Best Ball Joints for Silverado: Recommended 2022

Ball joints are like heels for the vehicle. While the wrong heels let Achilles down, that shouldn't happen to your Mighty Silverado! 

The ball joints let the front suspension have pivoting movement in the control arms. This results in a smooth and safe ride. Because it is a component of the steering knuckles, it will ensure precise control over the vehicle when you are on the road. 

A bad ball joint is dangerous. As the joint is too loose or tight, the truck will not steer correctly, and you will have a hard time finding a center. 

Therefore, the best ball joints for Silverado will keep you on track for long. In this article, we'll see how.

Here are our top 3 picks in a short overview!

Best Ball Joints for Silverado Reviews

Best Ball Joints for Silverado Reviews

1. MOOG K6541 Ball Joint

There is nothing like reliable after-market parts that outperform the OEM technology. When it comes to making ball joints, there is a company that does so.

The MOOG K6541 is a greaseable ball joint that increases the longevity of the part. Also, the greaseable socket allows grease to flush out the old ones with dirt and grime stuck to it. 

There is a pre-installed dust boot, which will keep all kinds of dust and debris, also the water out of the system to reduce the rust and corrosion taking over.

The metal-to-metal design is for the free flow of grease on the bearing surface, reducing friction and increasing longevity.

The ball studs are prepared to stop premature failure. This will prevent the ball from getting out of the joint mid-road.

This is the heat-treated technology that matches the OEM or exceeds the life expectancy of the ball joint. The washer keeps the bearing in its place even when it starts to wear.

The ease of installation makes it one of the best ball joints for lifted silverado. There is no need for alignment after you install this. Although the truck needs are pre-aligned. 

Key features

  • The metal-to-metal design lets the grease flow more, which means less friction.
  • The ball studs are heat-treated to prevent premature failure.
  • Its washer keeps bearing housing tight and in place.
  • The ball joint is greaseable, and new grease can enter.
  • It is easy to install with no need for alignment.

2. ACDelco Advantage 46D2272A Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint

A strong joint is a must when you want to leap, jump and glide. It is the same for the truck that you are driving for so long. 

The ACDelco Advantage 46D2272A Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint is a great OEM replacement when your old factory joint is at its last breath.

The lower ball joint is the one that does the most of the work. Thus, it is crucial to have the most strength there. 

The company boasts rigorous testing in the manufacturing process. The criteria that they test are extreme impactful situations, the wear ratio of the ball joint, and finally, the fatigue testing. 

These tests ensure top-notch quality in the parts and make them suitable for OEM replacement.

The forged shell is made to last. It is strong, and also the built is precise. The machined shell is precise, and there is the least chance of a faulty product. 

Also, the ball joints are coated to resist corrosion and rust. There is no need for worry of wear due to corrosion. The ball joint is made with durability in mind. Thus it will last a long time.

Key feature:

  • The ball joint is very durable.
  • It is a great OEM replacement.
  • The shell is strong and durable.
  • There is a corrosion-resistant coating.
  • It goes under rigorous testing to ensure it is long-lasting.

3. Front Upper & Lower Ball Joints Suspension Kit

What is better than one piece? A full set! A full ball joint set is a smarter choice when you think of replacing your truck's ball joints.

Front Upper & Lower Ball Joints Suspension Kit by TRQ has all the four-ball joints for your truck. It is wise to purchase the full set because there is a big chance that one has worn out. Thus, the other joints are also at their last times. 

These are the type of ball joints that come greased from the factory. So, you don't need to grease or add any type of lubricant to the ball joints. The system is sealed, and no grease or dirt can enter them.

It is one of the most suitable of option for who are super busy. It is convenient and low maintenance.

It fits a large array of trucks. They fit the 4WD pick-up trucks. However, they don't fit the 2WD. Therefore, you must check the fitment of these with your truck.

Key features:

  • These ball joints come in a set of four.
  • The ball joints are pre-greased from the factory.
  • These are sealed and don't require any lubricant.
  • The set only fits 4WD pick-up trucks.
  • The ball joints are suitable for people who want a convenient option. 

4. Detroit Axle - Front Lower Ball Joints

The best ball joints for lowered silverado are the ones that come from truck manufacturers. That same quality joints are now available.

The Detroit Axle front lower ball joints have the same technology as the OM. It is because Detroit Axle works with the OM parts and maintains the same quality when they manufacture their aftermarket ball joints. 

Thus, you have the surety and reliability of the OM even when getting replacement parts.

These ball joints come pre-greased from the factory. However, this model is greaseable.

These ball joints are easy to install and fit perfectly. Making sure the fitment is right making the overall process that much easier.

These joints are ready for rigorous driving conditions. These are a great addition to the suspension. The front lower ball joints are very crucial. 

Thus, changing both at the same time is a wise decision. Finally, the ten-year warranty is back up is reliable and ensuring the quality.

Key features:

  • These ball joints have the OM quality.
  • It can withstand rigorous driving situations.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The fitment is perfect for intended models.
  • The ball joints have a ten-year warranty.

5. ACDelco Advantage 46D0103A Front Upper Suspension Ball Joint 

While everyone hails the lower ball joint, the upper ball joint is forgotten. However, it mustn't be neglected and need replacement as soon as the lower ones wear out.

The ACDelco Advantage 46D0103A Front Upper Suspension Ball Joint is a great OEM replacement when the old ones are almost out of the game. 

The upper ball joint is the one that has the best supporting role. Thus, it is vital to have a strong load-bearing capacity. 

The company boasts strict testing in its manufacturing process. They test the ball joints in heavy and impactful situations, the wear ratio of the ball joint, and finally, the fatigue testing. 

These tests make sure the quality is not compromised. All these make it preferable to replace the OEM joints.

The forged shell is durable and lasts a long time. It has strength and is also built precisely. Thus, there is less fault in the fitment. 

Also, the ball joints are coated to resist corrosion and rust. There is no need for worry of wear due to corrosion. 

Key feature:

  • The ball joint is very durable.
  • It is a great OEM replacement.
  • The shell is forged.
  • They have anti-corrosion technology.
  • It goes under rigorous testing to make it long-lasting.

Things to Consider Before Buying Ball Joints for Silverado

Best Ball Joints for Silverado

The ball joint is an important part of the suspension. It may be small but does play a big role when it comes to rider's safety.

A failed ball joint makes you have less control over the steering. Also, there are other incidents like the tires coming out of the truck mid-road!

To avoid these nightmares on any street, you got to have the perfect ball joints for silverado in your truck. Our buying guide will have the crucial aspects that make or break the joint.

  • Material

Some companies boast superior quality materials they have used in the making of the ball joint. 

It is good to compare the materials as they play a significant role in the longevity of the ball joint. Low-quality materials will wear down fast and leave you in a sticky situation all of a sudden. 

The high-quality material will wear slowly. Thus you will be able to go thousands of miles without worry. 

  • Greasable

Greasable of Ball Joints for Silverado

There are some ball joints available in the market that you can add lubricant to later. Most of the ball joints are pre-greased from the company. 

Some have functioned in a way that you can add grease later. For some of them, you won't be able to add grease. 

They are already enough greased enough from the factory. These are the ball joints that need low maintenance and are convenient.

  • Compatibility 

Compatibility of Ball Joints for Silverado

You may replace one or more ball joints in your truck. It is crucial to consider the fitment of the joint in the model and the year.

Since we are focusing on the Silverado, you have to look for ball joints that fit this model. In our article, we mentioned some of them for ease of your research. 

Compatibility is a very crucial part of the change. Thus, take time to find a ball joint that fits your specific vehicle.

  • Set

Set of Ball Joints for Silverado

One ball joint going bad is a premonition that other joints are also at their end time. It is not the care every time, but most of the time, it is. 

Thus, replacing all the ball joints at once is wise, so you don't have to visit the body shop soon. Getting the full set is the right way to go.

  • Warranty

Warranty of Ball Joints for Silverado

Ball joints are very durable and last for a long time. High-quality joints may last as long as the vehicle does. A good warranty will give you peace of mind that you don't need a replacement anytime soon. 

Usually, ball joints come will a warranty of 10 years or more. Some have a lifetime warranty. We suggest you don't settle for less.


  • Who makes the best quality ball joints?

The best ball joints are the ones that are made to last. We mentioned the best quality ones in this article, and on the top of the list is the MOOG ball joint. There are other popular brands as well, which we included on our list.

  • Which is a better sealed or greaseable ball joint?

If you want a convenient option, then the non-greaseable one is the way to go. It has a better seal; thus, less dirt can enter the ball joint. You don't have to maintain it regularly.

The greaseable one needs more maintenance. If not greased correctly, it will let more dirt in. however, if done correctly, it lasts longer.

  • How long do ball joints last, Silverado?

There is no definite time that the ball joints will fail. Usually, ball joints in most of the truck go 100,000 miles or more.

Therefore, they last a long time if you are not prone to turning much or drive on rough roads.

  • Do I need an alignment after replacing upper ball joints?

If you have the right alignment before you replace the ball joints, there is no need to redo it. But if you didn't align the truck before, it is preferable to get alignment.


The ball joints will eventually wear out with time. But the best ball joints for silverado will go a long way. Hence, the quality part is worth the investment. 

The ball joints wear out faster if you are prone to driving on jittery roads. Also, turning too much also aids that friction which wears the ball joints. When you hear your car is clicking or tires make noises, it is time to check the joints.

There is also another indicator like the steering is not smooth. Now that you know what is the culprit for the rough ride, replacing the ball joint will make your life and ride smooth.

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