Best Dirt Bike Speedometer: Recommended in 2022 (Updated!)

It is easy to lose control and go wild while riding a dirt bike. Most people enjoy motocross and rough rides. If you are one of them, you know dirt biking can be dangerous at times if you do not keep the speed under control.

While most dirt bikes come with a speedometer, some don’t. Hence, it is crucial to get the best dirt bike speedometer before you ride the dangerous trails. And we have taken our sweet time to find the safest and most durable ones for you.

Hence, to ensure your safety and others, invest in a speedometer and easily monitor your speed limit without any distractions.

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Trail Tech 752-111 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer

SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer

DKMOTORK 0011 Digital Gauge Motorcycle Speedometer

5 Best Dirt Bike Speedometer

With many similar options available in the market, you can get confused about which one you should get. So, we have narrowed down your research and presented the top 5 excellent quality speedometers that will be worth your money.

1. Trail Tech 752-111 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer

Whether you are on a cross-country ride, trail ride, or track, the Trail Tech 752-111 Digital Speedometer is perfect for all riding types. This device comes with many handy and impressive features, and you can’t resist buying this.

Perfect for both on and off-road bikers, this device comes with a big and clear digital bar-graph tachometer.

It allows you to read the data effortlessly without too much distraction. That is not all; this device features a speed readout and an RPM graph with many more built-in data than regular speedometers.

Moreover, it also helps you guide in gear shifting, and the programable LED lights flicker to let you know you have to shift gears. The lights will even blink during any over-temp situation.

You can throw out the whole instrument cluster on your dashboard and replace it with this tachometer vapor. It allows you to read the speed, ambient and engine temperature, ride duration, odometer, and resettable distance on display.

The device also has a stopwatch which is useful for race training. You can also use this built-in watch for resettable ride distance for enduring courses. One of the most impressive characteristics is its customization technology.

It allows you to customize and fine-tune the device for tire size, trigger temp, tach warning lights, and tach sensitivity. Moreover, you can set up this device in a short amount of time, effortlessly following the detailed instructions.

The speedometer comes with waterproof connectors that you can use to plug in the sensors to the vehicle. You will face no hassle while setting this device. Furthermore, it can operate in both regulated AC and 12V DC electrical systems.

It is also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry with a size of only 4. 2 x 2. 3 inches.


  • Customizable
  • Small Size
  • LED guide lights
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Fit for on and off-road rides


  • May not fit on all bikes
  • Less durable

2. SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer

As the name suggests, the SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer is fit for all motorbikes with a DC 12V system. This company provides numerous irresistible features to satisfy its customers.

This all-in-one device works as an odometer as well. It displays the trip distance ranging from 0 to 99999.9km or miles.

Moreover, it also shows the fuel level, battery, and N Gear. Besides, to warn you about the low fuel level, it comes with an LED blinking technology.

Another impressive feature is that this device also comes with a water temperature indicator and left and right arrows. It helps you to keep an eye on the safety measures while riding your vehicle.

This unique speedometer is compatible with all motorbikes, including one cylinder, two-cylinder, and four-cylinder bikes. The features, however, can vary based on single cylinders and four cylinders.

For instance, the RPM cable attaches a trigger signal line positive pole for single and two-cylinder bikes.

On the other hand, for four-cylinder motorcycles, the cable connects the ignition coil input line. Besides, it also has an adjustable wheel perimeter and adjustable pulse supported by all types of bikes.

You can use this tachometer for multiple vehicles having different diameters and also for various displacement vehicles.

Moreover, with an easy-to-read manual, you can install this device in no time. The hassle-free installation process is a significant advantage when it comes to odometers and tachometers.

Additionally, the packaging includes one speedometer, one-speed sensor, two magnet pieces, an English manual, and a wiring diagram. The high-quality speed sensor has a length of 950mm.

However, one small downside of this speedometer is that it is not fit for electric fuel injection engines. If you own an EFI engine motorcycle, there is a chance that the RPM features will not function efficiently. Apart from that, other functions will run smoothly.


  • All in one speedometer
  • Adjustable wheel perimeter and pulse
  • Easy to follow manual
  • Effortless setup
  • Fit for all DC 12V system motorbikes


  • Not suitable for EFI engines
  • No mounting brackets

3. DKMOTORK 0011 Digital Gauge Motorcycle Speedometer

If you are on a budget and want the best product for your money, the DKMOTORK 0011 Speedometer is what you need. This highly affordable and durable device will satisfy all your needs and requirements.

This high-quality abs shell speedometer also gives amazing service as an odometer. It comes with multifunctioning lights indicators that blink to provide you with necessary warnings.

The company made this product 100% waterproof and anti-lightning. Hence you can ride even on the worst stormy days and be stress-free with your tachometer. But not only that, it is also shockproof and resistant to high pressure.

All these protective features will keep the lifespan of this device intact. You can keep using it for many years without facing any trouble.

Moreover, its Anti-glare LCD screen and anti-UV LED display will allow you to read everything clearly in the evening and at night. The company makes data reading exceptionally easier for its customers.

This multifunction digital product is suitable for motorbikes with four-stroke and 2/4 cylinders. It works well on DC 12V electric system. However, it is essential to cross-check if your motorbike fits this product before making a purchase.

If your motorbike is Kawasaki or Regal Raptor and has an electronic injection engine, the RPM may not work correctly.

Moreover, you will get plenty of benefits and features from this product; however, the installation process is not easy. You might face difficulties while setting up the device if you are not an expert.

That is why the company highly recommends you seek professional help while setting it up. You can visit the local professional repair store and set it up.

A great thing is its sensor remains fixed in the front wheel in a way that gives you enough room to fix your front wheel without removing the sensor. Moreover, the magnet is set to the brake disc at an angle to offer added convenience.


  • Multi-functioning
  • Waterproof and anti-lightning
  • Anti-shock
  • Low price
  • Clear display


  • Difficult to install
  • Have to buy mount clamps separately

4. ELING Motorcycle Boat GPS Speedometer

The ELING GPS Speedometer is not only for your motorbike. You can also use this versatile product for all sorts of vehicles like cars, vans, tractors, and even water vehicles like vessels, yachts, and boats.

You can view your current speed, COG/ TRIP, and ODO through the LED window with this device. Unlike other tachometers, this has a GPS speed sensor that projects signals directly from the satellite signal receiver.

You would not require any other sensor cables because the complete unit functions directly with the GPS sensor.

Moreover, you can install the gauge pretty easily. All you have to is create a 3-3/8″ and 2-3/4″ dimension depth hole, and fasten the indicator into it.

This high-precision gauge can send fast location confirmation. It requires a very short time to start up. Hence, this highly efficient device will make your experience smooth and comfortable.

The advantages of this product don’t end here. Its waterproof and dustproof functionality allows you to use it even in harsh weather. Moreover, it comes with anti-fogging curve glasses giving you high convenience while riding.

Besides, the stepper motors are highly durable and highly accurate. It consumes less power than typical ones and helps you save energy. However, the installation requires a little work, but you will quickly get the hang of it.

Start by hooking up the power wire, ground wire, and lighting wire. Once the cables are connected, you have to wait for about 30 seconds for the signal initially. After the first time, it will take only 3 seconds to start.

The packaging includes a single GPS speedometer and a GPS speed sensor — one multi-plug socket for customer convenience and a manual installation guide.


  • Dustproof
  • GPS sensor
  • Fit for multiple vehicles
  • High precision gauge
  • Anti-fog protection


  • Installation requires work
  • Needle might get stuck

5. SAMDO 6 Gear Universal Motorcycle Speedometer

Get this affordable six-gear universal speedometer by SAMDO, and you won’t be disappointed. At a very reasonable price, the company offers impressive features and benefits for its users.

This speedometer can fit in all DC 12V motorcycles without any trouble. It is also adjustable for 8-22 inch wheels. You can use this device for all styles, including 1, 2, and 4 cylinders motorcycles.

The meter can shift between mph and km/h. Moreover, the digital display shows trip distance, speed, odo distance from a range of 0 to 99999.9 km or miles. You can change data settings and set it to either Km or Miles according to your preference.

Moreover, the LED displays fuel level and left and right high-beam blinkers. These help you to notice warning signs quickly before it is too late. Also, it comes with an adjustable pulse and wheel perimeter for your convenience.

You can use this versatile product for various vehicles having different diameters. It is also suitable for multiple other displacement vehicles. Hence, you do not need much research before getting this device because it will surely fit your vehicle.

Furthermore, the installment is easy and straightforward, and you do not need any professional knowledge. The easy-to-follow manual will help you set up your device without any trouble.

With a height of 105 mm and a width of 80 mm, this easy-to-carry product is perfect for your dirt bike. Moreover, the weight is also extremely low, which is only 500g. The packaging includes one tachometer, one-speed sensor, and two pieces of a magnet.

However, like other SAMDO tachometers, this device is also not suitable for motorbikes with electric fuel engines. Hence, if you have an EFI motorcycle, you might have to face some troubles.


  • High-quality digital tachometer
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Straightforward installation
  • Low fuel level warning feature


  • Does not come with a cable
  • Glairing issue

Factors to Consider While Buying Dirt Bike Speedometer

5 Best Dirt Bike Speedometer

Now you have an idea about the top-quality speedometers in the market. But what are the factors that you should consider before buying one? Of course, there are several things you should look for before investing in a device. Now, let us take a look at them:


Who does not want a sturdy and durable product? You don’t wish to buy an expensive device only to use them for a short period. Hence, durability is a crucial feature that will make the product stand out the most.

Tachometers that come with waterproof, anti-lightning and anti-fog features are one step ahead in making their product long-lasting. You will not face malfunctioning issues after one rainy ride. Hence, look out for the protective features.

Moreover, an adjustable wheel perimeter is also a great feature that every speedometer should offer. It helps make the usage of the product easy and comfortable for the riders. And user comfort reduces damage to the product.


You should definitely not compromise the safety when it comes to products like this. Lookout for speedometers that offer features like anti-high temperature.

Tachometers that have inbuilt high temperature resisting capabilities ensure enhanced safety during rough weather conditions. Besides personal safety, you should also consider purchasing environment-friendly products.


If you want to buy something that is worth your money, you should consider the price. Most tachometers are usually affordable and offer a low price. However, it would be best if you also considered how many features you are getting at that price.

In case you find a product that is a bit pricier than the others but will give you a range of benefits and features, then it is a good idea to invest in it. If you want the value of your money, you should focus on the value of the device.

Installation and Compatibility

Most speedometers are easy to install and come with all the necessary installation pieces of equipment and guidelines.

However, some require professional knowledge, and you might have to take it to the repair store to set it up. Hence, if you prefer setting up your device, purchasing easy to install products is a good idea.

Furthermore, compatibility is a big question. Many speedometers are only fit for a 12V DC system. Again, some are not suitable for motorcycles with EFI engines. Hence, before buying the device, it is crucial to check the compatibility

How Does a Motorcycle Speedometer Work? 

The working procedure of a speedometer is pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

Common Components

A Typical motorbike speedometer has some standard components like a dial, pointer or needle, spindle, speed cup, stationary field plate, and magnet.

The speed cup remains in balance with a permanent magnet’s support. A spindle remains connected with the speed cup and the needle.

How Does the Magnet work?

When the vehicle’s energy transmits through a cable, it gives motion to the magnet. The magnet will spin at the same speed as the vehicle. Hence, the speed rate of the magnet and the car is equal.

A magnetic field created with the spinning magnet exerts a torque on the speed cup. Hence, because of the magnetic field, the speed cup also starts to rotate.

As mentioned before, the spindle remains attached to the speed cup. Therefore, the spindle gains motion because of the cup, which also spins the pointers at the top.

What the Needle Does?

This pointer represents the vehicle’s speed on display; thus, you can know the rate you are driving by looking at the needle. Another component known as the hairspring also plays an important role.

It controls and limits the pointer’s movement and drags it back to its starting position when the vehicle stops. Every time you stop driving, the arrow comes back to zero and goes up again when you hit the accelerator.

How to Install/Put a Speedometer on a Dirt Bike?

The installation process can vary from brand to brand, but there are some common steps that you need to follow to set up a digital speedometer.

Every packaging includes an instruction guide, and you should try to stick to the steps mentioned in the product guide. But, let us discuss the typical procedure.

  • Start by attaching the mounting clamps with the main device.
  • Mount the device on the bike, loosely fit the bracket, fix the position, and tighten the screws.
  • Then hook up the power wires into the stator or the 12-volt power source.
  • Grab the RPM sensor wire, plug it in with the primary device wires and connect it with the coil or inner boot.
  • Next, take the main speed sensor, attach it beside the wheels and connect the sensor wire with the primary device.
  • Turn on your motorbike and spin the wheels to check if you get a reading. And, you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Dirt Bike Speedometers Waterproof?Not all speedometer models are waterproof, so it is essential to check the individual unit before plugging it into a dirt bike.2. Why Are Dirt Bike Speedometers Important?Dirt bike speedometers are important because they keep track of the rider’s speed. This information can be used to adjust the rider’s riding style, as well as set lap times. Dirt bike speedometers also help the rider know when he or she is going too fast for a particular section of the track.3. How Accurate are Dirt Bike Speedometers?Generally, most dirt bike speedometers are accurate for general purpose use. However, if you are aiming for optimum aviation in racing, then you might want to obtain a racing model speedometer instead of the usual one.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about the dirt bike speedometer. We hope you can find the best dirt bike speedometer from this review.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your speedometer now and install it with simple steps. Never go out of control with efficient speedometers again.

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