Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube: Recommended in 2022

Isn’t it exhausting to deal with dirty, rusty bike chains? This issue is not only prevalent in bike chains but also in other appliances like door creaks, sprockets, etc.

Bike chain lube is the perfect solution to keep your components clean, lubricated, and polished. Whether you are a regular bike user or an occasional one, this is something you must have in your collection.

Depending on uses, you can utilize a dirt bike chain lube in many ways. So, it is important to pick out the right one.

Want to find the best dirt bike chain lube out there? Then go ahead and keep reading.

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8 Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube Reviews

8 Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube Reviews

After a lot of research, we have come up with a list of our top 8 dirt bike chain lubes for 2021. So without further ado, check out these reviews!

1. WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube, 6 OZ

Our first pick is the Specialist Bike Chain Lube from WD-40 Bike. Based on models and packages, this lubricant comes in different variations. Here, we’re specifically discussing the 6 oz version.

Designed for all conditions, this is an efficient formula that can be used for both dry and wet states. It will not only be convenient to use but will also work swiftly on your bike chains.

Unlike many other lubricants, this one does not require a long time to start functioning. It is also formulated to impede any form of corrosion.

When bike chains get rusty and overused, they start producing a screeching sound upon riding.

If you use this bike chain lube, it will help keep this disturbing sound away. Since this formula does not contain any wax, it will not pile up on your bike parts. Moreover, the longevity of your bike chain will be increased.

Tested on multiple levels, no assemble is required for this product. It comes in a sturdy spray bottle with a design similar to many of the other products from the brand.

Specifically created for bike chains, it is a specialized lubricant that you can use for versatile purposes. With all its features, it is a must-have for any biker out there!


  • Spray bottle design will prevent leaking of the lubricant
  • Helps to increase the overall longevity of bikes
  • Helps to prevent friction of components
  • Can be used in different conditions


  • Not suitable for rough settings
  • Components allegedly attract dust after usage

2. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit, (Pack of 3)

The second pick of this list is The Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit by Maxima. It is a combo kit that comes in a pack of two and a pack of three. Here, we’re mentioning the three-pack one.

In the pack of three, there is one Clean Up, one MPPL (Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube), and one Chain Wax.

Together, these three products from Maxima are marketed as the optimum-performance kit for chain care. All three of the lubricants come in an aerosol spray bottle, so it is convenient to use.

First off, we have the Maxima Clean up. It is a high-performance, blendable cleaning agent formulated to meticulously clean the chains without ruining the metal exterior.

The MPPL, on the other hand, is a multifunctional lube that can disperse water and supply commendable protection from decaying and rusting.

Last but not least, the Maxima Chain Wax is designed with elements that allow high yield and resistibility.

It works not only on bike chains but also on cords and gears. Unlike our previous pick, this is a waxy formula that offers benefits of long-run protection.


  • Comes as a useful combination of three different products
  • Each product performs multifarious roles in bike chain lubrication
  • Made with a budge-proof waxy formula
  • Efficient in cleaning and polishing components


  • Waxy formula may create build-ups inside bikes
  • The cleaner has a strong odor that may be inconvenient to some

3. Motul 13 Off-Road Chain Lube

While the C2 Road Chain Lube by Motul is quite popular, the one that has made it to this list is the C3 Chain Lube Off-Road – an even upgraded one from the same company!

Motul’s highly celebrated C2 Chain Lube had it all right – except one thing. It collected a lot of dirt and dust. With the C3, however, this issue is completely out of the question.

Unlike the C2, it is not formulated to be tacky. This non-sticky formula not only applies clean but also prevents from attracting additional dirt.

With a unique lime green appearance, this lube matches well with different variations of chains. As for the performance, the C3 is as efficient and long-lasting as the C2.

Although the latter one is used on the road, their performances are quite similar and can be compared on several levels. Other than friction reduction, this lube also helps in the reduction of power loss.

Apart from all this, this lubricant also resists corrosion and any form of damage caused by exposure to water. Quite naturally, it safeguards the chain from mud as well as damp conditions. If you are looking for a lube for casual use, this one is a great pick!


  • Causes reduction of friction and power loss
  • Unique lime green color makes application easy
  • Non-sticky formula does not gather dust or dirt
  • Resists corrosion, water, and wearing out


  • Absence of spray pipe makes application hard
  • Not suitable for rough conditions

4. PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

Moving on, we have the Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube from PJ1 as our fourth choice. Blue label is a very well reputed range introduced by the company.

Known for its easy application, permeability, and resistibility, the Blue Label helps to keep a variety of rings damp and flexible. Products of this range are known for reducing the friction caused within chains. Consequently, they increase the durability of components as well.

Containing a considerable 13 oz amount of product, this chain lube dislocates water and protects the components from erosion and rusting. It a clear formula based on petroleum that will not budge easily.

Furthermore, it also creates a flexible barrier between components that helps to avoid friction. A bonus of this lubricant is that it comes with an applicator.

Since this lubricant is only suitable for vehicles that are built with chains, it is easier for it to penetrate when the chain is warm and free from dirt. There is also an optimum temperature in which the product works the best that you must follow.

You should always shake the lubricant well before applying. Always remember to apply it to the chain’s inner loop and wipe off any remaining portions later.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with an applicator for trouble-free use
  • Consists of a budge-proof formula
  • Produces minimal amount of residue


  • Dangerous to use as it emits a harmful vapor and is extremely flammable
  • Does not have a well-made packaging

5. Honda Pro Chain Lube With White Graphite 15 oz

In the world of bikes, Honda is a name that needs no introduction! But chain lubes? Yes, Honda even has the perfect chain lube for you.

As a product of this well-reputed brand, this lubricant comes with original Honda components.

It is comprised of modern technology that provides not only lubrication but also protection. To provide high-quality lubrication, this lube is created with the addition of white graphite. It is also resistant to degradation.

Other than deterioration of components, this lubricant also prevents the effects of weather. As a result, the action of lubrication remains a function for a long period. Not all lubes match well with both O-ring and non-O-ring chains.

But this one is compatible with both. Temperature is also not an issue with this since it can withstand both hot and cold conditions.

Often, lubricants produce residues and clutter up and cause flinging off upon bike usage. It is a huge issue with most lubes.

However, this formula is created to prevent flinging off. With a 15 oz amount, this lubricant has plenty of products for your use. You can’t get wrong with this one!


  • White graphite helps to provide top-notch lubrication
  • Compatible with chains of different kinds
  • Able to withstand any extreme temperature
  • Efficient formula prevents flinging off


  • Packaging is not up to the mark
  • Does not come with an applicator tip

6. Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol - 11 oz

If you are looking for a good spray lube of the highest quality, then look no further. The Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol is everything you need and more!

First of all, it is a light formula that has high permeability. As a result, it is capable of penetrating into the inner, less accessible parts of the chains.

It is also resistant to water, protecting from any sort of erosion as well as rusting. An interesting feature of this lube is that it creates a shield around the area of application.

This shielded region helps to reduce any form of tugging and deterioration of components. Besides, you can use this lubricant on different kinds of chains.

Not every lube can be used on O-ring-type chains, but this one can be. It does not have a strong smell as it is not entirely made of natural particles.

Designed to fulfill the high-yielding demands of contemporary chained vehicles and sprockets, this product has been examined by professionals and competitive users.

It claims to keep your chain in an ideal condition for a long period of time. Another claim made by the brand is that it causes minimal fling-off.


  • Lubricates the components effectively
  • Can be used to lubricate objects other than chains as well
  • High permeability allows reaching every area of the chain
  • Resistant to water, rust, and corrosion


  • Application is comparatively difficult
  • Does not prevent flinging off

7. Clenzoil Chain & Sprocket Bike 4 oz. Bottle

We have mentioned quite a lot of aerosol spray-designed lubricants in this list. If you are not into spray bottles, the Clenzoil Chain & Sprocket is the perfect choice for you.

Packaged in a sleek, black tube bottle, this lube makes it easier to perform precise application without making a mess. It is a four-in-one product designed for cleaning, protecting, lubricating, and preventing damage.

If you are on the go and need a quick polishing and lubricating action, this one might be right up your alley. Since its use is not confined to bike chains, you can also use it on cords, sprockets, etc.

To help prevent rusting, the Clenzoil Chain & Sprocket has added elements in its formula. As it expels any dirt, gunk, and residue lube from before, it casts a light layer that lubricates and safeguards your components. Since the new layer is thin, it does not attract additional dirt.

If you are new to bike maintenance or don’t have the time for it, you can easily pick this up to get your work done.

Since it comes in a dropper tube, it is quite easy to apply. Besides, it also reduces product wastage. It leaves a matte finish in the end, and you can also control the flow of the product.


  • Allows a clean and precise application
  • Comes in a great packaging
  • Actively inhibits rusting and corrosion
  • Performs multifunctional activities


  • The amount of product is comparatively less

8. Motorex Chain Lube 622 Offroad Spray - 500ml

Finally, our last recommendation is a spray lubricant designed to use off the road – the Motorex Chain Lube 622 Offroad Spray. It is one of the many chain lube products in the range of this company.

The Chain Lube 622 comes in the form of a spray bottle. While it does not provide the benefit of precise application, you can control the amount of product flow as a little bit goes a long way. Formula-wise, it is very lightweight and provides a good amount of tackiness. It is white with some transparency to it.

Extremely unsusceptible to high pressure, this lubricant also resists flinging off. Although it is a thin formulation, it is quite adhesive.

As it is resistant to water, it also helps to keep the components from rusting and wearing out. Apart from all these features, this lube is also stable at different temperatures.

As claimed by the manufacturer, the Chain Lube 622 is suitable for both X-ring and O-ring chains.

You must not get overboard with the amount of lube as these particular chains only require a light layer. After spraying the lube, you should allow the chain to soak it in.

Probably, the best feature of this lubricant is that it is less priced compared to its competitors.


  • Lightweight and has a good coverage
  • Resistant to most forms of damage
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with various ranges of chains


  • Does not allow precise application

Factors To Consider While Buying Dirt Bike Chain Lube

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube

If you have checked out our well-curated list, you must have an idea of these elements already. Here are the factors you should consider while buying dirt bike chain lubes.

  • Resistibility

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube Resistibility

Lubricants must be resistant to many elements and conditions. Most lubes are waterproof now, so try to get one that resists water. Besides, it should also be able to resist a rough environment, extreme temperature, rusting, and erosion.

Another pressing issue with lubes is that not all of them can resist fling-offs. You must get one that can.

  • Application

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube Application

The application of a bike chain lube depends a lot on its packaging. Aerosol spray bottles, pointed tube bottles, and containers with applicators are most commonly used.

Generally, spray bottles are messy and incapable of providing precision. But if you want to get your job done quickly, you can get those. If you want to pinpoint your application, get a tube bottle or a separate applicator.

  • Texture

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube Texture

Another essential factor to be considered is the texture or formula of the bike chain lube. You must ensure that the formula is lightweight and easy to apply.

Non-wax formulas are quite popular for being thin and easy to manage. Even if you get the waxy ones, make sure they are not too heavy. Get lubes with high coverage.

  • Performance

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube Performance

Of course, a lubricant is nothing without its performance and efficiency. There is no particular way to test out the performance of lube before using it. So, check out the review, read the descriptions, and find out what suits your needs best.

  • Versatility

Nowadays, the job of bike chain lubes is not only confined to providing lubrication. They are also capable of cleaning, polishing, and protecting components on which they are used.

Sometimes, packages come with different styles of lubricants. At other times, a single product is made to perform different functions. Whatever you choose, make sure you get the most out of it.

  • Price

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube Price

Like all other products, you must consider the price point of lubricants. Usually, combination packages provide a better value of money. You will often notice that products with similar features are priced differently based on packaging or brand value.

With bike chain lubes, we only care about getting the job done. So, you do not need to spend a fortune on expensive ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Lubricant for Bicycle Chains?

There are several types of lubricants suitable for your different bike chain needs. Refer to our reviews, research, and find out what’s best for your bike chains.

2. Is WD40 Good for Dirt bike Chains?

WD40 is a specialized bike chain lube that is very efficient for dirt bike chains. It is one of the few lubes that can be used for different states and conditions.

3. How Often Should I Lube My Dirt Bike Chain?

Although it might seem alluring, do not use lube on your dirt bike chains too often. Only use it prior to riding your vehicle and after each wash.

4. Is Chain Wax Better Than Lube?

The use of chain wax is a bit different than chain lube. While it prevents your components from collecting dirt and dust better than conventional lubes, the act of lubrication is better performed by the latter.

5. Can Engine Oil Be Used as Chain Lube?

It is not appropriate to use engine oil on your components at all. Not only does it last a short time, but it also reduces the durability of objects.


Arriving at the end of this discussion, we hope we could provide you the right recommendations. Whether it be for your bike or any other piece, you can easily find out the best dirt bike chain lube by referring to this article.

Do your research and use your purchase properly. Good luck!

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