12 Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs: Reviews 2022 (Updated!)

Want to achieve maximum grip when riding your bike? Then nothing will help you like the best dirt bike foot pegs.

A high-quality set of peg mounts can give you the perfect grip with your motorcycle so you can tackle even the harshest of terrains without a single issue.

At the same time, you can feel more comfortable while riding, as a large enough footpeg may give you enough space so your feet can rest comfortably.

There’s just no chance to tackle the dirt road without first putting on a set of aftermarket pegs. That’s why we want to help you pick the ideal ones in this article.

You’re going to learn about the best foot pegs for dirt bikes as well as how to pick the right one. Once you finish this article, you’ll be ready to choose a set of quality pegs and tackle any road.

Looking for a quick decision? Here you go!

12 Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs Reviews

12 Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs Reviews

We found hundreds, if not thousands, of foot pegs in the market. But few of them were genuinely worth our while. So we decided to pick only 12 among the many different models available and reviewed them. Here’s what we found about these pegs:

1. JFG RACING Red Billet MX Foot Pegs

Key Features:

  • Available in 4 colors
  • T7-7075 aluminum
  • Replaceable teeth

If we had to pick the best foot pegs for dirt bikes in the article, we wouldn’t hesitate to go for the JFG Racing Red Billet.

As a set for motocross and dirt-riding, it offers the ideal grip for any rider to feel secure on. The high-end sharp teeth can handle several years of use without wearing off, making it a go-to choice for hardcore bikers.

These teeth are made of hardened steel. And if you add the replaceable design of the teeth, then they get a lot more durable.

At the same time, the pegs are made of high-quality T7 7075 aluminum. This is one of the best materials for pegs because it is light but still manages to last. It can handle up to 1300 pounds of weight without problems.

And sure enough, you still get the mounting hardware along with the rest of the accessories to enjoy a nice and neat installation.

Last but not least, the pegs are coated in anodized red paint. That’s enough to prevent corrosion and any other problem related to moisture. Still, the exciting part is how attractive they look on any bike.


  • Withstand a lot of weight & wear
  • Fantastic materials for extra sturdiness 
  • Very easy to set up on your bike
  • Highly attractive colored design


  • The paint scratches easily

2. Krator FP008 Black Rest Dirtbike Stomper Footpegs

Key Features:

  • Black anti-corrosion paint
  • Honda & Kawasaki compatible
  • Steel body

If you’re more of a traditionalist, then you’ll love the simple design of the FP008 pegs from Krator.

You get a high-quality construction made of steel. That’s one of the best materials you can pick for a set of footpegs.

This pairs up well with the teeth design. The pegs are made to provide maximum stability and grip, even in the harshest scenarios.

They are also super resistant to corrosion. A Gunmetal Black coating prevents rust from even thinking of happening. And sure enough, they can handle several years of use without wearing off.

This paint also makes them look more rugged. You don’t need to install a shiny set of foot pegs when you’re going to get the bike dirty and muddy places. They will match any tricky situation amazingly well.

Thanks to its excellent compatibility with Honda and Kawasaki bikes, this one becomes a go-to choice for many users. It combines outstanding construction for durability with highly stable teeth for extra grip – so there’s nothing to hate about it.


  • Rugged looks for extra resilience
  • Durable steel construction
  • Completely anti-corrosion 
  • Small yet stable design


  • Needs modifications to set it up


Key Features:

  • T7005-T6 aluminum build
  • 16-teeth peg design
  • Compatible with Yamaha bikes

Coming back with JFG Racing, we now find a set of CNC-machined pegs. These are also amazingly effective at increasing stability and exceptionally good-looking.

The first thing you’ll notice is the electric Blue color the set offers. This color boosts the appeal of the peg and makes your bike a lot more enticing. But it is not only the color but the quality of the paint that keeps corrosion from happening.

These pegs are still super sturdy and long-lasting. Using T7 7075 aluminum, they can handle even the toughest of paths without breaking or wearing off. And this is without even mentioning the pegs can handle over 1300 pounds of weight.

Even then, nothing compares to the hardened steel teeth. You can expect the 16 teeth on the pegs to increase your grip exponentially. And because they’re made of high-end material, they last a long time. But even if they wear off, you can replace them, thanks to a uniquely practical design.

Perfect for Yamaha and Honda bikes, the CNC footpegs from JFG Racing are a set you don’t want to overlook.


  • Shiny CNC machined design
  •  Sturdy aluminum build
  •  Replaceable teeth for convenience
  •  A piece of cake to set up


  • May need to tighten teeth consistently

4. TC-Motor Black Footpegs

Key Features:

  • Hardened steel body
  • Hardware included
  • Yamaha & Kawasaki compatible

If you’re looking for high-quality pegs but don’t have much money to spare, then you’ll love the Black Footpegs from TC Motor.

While they are not necessarily the most visually enticing, the pegs can handle several years of use without problems.

You get a high-quality, hardened steel construction. That’s enough to make the entire pegs last a lifetime. Even the teeth are designed to last, making sure you can enjoy maximum grip even after several years of use.

The installation is still a total pleasure. Despite its cheapness, this set comes with the springs and screws to set up the footpegs with little effort. You won’t have to get the hardware separately, which saves you extra time and effort.

Lastly, let’s not forget this is the cheapest set of pegs on the whole list. For only a few bucks, you can get a nice set of pegs that will fit any Kawasaki or Yamaha dirt bike perfectly, taking their convenience to a whole new level.


  • Exceptionally cheap
  •  Decently long-lasting material
  •  Easy to install & adjust 
  • Simple corrosion-resistant paint


  • Hardware doesn’t last long

5. HTTMT MT216-003 Gunmetal Black MX Racing Foot Pegs

Key Features:

  • Quality steel build
  • Gunmetal Black coating
  • 20 built-in teeth

Simple design but amazingly durable, the MT216-003 from HTTMT is a high-quality set of foot pegs for people who want no less than fantastic results.

It all starts with superb steel construction. It can handle any kind of situation and environment while ensuring maximum wear resistance. Add the 20 built-in teeth on the upper part of the pegs for an even more exciting experience, grip-oriented, and ready to tackle any adventure.

But it is not only the combination of excellent construction and teeth that make it stand out. The main advantage comes from an incredibly resistant Gunmetal Black paint that prevents any type of corrosion. These pegs will easily last a lifetime without ever developing rust.

This paint does not only help to add extra resistance but also makes the pegs good-looking. With a decently thick design and quality exterior, they will probably never break or wear out fast.

And if that wasn’t enough, they are among the best footpegs for Yamaha dirt bikes. So you’ll be getting the quality and the compatibility, perfect to take your bike anywhere with total confidence.


  • Top-notch build for durability 
  • Super resilient exterior coating 
  • Attractive black design 
  • Highly compatible with Yamaha


  • A bit tricky to install

6. NICECNC Wide Fat Racing Foot Pegs

Key Features:

  • Anodized coating
  • T6-7075 aluminum build
  • X-bridge teeth design

As soon as you look at these foot pegs, you’ll realize they aren’t like others on the list. These come with a high-quality aluminum construction as well as one of the shiniest paints in the market.

The construction, for example, is 7075 T6 aluminum alloy. It is super sturdy-, making the pegs last a long time and not wear out even after years of use. And don’t forget it is CNC-machined aluminum, offering an aircraft-grade quality to the piece.

This build pairs up well with the stainless steel teeth. You get the chance to enjoy some of the most long-lasting grip teeth in the market. It will easily make your biking trips a lot safer and enjoyable.

But the real advantage comes from the X-bridge design. This includes 2 extra teeth on the center that add up the extra grip necessary to tackle any road. You can get even into the most challenging path and still enjoy next-level grip.

Last but not least, the pegs come with a hard Blue Anodized paint. It prevents corrosion and keeps the pegs looking neat for years. Along with the 2.2 inches of width and the easy-to-install design, you can enjoy one of the best pegs in the market.


  • Offers a wide and comfy design 
  • High-quality CNC-machined aluminum 
  • Doesn’t corrode or rust 
  • Outstanding steel teeth


  • Installation can be tough

7. AnXin Universal CNC Foot Pegs

Key Features:

  • Available in 6 colors
  • 16 removable teeth
  • CNC machine aluminum

Among the highest-quality footpegs in the list, the AnXin Universal comes like a go-to option.

What sets these pegs apart at first is the fishbone plate design. It offers extra reinforcement, which prevents even a hard impact from breaking the peg.

But it is not only the design that works to keep the pegs safe. The real benefit comes from high-quality T6-6061 aluminum construction. This aircraft-grade material can handle up to 1300 pounds without issues, making the pegs last a long time.

At the same time, the pegs are CNC machined. That means they can withstand difficult situations with little problem and still last a long time.

Another huge benefit comes from the hardened steel construction on the teeth. You won’t have to worry about grip, as these teeth are completely worn-resistant. But even if they wear out after some years of use, you can replace them with little effort.

For those who still want more, the design is wider than the standard pegs, adding more comfort. And with the set of 6 colors to pick from, these footpegs become a go-to choice for almost everyone.


  • Super-sturdy construction 
  • Gorgeous color options 
  • Withstands up to 1300 pounds
  • Outstanding grip with teeth


  • Comes with low-quality hardware

8. AnXin CNC MX Footpegs

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Honda & Kawasaki
  • T7-7075 aluminum build
  • Removable grip teeth

By now, you may be thinking that we love AnXin products. And well, you’re right. These footpegs are obviously not worth overlooking, especially for their durability.

At first sight, they look like other models in the list. But once you find out the ultra-sturdy T7-7075 aluminum construction, you’ll realize how long-lasting these pegs really are.

These pegs boast hardened steel teeth. They will help you stay gripped to the pegs, adding the extra touch of safety for the job. And sure enough, the steel construction makes them wear-resistant, so they last a long time.

Even then, the teeth are replaceable, so you won’t have to ever ride with worn-out teeth. They’re still reinforced so you can enjoy them for years before replacing them.

On top of all that, these foot pegs are perfect for the Honda XR bike. Yet, you can also make them work with CR and even KLX from Kawasaki. Thanks to the broad design, the footpegs will never disappoint in comfort either.

Even the installation is a total pleasure with these footpegs. The hardware and the small design make it pleasant to set up. There’s simply nothing to hate about it.


  • Ultra-stable and balanced design 
  • Wide and comfortable 
  • Long-lasting teeth & body 
  • Complete hardware for easy setup


  • Paint scratches easily

9. Volar Motorsports Black Suzuki Foot Pegs

Key Features:

  • 3 inch length & 2 inch width
  • Compatible with Suzuki DR
  • Hardened steel construction

If there’s a brand you shouldn’t overlook, then that’s Volar Motorsport. And with the Suzuki footpegs, they make it clear why.

With a length of 3 inches and 2 inches of width, these foot pegs are among the biggest you will find. You can enjoy a comfy experience in almost any scenario. And even then, they come with excellent grip teeth that keep your feet attached to the peg at all times.

Apart from its exceptional design, these pegs stand out for their quality construction. Boasting hardened steel build, you’ll get a set of super-sturdy footpegs. Wherever you take them, they will withstand the weight and wear.

Don’t forget they also fit most Suzuki dirt bikes without problems. From the DR250 to the DR650 – they’re all compatible with these pegs. And it doesn’t matter what bike you have precisely, they will be easy to install.


  • Corrosion-resistant build 
  • Ultra-durable steel body 
  • Decent grip for harsh rides 
  • Huge design for extra comfort


  • Difficult to adjust after installing

10. NT Silver Motorcycle Rear Foot Pegs

Key Features:

  • Available in 2 colors
  • Skidproof top design
  • Aluminum alloy build

If you’re looking for the best foot pegs lower for dirt bikes, then the NT Silver Rear Foot Pegs won’t let you down.

They offer the ideal design for highway riding, matching well with most dirt bikes as well as street models. Even the most potent bikes will match excellently well with this set of pegs.

While they’re thinner than most pegs on the list, they’re still amazingly durable. Boasting an aluminum alloy construction, you can expect these foot pegs to last a long time. And sure enough, they won’t corrode thanks to the anodized paint – available in both silver and black.

The design also comes with another advantage, the Skidproof upper. This design ensures maximum grip, so you can expect no less than excellent stability and comfort while driving.

Apart from all that, the installation is a piece of cake. You won’t have to spend more than a few minutes setting them up. So you get a good-looking, durable, and practical set of pegs to enjoy.


  • Extra-long design for versatility
  • Ultra-resistant construction
  • Looks gorgeous on any bike
  • Straightforward setup


  • A bit too thin for dirt bikes

11. AnXin CNC MX Suzuki Foot Pegs

Key Features

  • Fishbone plate design
  • T7-7075 aluminum build
  • Hardened steel teeth

Will fit perfectly on your Suzuki or Kawasaki dirt bike, the AnXin CNC MX Yellow is a set of foot pes you don’t want to overlook.

At first sight, you’ll realize this is not like other pegs on the list. With a super-shiny paint in either blue or yellow, they look fantastic. This will help you boost your dirt bike looks exponentially.

But it is not the appearance that sets them apart but the quality of the construction. With T7-7075 aluminum, these pegs will withstand even the harshest of environments and several years of use.

You can pair the toughness of its aluminum body with the hardened steel teeth. They will improve the grip of your bike while increasing the practicality of the pegs. Yes, you can not only enjoy their durability but the detachable design, making it easy to replace them once they wear out.

And to make the pegs even more resilient, you can enjoy the fishbone plate design. It connects the inner frame with the exterior, ensuring exceptional strength that won’t ever break.


  • Exquisite Blue & Yellow coatings 
  • Ultra-resilient aluminum build 
  • Handy replaceable teeth 
  • Fantastic grip & stability


  • Hang lower than stock pegs

12. SXMOTO Chinese Motorcycle Foot Pegs

Key Features:

  • T6-661 aluminum build
  • Super-wide design
  • Available in 6 colors

To finish these reviews, we had to come up with a quality set of foot pegs that you wouldn’t find easily and were totally worth considering. These are the Chinese Foot Pegs from SXMOTO.

You may think that coming from China makes them less reliable. But you would be wrong. The high-end aluminum construction with CNC machined material ensures exceptional durability. This also increases the sturdiness and makes sure the pegs never break.

You can also add the 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum body. It will increase the durability of the pegs even more. And with the hardened steel grip teeth, you can enjoy an outstandingly resilient set all around.

The design of the pegs is also super-wide. This makes them more comfortable and safer overall. Along with the teeth that you can replace when worn out, this set becomes a go-to choice for convenience seekers.

Lastly, you can enjoy the highly compatible design with Honda CRF bikes as well as Chinese models like the Stomp, Thumpstar, Explore, and many others. Along with the 6 available colors, it becomes a go-to choice for anyone.


  • Ultra-sturdy construction 
  • Highly compatible with most bikes 
  • Comfy and grip-oriented design 
  • Decently easy to install


  • A bit expensive

What Factors to Consider While Buying a Motorcycle Foot Pegs?

We know how difficult it can be to pick the ideal dirt bike foot peg mounts when you know little to nothing about what you’re getting. Well, we want to help you with that in this section.

You’re going to learn about the most critical factors about motorcycle footpegs, so you can then hop and pick the right model accordingly. Want to learn more?

Then keep scrolling:


A motorcycle peg may seem like a simple accessory that doesn’t demand any type of special material. Well, you’d be surprised as to how important the construction of the footpegs actually is.

Here, you will find several materials to consider from Chro-moly steel for a super resistant experience to standard aluminum for a more lightweight experience, or even hardened steel that lasts a lifetime.

The material will not only affect the durability of the pegs, but it may also change how much weight they add to the bike. That’s why aluminum is always ideal if you want to keep the bike light. Otherwise, steel gets the job done with its extra-durable composition.

Weight Capacity

Another factor that changes depending on the material and construction of the peg will be the weight capacity. But it is not only the choice of material but also the construction. A thick and well-made peg will obviously handle a lot more weight than a thin and poorly-designed one.

Here, you will find that steel can handle more weight than aluminum. However, high-quality aluminum footpeg can easily handle over 1000 pounds. That should be enough to never break even in the harshest of rides.

Width & Length

Want a set of footpegs that feels comfortable on your feet? Then you must consider the width and length it offers.

For that, you should focus on getting no less than 1.5 inches of the total width. That should be enough for most people. But if you prefer thinner models, then you can go for 1-inch or less of diameter for a lighter experience. Thicker ones at 2 inches are useful for those who rely on grip over anything else.

As for length, most pegs are usually between 3 and 4.5 inches. The less length you have, the harder it will be to use the peg and feel comfortable. But this, again, comes with the advantage of less weight.

Overall, just go for the ideal diameter and length that meets your demands. That should be enough to feel comfortable when using the pegs.

Grip Teeth

These are the teeth that appear on the upper part of the footpegs. The focus of these teeth is to adhere well to biking boots, adding the extra grip and stability that every rider needs.

But there are various types of teeth to consider. Some of them are non-removable, meaning they belong to the main body of the footpegs, made of the same material. When they wear out, you will have to replace the entire foot peg.

The best type, however, is the replaceable grip teeth. These are usually made of steel and can last a long time. The advantage, of course, comes from the ability to come out and be replaced when worn out. So that’s a huge plus to consider.

For the best experience with the foot pegs, we recommend getting at least 12 teeth per peg. But you can go up to 16 or 20 feet, for extra grip.

Extra Features

Another useful feature to consider is an easy installation. If the footpegs come with their own hardware and can make the installation easy, then that’s a huge plus.

At the same time, you want to consider how compatible the foot pegs are with different bike brands. Some models will only fit Yamaha motocross bikes, while others will only work on Kawasaki models. But the best models can fit in two or three motorcycle brands at once, making them even more useful.

Lastly, consider the color of the pegs. While this won’t change your experience with the footpegs, it will help you make the bike a lot more enticing to watch. The right paint is not only shiny and good-looking but will also add corrosion protection, making the footpegs last longer.

Any extra feature you find that helps to enjoy the footpegs further is a go-to feature to consider.

How Do You Change Foot Pegs on a Motorbike?

Even if you’ve been riding dirt bikes for years, you may not know how to install dirt bike foot pegs on your bike. Well, we want to help you with a brief step-by-step guide:

1. First off, read the specific instructions of the foot pegs. All models are different, so there’s a chance you will have to follow particular rules instead of general ones. Also, check that the footpegs are actually compatible with the bike (otherwise, you may not be able to install them).

2. Then you can proceed to remove the factory footpegs on your bike. Be sure to follow the instructions of your bike’s manual if there’s any. You may need to use an Allen wrench for this.

3. Now you can install the new pegs in the same place as the factory ones. Put the bolt in and secure it. Use the Allen wrench and the hardware (if any).

4. At this point, you’re ready to test the pegs and see how they work. We recommend taking the bike to a test ride in a bumpy place. If the footpegs don’t vibrate too much or don’t come loose, then you’ve successfully installed them.

Follow this guide to the letter for an issue-free installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many things about foot pegs you may not know about. If you’re doubtful about some of them, you may find the answer in this section.

Below, you’ll find some common questions about footpegs and their corresponding answers. Take a look:

1. What are footpegs for?

Before you get a set of foot pegs for your bike, be sure you actually need them. But what do they offer exactly?

Well, footpegs are literally the footrests of the bike. Most dirt bikes come with their own set of foot pegs, but these are usually thin and don’t offer enough grip.

That’s why an aftermarket set of foot pegs always comes like an excellent idea. They can be either wider or longer than the standard foot pegs. And sure enough, they usually offer more grip, adding extra safety and stability to your bike.

In short, footpegs are ideal for any dirt-bike rider who wants to have maximum grip while on their bike.

2. Can I use foot pegs on the highway?

While most of the footpegs on this list are designed for dirt bikes on off-road paths, you can still use them for the highway and achieve an excellent experience.

The whole focus of a foot peg is to increase comfort and grip and a pretty non-invasive way. So you won’t have to worry about using them on the highway, they will do their job without affecting the riding.

3. What size bike pegs do I need?

The size of the pegs depends entirely on your overall needs. For example, wider foot pegs are often ideal for riders who want to do tricks and rely on maximum grip. These wide footpegs also increase impact resistance and make the whole bike a lot more comfortable to ride.

But if you’re not looking for comfort but maximum lightness and versatility, then you can use a thin set of footpegs. They will increase your agility on the bike, so you can maneuver on the bike with more freedom. So they’re most ideal if you’re looking for extra versatility.

So, what size of pegs do you need? The size that best matches your demands.

4. How to adjust motorcycle footpegs?

Now, let’s say you installed the footpegs, but they didn’t fit comfortably on your feet. What can you do in that case? Easy, you adjust them to meet the shape of your feet’s sole. Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Start by removing the bolts/nuts that keep the pegs mounted on the bike.

2. With the bolts/nuts loosened up, now move the pegs to the desired place.

3. Once you’ve found the perfect angle, then you can tighten up the pegs again.

4. Finish by testing the new angle. If they still feel a little uncomfortable, then keep tweaking as necessary.

You should now be able to enjoy comfy riding, even in the most challenging situations.

5. Are dirt bike foot pegs universal?

Most foot pegs that are compatible with dirt bikes are generally not interchangeable, as they depend on the design, model, and brand of the bike. Typically, there is a chance that you trade a foot peg for the other peg for a different bike, but this is usually the result of a luck.


Setting up your bike with new footpegs will obviously make it safer and comfortable. But that’s only possible when you get the right one.

For that, you’ll have to follow our best dirt bike foot pegs reviews and buying guide to the letter. Then, getting the ideal footpeg set for your bike will be a lot easier.

Don’t waste this chance to get a quality set of pegs and make your bike-riding experience better. So go and pick the set that best meets with your demands in terms of durability and bike compatibility. Once you do that, you’ll be able to tackle any dirt path with little effort.

So get one now. You won’t regret enjoying everything these pegs have to offer.

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