Best Dual Sport Boots: Reviews for 2022 (Recommended!)

Finding the ideal dual-sport boots isn’t too easy. There’s a lot of really good or really bad models out there. But, if you go through our guide, you’ll be able to find the best dual sport boots for all your biking needs.

After countless tests and examinations, we’ve managed to find 8 of the market’s top pairs. Check out their reviews and our comprehensive buying guide, and you’ll get your hands on your ideal boots.

These boots require a bit of special care. That’s why we’ve put together a small guide on how to take care of them as well. All in all, you’ll become an expert on dual-sport boots once you go through our guide.

So, without further wait, let’s check out each of the reviews.

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8 Best Dual Sport Boots Review

8 Best Dual Sport Boots Review

We’ve used countless biking boots in our lifetime. However, 8 of them stood out. They’ve had everything we wanted in these boots and more. We took everything from style to price into consideration. Here are the reviews for more detail.

1. O’Neal 0325-111 Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

This set from O’Neal offers a whole new degree of protection you can’t find in other boots. The expert designers utilize top-tier injection molded plastic plates that can withstand strong impacts to keep your feet and the shoes safe.

So, if safety and durability are a concern, these logo rider boots are a perfect choice.

Many of you might be a bit worried about the fit around your heels. Ideally, they must fit tightly to ensure a secure fit while you ride.

That’s why these O’Neal boots have strategically positioned belts that let you adjust the fitting to fit your exact needs.

Of course, it’s hard to justify durability if the shoes are too uncomfortable. Luckily, the 0325-111 utilizes an air mesh interior to keep your feet cool while you ride.

They even have a great cushioning system for extra comfort. In fact, sometimes we felt like we could wear these to sleep.

The boots also come with superior heat protection. So, if you live in hot or sunny climates, you won’t have to worry about too much damage as the synthetic leather build prevents heat build-up.

As such, whether you’re on road or off-road, these Dual Sport boots will leave your feet cool and comfortable.


  • Plastic plated build offers superior impact protection
  • Synthetic leather prevents heat build up
  • Comprehensive buckle system for perfect fitting
  • Strong heel support and cushioning
  • Maintains its original shape for much of its lifetime


  • You won’t find half-sized pair; you must choose one size up
  • Cuts down on a bit of flexibility

2. Alpinestars Men’s Tech 7 Enduro Motocross Boot

If you’ve got a bigger budget, then this set from Alpinestars is easily one of the best boots you can get. What don’t we love about it?

It has style, quality, flexibility, durability, and an ingenious design structure to make this stand out among all other boots. Let’s get into some more detail.

First of all, these motocross boots offer unparalleled comfort. We don’t know how we can praise it enough.

The boots boast an incredibly well-designed instep that is a couple with Achilles accordion flex zones to give your heels much more support and comfort. It molds your feet, making it feel like the boots are a part of your own body.

Moreover, the internal 3D lining only makes it more comfortable. That’s not all, though. This lining is filled with anti-slide microfibers.

As such, you’ll have your feet in the right position no matter how fast you ride. You’ll always stay in control.

Let’s not forget just how durable this pair is. Alpinestars constructed a master-class pair of boots through compound foot shells, co-injected toe protectors, and steel shanks, and this combination keeps the boots and your feet safe in high-impact situations.

So, these dual sport boots are excellent for safety and protection no matter where you take your bike.

There are even top-notch ankle protections through Biochemical links to enhance force relief.


  • Lots of styles to choose from
  • Build offers incredible heel support
  • Highly resistant to abrasions and impacts
  • Minimizes dirt and water entry
  • Keeps feet in place and in control while you ride


  • They’re too expensive for smaller budgets
  • Straps might not be tight enough for some

3. Joe Rocket 1287-0010 Big Bang 2.0 Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boots

We’ve seen big-budget boots, so what if you want to get something more affordable. That’s where this pair from Joe Rocket has you covered. The Big Bang 2.0 might not look very big, but it does give you bang for your buck.

It genuinely surprised us how these boots managed to offer so much durability and reliability despite being so cheap.

These boots ensure high comfort while you ride. How so? Well, take a look at its amazing ankle support. It’s thoroughly padded to make sure you’re at ease while you ride. At the same time, it keeps your ankles protected from impact.

We know how important it is to maintain control while we ride. That’s why these boots utilize no-slip soles to ensure you have perfect control over your ride at all times. The boots even come with a rear pull loop to make them easier to put on.

So, whenever you’re out with these dual sport boots, you can put them on quickly and easily. Preparing for off-track races has never been easier.

Lastly, we’ll talk about durability. Normally, you can’t expect much durability out of low-budget dual sport boots, but the Big Bang 2.0 is triple stitched to handle any amount of stress. The aluminum quick-lock buckle makes these boots pefect adjusting the fit quick and easy.


  • Reliable ankle protection and comfort
  • Fast fit adjustments with a quick-lock buckle mechanism
  • Increased control with non-slip soles
  • Tripe-stitched for enhanced durability
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Lacks many qualities of higher-end boots
  • Feels a bit uncomfortable to walk with

4. Gaerne Balance Oiled MX Boots

If you’ve ever appreciated a classic motocross look, you’ll love these leather boots. It has all the makings of a premium pair of high-quality boots. Don’t take our word for it; just take a look at the unending list of qualities it has.

There’s a clear distinction between a normal leather pair of boots and full-grain leather. The difference being, full-grain leather is better in every way. They’re a lot more durable, capable, and comfortable. It’s why these MX boots are among the best we’ve ever worn.

The Gaerne boots offer immense comfort and cooling with their spectacular breathable membrane quality.

It keeps your feet cool as you ride through the streets. Not just that, it’s also waterproof. So, you can ride in the rain without having to deal with soggy feet.

These boots introduce a unique gum rubber sole. It’s comfortable and enhances your control as they stick to your feet like gum.

Of course, not literally. Because the soles themselves are very comfortable and make you feel like you’re stepping on clouds.

Whenever you’re riding, whether it’s on the mountains or the streets, these shoes are guaranteed to give you the comfort you need.


  • Easy to attach strap design
  • Waterproof build keeps your feet dry
  • Breathable membrane ensures your feet receive the ventilation it needs
  • Durable full-grain leather build
  • Soles boost control and comfort


  • You can’t effectively add custom soles or buckles
  • Easy to use buckle system

5. FLY Racing Maverik Boots for Motocross, Off-road, and ATV riding

We’ve reached the half-way point, but trust us when we say that there’s still plenty of fantastic boots left to see. This set from FLY Racing is perhaps one of the best you’ll ever see or work with.

It’s both versatile and durable and easily among the best we’ve ever worn. Let’s go over why.

First off, we need to praise the impressive build. These boots are made to mold onto your feet perfectly.

It binds and supports your ankles through its articulated build. You’ll almost feel like the boots are inviting your ankles and welcoming it. So, it breaks in a lot faster.

That’s not all; the boots provide protection on all fronts. Both your inner and outer ankles are covered and protected so that no matter how hard the impact maybe, you’ll know your feet will stay safe.

The 3D molded plastic shin protector also boosts protection and gives you all-around safety.

As such, the pair of dual sport boots are perfect for high-speed racing on and off-road since they take your safety into full account to handle rough crashes.

These magnificent boots from FLY Racing offer a unique and innovative style of sole you can’t find anywhere else.

It has a plastic insole, an injected fishtail midsole, and a comfortable rubber outsole. So, you get both durability, comfort, and protection all in one.


  • Drastically enhances performance through top-tier soles
  • Offers complete ankle protection
  • Easy and fast-breaking in
  • Superior shin and shift protection
  • Supportive and comfortable to wear


  • Can feel a bit hot
  • Bucks need to be stronger

6. Sidi Adventure 2 Goretex Motorcycle Boots Model 2017

For our 6th entry, we’re back again with another pair of premium leather boots. Sidi’s Adventure 2 goes all-in with fantastic top-grain and split-grain leather, making a unique and capable combination. It grants both comfort and durability to create a truly unique pair of sport boots.

Our favorite feature of Adventure 2 is its Goretex build. It means that the shoes offer breathability to keep your feet cold while also staying waterproof. That’s right, if you’re expecting a lot of rain, then this pair of boots is a wonderful option.

Sidi incorporates plastic support on the ankles to boost them up and strengthen them to increase your control. It also decreases the strain on your ankles to keep you comfortable and in top condition.

We have to mention the amazing non-slip soles as well. It makes sure that you have the precise control you need to enhance your biking skills and take your riding to a whole new level.

You’ll always feel in control, and you’ll stay firm with the non-slip nature. These are probably among the best dual sport boots you can buy if you’re racing off-road for its superior control. It still works wonders when you’re on-road as well.


  • Quality top and split-grain leather build
  • Superior ankle support
  • Rubber soles enhance grip and control
  • A breathable membrane keeps your feet cool
  • Waterproof build keeps your feet dry in the rain


  • These boots are a bit heavy
  • Should have more protection

7. FORMA Unisex-Adult Adventure Low Boots

If you want dual sport boots to take off-road and on-road that are easy to maintain, then this pair from FORMA are the perfect option.

Our semi-final entry deals with a versatile, low boot set that offers a lot of value considering its affordable pricing. 

It isn’t the cheapest pair of sport boots you’ll find, but the sheer number of qualities it has is incredible for the price.

This pair from FORMA is highly versatile. As the title suggests, it’s unisex as it can perfectly fit pretty much any fit through its flexible build. That’s not all; it offers a level of comfort to your feet that you’ll hardly find anywhere else.

It uses a high-quality DRYTEX liner to make it both breathable and waterproof. The vintage oiled full-grain boots also provide a durable build and strong plastic pads to protect you from any damage.

Your feet will be surrounded by comfort as the great memory foam padding ensures that your feet will stay utterly comfortable no matter what. The antibacterial footbed also keeps the boots safe to wear under any condition.


  • Outstanding comfort with memory foam padding
  • Vintage full-grain boots
  • Highly flexible build
  • TPU internal molded protection
  • Buckles are easy to adjust


  • Sole quality needs to be better
  • They are a bit bulky for low boots

8. O’Neal Sierra Pro Men’s Boot

What better setting is there to end on than one from O’Neal? It falls more towards the affordable side too. So, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly set from O’Neal, then the Sierra Pro set is made just for you.

There’s a lot to appreciate about this spectacular set — everything from its high-quality buckles to its protection. Let’s get into detail.

We all know how sweat can ruin boots. The removable footbeds help counter that issue as it allows you to clean it up if things get too bad.

Not just that, the footbeds themselves are made to withstand and counter sweat to keep your boots fresh and clean at all times.

The full-grain leather upper works wonders in enhancing the boots’ quality and durability to all new heights.

You’ll find yourself in awe as these affordable boots give you premium level quality and comfort. The nylon soles also prove just how spectacular this set can be.

Unlike many other buckles that use plastic, the Sierra pro opts for metal instead. This makes these buckles much more effective and durable compared to many other boots.

They’re also highly adjustable and easy to use to make sure you have the precise fit you need.

Durable, powerful, and capable, these dual sport boots has everything it needs to take you off the road and on it with perfect efficiency. So, O’Neal’s Sierra Pro stands as the perfect pair to finish off our reviews.


  • Top-tier grain leather build
  • Footbed has anti-sweat properties
  • Metal buckles for improved quality and better fit
  • High-quality nylon inner soles
  • Impressive durability and performance


  • Quite heavy
  • Not suited for people with smaller calves

Things to Consider Before Buying Dual Sport Boots

Things to Consider Before Buying Dual Sport Boots

We’ve gone over the reviews and discussed many of the top boots out there. However, to find your perfect boots, there are a few things you need to keep an eye out for. So, let’s go over these, shall we?


We all know that the main reason why any of us buys these boots is for protection. So, you’ll need to check the kind of protection each pair offers before you decide to buy.

Mainly, you’ll need to see where they emphasize the protection, which parts are padded, do they use plastic or other plating materials, and so on.

Ideally, you’ll want boots that provide both internal and external protection that offers as much safety as possible.

Of course, too much protectiveness usually makes the shoes more rigid and less flexible. So, that’s something you need to watch out for too.


Dual sport boots aren’t cheap. So, if they break after the first few crashes, then it’s a waste of money.

That’s why you need to make sure that the boots you get offer top-tier durability. They have to be made from reliable materials such as leather to withstand impact and remain strong despite the damage.

As such, you should check up on the materials that the boots use to guarantee durability. For example, full-grain leather is a strong and reliable material that can assure you quality quite easily.


If you’re into biking as a sport, you can bet that you’ll be exposed to a lot of rain and mud. In case your boots aren’t equipped to handle that, they’ll break apart easily.

You’ll also be left with a ton of unwanted liquid in your boots and sogging up your socks. We all know just how uncomfortable that can get. So, a waterproof set is extremely important to have.


These boots must fit you as best as possible. If it can’t, it’ll harm your performance and compromise your safety. Of course, we all know we should get the right size.

However, the more important detail is the buckles and straps of the boots. They must be able to properly and tightly fit you as well. Only then can you get the full effectiveness of these boots.


Your boots must have a breathable mesh. These essentially give your feet much-needed ventilation so that they don’t get too sweaty. It enhances comfort and lets you focus more on riding as well.


If a set isn’t comfortable, it just isn’t worth it. So, whatever boots you buy, try wearing them first. See if they speak to you and if your feet fit comfortably.

If you think it’s something you can wear for long periods, only then is it worth the buy.

How to Take Care of Dual Sport Boots?

How to Take Care of Dual Sport Boots

You’ll need to know how to take care of your boots if you want to ensure that they last throughout your biking career. So, here are a few small steps you should take.

Clean Them Regularly

Your boots will constantly be exposed to a ton of mud, water, and dirt when you ride, especially if you’re going to go off-roading.

If you leave them dirty, they’ll wear down quickly. So, you need to clean them as regularly as you can.

Replace and Clean Footbeds

With all the sweat that’ll build up on your feet after hours of biking, you can bet that socks won’t protect your boots. So, you’ll need to often replace and clean the footbeds to make sure they stay in mint condition and do not contract any bacterium.

Use the Right Tools for Cleaning

You can’t clean boots by just stuffing spraying some water. They need a bit more care. Use brushes to wipe away dirt, and then use sponges to clean.

Water-repellant boots need to be cleaned with solutions made specifically for these types of surfaces. Using others might wear down the boots.

Final Words

Every biker needs to have dual sport boots that fit their very particular needs. Now that you’ve gone through our article, you’re ready to buy the best dual sport boots and cruise the streets with comfort, safety, and control.

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