Best Dirt Bike Air Filter: Top Picks for 2022 (Recommended!)

The last thing you would want while riding off-road is debris entering the engine of your bike. Debris can wear out the engines and can damage them to a great degree. This is why we always recommend that you make sure this doesn’t happen. 

To ensure a healthy bike engine, you need to stop the dust from entering it. The only way through which you can do this is by using an air filter.

Finding the best dirt bike air filter can be a hassle. This is why we decided to put together a team of experts who can help you through this process.

In this article, you’ll find the most suitable air filter for your dirt bike. We’ll list the best products available now, and we’ll also provide some hints on how to choose the right one for yourself. 

Check out our top 3 dirt bike air filter below!

Top 7 Best Dirt Bike Air Filters

Top 7 Best Dirt Bike Air Filters

We have dedicated this section to list the best products that you can get now. These products were chosen after thorough market research, and we assure you that you won’t find any better product than these. 

1. Poweka 00084 Blue New 39mm Air Filter Gy6 Moped Scooter ATV Dirt Bike

First, we have the Poweka 00084. This is definitely one of the best air filters that you can find out there. It boasts a supreme build quality as it’s made of stainless steel. The filter will remain free from rust due to the material, which will ensure that it lasts a long time. 

One of the best things about this filter is how dense the filtration material is. Cleaning the air of dirt and debris is the main purpose of it, and this one does that pretty well.

The inside diameter of this air filter is 39mm. This allows the filter to filtrate a lot of air at once; due to this, the airflow will remain quite decent even after installing it. So, your engine will be kept cool and will be kept clean of dust and debris at the same time. 

This air filter is quiet as well. It won’t make a loud noise like some other filters. You can think of it as a K&N filter of a small form factor.

Overall, this is an amazing air filter for dirt bikes, and we highly recommend it to everyone looking for a quality dust filter at an affordable price.


  • Stainless steel build makes this filter extremely durable
  • The thick filtration medium will minimize dust intake
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Offers a design that’ll enhance the outlook of your bike


  • You must oil it before using it
  • Doesn’t offer design or color variations

2. Maxima Racing Oils AFR-2401-00 ProFilter

The Maxima AFR-2401-00 is definitely a top-quality air filter for dirt bikes, and it offers a lot of features that led to this statement. First of all, the construction of the filter is made for superb filtration. It’s made of 6mm of foam on the outer side with 10mm foam on the inside. 

This foam type is a dual-stage open cell matrix, and this type of foams has proved to be extremely efficient in filtering dust.

Another amazing thing about these filters is that you can wash them and reuse them. These are bonded with glue that won’t lose strength coming in contact with water.

These come pre-oiled, and they are lubed with high-quality FFT oil. However, you’ll need to oil them after you wash them. The package also comes with a pair of disposable gloves. While this isn’t anything significant, it sure adds more value. 

You’ll get these air filters for dirt bikes in resealable packets. Using these, you can store them for a long time, even after breaking the seal. This will help you keep the filters usable for a long time. 

The only drawback with these is that you’ll need to clean them often as they’re small. However, their washability proves to be a very useful feature in this case. 

Overall, these are fantastic air filters for short time usage. 


  • Thick filtration foams will keep the engines clean
  • Comes pre-oiled
  • Washable and can be reused
  • Comes with resealable packets.


  • Must be washed often for maximum performance
  • The provided gloves might be too large

3. Twin Air 152213X Pre-Oiled Dual Foam Air Filter

Twin Air is one of the few pre-oiled air filters for your dirt bike that will offer a great service of air filtration and will keep your engines clean for a long time.

If you are looking for something with high filtration capabilities that doesn’t need to be changed often, then this is something you can consider.

The Twin Air 152213X filtration systems are designed to keep your engine clean while ensuring adequate airflow. These units will be able to provide more airflow than most other filters out there. 

There’s a dual foam design in this filter, and it helps to keep dirt, sand, grime, and debris out effectively. Then again, the outer and inner layers of this filter are fused together. This will help in keeping the filter much cleaner as no dirt will stay clogged in between the layers.

The sealing ring of the air box of this filter is made of flat foam, and it’s completely greaseless. It’s very thick, and this characteristic ensures that the ring is in complete contact with the airbox. The design of this ring allows it to maximize the airflow. 

Overall, this is certainly one of the best filters that you can find out there. We highly recommend going for these if you can spare the premium you need to pay for them. 


  • Comes pre-oiled, which makes installation a breeze
  • Maximizes the airflow using a special sealing ring design
  • Durable enough to withstand a few years
  • Dual-foam design offers effective filtration.


  • You’ll have to pay a premium for it
  • Doesn’t offer a universal size

4. 35mm EPA Approved Air Filter for 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc 150cc ATV

This best air filtration system from ATV Parts is one of the most versatile air filters out there as it can be used for different types of engines. In terms of looks, this one looks a bit like the Poweka filter that we’ve reviewed earlier. However, there are only a few similarities between them. 

These will fit PZ19, PZ16, and PZ20 carburetors perfectly. They are specially made for ATVs, Go Karts, and dirt bikes. These will be best for engines of 50, 70, 90, 110, and 125ccs.

However, one drawback is that these are designed for models made in China. If your ATV isn’t Chinese, then these might not support it. 

So, do we recommend these? Yes, if you’re a person who’s running on the stock air filters provided by the Chinese ATV or dirt bike manufacturers, then you should really consider switching to these. 

These air filters will not only perform better than the stock ones, but they will last longer as well. They are much better in terms of airflow as well. If your engine is overheating despite being new, then upgrading to these will help you. 

Another problem that many people face with these is the fit. These are a bit bulkier than most of the other filters that you can find on the market. This is why there’s always a chance of them not fitting. 


  • Helps customize Chinese ATVs, dirt bikes, and Go Karts.
  • 35mm diameter allows great airflow
  • A thick and durable filtration system
  • EPA approved, which means it’s quality tested


  • Fits Chinese vehicles only
  • The installation process is quite tough.

5. AtFipan Multiple Size Air Filter Black Fit For 50 110 125 140Cc Pit Dirt Bike Motorcycle

If you hate vehicle parts that give you a hard installation time, then this filter from AtFipan is what you need. This filter comes in different sizes. You can get it in 35mm, 38mm, 42mm, 48mm, and 50mm sizes. Each size comes with a different price tag. 

The build quality of this filtration system is great. It offers some additional parts that will help it last longer than most of the products that you find out there.

Moreover, it comes with a neck that’s angled at 45 degrees. There’s also a splash-proof cover that will keep the filter safe from water and mud. 

Filtration in this product is done using a stainless steel mesh system. This block is very thick, and it has the capability of removing most of the dust and sand from the air passing into your bike.

However, you’ll need to clean it once in a while, or the airflow will reduce to some extent. 

One of the things that makes these filters one of the best is that they are built following strict quality standards. The chances of getting a faulty unit for yourself are very rare, as all of these units are tested before they reach the market. 

This is why we highly recommend these filters. 


  • Easy to install
  • The built-in splash-proof cover will keep it safe from mud and water
  • Was built maintaining strict quality standards
  • Every unit is tested before release


  • Gathers dust easily and requires regular cleaning
  • Will limit airflow to some extent

6. HIFROM(TM 35mm 42mm 48mm High Perreplacement Formance Air Filter

The HIFROM air filtration system is one of the most versatile and universal systems out there, and it’s also one of the few that provides maximum airflow. Essentially, these units were built for airflow. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t block any dirt.

You can get these units in three different diameter sizes, which are 35mm, 42mm, and 48mm. The length of these units stands at 145mm, which makes them not too big nor too small. 

If you’re a person who experiences a heated-up engine and thermal throttling after a few minutes of driving, then perhaps the air filter installed in your vehicle is choking it. 

This is where the HIFROM air filters come in. These filters are built to provide quality airflow. With the added boost in airflow, your engine will be able to run a long time without facing thermal throttling. 

Another amazing feature is that you’ll be able to get professional help if you purchase these filters. If you’ve never installed a filter of this type before, then this can help you out. If you’re stuck with something, getting help from professionals will solve your problem. 

If maximizing the airflow is your prime concern, then we highly recommend these air filters. 


  • Designed to maximize airflow, it will keep your engine cool
  • You’ll be able to install these easily
  • You can get professional help for troubleshooting these
  • Available in different diameter sizes


  • A bit more expensive than regular filters
  • Doesn’t do a great job at filtration

7. 38mm Bent Angled Foam Air Filter

Finally, we have the Quifadong air filters. These best dirt bike air filters come with a diameter of 38mm. Although this diameter is most widely found amongst suitable vehicles, it’s a bit disappointing that there are no other sizes. 

These offer a bent and angled output. This angle will help you, especially if the smoke output is upward-facing your vehicle. These are built especially for dirt bikes and ATVs. However, you’ll be able to install them on Go Karts as well. 

The outer shell is made of foams that will capture dirt and debris from the environment and prevent them from reaching the engines. Also, the filtration foam is very thick and is capable of purifying the air to a great extent. 

Even though these are very well made, it’s a pity that you won’t be able to use them on any vehicle. Rather, they are built especially for vehicles that were made in China. 

While that might be a limiting factor to some, this is also good news for people who own Chinese vehicles. There aren’t many high-quality air filters that can be equipped on Chinese vehicles, and this one serves as a great addition to that limited inventory. 


  • 38mm diameter ensures sufficient airflow 
  • Thick foam padding offers quality filtration
  • A great extension for Chinese vehicles
  • Bent angle for more convenient usage


  • Can be used on Chinese vehicles only
  • Some cases of faulty product were seen

Things to Consider Before Buying Dirt Bike Air Filter

Things to Consider Before Buying Dirt Bike Air Filter

It’s okay if you’re confused about which product is suitable for you after seeing the ones listed above. There are many options to choose from, and all of them offer something unique.

This section will highlight the factors that you’ll need to consider for getting the most suitable air filter for your dirt bike. 

Ease of Usage

Don’t get a cheaper filter if it’s hard to install. There are air filters for dirt bikes that can be installed in five minutes, and there are those that require hours for installation. 

Then again, there are filters that might seem too tight or too loose. We suggest you look out for such products. Installing these will never provide a long-term experience for you. 

Filtration Capabilities

Filtration is the major purpose for which you’ll be getting an air filter in the very first place. This is why we recommend focusing on this factor the most. There are different types of filtration systems out there. 

Some filters come with OEM papers, foams, cotton gauze, and even stainless steel mesh. Each of them offers a different experience, and we recommend checking out which one of them will be the perfect choice for you. 

While some of these products will be able to purify the air to the purest form, they might also reduce the airflow significantly, which will definitely hold you back.


Speaking of airflow, we come to another major issue that you must address while looking for the right product for yourself. While filtration is important, it’s also important to keep the airflow to a healthy level. 

If the airflow reduces below a certain limit, then your engine will end up overheating, and you’ll slow down due to thermal throttling. This is why we highly recommend that you balance filtration and airflow. 


You don’t want a filter that needs to be washed every day, as that wouldn’t be practical. This is why we highly recommend getting a filter that doesn’t require regular cleaning, at least. 

If the filter provides you great support and needs to be cleaned only occasionally, then that one’s perfect for you.


Finally, you’ll need to consider the durability of the filter. If that filter can’t last a considerable amount of time, then there’s no point in spending on that. 

There are many filters that come with stainless steel build. We highly recommend going for these as they are very long-lasting. 

How Often Should I Clean My Dirt Bike Air Filter?

How Often Should I Clean My Dirt Bike Air Filter

To be honest, there’s no specific period after which you need to clean the air filter. In fact, it completely depends on one simple fact, whether the filter needs any cleaning or not!

There are many filters that require regular maintenance, and there are those that you need to clean occasionally. Now, we’ll talk about some factors that’ll help you determine when the filter needs to be cleaned. 

The first red flag is a dirty filter, and this is the most obvious one. If you find that the filter is dirty, then you should definitely clean that up. This will help it function like a brand new unit again. However, this one’s not so practical as you won’t be checking the filter all the time. 

Another flag is reduced mileage. If you find that your vehicle isn’t going as far as it’s supposed to go on a specific amount of fuel, then it’s a possibility that a dirty filter is reducing its mileage.

Other than these, there are some subtle things such as slow acceleration, engine not starting, and weird noises from the engine that can denote whether a filter is dirty or not.

Is the Air Filter Important on a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike's air filter is important because it helps the engine run smoothly and efficiently. The air filter also helps keep the dirt and dust out of the engine, which can cause damage. A dirty or clogged air filter can also reduce the bike's power and performance.

Final Words

Choosing the best dirt bike air filter can definitely be a challenge, but not if you follow this guide properly. You’ll be able to come to a reasonable decision with what you’ve learned from this till now. 

We strongly suggest that you pick a product from the list above, and we’re confident that you won’t find any better product other than these. 

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