Best Dirt Bike Cleaner: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

Tired of wiping the gunk and grime from your dirt bike after every trail hit? Wish you could do something about all that dirt accumulating on the underside? You have stumbled upon the right place.

Welcome to our best dirt bike cleaner reviews article, where we will look at some of the top dirt bike cleaners that will not only remove the gunk from the innards of your trusty bike but will also help prevent dirt and grime from sticking to it.

And thus, we have listed down the very best cleaners, to help you do just that. Each is unique in its own right and it was quite the task to filter through them all. Have a read.

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10 Best Dirt Bike Cleaner Reviews


So, we tried to cover the basics: clean time, grime removal, grease removal, etc. Points were assigned on how they accomplished the said basics and the then best ones were chosen.

1. Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner - 1 Lite

So, we are starting off our best cleaner for dirt bike reviews with probably the very best cleaner to be had from our list, the MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner from Muc-Off.

Coming in a spray, easy to handle, 1-liter bottle, the MOX-904 NanoTech can easily break down the toughest of grimes you have stuck on your trusty dirt bike.

Firstly, in terms of the cleaning action, we would not go so far as to say the clean is instantaneous, but it is pretty darn quick.

The bike cleaner starts to work its way with the grime as soon as you spray it onto the surface, with the spray module helping the liquid get to those hard to reach crevices and corners.

Additionally, the cleaner itself is quite safe to use, given that it is completely alkaline based. Thus, unlike other similarly potent bike cleaners, with the MOX-904 NanoTech, you need not wear any gloves or masks while using it.

Moreover, the liquid is perfectly safe to the skin and does not really require any add-ons to get working.

Should you be concerned about your footprint in the environment, Muc-Off has your back there as well.

The bike cleaner is fully biodegradable, thus it is fully broken down before it can cause any harm to the surroundings. Moreover, the spray itself does not make use of CFSs or any other harmful solvents.


  • Safe to use; completely alkaline based.
  • Works its way with the grime as soon as you spray it onto the surface.
  • Perfectly safe to the skin and does not require any add-ons to get working.
  • The base surface is left clean and intact; adds a layer of extra shine and finish.
  • Cons

  • On the expensive side.
  • 2. Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating 17.2 FL. OZ. 508 mL

    Looking for something a tad bit more on the professional side of things? Something super sleek, a well-kept secret by mechanics from all walks of life; presenting the 78920 SC1 from Maxima.

    We guarantee it, you will find a can or two of these 78920’s down at your local mechanic’s, such is their almost legendary stature.

    But it begs the question: why and how? Well, we will start by saying that it is not a conventional cleaner.

    Like, not the douse, rinse, wipe kind. You first wash your dirt bike with water, towel it down a little, and then proceed to spray it with the 78920, a topper of sorts.

    A good spray ensures that nothing will further stick to your dirt bike.

    Some people also go so far as to apply it to their stock shafts and fork stanchions, it makes the surfaces that smooth.

    However, we do not recommend using the 78920 beyond what the manufacturer recommends, but that just goes to show how potent and awesome it is. The 78920 is manufactured to help protect and restore plastic finishes and paint.

    And it smells great too. Spray on a decent coating, give it some time to breathe, and then go hit the trails. The first thing that you notice is that the dirt and mud stop caking around your fenders.

    Caking is too far off, scratch that. The mud and dirt go right off, and afterward, a wash at home is all that is needed for a shiny clean.


  • Ensures that nothing will further stick to your dirt bike.
  • Manufactured to help protect and restore plastic finishes and paint.
  • Prevent “caking” of mud and grime.
  • The post clean layer is water-resistant and should last several washes.
  • Cons

  • The price varies wildly from store to store.
  • 3. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit 

    Next up, we have an all in one combo solution for those looking to care for their bike chain, not just a traditional dirt bike cleaner.

    A three in one solution that you can use and apply at home and greatly help extend the work-life of your dirt bike chain and sprockets. Introducing the 70-749203 from Maxima, a chain solution like no other.

    So, what do we get in this all-star combo? A bottle each of Maxima Racing Oils’ award-winning MPPL, Cleanup, and Chain wax, summing up the components in our combo to three.

    Used together, well, according to the manufacturer anyways, they are supposed to increase your horsepower too.

    We have the MPPL, a spray-on lubricant (all-purpose) that is also made to achieve greater corrosion and rust resistance. Highly penetrative, so it gets into all the nooks and crannies. And also to repel moisture.

    Next, we have the Maxima Chain Wax, a chain specific lubricant, giving class-leading protection from the elements.

    But we are not here for these two. We are particularly interested in the Maxima Clean-Up. It is not foaming or anything, rather it is best described as a degreaser. An emulsion degreaser to be more specific.

    Best applied on the chains and sprocket before we go for a spot of re-greasing as it easily washes out with a little bit of water.


  • A three in one solution; can be DIY-ed at home.
  • Greatly help extend the work-life of your dirt bike chain and sprockets.
  • Used in combination, the combo can also help improve performance.
  • The Clean-Up cleaner is emulsion-based; washes away easily with water.
  • Cons

  • The spray cans have to be used in a well-ventilated area.
  • 4. Super Bike Wash 16 oz Concentrate by Finish Line

    Biodegradable? Check. Hard on the dirt and grime? Double-check. The Super Bike Wash by Finish Line certainly checks all the right boxes in terms of cleaning prowess and environmental benefits, whilst retaining that easily wash off attributes that many people look for nowadays. Let us take a peep.

    Like a lot of the dirt bike cleaners we featured in our article, the Super Bike Wash also comes with a convenient spray bottle.

    This ensures that the bike cleaner spray finely covers the affected area, without wasting any extra, and also that the spray gets to all those difficult to reach areas.

    Let it sit for a bit, and that is all there is to this cleaner. Simply wipe or hose it off when it has had the time to do its magic.

    This is one of those easy-clean solutions where there is no elbow grease involved. So just spray it on, grab a drink, hose it off when done. Neat, right?

    The spray comes with two distinct oxidation and rust inhibitors that help protect any metallic surface that the compound is sprayed on and that they remain protected as you hit and trails and do a spot of washing up afterward.


  • Comes with a convenient spray bottle.
  • Easy clean solutions where there is no elbow grease involved.
  • Makes do without all those harmful phosphates and benzenes.
  • Free of air pollutants and complies with the California air regulatory board.
  • Cons

  • Not the strongest bike cleaner on our list.
  • 5. S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle - 1.32 Gallon

    Riding your dirt bikes across vast trails will no doubt do a number on the thing, dirt, and grime wise. Almost a given, the further distance you cover, the dirtier your bike will get.

    That being said, your dirt bike will need the best attention possible after returning home from a long, harsh trail skipping.

    And that is where the S100 12005L comes in. Does not have a proper brand name, but does it really matter?

    No. All that matters is how good the cleaner truly is at disseminating miles upon miles worth of grime from all corners of your trusty dirt bike. And the S100 12005L is quite the performer.

    Our only complaint? We wish it came in a spray bottle format. But that is a terrible ask, considering how unwieldy a 1.32-gallon spray bottle would be.

    Better to invest in a cheap spray bottle and make do. You will need one though, to have the cleaner work to its full potential.

    The dirt bike cleaner excels at cleaning the whole bike, and not just the bike motor. Five minutes of work-time, and you will have a spotless dirt bike with minimal work too.

    Moreover, the cleaner is rated safe for use with chrome, paint, plastic, alloy, bearings, and rubber. Basically almost everything except the electrics.


  • Disseminating miles upon miles worth of grime from all corners of your bike.
  • Cleans the whole bike, and not just the bike motor.
  • The bike cleaner is fully biodegradable, given time.
  • Non-acidic, with the pH being controlled to strict manufacturer norms.
  • Cons

  • Might want to buy a spray bottle too.
  • 6. Chemical Guys CWS20264 Tough Mudder Truck Wash Off-Road and ATV Heavy Duty Soap (1/2 Gallon)

    Whether you are a serious off-roading enthusiast or a simple weekend dirt biker, the CWS20264 from Chemical Guys can be considered a staple.

    Going at it through the bush and the sands are good fun but the end result may not be, for your dirt bike. And that is where the CWS20264 can fill in and give you a clean, shiny bike in minutes.

    A point to note here. This is the first cleaner soap compound that we are going to look at, which requires some degree of elbow greasing. Need to work it in to get to work to its full potential.

    That being said, it does give you the opportunity to take the time and thoroughly go through and get to know your dirt bike better.

    And thus, we are all for it. The cleaning formula is quite versatile as you can utilize it with something as rudimentary as a bucket of water and a cleaning cloth, or you could go the intense route and use a pressure washer.

    Both are okay as the cleaning shampoo does not end up doing a number on your paint job or sensitive components.

    Coming to the formula itself, it is great at clinging onto the dirt and grime.

    There are hints of lubricants in the compound, ensuring that you do not end up scratching that expensive paint-job, should you attempt the cleaning process with a washing mitt.

    The old two bucket car wash method is recommended for the best possible clean.


  • A clean, shiny bike in minutes.
  • The cleaning formula is quite versatile; both bucket and pressure wash.
  • Lubricants in the compound ensure zero scratches on the paint-job.
  • The compound is pH balanced, will not strip off wax or sealants.
  • Cons

  • Need something stronger for detailed degreasing.
  • 7. Simple Green Cleaner, 20-Ounce

    Consider biodegradability to be your primary criterion? In the open for a simple, no-nonsense cleaner that is good at what it does, without having loads of other fancy bits and bobs? The 20-ounce simple green cleaner is the one for you.

    A fully biodegradable product, this cleaner is enough to sate any environmentally conscious off-roader. Before we go any further with this cleaner, though, we must get one thing out of the way.

    The choice of fragrance used by the manufacturer. The smell is reminiscent of those cleaning liquids they use in public washrooms.

    Do not get us wrong. It smells like a cleaner, and not you know, a public restroom. But, we feel it would be better if we mentioned it beforehand.

    The star of the show though is the formula. It is very tough and cuts down on the grime and grease as easily as you would on a cake. It does not affect the surrounding plastic surfaces.


  • Cuts through grime and grease like cake.
  • The formula does not affect the surrounding plastics.
  • Fully biodegradable breaks down over time.
  • Non-corrosive on metal surfaces.
  • Cons

  • That fragrance will be off-putting to many.
  • 8. WD-40 Bike, All Conditions Lube, Bike Cleaner, Degreaser

    Next, we are going to peek at a more specialist type of product, something that we recommend to only those who know what they are doing, what the wish to achieve with this product, and how they would go about achieving it.

    You would find this at every mechanic’s out there. Yup, we are going to lock horns with the WD-40.

    A point though, this is NOT your traditional dirt bike cleaner. This is a rather potent degreaser. We use this on the bike chain for the best possible performing lubrication for all manners of conditions.

    The formula acts fast and it completely eliminates squeaking, whilst helping to extend chain life.

    Corrosion prevention inhibitors, no-wax formulas are just two of many components. No more friction damage as you hit the trails. The formula makes it easier to clean up the gunk afterward as well.


  • A very popular, potent degreaser.
  • Corrosion prevention inhibitors, no-wax formula.
  • Cain protection guaranteed, whilst preventing the buildup of gunk.
  • Makes the ride that much quieter.
  • Cons

  • The application has to be consistent.
  • 9. Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Series Orange Degreaser

    Yet another professional degreaser, yet this time we need not use water in any step of the cleaning process.

    Introducing the CLD_201_16 orange from the 9. Chemical Guys Signature Series. Why the orange moniker? Well, the greaser has a rather pleasant, citrusy after-smell that a lot of people are sure to like.

    Getting down to the essentials, the Signature Series Orange is used by detailing professionals worldwide due to its great ability to almost instantaneously break down and emulsify grime and grease.

    Rated for use in engines too, the sprat format makes the Signature Series Orange quite versatile too.

    The citrusy formula also helps clean out mud and dirt that you might pick up from the trails too.

    Though whether the Signature Series Orange series forms a layer of protection like the other dirt bike cleaners we have looked at thus far remains to be tested.


  • Citrusy after-smell, always welcome.
  • Almost instantaneously breaks down and emulsifies grime and grease.
  • Does not require dilution beforehand.
  • Spray bottle format, easy to use.
  • Cons

  • No protective layer at the end of the cleaning process.
  • 10. Slick Off-Road Wash, 32oz.

    Not all of us would be willing to do a spot of re-greasing after a thorough wash of our dirt bikes. If you are looking into something that leaves the grease intact, Slick Off-Road Wash certainly hits the spot.

    It pretty much excels at removing that heavy much without stripping down the lubrication in the process.

    Do note though, the bike cleaner is very concentrated. You will need to dilute it out before attempting a clean job with it.

    The exact ratios differ from spot to spot but all are provided on the manufacturer’s site. The formula is also rated safe for use on metal surfaces, plastics, and even paint.

    This is one of those cleaners where you would want to put in some elbow grease.

    Then again, the ease with which the compound helps to remove the grime and gunk, the elbow grease is generally reduced to a simple wipe or two. It is that potent. You could even mix and use the cleaner with a hose spray.


  • A concentrated compound that does not remove the necessary grease.
  • Can be used in a bucket wash or an intense spray down.
  • Also rated safe for use on metal surfaces, plastics, and even paint.
  • A wipe or two leaves the bike sparkly clean.
  • Cons

  • The double dose needed if the dirt level is intense.
  • What To Look For While Buying A Dirt Bike Cleaner

    So, we have gleaned over some of the best dirt bike cleaning products. But, on the off chance you did not like the products we have discussed above, we have also included a handy guide of sorts, to help you judge and differentiate amongst the other bike cleaners you might have in mind.

    Spray Format

    Try to acquire a bike cleaner that comes in or with a spray bottle. A spray bottle will help to distribute the fluid evenly across the given dirty surface and will also help to get the fluid to those hard to access corners and nooks.

    Since the distribution is even, there is also less wastage of cleaning fluid.

    Foaming Cleanser

    Dirt Bike Cleaner Foaming Cleanser

    Foaming cleansers are the way to go if you seek a clean bike. Granted, it requires some elbow greasing, but hey, if you have a shiny and clean bike by the end of the cleaning job, who is going to complain?


    Dirt Bike Cleaner Biodegradable

    Caring for the environment you are living in is not that hard and does pay dividends over time.

    Every little bit helps. So why not opt for a biodegradable bike cleaner too, if the opportunity allows it? The biodegradable solution breaks down after a certain period, without causing harm to the environment.

    Plastic Use

    Dirt Bike Cleaner Plastic Use

    Try to get a bike cleaner that is safe for use with plastics. Almost all bike cleaners nowadays are safe to use with plastics, but it never hurts to run a check.

    State Regulation

    Dirt Bike Cleaner State Regulation

    Hard to believe, but there are some regulations involved. Not all cleaners are rated for use in the state of California (California Air Regulatory Board deals with these, who knew).

    They often do outright state it in the manufacturer listing, whether or not they are regulated for use in certain states.

    Top Scrub Or Not to Scrub

    Some of these bike cleaners need scrubbing, others do not. If you are willing to put in the elbow grease for a good clean, we recommend that you get a scrub-in one, as they are the straightforward and easy to use ones.

    What Do You Clean A Dirt Bike With?

    Now, even when we are thinking sensibly, the sky's the limit. There are numerous ways (and materials) with which you can clean your dirt bike.

    And of course, as with all things, there is a right way to do it, and one that is not so right. While we are not going to discuss the methods, we are however going to take a few cleaning materials.

    So, what are the cleaning supplies or materials we will need?

    Soft Brush

    Dirt Bike Cleaner Soft Brush

    The absolute basic essential. Simply dousing your bike with a cleaning solution and water will NOT work.

    You need to work the solution, to remove the grime that is stuck fast to your bike. That is where a soft brush comes in. The bristles are hard on the gunk and dirt but soft on your bike.

    Cleaning Solution

    Dirt Bike Cleaning Solution

    This can be approached in different ways. We recommend bike wash solutions but in emergencies, dishwashing soap works fine too.

    Spray Bottle

    Dirt Bike Cleaner Spray Bottle

    Comes in handy when and if you need the cleaning solution to reach into the various nooks and crannies of the dirt bike.

    Compressed Air

    Dirt Bike Cleaner Compressed Air

    We do not recommend that you get a compressed air pump to clean your bike, you may end up doing more harm than good.

    But, getting canned air (technically still compressed air) is always a good idea to dust off or clean sensitive electrical components.

    Scotch-Brite Pads

    Dirt Bike Cleaner Scotch-Brite Pads

    If you have any composite material component on your bike, scotch-brite pads are the way to go. Even more so if you want to go that extra distance for cleaning and apply some more hand finish.

    S.O.S. Pads

    Water and spray simply do not cut it when it comes to cleaning out rims.

    Throw in some detergent, and the result is basically the same. Cue the S.O.S. pads. You can use them to clean out all manners or dust and grime, whilst keeping rust at bay.

    Clean Towels

    Dirt Bike Clean Towels

    Well, it is not a surprise to anyone. After a good wash, always dry your bike with a clean towel, lest you want to dirty your bike again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Should I wash my dirt bike with warm water or with the cold?

    We recommend washing your bike with cool or cold water once the engine has had the necessary time to cool down.

    2. How long should you typically leave a cleaner on the surface?

    Somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes with 4 being the sweet spot. Proceed to rinse off after the cleaner has had the time to work its magic. Do note though, do not leave the bike and cleaner in the direct sun under any circumstances.

    3. Can I use these cleaners on brakes?

    Directly? No. But a little overspray from time to time is fine. Some of these bike cleaners mess with the greases traditionally used in mechanical or automotive parts.

    Thus, it is good practice that you do not douse your brakes, directly at least, with these bike cleaners.

    4. Should I use pressure wash on a bike?

    There are no set rules implying that you could not. But not doing so would be in your best interest.

    Because pressure washing will most definitely cause water to get into where you would not want them to, such as gears, bearings, and electronics, causing them to age quicker.

    5. How often should I make use of WD-40?

    Only when you feel that a change of greasing or re-greasing is necessary.

    Final Words

    And, cut! We are done with our best dirt bike cleaner reviews article. We have peeked at the ten of the best cleaners and degreasers available right now.

    Rest assured, all the cleaners mentioned above serve their purpose well and you would not lament your decision if you were to pick one from amongst them.

    That is all from our end, see you in the next bit. Happy trailing.

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