Top 13 Best Dirt Bike Handguards: Reviews in 2022 (Updated!)

Setting up your dirt bike for some off-road adventures? Then you probably want the best dirt bike handguards available.

We can’t blame you. A good set of handguards can offer way too many advantages to overlook them. They protect your hands and levers from impacts, keep your hands comfy and clean, and make your bike look rougher – there’s nothing you can replace a handguard with.

But just as helpful as they are, there are also hundreds if not thousands of models to consider. And every single handguard offers a different advantage and disadvantage.

Here, we want to help you sort out among the many different options available. You’re going to learn how to pick the ideal handguard and find out which models are worth spending money in.

So, are you ready to find the perfect handguard for your dirt bike? Then keep scrolling.

Need a quick decision? Here you go!

Top 13 Best Dirt Bike Handguards Recommendations

Top 13 Best Dirt Bike Handguards Recommendations

We’re going to go straight with our reviews. You’re probably looking for a handguard and don’t want to waste any time.

Well, then each one of these reviews will give you an in-depth heads-up of what you may get. Take a look:

1. JFG RACING Motorcycle Universal Handguards

The first model in the list comes from JFG – one of the most popular brands in the market. And it’s not a secret why, JFG provides the most resilient, good-looking, and protective pieces.

This universal handguard stands out for its high-quality construction. You get polypropylene (PP) plastic with an aluminum alloy frame. Together, they ensure a durable and resistant build that stands any kind of impact.

You will find the design to be thin and lightweight, making it an excellent choice for motocross riding, where you need more freedom of movement. Still, it protects well enough against rocks, impacts, muds, and even cold wind.

On top of that, the installation is a no-brainer. Thanks to a universal design that goes well with handles from 7/8-inch at 22mm or 1-1/8-inch (28mm) – you can make it work on almost any bike model.

And all that is without mentioning the exquisite look it offers. Coming in a totally black design, it matches well with a wide array of bike models.

For anyone in search of a sporty handguard model, the JFG Racing Universal Handguards won’t let them down.

Key Features:

  • Polypropylene plastic build
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Full-hardware kit
  • Versatile open design
  • Fits all handlebar thicknesses


  • Polypropylene plastic build
  • Ideal for motocross riding
  • Available in good-looking black
  • Easy installation with a universal kit
  • Spacious design for comfy usage

  • Cons

  • May not work well with custom or large levers
  • Not the most protective design
  • 2. Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguard

    When it comes to quality bike accessories, few brands are as good as Acerbis. The quality this brand offers is almost unsurpassable – especially for how popular it is.

    That’s why you can expect the Uniko handguard to be an exceptional piece. As an Enduro model, it covers most of your hand, ensuring top-notch protection when riding. And with its quality polypropylene (PP) build, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

    What sets it apart is not the construction, but its design. You get a vented window on the upper part of the piece, which helps to get more wind while driving. If you’re biking in a hot place, this will prevent your hand and the levers from overheating.

    Still, you get a beautiful piece with over 12 available colors to choose from. And a printed Acerbis logo that looks superb.

    The handguard doesn’t take much to install, and with its universal mount kit, you can set it almost on any bike without issues.

    Any biker riding in dry and warm conditions that need extra protection but with proper ventilation will find this one an almost perfect accessory.

    Key Features:

    • Polypropylene (PP) construction
    • Upper vented window
    • Boasts universal mount kit
    • Printed Acerbis logo
    • Complete wrap-around design


  • Highly protective & reliable build
  • Effortless installation on any handlebar
  • Delivers ideal ventilation & comfort
  • Attractive design with 12 color options

  • Cons

  • Don’t mount in handlebar ends
  • Small & light design may not work for demanding users
  • 3. PowerMadd 34402 Sentinel Handguard

    If we had to pick the best enduro handguards, we would go for the PowerMadd Sentinel without a doubt.

    There’s nothing about it to hate – from its stylish design in 9 color options to its superb protection and next-level construction. You will get a handguard that offers it all for a decent cost.

    The design, for example, boasts a rough-looking design that protects even in the trickiest of situations. Boasting a stiff plastic spine and a softer body, it is designed to last a lifetime.

    Mounting it is easy, though. You get a 6061 aluminum bracket set that allows universal mounting (making it useful for enduro and motocross bikes, ATVs, and much more). Yet, it is the durable build that sets it on another level – so you can expect it to stay on the bike for long.

    Despite all that, you can still expect it to protect your hand like no other. With unique construction and excellent position, it ensures your hand and bike levers stay safe at all times. No need to worry about anything while riding a bike with these handguards.

    Key Features:

    • Two-piece spine build
    • Stiff plastic construction
    • 6061 aluminum mounting set
    • Protective wrap-around design
    • Compatible with ATVs and bikes


  • Extremely attractive in 10 color options
  • Enticing design for a sleek appearance
  • Protects against impacts, mud, and wind
  • Fits sturdily on the handlebar

  • Cons

  • Can’t be adjusted
  • Need to buy the mount bracket separately
  • 4. AnXin Aluminum Hand Guard

    Cheap handguards have never been so well-made – the AnXin Hand Guards can protect your hands even in the most complicated off-road tracks.

    At first sight, you’ll realize these are dual-sport models. They can handle a motocross track for competition but still manage to work well in most relaxed highway situations. That means you get mud and wind protection while ensuring next-level impact-absorption.

    It all comes down to the open design with a polypropylene (PP) construction. You get the chance to keep your hands and bike levers safe every single second. And that’s without mentioning the aluminum body – setting up the handguards to last even longer while increasing protection.

    Installing the handguards won’t be much of an issue, either. The set matches well with 7/8-inch (22mm) handlebars. And if you want extra compatibility, you can buy a separate setup kit.

    And despite all that, the piece still offers an attractive design. You get 7 colors to enjoy – offering a unicolor design that matches with any bike.

    Considering how affordable, easy-to-install, and good-looking it is – you can expect no less than excellent results from this set.

    Key Features:

    • Light & thin design
    • Fits 7/8-inch handlebars
    • Polypropylene (PP) construction
    • Aluminum body
    • Complete hardware kit


  • Resilient & durable build
  • Easy-to-install design with hardware
  • Practical shape for extra freedom
  • Comes in 7 different colors

  • Cons

  • Open design is not as protective as expected
  • Not the most reliable hardware quality
  • 5. Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguard

    We already explained why Acerbis is such an excellent brand: it is one of the most popular bike accessory brands while still surpassing expectations in every way.

    That’s why you can expect the Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong to be the best motocross handguards set in the list.

    Yes, jumping around and doing complicated maneuvers with the bike in the trickiest of places requires versatility and extra safety. And for that, you won’t find any better model than this one.

    It all comes down to an injection-molded nylon composite body with an aluminum inner bar. Even after the most impactful hit, your hands will stay protected and without a single scratch.

    The installation is also easy. It offers enough space for brake lines, cables, and even custom levers – so you can modify your bike as needed. And with indexed steel inserts, the guards mount securely so you won’t have to worry about them coming off or rotating.

    Despite all that, you can still enjoy 5 different colors: White, Black, Orange, Red, and Blue – so you can match it with any bike you want.

    Motocross riders who want decent versatility and protection will love the Rally Pro X-Strong Handguard from Acerbis.

    Key Features:

    • Full hardware mounting kit
    • Injection-molded nylon protector
    • Aluminum inner bar
    • Indexed steel inserts
    • Adjustable design


  • Versatile design for motocross riding
  • Sturdy and long-lasting construction
  • Gorgeous design in 5 color options
  • Effortless installation on any bike

  • Cons

  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • The thin design may bend after impacts
  • 6. Zeta XC Protector Hand Shields

    Want the best handguards for CRF250LThen you won’t find a better choice than the Zeta XC Protector Shields.

    You get the chance to improve the safety of riding your bike with these extra-armor accessories. They will increase your Armor hand-guards protection, preventing even the hardest of impacts from damaging your hands.

    With a robust build, you can tackle steep terrain without worrying a single second. And with the enormous deflector-shield system, you can keep your hands free of cold wind, mud, and dirt.

    Available in 7 attractive colors, you can pair it up with any bike you want. And because you get a universal mounting system, it stands out as one of the most practical and compatible in the list.

    Thanks to its unique good-looking design and compatibility, you can make your CRF250L a superb bike with ease.

    But what you will truly love is the plastic guard, which keeps impact damage low. Add the metal body that ensures an even more resistant construction – so you can ride your bike safely.

    There’s nothing about this hand shield set to complain about. So it is a model you can’t dismiss.

    Key Features:

    • Stiff plastic guard
    • Small vented port
    • Attractive graphics
    • Available in 7 colors
    • Large & protective design


  • Highly attractive design & color options
  • Work well as custom replacement guards
  • Highly compatible with CRF250L dirt bike
  • Easy installation despite its quality

  • Cons

  • Doesn’t come with a mounting kit
  • Only the plastic guard without the body
  • 7. Cycra Probend CRM Handguards

    Sometimes, you don’t want an affordable set of best motorcycle hand guards. Instead, you’re looking for the highest-quality model available.

    That’s what you can get with the Cycra Probend CRM – a perfect accessory for demanding bikers who want nothing less than exceptional results.

    What does it stand out for? It all starts with the Enduro shields design it offers. Covering the entire hand, this shield prevents any type of damage or exposure. And with its quality plastic material, you can expect it to protect against impact like no other.

    This matches well with the Powergrip alloy bar ends and hardware. Using a high-end aluminum construction, the frame of the set stands any type of impact and lasts a lifetime.

    The clearance you get is also unbeatable. You won’t have to worry about discomfort when using the piece – especially in the most challenging trails.

    Mounting requires little to no effort as well. Thanks to a set of center reach bars and clamps, you can set it up on any handlebar with little to no strain.

    Despite its high price, it is totally worth considering. It even comes with a uniquely attractive design, so your bike will look amazing with this set.

    Key Features:

    • Aluminum Powergrip bar
    • Quality plastic Enduro shields
    • Easy-to-install mounting kit
    • Protective wrap-around shape
    • Extra-clearance design


  • High-end build for resilience & protection
  • Ultra-comfy and spacious design
  • Gorgeous design in Black
  • Conveniently replaceable plastics

  • Cons

  • More expensive than competitors
  • Only works with 1-1/8-inch handlebars
  • 8. PowerMadd 34210 Star Series Handguard

    Taking an off-road motorcycle to the streets feels awkward – especially if the bike boasts off-road accessories in every way.

    But you don’t have to stick with that – an urban set of hand shields can get rid of that awkwardness. The PowerMadd Star Series is the best highway dirt bike handguards you can get.

    You get a sleek design that matches well with dual-sport and off-road bikes, as well as ATVs, snowmobiles, and more.

    It is one of the most versatile designs, offering a futuristic shape available in 11 colors so you can match it with your bike with ease.

    You get the protection as well, as it’s made of high-quality plastics that don’t let anything harm your hands. Yet, it is the removable vent cover that stands out – so you can make it more ventilated if necessary.

    To make it even better, you can install it with ease thanks to a versatile mounting kit. Along with add-on mirrors and snap-in extensions – it becomes one of the most practical in the list.

    You get everything you could expect from a quality handguard at an exceptional price. This is a model not to overlook.

    Key Features:

    • Next-level plastic build
    • Compatible with bikes & ATVs
    • Removable cover for airflow vent
    • Versatile hardware kit
    • Allows snap-in extensions & mirrors


  • Uniquely rough-looking design in 11 colors
  • Highly versatile & practical mounting kit
  • Complete protection & safety
  • Work well with dirt and street bikes

  • Cons

  • Mounting kit & add-ons are sold separately
  • Not the most durable of materials
  • 9. Cycra Ultra ProBend CRM Handguards

    We already went over the Cycra ProBend. Now it’s time to explain the Ultra ProBend – the same quality but with higher durability, more protection, and better looks.

    The first thing you’ll notice is a large Hand shield. It protects the hand entirely from any exterior element or impact. This hand shield comes with an ergonomic design that ensures comfort, especially with the abrasion guard and slim build.

    You also get a ventilation system, with dual spots so you can get twice as much ventilation and prevent overheating on your hands.

    But it is not the design alone that stands out, but the quality construction. Made of high-end plastic with a CNC billet machine bar with a 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum build, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

    You can pair this up with the Powergrip Bar Ends, adding a secure grip and top-notch sturdiness after installing. No need to worry about anything once the handguards are clamped up.

    Last but not least, it looks terrific. Those who love exquisite designs will find the Ultra Probend from Cycra a fantastic option.

    Key Features:

    • Big high-end plastic guard
    • Aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum bar
    • Powergrip bar-ends design
    • Dual-spot ventilation system
    • U-clamp connection


  • Exceptional sturdiness and durability
  • Protects the hand entirely
  • Effortless & secure installation
  • Practical design with adjustments & ventilation

  • Cons

  • Costly accessory
  • Only available for 1-1/8-inch handlebars
  • 10. SXMoto Motorcycle Handguards

    After learning about the most expensive model, you may want to know about the most affordable one. That would be the SXMoto Motorcycle Handguard.

    Don’t be mistaken, being cheap doesn’t make it any less reliable. You still get the quality polypropylene construction that makes quality handguards protect your hands. And with the enticing set of colors going from Blue to White, Black, and Orange – you get the chance to set it up in style.

    One advantage you’ll appreciate is the compatibility with most KTM dirt bikes. Not only the mounting system manages to fit KTM handlebars with ease, but it also boasts a KTM-like design you’ll love.

    The design is also large enough to keep your hands protected from impacts, mud, and wind. Whether it is a crash, a muddy terrain, or too much wind – this handguard set will help you have the best experience.

    You won’t have any problem handling the bike after installing, you’ll love how the bike will look, and you’ll appreciate how little time and effort it takes to install. Consider all that at the lowest price in the whole list, and you’ll get a fantastic opportunity for sure.

    Key Features:

    • Polypropylene plastic build
    • Complete wrap-around design
    • Adjustable clamp system
    • Thin design
    • Sleek graphics & shape


  • Super-affordable for the quality
  • Works well with KTM bikes
  • Available in several KTM-oriented colors
  • Protects from wind, mud, and impacts

  • Cons

  • Does not come with a mounting kit
  • Not the sturdiest PP build
  • 11. JFG Handguards Dirt Bike Hand Guards

    Are you looking for exceptional quality at a low price? Then you need to consider the JFG racing handguards – the most resilient and protective for the cost.

    The first thing you’ll notice is the plastic construction. It is not polypropylene (PP) – this one comes with a sturdier ABS high-impact molded build. Surrounding an aluminum bar, this plastic delivers one of the highest impact-absorptions in these reviews.

    But the protection is not only for its construction. One thing you get that sets it apart is the design. A wrap-around system protects your hand from every angle, preventing impact blows and debris from reaching your hand. You can go on the trickiest off-road track without a single worry.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, the handguards are a piece of cake to install. No need to waste hours setting them up. With a practical set of spacers and clamps, with an easy-to-use locking system – you can set the handguards sturdily in little time.

    From a design that protects your hands, levers, and cables entirely, to a high-quality build and a no-brainer setup – this is one of the best you can get. And it still offers 5 exciting colors to pick from.

    Key Features:

    • High-impact ABS plastic build
    • Polypropylene (PP) blend
    • Wrap-around system
    • Full hardware kit
    • Aluminum bar


  • Extra resilient ABS & PP build
  • Easy-to-install with spacers & clamps
  • Adjustable & lockable for convenience
  • Available in 5 color options

  • Cons

  • May not fit on all bikes
  • Lacks setup instructions and stickers
  • 12. AnXin 7 Handguard Protector

    Continuing with affordable pieces, we now find the AnXin 7. This is a piece for budget-friendly users who don’t want to spend a fortune.

    Despite its affordability, the piece is well-made. You get a polypropylene (PP) plastic piece with an aluminum alloy bar. Together, they make it possible to prevent damage from impacts.

    This matches well with the wrap-around design. It keeps mud, rocks, and wind away from your hands so you can drive the bike comfortably.

    On top of that, the piece is compatible with all types of dirt bikes. Thanks to its 1-7/8-inch (22mm) and 1-1/8-inch (28mm) clamp system, you can make it work with any handlebar.

    There’s no problem when it comes to fitting it with your bike, either. You get 4 enticing colors (Orange, Blue, Red, and White) to choose from.

    Considering how durable and protective it is, along with its easy-to-install system and decently attractive design – there’s nothing else to ask from this set. And it still manages to be affordable.

    Key Features:

    • Universal mounting system
    • Polypropylene (PP) build
    • Aluminum alloy central bar
    • Reinforced construction
    • Full-protection wrap-around design


  • Enticing design with 4 color options
  • Straightforward setup
  • Extremely affordable for the quality
  • Offers decent clearance & comfort

  • Cons

  • The thin build is not the sturdiest
  • Lacks installation instructions
  • 13. Stonemen Motorcycle Dirt Bike Handguards

    An open set of handguards never comes like a bad choice. If you demand more freedom of movement and agility, then you’ll love how the Stonemen Dirt-Bike handguard set works.

    You’ll notice how good-looking they are at first sight. Without offering too many details or graphics, the set matches well with most dirt bikes out there.

    But it is the movable design that truly stands out. You can adjust the system with little effort, thanks to a unique mounting system. Just grab a screwdriver and adjust the position for more effective performance.

    This goes well with the universal mount system – making it compatible with both 7/8-inch and 1-1/8-inch handlebars. And you get every single piece of hardware, for even more convenience.

    Last but not least, it offers a polypropylene (PP) construction with an aluminum bar. That’s enough to resist any impact and protect your hands to the max.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, you get the chance to pick between 6 different colors (Red, Yellow, Black, White, Black, Orange, and Green). You get a fantastic set of handguards that doesn’t disappoint.

    Key Features:

    • 6061 Aluminum bar
    • Polypropylene (PP) guard
    • Universal mounting system
    • Clearance-oriented wrap-around design
    • Generic and graphic-free guard


  • Attractive unicolor design in 6 tones
  • Adjustable mount for practicality
  • Sturdy & long-lasting build
  • Compatible with most bikes

  • Cons

  • Needs trimming to set up
  • May not fit with custom levers
  • What to Look For While Buying Best Motorcycle Hand Guards? 

    Best Dirt Bike Handguards

    Are you looking to increase your hand safety and cleanliness while riding? Then be sure to have the ideal handguards for your needs.

    How can you get a pair that meets your demands? Easy – you learn all about them. Here’s a list of factor you should be aware of before making a final choice:

    Types of Handguards

    Types of Dirt Bike Handguards

    Every bike is different, and every ride you take is never the same as the previous one. That’s why there are also different types of handguards to consider. Here we explain the 3 most common:

    Open Handguards (Motocross)

    Open Handguards (Motocross)

    We described some of the above models as motocross handguards. But what does that mean?

    Well, it means the handguard is the perfect design for motocross riding. What is motocross? It’s a sport that combines speed and maneuvering, so you can reach first place in a race.

    For that, you need something protective, but that offers decent versatility. That’s why they’re called open handguards.

    They protect your hand without disrupting comfort or movement. Your hands will be warm and protected from exterior factors – but still free enough so you can move them quickly.

    This type offers decent protection and durability. But they focus on comfort and movement.

    Wrap-Around Handguards (Enduro)

    Wrap-Around Handguards (Enduro)

    Also called dirt bike bark busters – this handguard type covers your hand almost completely. As the name says, they wrap around your hand, so you don’t get damaged from any angle.

    A wrap-around model protects not only your hand but also the levers and cables in the handlebar. You won’t have to worry about mud, wind, and impact when using one of these.

    In contrast with open handguards, these are less versatile and limit movement a little. But that’s because they focus on protection as you will probably use them on off-road trails that can be pretty dangerous.

    The term “bark busters” explains how protective they are, preventing even stiff bark or wood from damaging your hands. Yet, they are not as comfortable as you may expect.

    Compatibility & Color

    Bike Handguards Compatibility & Color

    You want the handguards to work on your bike. That’s why you must be sure it installs easily on your handlebar.

    A typical handlebar is 7/8-inch or 22mm in diameter, while others are 1 1/8-inch or 28mm (these are called over-sized or fat bars. You should know precisely the type of handle you have so you can pick a handguard that fits.

    Some hand shields still offer a universal fit. You can set them up on any handlebar without problems. In that case, you may not need to worry much about compatibility.

    But compatibility is not only about handlebar diameter. It is also about color and design. You don’t want to get a set of green handguards if your bike is white (unless you like the combination).

    So don’t forget to check the color too. Most handguards offer a wide array of colors to choose from so you can make it work with your bike.

    Comfort & Convenience

    Dirt Bike Handguards Comfort & Convenience

    While it may seem that handguards don’t affect comfort or practicality much – they actually do.

    An overly-protective model can promote overheating or be too heavy and affect handling. Similarly, some models can offer a pretty open design that leaves a wide gap from your knuckles. But others may be close enough that they affect your comfort.

    That’s why you must be sure the handle guards you pick are comfy, well-vented, and decently designed, so they don’t affect your handling.

    For that, you can consider ventilation windows (removable for extra convenience), light designs so you can maneuver with less effort, and a wide enough design, so your fingers/knuckles don’t touch the piece.

    Durability & Protection

    Dirt Bike Handguards Durability & Protection

    Last but not least, you want the hand shield for your dirt bike to be protective and long-lasting. There’s no sense in getting one that doesn’t break at the first impact, or that leaves your hand unguarded.

    For that, you’ll have to consider the design. A protective model safeguards your knuckles from wind, dirt, mud, and impacts – but it also protects the cables, levers, and other parts of your bike. Similarly, it will cover a larger area on the handlebar, so it protects even more.

    But it is not only the design. You also have to think about the construction. There are many materials to think about here – going from polypropylene (PP), which is an excellent material for its sturdiness and affordability. Yet, you can also consider nylon composite for an even sturdier experience.

    Dual-compound plastics that offer proper flexibility and strength are also worth considering.

    Plastics don’t have to work alone, though. If you find a handguard with a metal body (aluminum or steel), then that’s an even better choice. It will last longer and resist impacts even better.

    Overall, focus on the most protective and durable handguard possible. Reinforced pieces are the best you can pick.

    What Are Motorcycle Hand Guards For?

    What Are Motorcycle Hand Guards For

    You may be thinking – why should I get dirt bike handguards? Well – you may believe they are only for protecting your hands when you fall and so on. But that’s not everything you get with handguards.

    Here, we explain the different advantages that motorcycle handguards offer – so you can learn precisely what they’re for and how you can get the most out of them:

    Hand Safety

    Dirt Bike Handguards Hand Safety

    Like we said before, a handguard protects your hand. There’s a higher chance of getting a hand injury if you don’t have a hand shield.

    Whether you fall, hit trees or rocks, get into bushy places, or just whatever that could leave your hands exposed to damage – handguards will absorb it all.

    Every rider who knows about dirt bikes safety understands that handguards are essential.

    Clutch & Brake Protection

    Dirt Bike Handguards Clutch & Brake Protection

    Keeping your hands safe is critical if you want to ride for hours with no issues. But don’t you want to protect your bike as well?

    You’ll love to know that a handguard also keeps your clutch and brake levers safe. It is common to smash into things while driving on tricky paths. When you crash without a handguard, there’s a higher chance your clutch & brake levers will get affected. Then, coming back home will be harder.

    But if you have a handguard, the damage will be lower, or there will be none at all. And that will make it easy to keep riding around without worrying about your brakes or speed changes.

    Wind & Mud Reflection

    Dirt Bike Handguards Wind & Mud Reflection

    Riding your bike in muddy paths? Going up to the mountains and the wind freezes your hands? For either situation, you can always get a handguard to prevent it.

    A hand shield stops mud from hitting your bike gloves, so you can keep riding comfortably. And with the design that reduces the amount of wind that hits your hands, you can also avoid freezing.

    The capacity to deflect both mud and wind is something you don’t get with any other accessory.

    Design Improvement

    Dirt Bike Handguards Design Improvement

    Alongside the capacity to protect your hands and levers while keeping mud and wind away – handguards also add a unique appearance boost.

    You will make your dirt bike look rougher so you can tackle challenging tracks with the perfect mindset. And if you get a good-looking set, then you can make your bike a lot more attractive.

    How Do You Put Hand Guards On A Motorcycle?

    How Do You Put Hand Guards On A Motorcycle

    A standard handguard kit may come with all the mount clamps and spacers so you can set it up as needed. Some models even come with bar ends (the piece that installs on the grip of the bike for extra sturdiness).

    Whatever handguard type you have – you may need to follow our general instructions to install it. Here are some steps to follow for that:

    First, gather all the tools you need. Usually, a Phillips-head screwdriver, several Allen keys, a hacksaw or Dremel (for cutting the grip ends as you prefer), and a Stanley knife.

    Secondly, check the handlebar’s thickness. It can be either 7/8-inch (22mm) or 1-1/8-inch (28mm). Be sure the piece you have fits that thickness. If it is a universal mounting kit, then don’t worry.

    Now you need to trim the grips ends. This is to open the space for the handguards bar-ends systems to fit. Most grips don’t come with the area ready for installation, so you will have to use a Dremel to drill through the rubber, or a hacksaw, to trim the grip less than an inch in.

    Be sure to trim the grips well enough. You should focus on not leaving a single piece of rubber in the hole where the handguard piece goes. It should fit tightly but without resistance. Otherwise, the throttle grip may get stuck when driving.

    Insert the bar end into the grip, and then tighten up. Use the screwdriver and the hardware from the handguard as needed.

    Then proceed to install the handlebar clamp. This is what attaches directly to the handlebar center. For models that use spacers, you’ll have to install them first (spacers are useful for fitting the clamp tightly into thin handlebars).

    Finish by tightening everything up and adjusting the handguard as needed. Check that levers and throttle work correctly. If they do – then you’ve installed the handguards successfully.

    As you see, the process is not as long or as difficult as it seems. But still, be sure to follow it to the letter so you can prevent issues later on.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why do handguards have holes?

    Handguards are designed to be open at the side of the handlebars to allow greater air movement while you're riding a motorcycle. These holes also keep your hands dry and keep you comfortable in the summertime and rainy seasons.

    2. What are the most reputed brands of Dirt Bike Handguards?

    When it comes to among the most trusted dirt bike handguard brands, you have a few choices. Acerbis, Cycra, and Powermadd are 3 of the most popular dirt bike handguard companies. These three companies offer different sorts of handguards with varying attributes.


    With so many options to pick from, you may be confused about which one to choose. In that case – don’t worry.

    You just need to follow our advice, read our reviews, and then take your time to think which handguard meets your needs and demands. Then, you can pick your favorite option.

    It won’t be easy, though. Surfing through our best dirt bike handguards reviews will take some time and effort. But if you follow our recommendations, then it will be a lot easier to choose the ideal set.

    So don’t waste your money with low-quality models that don’t offer what you’re looking for. Instead, use this article to set up your bike with the best possible hand shield. You won’t regret it!

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