Best Bluetooth Helmet: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

Remember the time when Bluetooth first hit the market, and everyone was mesmerized by how they do not have to hold their phones to their ear while talking?  

Those were crazy times, huh? But, Bluetooth helmets are equally crazy, and we are thrilled to have an exciting line of the best Bluetooth helmet for you.

We love a multitasking product, and nothing says multitasking more than a helmet that can protect your head while serenading you with music.

But the reason why you need to check these products out is that you might find some hidden gems that you didn't even know existed! So, buckle up because the products are going to jazz you up. 

Need suggestions to decide? Here you go!

8 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

8 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

After reviewing several brands and models, we are finally confident about these 8 that we have selected. No matter what you are looking for, you will certainly find a favorite here. 

1. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

When you are riding a bike, you scarcely have time to do anything but concentrate on the road. So, having a Bluetooth helmet that requires you to fiddle around for different functions is cumbersome.

Luckily the ILM device has the perfect solution to this problem, and it offers you one-touch control. With this button, you can receive and reject the call, redirect them, and even play music. This function also allows you to access the GPS quickly.

Moreover, the helmet also saves time and battery with its deep sleep mode. So, when users will only be using the helmet as a physical object and not a Bluetooth object for a long time, the device will shut itself to save energy. Thus, you will not have to unnecessarily handle the model to call, play music, or save battery!

Speaking of battery life, you can talk for 8 hours with the help of 110 hours of battery time. It also allows riders to connect via intercom as long as they are within 1000 feet of each other. The additional speakers and stereo sounds ensure flawless communication.

The helmet itself is also amazing, with washable liners and vents that can be adjusted. It also meets different standards for safety, such as ECE and DOT. Finally, you only have to charge it for 30 minutes to restore the battery life.


  • Echoless and noise-suppressed stereo and speaker
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Secure helmet meets safety standards
  • Easy to maintain


  • Might have issues with the sun visor

2. Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet, FreedConn

What is the point of having a digital helmet if the sound quality is absolute trash? That is why we completely trust the FreedConn product, as it gives amazing security with the best sound quality.

This model comes with two stereo system speakers of premium quality. So you get proper in-built sound without unnecessary noise thanks to the noise cancellation feature. Moreover, it will not echo inside the helmet either because of the DSP echo system.

Besides the pristine sound system, another exciting feature is its compatibility with multiple files. It can play mp3, FM radio, and even GPS audio for hands-off navigation. Thus, you will not have a single moment of boredom with this headpiece. 

Other than fun features, it also meets DOT and ECE rules and is perfectly safe for the road.

The exterior of the helmet is all black with a matte finish. It even has one central button to control functions such as call receiving and intercom management to help riders hold concentration.

Yes, the product also has intercom pairing for three riders, and two riders can talk simultaneously.

However, the connection will only be clear if they are within 1640 feet. Riders can also activate the model with Siri, and the battery also lasts for a whopping 110 hours.


  • Premium quality speakers with stereo system
  • Supports multiple audio files and Siri voice command
  • Can pair with three systems simultaneously via intercom
  • A sturdy and safe helmet
  • Has one central button for different features


  • Might have ventilation issues

3. TORC T27B1 FBK M T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

An issue that many bike riders have with helmets is their weight. But the objective of the helmet is to protect your head, meaning it needs to be sturdy. So, what can be the solution to this conundrum? 

Thankfully, TORC has the answer, and that is why their product is perfect for people who are not comfortable with a heavy helmet. This model is 20% lighter thanks to high-grade material for still offering the same protection and even having a comfortable oval head shape.

Thus, users will have a light shoulder and an amazing ride. The cause of such an amazing ride is also the 600-hour standby charge that will cover you for any journey!

Moreover, you can listen to any audio, stream live music, and manage calls all within these hours without any interruption.  

Another reason why you should get the item is its front chin bar and intake venting system. It even has a quick release shield system to let users take the helmet off easily. So, the days of pulling and tugging are over.

The drop-down sun visor, as well as the clear screen, are anti-fog and anti-scratch. Consequently, you will have a swell time maintaining this helmet. It can also pair via intercom within a 400-meter range.


  • 20% lightweight EPS construction
  • Has an amazing battery life
  • Comes with a secure venting system and quality shields
  • Compatible with smartphones and intercoms
  • Comfortable design with quick release and front chin bar


  • A bit expensive

4. Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

Bluetooth helmets often come with intercom features but might have terrible voice quality, and you end up having to listen to cracked-up speeches. However, after searching a lot, we have found a model that offers a stellar intercom system.

The Outrush model has an HD system that helps clear communication, and it can happen live. Moreover, the users can jog-dial to control the volume of the voice. Besides live intercom sessions, you can also receive and send calls through this headpiece.

It does not end there as you can also listen to music by pairing with any smartphone and also access voice-activated GPS. Thus, you can always keep your eyes on the road while still controlling various audio functions.

Another cool feature is the retractable sun visor. So, if you wanted fresh air, just open the visor.

It also features quick-release straps for a better fit around your head. There is also a protective face shield for full coverage. Consequently, the helmet will not wobble on your head anymore.

It is also surprisingly lightweight thanks to the multi-density material, which also meets DOT standards. Hence you will not have to worry about this EPS helmet being flimsy or brittle. Moreover, it also has a superb battery time to enable users to have a 15 hour long continuous talk time.


  • HD intercom system with volume control
  • 15 hour talk time
  • Pairs with smartphones 
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Retractable sun visor


  • Volume is low for many riders

5. ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up Full Face Dual Visor

When you are cruising with your bike, you do not want to limit your speed because the intercom connection will get severed. Unfortunately, many helmets have a weak range; for each, you have to be careful about how far you are going from the other paired device.

However, this ILM has a coverage of 500 meters, and it goes one step further by allowing you to pair with three other helmets. But, intercom communication can happen between two riders at any given time.

Besides that, it is an exceptionally sturdy product that features an ABS black exterior. The interior is also comfortable with foam lining and proper ventilation. And the liners are also replaceable in case users need a fresh piece. Additionally, it comes with dual visors for extra protection.

With all these systems, the rider will certainly not feel suffocated. Of course, the helmet also meets several safety standards and will effectively protect against any accident.

It is especially suitable for long rides as it can offer 12 hours of continuous talk time and a separate 8 hours of intercom time.

You will also receive a USB cable and a universal charger for on-the-go charging. There is a helmet bag as well o store all these. Finally, how can we forget about music? Besides that, you can also access GPS and noise-canceling microphones.


  • Wide range intercom coverage
  • Replaceable liners with proper ventilation
  • ABS external material It comes with a helmet bag and other accessories
  • Dual-visor protection
  • Has noise-canceling microphone


  • Lacks proper volume control

6. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet FreedConn (Multi-Color, XL)

A thing that completely ruins any helmet is a suffocating design. Hence on our quest to find the most comfortable one, we found this FreedConn model. It has exciting features along with a convenient design for people who are on the road a lot.

First of all, this product has six different ventilation points, including a tail and mouth air outlet and a top outlet.

Thus riders will have no issue with the uninterrupted air passage. Additionally, it also has a liftable sun visor for times when you want to take in the fresh air.

Thus long journeys will not be suffocating anymore. Plus, it will also be a good partner for the road as it has 300 hours of standby charge limit along with 10 hours worth of talk time. It also charges quickly on the road. 

It is also a stylish product that has colorful stripes running across the sides. Besides that, it takes comfort up a notch by offering you multiple sizes and colors along with a lightweight framework. Consequently, you can look cool while riding and not feel a thing.

Of course, the Bluetooth and sound system are also noteworthy in this item. You can control calls and navigation with the help of voice control and hear echoless speech. The microphone is also of superb quality and will pair through the intercom within a range of 500 meters.


  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Six different ventilation points with a retractable sun visor
  • Noteworthy battery 
  • Anti-echo and anti-noise systems
  • Plays FM, stream music, GPS audio, etc.


  • Users might feel cold

7. Momentum EVO, Motorcycle Smart Helmet

One thing common among most bike riders is having a big community with whom they go cruising. Hence, they would need a device that connects to many people. Besides, that people in law enforcement can also use helmets that can connect with other devices.

Hence, the Momentum EVO is an excellent product as it can pair with not one, not two, but six different helmets with the help of an intercom. So, people in law enforcement will especially like this model. Moreover, it has a mesh 2.0 range for the intercom.

That means devices can stay connected within five miles, and if the devices are paired through Bluetooth, then the range will be 1.2 miles in any open space.

With the Bluetooth feature, you can play music, call through the phone, and since it has speakers and microphones built-in, communication becomes very easy.

Live GPS is also accessible, and you can run it over audio so that you can give undivided attention to the road. The helmet is also very sturdy and secure and has several certifications, including DOT and FMVSS 218.

Besides that, the helmet is very sleek and modern-looking. It has a clear shield, which is liftable, and the exterior is completely matte. The insides are also lined with paddings so users can be comfortable.


  • Several intercom connections possible
  • Long-range for both intercom and Bluetooth
  • Voice-activated GPS, music, and FM radio
  • Sleek and modern exterior
  • Has comfortable lining inside


  • Has issues with noise reduction

8. AHR Run-B Bluetooth Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

A factor about helmets that people seldom forget is their maintenance factor. The reason is understandable, as it is a durable item, most people think it does not need taking care of. However, the real scenario is different.

Users should regularly check the condition of their helmets to ensure their good condition.

That is why AHR also installed features to let users replace or remove the cushions. The interior is properly ventilated and las linings, which can also be taken apart and cleaned.

The exterior is also equally manageable and has a clean surface. It has a clear visor of elastic quality and offers high resistance.

Apart from these safety steps, the helmet also offers amazing communication with its wide 1094 yards intercom range and Bluetooth facilities.

Two or three riders can stay connected through the intercom, and the Bluetooth can pair with smartphones. Thus, you can listen to different audio files without having to fiddle with earphones.

You can also control the music, such as pause at any time or fast forward it. Hands-free GPS is also a handy feature that will help you to never get lost. Finally, you can also receive and call through the helmet without having to reach for the phone.


  • Removable and replaceable liners
  • Comfortable interior with high-quality visors
  • Enables wide range connectivity with more than two devices
  • Control, pause, and rewind music
  • Hands-free GPS and call management system


  • Volume might be low

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Bluetooth Helmet

Best Bluetooth Helmet

There are few things you must know before purchasing such a product, no matter how enticing the offer looks. And in this section, we will talk all about those features.

Sound Quality

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Sound Quality

The whole concept of a Bluetooth helmet is the ability to let you communicate through the product while still offering protection.

So, if the sound quality is horrendous, there is no point in getting that model. Hence, we suggest looking for helmets that have built-in speakers and microphones.

A complete surround sound will also make things much more enjoyable and also look for noise-cancelation and echo-less systems. Albeit these features will add to the cost, but you will end up having the best ride, so it will be worth it. 


Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Connectivity

Knowing whether the helmet offers an intercom or Bluetooth connection or both is important. Additionally, you should also check how many devices can be connected at once.

For example, some products offer three-pair connections while only two riders can simultaneously talk. 

Besides that, the product should also offer hands-free call management, GPS, and support for different audio files. 


Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Battery

How much battery you will consume depends on the route you take. If the journey is long and users expect to use the digital features often, it will be wiser to choose a device with around 100 hours of standby charge. 

The specifications for intercom talk time and Bluetooth connections are sometimes different based on the brand. So, you should know these specifications before you commit. 

These models will also have different charging systems. Sometimes you might need to charge at home, or you might also get a separate USB cable that lets you charge on the go.


Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Safety

A secure and sturdy body is a must for any helmet. You absolutely cannot compromise with that! Hence, always check the material of the helmet and whether the design and construction meet standard certifications.

However, if the helmet feels heavy on your head, there are lightweight models as well. Other parts of the product, such as the shield and sun visors, are also important, and they should be stain and scratch-resistant. Otherwise, you might face difficulties with your vision. 

Finally, you should feel comfortable while wearing the headpiece, which is why it should have proper ventilation. There are some brands that offer removable liners and paddings. Those will come in handy if you like to keep your helmet neat and clean.


Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Others

Additionally, you can also check the product's design and whether they are available in different sizes or not. Sometimes helmets come with complimentary gloves as well, but of course, the price will be hiked up.

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

There are actually a lot of different types of helmets in the market that does not usually look very different to the untrained eye.

However, most bikers will know about them. But if you are new or perhaps simply wanted to know why each of these types is important, then check this segment out.

The most full-coverage helmet will be the full face one that covers the face as well as the neck.

Whether you are a regular bike rider or a sports rider, you can use this version. Now for sports, there are separate types, such as the off-road and dual-sport models. These ones have a larger visor and more interior padding for those bumpy roads.

There is another type known as the modular helmet, which can also be used by sports fanatics. These ones will be a bit heavy because of retractable visors and chin bars.

Finally, we have half and open face helmets for relatively less dangerous biking situations.

Final Words

So what we can derive from this article is that helmets do not have to be boring! If you get the best Bluetooth helmet, you will also be having the best ride of your life, and we will be cheering on from the sidelines. So strap up and ride safe!

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