Best Dirt Bike Helmet: Recommended for Motocross Dirt Riding 2022

Anyone that has ever ridden a dirt bike before knows that it is a thrilling experience. That's why it is a popular hobby among adrenaline-junkies and adventure-seekers. We have no doubt it's fun but it can be a risky endeavor if you don't have a good dirt bike helmet.

Despite all the fun it brings, safety should be your number one priority. In this article, we will tackle what factors you need to evaluate when buying the best dirt bike helmets. 

Most importantly, we will also share with you some of the best helmets for dirt bike racing. Helmets that have unmatched quality and supersede performance. 

Need a short-list? Check these 3 top picks!

Top 11 Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews

Top 11 Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews

1. TCMT Dot Youth and Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

On top of our list is the TCMT dot motocross helmet. It is a hard, durable plastic that has a drawstring bag. The helmet is sturdy and features thick padding in the interior to provide you with comfort and safety. The helmet will fit children of eight and nine years well.

It's visors lift up to offer you an incredible view although it slips back. The goggles that come with the helmet are sturdy like gloves. Speaking of gloves, it will fit well in kids aged between seven to ten years. 

The goggles have UV protection features to protect your eyes from the strong rays. The helmet's ventilation system is excellent to allow air circulation when your kid is riding the bike.

The Interior has enough padding that offers excellent protection while giving you enough space to breathe. That said, you can use it in the summer or winter. In the design department, TCMT delivers. 

It has a sleek and flashing design that will make kids look like their favorite heroes on the track. The helmet is unisex and offers both boys and girls different colors and patterns. 

You are free to choose from pink, butterfly, and red spider, green flame, blue skull, blue flame, and black skull.

Highlighted Features

  • A hard durable plastic helmet
  • drawstring bag
  • thick padding 
  • UV protection 
  • sleek and flashing design 

2. AHR DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face MX Helmet

A lot of users recommend this helmet because of its striking design and modern cut coupled with shark truth slot. This dirt bike helmet is available in a matte black finish. Best of all, it comes in four sizes from XS to  L. 

The helmet is light, which means, you won't feel the extra weight on your head that may affect your comfort. The helmet has DOT and snell certifications. This guarantees that you are riding on a safe helmet.

The thing we love about this helmet is the ventilation. You'll feel the air circulation in your head when you are riding the helmet. Most important to you is the lower air intake at the chin guard. 

The beauty of this is that you experience a lot of air which helps to keep the sweat away from your face. The improved aerodynamic system reduces the noise level in your ears. 

One thing you may need not to forget is to wear earplugs when you are on a highway. At its current price, it is so important to think that the helmet is of poor quality. But that's not the case. 

The exact opposite is that you can wash it when it gets dirty. For extra safety,  the helmet has a micrometric buckle at the chin height.

Highlighted Features

  • improved aerodynamic system 
  • the striking design and modern cut 
  • the chin guard

3. XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad  Street Dirt Bike Helmet

The XFMT is a special helmet because of its design. The helmet is feminine and looks excellent in girls because they are cool and edgy. That said, if you have a daughter who is into a dirt bike racing, The XFMT is a helmet you must get for them. The manufacturer also added a sharp edge that cures well to make the helmet unique.

The helmet also features a silver zigzag and pink flowers. On the back, you'll see a dark pink butterfly. This added design makes the helmet look beautiful. The helmet is light on the head and also durable. 

To protect your daughter from the sun rays, the helmet has a UV protective finish. Like other helmets we have reviewed, this one has lots of ventilation to promote air circulation.

The interior is well padded to make your little girl feel comfortable to use. Thanks to the neck pads, your daughter will feel safe in case of head injuries. 

The features this helmet comes make with is an excellent option for winter and summer riding. Before you get the best motocross helmet to ensure that it measures your kid's circumference of their head. 

When you buy this helmet, you'll get the following things, a helmet, a pair of goggles, a pair of gloves and a bag.

Highlighted Features

  • UV protective finish
  • feminine and cool helmet
  • lots of ventilation

4. Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet DOT Approved

Something that we can't deny is how this helmet looks. It has a very sleek design that's black and it makes one look close to Batman. While we are still on the design and looks, we also love the aerodynamic frame the helmet took which means it a nice option for anyone that is into ATV races.

What's more, the helmet has a state-of-the-art ventilation system which prevents extreme sweaty and makes the helmet comfortable. The sizing of this helmet is provided. 

This is different because most manufacturers that make helmets make you guess your size. But here's you'll get a detailed guide before you buy a helmet, this will show you how to measure the head and which size will suit you.

Additionally, the added space in the helmet is for the Bluetooth headset and the safety glasses. Despite all this, the helmet is safe to wear. Did we forget to tell you that the helmet comes with the ABS shell? 

The shell will protect you against all sorts of impacts. The presence of the ABS shell and multi-density EPS material is to absorb shocks during an impact. But that's not all, on the side, the laser cut foam makes you feel comfortable.

Highlighted Features

  • state-of-the-art ventilation system 
  • the ABS shell and multi-density EPS material 
  • Bluetooth headset and safety glasses.
  • aerodynamic frame 

5. Vega Helmet V2X Advanced Off-Road Motocross Helmet

Since its inception 24 years ago, vega has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality helmets at a decent price. Because the brand sells its helmet at a decent price, you can't afford to buy it even if you are on a budget. 

The vega helmet is a full face gear and has a large eye part to provide you with clear views. Its glossy shell is available in six different colors and patterns. The job you have is to choose the color that suits you.

If you have a daughter that doesn't like the masculine red venom graphics, they can go for a feminine sassy pink helmet. The most appealing feature is that  VRX comes with several airflow vents. 

Those vents ensure that you have excellent circulation while you enjoy a cool feeling when you ride the bike.

Its max-flow liner soothes the skin. Another feature we fell in love with is its detachable visor. It features multiple adjustments that provide a clear view during scorching rays,  dusty roads, overhead car lights, and rain. You also have the chance to take it off.

Highlighted Features

  • max-flow liner 
  • detachable visor
  • several  airflow vents

6. 1storm Adult Motocross Helmet  BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike

It is among the best budget dirt bike helmets that come with its own goggles. The Goggles are perfect for eye protection. The only thing you may not like about this helmet is that it comes in one color and this does not give the buyer a lot of options. 

Despite that, the helmet is a combo. Combo in the sense that you can choose the size of the gloves from large to XXL. That way, you will have the chance to pick the one that fits you well.

Speaking of gloves, you'll notice that it is of high quality. What that means, is that it will protect you from heavy snow or extremely cold conditions. The same case applies to the visor. The helmet is available in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

If you look at the exterior of the helmet, you'll notice that it is made up of a thermoplastic alloy shell. It is an extremely durable and strong material that is washable. 

That means you'll find it easy to clean and maintain the hygiene of the helmet. Like other helmets that we have reviewed, this one has passed DOT and CAPA approved which shows that it has passed all the safety standards.

What we also like is that this helmet has been tested by professional riders for comfort and safety. Thanks to its aerodynamic design you'll be in a position to ride your dirt bike at a high speed. 

At only 4 pounds, the helmet is light, which makes it inappropriate if you are going to wear it for a long period. Its visor is wide and huge to promise a clear view of the rider.

Highlighted Features

  • DOT and CAPA approved 
  • thermoplastic alloy shell. 

7. WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt

Are you looking for a large-sized dirt bike, then you have to consider the WOW youth kid motocross BMX MX ATV dirt helmet. We included the helmet because it has special features that offer full head protection.

This allows you to enjoy the rides without fear or worries. The helmet is light and comes with a durable outer shell. Speaking of the outer shell, it is made from aerodynamics thermoplastic alloy. What this means, is that you have a helmet that withstands every impact and abuse.

Additionally, the helmet is heavily cushioned and the interior is comfortable to make you feel safe and comfortable to use it. You'll also love the fact that you can remove the padding and wash before replacing them. One thing you need to know is that not all helmet will allow you to remove the padding.

The helmet is also available in seven different colors such as orange, yellow, red, pink, green, blue and black. These colors have the same pattern to ensure your kids look cool in the race. The WOW helmet may not be flashy but users love it. 

Users who have bought the helmet know it for its sturdiness and comfortability. If you have a kid starting out with dirt biking, this is a helmet you need to get for him. 

Besides that, its glossy UV protection finish makes the helmet look good all year round unaffected by the sun.

Highlighted Features

  • with a durable outer shell
  • aerodynamics thermoplastic alloy
  • its glossy UV protection finish 

8. ILM Adult Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

It's true that young kids love to race too much but nothing will boost their spirit and keep them safe like the ILM Adult kids ATV motocross dirt bike motorcycle helmet. Not only does this helmet have a sleek design but it comes with a set of goggles, gloves, and a helmet bag.

The helmet is available in 5 different colors that include: black, blue-black, matte black, red, and red-black, which means, there's something for everyone. The helmet also has thick detachable inner pads, that provide comfort and can wick away sweat.

The sleek aerodynamic design minimizes drag and boosts speed. With the helmet's ventilation system, air will freely flow in and out. 

One thing that's great about the goggles is that they can keep cold air away from your face. The helmet also passes the DOT certification to meet the safety standards. 

What that means is you'll be using a safe helmet. The helmet's visor is detached and you can use it when you want it. Besides that, the visor will serve to protect you from the scorching sun when you are riding the bike.

The one thing that you may not like about the helmet is the weight. At 4.4 pounds, the helmet is a bit heavy especially if you are buying for kids. Since it is DOT certified that can be a reason for getting it. 

Users who have bought this helmet loved the chin star. It is adjustable, you can make the tight or loose depending on how you want it.

Highlighted Features

  • sleek aerodynamic design 
  • a thick detachable inner pads
  • DOT certified 

9. Adult Motocross Helmet off Road MX BMX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

If you want a helmet with maximum protection? Adult motocross helmet off-road MX BMX is the right option for you. It offers excellent protection without sacrificing comfort. 

Weighs around 4.5 pounds, this product is a bit heavy but offers ultimate safety in its category. The helmet is available in six sizes from X-small to XX-large. 

When it comes to colors, you have an array of options to find out what works best for you. The helmet boasts of a beautiful glossy UV protection finish to protect you from the scorching heat. 

Apart from that, the helmet has 3 protection layering to assure you of superior safety in the event of an accident. The helmet also has a magnafusion magnetic chin pads that are removable and washable. When an accident happens, you'll have no problem removing the cheek pads.

Another important aspect of this helmet is velocity flow ventilation. This feature makes the helmet to act as an air circulation engine. 

It has ports strategically positioned to allow air to flow from front parts to the head and back. Thanks to its aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell, you won't experience wind resistance even at high speed.

The best thing about the adult motocross helmet off-road MX BMX is that it is heavily cushioned and comfortable. Since the helmet is DOT certified, it means that has passed all the relevant safety standards.

Highlighted Features

  • beautiful glossy UV protection finish 
  • aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell
  • magnafusion magnetic chin pads 
  • velocity flow ventilation
  • DOT certified

10. WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

The WOW youth kids motocross BMX helmet is DOT certified and is available in 3 sizes such as small, medium, and large. On the color side, you can choose from shark blue to spider red. 

This specific best off road helmet features of an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell to minimize drag in the air when you are at a speed of 20miles/hour of air resistance. That means you will go faster on your bike.

The WOW helmet has removable and washable padding. It is an excellent feature for parents and kids who have to ride a dirt bike. 

The interior of the helmet is comfortable and heavily cushioned so that you have a snug fit. It's lining is also something that you can remove so that dirt and smell won't be there when you use it.

The lightweight helmet ensures your kid's comfort. Another thing worth mentioning is the venting system. A warm helmet is not great in the summer month because you will sweat a lot. 

What you need is a helmet with an excellent venting system. That way, you feel cool and good air circulation during the winter and the summer. The good news is, the WOW Youth kids motocross helmet has an excellent venting system.

The most appealing feature about this helmet is the serious shark style design. It is a great design for boys who love and are fascinated with sharks. Since it has a kid's friendly strap, it would be easy to put it on and off.

Highlighted Features

  • good air circulation 
  • aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell 
  • DOT certified 
  • shark style design.

11. 801 X1 Pro Dirt Bike Helmet

The 801 X1 Pro dirt bike helmet is a unique helmet considering you are a biker who loves to enjoy amazing rides. The helmet comes with excellent features and premium materials to offer you superior support. 

The exterior of the helmet is light and durable, which means, it will last you a very long time. The helmet's shape is an oval-shaped one which makes it convenient for most riders to wear.

What's more, the helmet offers a sophisticated look that will make kids and adults look cool while riding.  What you will also fall in love with is the Voss ONE Dirt Goggles, which offers a premium version when you are riding a dirt bike

Since the goggles are great, you can ride the helmet in windy weather. On top of that, the helmet is equipped with a micrometric quick release ratchet system that helps in efficient riding experience.

The helmet's interior has an advanced polycarbonate liner which ensures you are comfortable when wearing it. This liner is also washable, removable, and lighter. 

Besides that, the helmet has anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties that will offer superior comfort and hygiene. Since this helmet has so many unique features, it has a great quality carbon fiber. In terms of quality, it is among the best helmet so far.  

Highlighted Features

  • advanced polycarbonate liner 
  • Voss ONE Dirt Goggles
  • with a micrometric quick release ratchet 
  • anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties 

Best Motocross Helmet Buying Guide

Top 11 Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews

A helmet is important when driving motorcycle because it will protect your head from injuries and accidents. Best of all, it protects your brain from getting hurt therefore saving you lots of money in surgery. Here are the factors that you need to consider when buying your first or second helmet.


Best Dirt Bike Helmet Design

Check the design of the helmet and ask yourself this question: Do you like the design? Is it something you'll enjoy wearing? A helmet is something you will wear most of your time to take care of your head. That said, it's only fair for its design to be appealing to you.

Outer Shell of the Helmet

Outer Shell of dirt bike Helmet

The helmet's outer shell needs to be solid and lightweight. Most of them are made of materials like polycarbonate that sustains the impacts of a crash while not making you feel the excess weight. It is true, you'll find a helmet which costs less money but you shouldn't factor that because you'll be putting your life at risk. 

Well, don't be that person that ends up spending less on a helmet. It is so surprising we spend so much money on junk food but we hesitate to buy a helmet that money can buy. My deepest request is for you to spend the excess amount on the best dirt bike helmet and make it a one-time investment. This is safety we are talking about here.

Inner Foam Material


Inspect the helmet to make sure that the inner lining and foam has to be of great quality. One thing is that it needs to be hypoallergenic. It must also be laser cut to provide superior fit and also removable. That way, you'll wash and maintain it well.

Snug fit

Snug fit of dirt bike Helmet

A helmet has to fit you well. The first thing you need to do is wear the helmet and nod your head. If the helmet is wobbling or moving, chances are, the helmet is loose. 

That also means that the likelihood of it coming off during the crash is high. When a helmet offers you a tight fit, don't think that it is uncomfortable. Remember to never buy a tight helmet that it doesn't make you breathe properly inside.

Proper Certification

Proper Certification of dirt bike Helmet

Any helmet you decide to buy must have DOT and ECE certifications which are safety standards for the US and Europe respectively. DOT  means the Department of Transport, FMVSS means Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, and ECE means United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. If a helmet has those safety certifications, it means that it has been tested and it meets the safety standards.

Ventilation System and Visors of the Helmet

Ventilation System and Visors of dirt bike Helmet

A helmet needs to offer you lots of ventilation. Its ports should allow you to breathe easily and ensure you don't suffocate inside. 

Helmet's visors must be scotch and fog-resistant because most people go to early-morning rides.

How to Determine Your Helmet Size?

How to Determine Your Helmet Size
  • Measure your head above the ears and it has to be at least one inch above the eyebrows.
  • Get the  circumference of your head
  • Use a helmet's sizing chart to compare


Best Dirt Bike Helmet Weight

A heavy helmet affects the riding posture and makes one have a sick neck, causing pain in the ears. That said, weight is important if you are buying a helmet, look for the ones that weigh less than 3lbs. If your helmet weighs four pounds and more but has excellent features don't hesitate to invest in it.

What Kind of Helmets are Suitable for Dirt Bike Riding

What Kind of Helmets are Suitable for Dirt Bike Riding

When deciding to buy best motocross helmet, you'll be looking for an off-road helmet. A helmet that is used in all-terrain vehicles like ATV or UTV. This helmet is stronger than a standard motorcycle helmet. 

They are excellent in this high energy, dangerous sport. Best of all, they will ensure you have additional protection to save your head from severe impacts. 

If your style of riding is not dangerous you may not have fun wearing this helmet. That said, they are three main types of helmets to consider.

#1: Off-road helmet

Off-road helmet

It's a common type of helmet used in the motocross. The helmet will always come with their own goggles. Motocross professionals love it because it provides superior protection and ventilation.

#2: Full Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet

A full-face helmet can be used in dirt bike riding. If you love to ride a dirt bike helmet but your style of riding is not dangerous. Then a full-face helmet will suit you well. The helmet will ensure you are safe against the weather, wind, and bugs.

#3: Open Face Helmet

Open Face Helmet

Most motorcycle riders like to wear this helmet but it can still be used for an off-road dirt bike. The helmet will cover three-quarters of your head which means your face will be exposed.

How to Clean and Maintain Dirt Bike Helmet?

How to Clean and Maintain Dirt Bike Helmet

It is so easy to think that you can buy best mx helmet and use it forever. The truth is, no one is an expert when it comes to the cleaning aspect of the dirt bike helmet. A standard helmet can last for 8 years. 

If you have an accident the maximum number of years your helmet can survive is 3  years. Here is the proper way to clean your dirt bike helmet

What You Need

  • To clean a dirt bike helmet you are going to need the following things:
  • Mild soap-You will use it to clean the liner
  • A towel or sponge to deep in warm or hot water
  • A scratch-free microfiber towel
  • Automatic polish on the shell
  • Clean out joints and vents
  • Air dry liner

What You Need to Avoid When Maintaining a Helmet?

What You Need to Avoid When Maintaining a Helmet

You may be tempted to scrub the visor or shell of a dirt bike helmet. Never do that because it reduces function and the life span of a helmet. What's more, you need to avoid using petroleum detergents to clean the helmet. 

Even a glass cleaner on the visor is not allowed because anytime you do so, the lifespan of your helmet reduces. Even something small like a dryer shout is not needed in the cleaning process. 

One thing worth remembering is that proper maintenance of dirt bike helmet has to give you the best benefits of extending the lifespan of your helmet.

Cleaning the Inside and Outside of the Dirt Bike Helmet

Cleaning the Inside and Outside  of the Dirt Bike Helmet

If you want to clean the interior of a dirt bike helmet, they are two ways to go about it. You can either use a non-removable or removable liner. With a removable liner, all you need is to pull it with the cheek pads or clean using a mild cleaner.

The next step is to put it in a washing bag or put it in the washing machine. Once you are done, you hang it outside to dry.

Steps You Need to Follow to Clean the Helmet

Steps You Need to Follow to Clean the Helmet

You have to be careful about how you clean and maintain the dirt bike helmet. You'll have to use a mild soap and greaser remove to make sure that the helmet is clean.

Step #1: Remove Detachable  Items

Remove Detachable helmet Items

Detachable items on a dirt bike helmet are visor,  breath guard, and cheek pads. You have to remove the element and clean them well.

Step #2: Use a shampoo

Use a shampoo Clean Dirt Bike Helmet

The next step is to mix a shampoo in a bowl of water. Once the solution has mixed properly, you can apply it on the dirt bike helmet. One thing you need to avoid during the washing is the hot weather. The shampoo is an excellent solution because it won't harm you.

Step #3: Rinse the Helmet

Rinse the Dirt Bike Helmet

Once you are done, you can rinse your helmet in lukewarm water.  You may be tempted to directly place the helmet in the solution containing water and shampoo. 

Avoid such temptation when you don't want to mix it with the contaminated water. The next thing is for you to dunk and wet the helmet until it is clean. The final thing is for you to message the lining.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does a Dirt Bike Helmet Cost?

Dirt bike helmets can be found from beginners to professional quality. The price will range anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the specification and technology.

2. How Long Is A Bike Helmet’s Lifespan?

Helmet lifespan varies between 5 to 10 years, but it is usually 5 years. Manufacturers notify you to replace the helmet after five years after its manufacturing date.


Choosing the best dirt bike helmet isn't an easy heat. There are lots of brands and models popping out every year. Despite all that, you need to make sure that you understand your size, your comfort level, the safety features, durability, and performance. If you put all those features together, chances are you'll always go for the best.

While we are talking about the best, it doesn't mean you have to buy the most expensive model. Look for things we have mentioned above in a  helmet. 

Going through all the features we have mentioned increases the likelihood that you'll be safe in the event of an impact. If by the end of this  review, you still don't have a clue of what helmet to buy, you can choose from the products we have provided you in this article

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