstructed view of your immediate surroundings; this is vital for your safety.

    The back straps are made of silicone and are wide enough to secure the goggles to adjust firmly when you wear them.

    They are remarkable for a wide range of activities and vehicles, including dirt bikes, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, scooters, and much more.

    If you buy the mirror lens model, you will get a clear lens and 20 extra tear-offs, all for free! This is an excellent utility pack and will save you multiple trips to the store.

    Key Features

    • Includes a clear lens and utility pack
    • Provides a wide range of view or vision
    • Urethane made frame


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Abrasion and wear-resistant glasses
  • Can be secured firmly
  • Coating of the lens can be changed with ease, anywhere and anytime
  • Cons

  • A bit on the expensive side
  • What To Look For While Buying Best Enduro Goggles?

    Buying Best Enduro Goggles

    So, now that the reviews are out of the way, and you have a pretty solid idea of the different types of enduro goggles, it is time to get down to some features that separate the best from the rest.

    When it comes to investing, just knowing about the different brands is not enough. We want you to get your money’s worth, and this can only be done when you know what features you are looking for.

    So, we have compiled a list of key features that you should focus on when shopping for goggles. We will not claim this list has everything, but it has enough to get you started. Now, let us get down to it!

    • High Safety

    While all goggles provide a certain degree of safety, some fail to live up to the mark when it comes to this sector.

    Safety is an all-encompassing word, but here we primarily mean safety for your eyes and protection from impact.

    Tough and durable goggles provide safety; we all know that. But how do you find one? Goggles that have frames made of polyurethane (PU) are the best when it comes to impact absorption and resistance.

    Polyurethane-made goggles are tested in labs to sustain rough and repeated forces, and they are also endorsed by international safety standards, such as the ISO.

    If possible, always go for goggles with frames made of polyurethane, as these will last long and provide maximum safety.

    Another quality of polyurethane goggles is that they are highly resistant to scratches and abrasions. This is another reason why they are a good pick.

    • Good Fit

    When not appropriately tested before buying, you will find goggles can be an uncomfortable fit. Some are either too large, some too small, while others do not strap properly.

    Poor-fitting goggles can be horrible to wear, and they are not safe to put on either, as they can impede vision or fall off during use.

    Most goggles nowadays come with adjustable straps, so you can fix the tightness settings and make sure it is placed firmly across your face.

    So, always make sure that the goggles you buy have these adjustable straps. If you are a perfectionist, you can also measure the dimensions of your face and provide it to the manufacturer.

    By providing accurate measurement, there is a chance that you might get a perfectly fitting product from the makers.

    • Lens Tint

    An essential point to consider when making your pick is the level of tint that the lens provides. Most goggles are made with lenses that react to light and change their tint or shade.

    The tint of the lens will vary according to the amount of light that falls on it, and thereby will shield your eyes from excessive UV rays or will allow more light to pass through to increase your visibility.

    However, some lenses are specific to one application, and we will discuss them briefly.

    If you use your goggles under low light conditions, go for a yellow or amber-colored lens.

    This is because the yellow or amber lens can trace out shadows and lines more clearly, enabling you to map out silhouettes with more accuracy.

    On the other hand, if you use your goggles under bright light conditions, suppose during the day or under powerful floodlights, then a green-tinted lens is ideal.

    The green lens will filter out the excess light and improve the contrast by lowering the brightness. Too much light can permanently damage your eyes in extreme cases, so the green lens acts like a shield.

    How Do I Keep My Motorcycle Goggles From Fogging Up?

    Let’s be honest, goggles fogging up are a real nuisance and must be dealt with. To prevent the goggles from fogging, we are outlining a few simple and easy procedures that you can adopt.

    • Remove goggles periodically

    When you are at a stop or resting, take off the goggles and allow air to circulate through them. It is the easiest way to prevent fogging, but it is temporary.

    • Apply anti-fog coatings

    This is a very common approach nowadays. Anti-fog coatings are a layer that goes over the lens and repels fog.

    They are made with chemicals that keep your lens clear. However, they are mostly temporary and should be reapplied with time.

    • Keep extra lenses

    You can keep extra lenses if your goggles have this interchangeable feature. You should do this if you go on long journeys or travel for days at a time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got any questions? Of course, you do. So, to provide answers to some common questions you may have, we compiled this Q/A section. We will keep our solutions brief and to the point.

    1. Can I wear a helmet with my goggles?

    Yes, you can. Most goggles are equipped with straps that can be adjusted around the helmet. This will make the goggles secure and comfortable as well.

    However, check with the manufacturer whether the goggles are compatible with helmets or not, just to be on the safe side.

    2. How can I cope with sweat when I am wearing goggles?

    Goggles come equipped with a foam lining or layer to absorb sweat and keep your face dry. This foam can be in layers of three or even four.

    3. Will my goggles fog up from the inside during use?

    No, they are specially designed not to. The ventilation inside the goggle is relatively smooth due to appropriately positioned vents.

    This allows the rapid circulation of air and thereby keeps the inside fog-free.

    4. Can I use different lenses on the same pair of goggles?

    Not all goggles have this lens changing feature. If you want to change lenses due to different light conditions, you must buy a goggle that allows interchangeable lenses.

    5. Can goggles protect my eyes from sunlight or UV rays?

    Yes, goggles can provide protection from UV rays, such as sunlight. However, UV rays are of various wavelengths, and most conventional goggles will only offer protection against a specific band of UV rays.

    Although some goggles protect against every wavelength, these are on the expensive side.

    Final Words

    Right, so we have reached the end of this guide. Hopefully, you can now see that the best anti fog enduro goggles are not necessarily hard to find, but you do need to know a few details to fine-tune your search.

    We wish you all the best in your search for the best pair of goggles!

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