Best Ape Hangers for Road King [Buying Guide 2022]

With so many options available on the market, landing the best ape hangers for road king is quite complicated. You need to ensure that your ape hanger of choice will enhance your ride and give you exceptional performance.

To get you started, this blog features the top five ape hangers on the market to narrow down your options and special features to look for while choosing the best ape hangers for your bike.

Best Ape Hangers for Road King

Best Ape Hangers for Road King

1. FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers 

This FMB MHMBM10FMB 10" ape hanger is all you need to feel confident while on the road. It is designed using quality material with a powder-coated satin black finish for durability. With these ape hangers, you will enjoy the 120 wall thickness.

Therefore, you are guaranteed that it can withstand various road challenges. It comes predrilled for easy wiring. This makes it easy for you to upgrade your ride for a comfortable and enhanced performance.

FMB manufacturers have a great reputation when it comes to designing quality hangers. They also guarantee that all their ape hangers fit perfectly for your Harley road glide. Therefore, the installation process will be easy and will only take a few minutes.

The hangers are 100% tig welded to guarantee exceptional performance. Additionally, the hangers are a perfect size for your all-time ride. Therefore, while on the road with these hangers installed, you will feel comfortable and experience greatness.


  • Predrilled for easy wiring
  • Powder-coated glossy finish
  • Custom made for Harley road glides


  • Takes time to install fully

Bottom Line

If you have the time, this ape hanger is all you need to improve your ride's quality. It offers comfortable grips to ensure that you ride smoothly under any weather conditions. However, the ape hanger is slightly expensive and will require proper financial planning.

2.  XFMT Black Ape Hangers Handlebar

This hanger is designed to give you excellence on the road that's to its unique style. It has the ability to rise to 14", therefore, you will enjoy its performance regardless of your height. The ape hanger has a 1/4" diameter, which guarantees that it can perfectly fit your bike's needs.

Its standard handlebar design gives you easy controls for a smooth and interesting ride. However, before deciding whether it buys or not, you have to ensure that you check on your bikes measurement effectively.

This hanger is also designed to custom fit Harley-Davidson FXST, FLST, Sportster XL. Therefore, you will not have to go through the modification process to get it fit when you buy it.

The hanger has a chrome color finish that provides your ride with an elegant and stylish look. When you are out with friends, you are guaranteed that the chrome color will stand out. The construction material is strong and resistant to numerous weather challenges.


  • High-quality construction style
  • Predrilled for easy wiring
  • Custom made for various Harley-Davidson applications
  • Chrome color finish


  • It has sharp edges on the insides that cut the wires during installation

Bottom Line

If all you want is to give your ride an enhanced and elegant look, this could be your best choice. The adjustable design allows you to choose the appropriate size based on your height.

3. Dominator Industries Pre Wired Ape Hangers 

This ape hanger is designed with control compatibility. Therefore, it will enhance your ride and give you exceptional controls regardless of where you choose to go. Additionally, when you choose to install it and replace the factory handlebar, you will not require any modifications.

Dominator is a brand that has been in the game for a long, and they understand the needs of almost every rider. They pride in developing high-quality products with reliable warranty covers and prioritize customer satisfaction.

The manufactures use high-quality material for a natural and comfortable grip while on the road. Additionally, it also features a top notch finish style to ensure that the hanger can withstand various weather conditions.

It comes predrilled and plumed for internal wiring. This guarantees that the installation process will not take much of your time. In other words, you can get your hangers installed in minutes before you hit the road for any adventure.


  • Fully TIG welded with a de-burred and beveled design for easy internal wire pulling
  • High-quality USA construction
  • Durable stainless steel metal


  • Slightly expensive

Bottom Line

If you are not worried about spending a little more cash to improve your ride, then this is your to-go ape hanger. Dominator is an American brand, and it prides itself on developing high-quality products with a reliable warranty.

4. Bagger Brothers Ape Hangers Handlebar

This bagger brothers HD-HB-20-CH chrome hanger has a sturdy design that will guarantee your rides are exceptional. These hangers are designed to fit all road king and road glide Harley-Davidson models.

The handlebars are predrilled for easy wiring during installation. Therefore, you will not have to stress about drilling holes while installing the hanger.

Additionally, this ape hanger is designed using steel material with a chrome-plated or black finish. This enhances the hanger durability and reliability.

Therefore, when you are on the road, you will be confident knowing that the hangers are sturdy. The steel material is also resistant to corrosion and rust. This guarantees that the hangers will not restrict you from experiencing adventure in various weather conditions.

The installation process is also easy to ensure that it doesn't take much of your time. It also gives you 96-15 controls and grips, making it ideal for use in any terrains.

The other amazing feature about this ape hanger from bagger brothers is its one-piece design. This guarantees that the handles are stable and gives you easy controls while on the road.


  • Predrilled for easy installation and wiring
  • Stainless steel material construction
  • Chrome-plate or black finish for durability
  • Electronic throttle control notched


  • It is non-adjustable

Bottom Line

This ape hanger provides you with exceptional grip while on the road. It's designed to withstand various challenges and ensure your ride is on another level. Although the handlebars are not adjustable, it makes a perfect fit and will fill comfortable even for long rides.

5. Mototeks Ape Hangers Handlebar

Give yourself a chance to experience greatness while on the road with this ape hanger handlebars FAT. It's designed to enhance your ride and give you an exceptional feeling while you ride.

The handlebars have an extra thick diameter to provide you with a more beefy chubby aggressive look. Therefore, it will automatically stand out from others hence ensuring that everyone will notice your presence on the road.

It has an adjustable design allowing you to riser the bars to your satisfaction. With this hanger, you can riser the handlebar up to 6" high. Therefore, while on the road, you will enjoy setting the handlebars to your liking for personal pleasure.

It also features gloss black powder or triple chrome plate coated finish style. This enhances its durability and guarantees that the hanger will give you exceptional performance on your road adventure.

The finish style also protects the metal material against rust or corrosion, which guarantees that it will maintain its looks even when you ride in harsh conditions.


  • Reliable riser space for easy adjustment
  • High-quality construction
  • Throttle wire application


  • Installation is a little complicated

Bottom Line

This ape hanger handlebar is all you need to give your ride an exceptional feel. It's designed to withstand various road challenges and guarantees you enjoy every minute you spend on the road.

Regardless of the complicated installation process, once you get it right, it will enhance your ride all the way.

Ape Hangers For Road King Buyer's Guide

Road king owners today are running for ape hangers to enhance their rides. This is because they have an amazing augmented outlook giving your motorbike and classic and admirable look. However, with so many versions of ape hangers coming to market, the buying process is a little complex.

Therefore, you will have to do your homework right for you to get the best ape hangers for road king. With all the choices available, you will require a standout feature that will make choosing easy. The first step towards making the right decision is to ensure you have your priorities straight.

Here are some helpful features that you should put into consideration while choosing the best ape hanger.

Durability and Build

Whatever amount you choose to spend on buying ape hangers, the first thing to ensure is that it's the best quality. Durability is something that you should not compromise at all costs. Ensure to go through the construction specifications to know whether investing in is worth the price.

Considering that you will be riding on the roads where there are other road users, you need to ensure that its build style will not endanger you or others on the road.

While checking on durability and build style, the most critical thing to consider is the material used. Common materials for manufacturing ape hangers include titanium, aluminum alloys, chrome-plated steel, and carbon fiber.

Each material has its pros and cons. Therefore, when choosing, ensure to have done thorough research on each material and evaluate your options.


The height of your handlebar will determine your comfort while on the road. Therefore, while choosing, you need to ensure you choose the right height.

To know the best height for you, all you need is to measure the rider's triangle, which comprises footpegs, point of contact with the seat, and handlebar.

The best way to measure this triangle is by sitting on actual bike, or you can pretend then allow your body to take on a natural posture.

Once you get your comfortable position, measure the distance between the riser and one hand to get the appropriate ape hanger height that will fit your needs.

Your comfort is critical, and when you choose an ape hanger with uncomfortable height, you might develop neck, back, and shoulder problems in the long run.

Why should you wish to go through other medical issues while you have the chance to make accurate choices before purchasing the ape hanger for your bike?


Another important aspect to consider before placing your order is the installation process for the new ape hangers. The last thing you want is to invest in something that will not be compatible with your bike naturally.

If you are an occasional rider, you need to ensure that the ape hanger you choose will allow you more time riding rather than trying to get it right.


This is a critical feature as it gives you an overview of how much you should spend. Considering that there are several ape hangers brands and designs on the market, budgeting is the only way to ensure that you get the right product for yourself.

However, it would be best if you were not confused that expensive products are the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are ape hangers comfortable on long rides?

A. Yes. The ape hangers allow you to place your hands in a power position, leaving you relaxed while riding. However, you have to ensure that your ape hanger is the right height.

Q. What is legal height for ape hangers?

A. In the states that have established a limit, the legal height for ape hangers handlebar is 15-inches.

Q. Do ape hangers hurt your arms?

A. The only time that ape hangers will hurt your arms is to get the right height. This will stress your heart while trying to pump blood upward to your arms. In return, you will experience numbness due to low blood circulation.

Q. How to install ape hangers on a road king?

A. installing ape hangers on a road king is complex and daunting, especially if you don't have the right tools. Start by removing the factory handlebar.


Now that you have all the best ape hangers for king road making your choice is quite easy. However, it is essential to take your time and only decide based on your expectations.

Also, ensure that you only purchase the ape hanger that meets your expectations as the rider.

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