Best Enduro Chest Protector: Top 8 Recommendations in 2022

Safety should be the top priority when riding your motorcycle or dirt bike. Whether you are a motocross rider, trail rider, or enduro rider, you need to wear a chest protector.

This gear offers you protections against roost and any other potential dangers on the off-road courses and extended cross country.

So, if you’re looking for the best enduro chest protector, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to look at some of the various kinds of enduro chest protectors available on the market.

That’s not all, there’s more. We will also provide answers to your frequently asked questions.

Here are our 3 recommendations for you to consider!

8 Best Enduro Chest Protectors

Best Enduro Chest Protectors

We have picked the best eight enduro chest protectors for review. Read on, as you will find out what these chest protectors have to offer.

1. Alpinestars Men's Chest Protector 

Alpinestars are a renowned and reputable manufacturer of enduro chest protectors; they are famous for the production of chest protectors with high protection which is hard to beat in its class and also value for money.

Furthermore, this Bionic chest protector is top of the group with full-body armor available in black and red colors.

One of the most important benefits of this jacket is its engineered designs which are amazingly lightweight and well ventilated. You will hardly notice it on your body as it fits great and does not weigh you down.

In addition, the Bionic action jacket is perfect for the physical demands of Enduro and motocross riding.

If you’re looking for a chest protector that offers different types of riding styles, this jacket is the best choice for you. The versatile jacket features a variety of configurations for your choice of riding styles.

Alpinestars chest protector offers protection for some vital zones of your body like; ribs, back, chest, and shoulders.

With its CE certifications for a hard shell, you don't need to worry about accidental falls on your bike. So, be assured, this jacket is one of the best chest protectors for Enduro.

Highlighted Features

  • CE certification for hard shells
  • Full body armor
  • Comfortable and lightweight 
  • Breathable
  • Variety of configurations
  • Highly durable with a hard shell 
  • Highly flexible with a polymeric material
  • Ergonomic designs


  • Fits greatly 
  • Very light, you will hardly notice it on your body
  • Protects various parts of the body 
  • Very comfortable 
  • Fair prices
  • Built to last long


  • Not unisex

2. Webetop Adult Chest Protector

Webetop adult chest protector is a special kind of exoskeletal structure that is CE certified and can be worn over or under your clothes.

High-quality shock-resistant armor shell is proficient to protect your fundamental body parts such as the waist, chest, shoulder, and spine.

If you’ve been worried about wearing a chest protector during hot weather, this Webetop jacket is composed of flexible fabrics with high foaming EVA lining that is breathable and comfortable to minimize sweat. 

No matter what your body size is, this jacket will fit perfectly, all thanks to its adjustable shoulder and waist strap. If you’re looking for a jacket that offers both spine and chest protection, this is your best option.

It is safe and affordable with stylish designs. That’s not all, and this jacket features double scratch-resistant coating for high durability.

Webetop adult best protector is also multi-purposed, it has a design for different types of sports such as; Enduro riding, Motocross riding, Cycling, Motorbike riding, Mountain riding, Skiing, Snowboarding, skating and many more. Stay with me, let’s take a look at some of its main features.

Highlighted Features

  • Breathable fabrics 
  • Highly durable
  • Multi-Purpose 
  • High foaming EVA lining
  • Shock resistant
  • Anti-fall
  • CE certified
  • Stylish designs
  • Double scratch-resistant coating


  •  Breathable and comfortable
  • It doesn’t weigh you down
  • Widely applicable
  • Built to last long
  • Not too pricey
  • Offers chest, spine, shoulder and waist protection


  •  No elbow protection
  • Neck brace not compatible with some other brands

3. Leatt 4.5 Chest Protector

Leatt chest protector is one of the most popular choices for dirt bike and trail riders, and it provides maximum protection with its shoulder guards, back shield, and detachable upper arm pads.

In addition, this chest protector passes the CE test for impact, so you don’t need to worry about its quality.

The chest protector utilizes both 3DF AirFit impact foam protection and hard shell. This hardshell is composed of high-density polyethylene for stone deflection and a great impact.

Leatt jacket offers maximum protection during a crash, all thanks to its flexible Airfit impact foam that absorbs energy upon impact. With its wrap-around design, the chest defender offers vital body protection which includes; back, shoulder, chest, and flank.

If you choose to wear a neck brace, this jacket comes with a design that is compatible with a Leatt neck brace. With all these features, you should not be surprised that most end users have rated this jacket as the best chest protector for enduro riding. 

The multi-layer 3D and multi-plate design provides a comfortable fit, and it also features ventilation slots that promise sufficient airflow. So, you don’t need to worry about sweating during hot weather conditions.

Furthermore, theLeatt chest protector is lightweight and does not weigh you down or restrict your movement, and it also scores a total of 17 points in the Leatt protection ranking system.

Highlighted Features 

  • 3DF impact foam protection 
  • High-density polyethylene  
  • CE certified for impact
  • Stylish wrap-around design 
  • Compatible with a neck brace 
  • Scores 17 points in Leatt protection system 
  • Breathable with ventilation slots
  • Unisex design 
  • Multi-layer and multi-plate designs


  • Neck brace compatible
  • Offers chest, back, shoulder and flank protection 
  • Lightweight and well ventilated 
  • Reasonable price for top quality 
  • Highly durable, built to last long


  • None found

4. Webetop Kids Chest Protector

Chest protectors are not limited to adults alone since kids are also involved in motorcycle riding, skating, skiing, cycling, and other sports activities; they need protection too.

Every parent consistently wants what is best for their children, particularly with regard to security. Therefore, Webetop has produced this versatile jacket to offer maximum protection for your kids.

This jacket is the best chest and back protector that a parent could buy for a small rider. It features a front and back detachable strap for convenient wear.

It is a jacket that provides protection that calms the nerves of a fearful parent, and also with sleek designs that may attract your kid to want to wear it always.

Most parents feel progressively confident with the inclusion of hard plastic protection over the flak-jacket style of chest area coverage.

The PE shell armor part generally offers excellent wrap-around cover for the chest and back, yet for the spine protection.

Moreover, the chest protector also features anti-collision and anti-drop properties that are suitable for both young boys and girls within the age of 4 to 9.

What more? It possesses shock-resistant and wear-resistant to protect main body parts effectively.

Highlighted Features

  • Shock and wear resistance 
  • Chest, back and spine protector
  • Anti-drop and Anti-collision
  • PE shell armor
  • Breathable Fabrics
  • Unisex, suitable for age four to nine
  • Adjustable wrap-around strap


  • Highly durable
  • Protects main body parts
  • Reasonable price
  • Breathable for sufficient ventilation 


  • No elbow protection 

5. Fox R3 Roost Deflector

If you’re looking for a chest protector that takes a different approach in its range of protection, this is for you. The Fox R3 deflector features an entry-level roost and stone protection against crashes on bare ground.

For a very long time, Fox R3 has been producing chest protectors with sleek designs, which are suitable for both males and females. 

The chest, back, and shoulder pad is composed of a highly durable polycarbonate framework, with lower profile shoulder pads which are customizable for a specially fit.

Also, the arm guards are wholly movable and removable on the off chance that you decide not to wear them.

In case you're searching for roost and stone guard for motocross, trail, and enduro riding, without spending out of your pocket, the Fox R3 deflector is the perfect option for you.

One of the features that make this jacket suitable for women is its body-hugging breathable armor that you can wear over or under your jersey. 

Additionally, this chest protector also features an elastic side-buckle waist fitment that provides a tight guard to the body. It is CE certified, and it's compatible with wide varieties of neck braces.

Moreover, with its adjustable shoulder and waist strap, you can customize it to a great fit that works the best for you.

Highlighted Features

  • CE certified
  • Compatible with a wide range of neck braces
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist strap
  • Body-hugging breathable armor
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Low-profile shoulder cups
  • Unisex


  • Highly durable with polycarbonate construction 
  • Good adjustability 
  • Fair prices
  • It’s available in various sizes


  • Only for roost protection 
  • No elbow protection

6. Alpinestars Bionic Chest Protector

Here is another great chest protector from the Alpinestars company that passes level one CE certifications for shoulder, chest, and back protection.  It offers excellent designs and optimum protection for enduro and motocross riders.

The shells are an elite polymeric construction mix material with the new Alpinestars 'inserted grid innovation' under the shells which assimilate and scatter impact forces.

With the help of its soft bio-foam interior padding, you will be comfortable wearing this jacket with a personalized fit to your body.

The protection likewise reaches out around the sides to secure your ribcage and also a removable upper back padded panel for BNS compatibility.

Moreover, the Bionic chest protector is perfect with the Alpinestars BNS neck support.

The upper top segment of the chest plate and backplate is removable to permit the fitting of the neck support with a versatile draw tab at each shoulder for protecting the brace into place. 

Alpinestars Bionic chest protector is lightweight and breathable, all thanks to its grid cell system that offers nice air ventilation and flexibility.

It’s accessible in two main color combinations which include; Anthracite/Dark/Red and White/Dark/Red colors.

Lastly, you can wear this jacket in different configurations with the help of its modular designs, and this allows riders to use in different situations.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Available in different colors
  • Modular designs
  • BNS neck support 
  • CE certified level one
  • Embedded grid technology 
  • Anti-collision


  •  Reasonable price for top quality 
  • Extremely comfortable with sleek designs
  • Breathable, well ventilated 
  • Neck brace compatibility


  • You may have to tuck in issues with your jersey if worn on the chest protector

7. Fox Racing Roost Deflector

Fox Racing is one of the leading manufacturers of enduro chest protector and off-road gears, and their products offer high-quality designs and protection for Enduro, and mountain dirt bike riders.

This roost deflector features a newly introduced full wrap-around body coverage utilizing injection-molded plastic side plates which additionally includes a lower back coverage.

The inward lining is a twofold layer of Bio-foam, and it has a ton of the features of the grown-up size Proframe.

It is well ventilated, all thanks to its perforated foam chassis sculpts to the body that keeps your children cool while riding on their bikes in low weather conditions.

Furthermore, it is designed for kids around the age of six to eleven, weighing 60 to 95 pounds.

Junior riders utilize an additional female clip to buckle the closure framework in the focal point of the chest plate. Adult riders use the standard incorporated closure framework for comfort.  

If you want your child to wear a neck brace, this jacket offers adjustable shoulder straps that have a design that works with a wide range of neck braces.

There’s more, and the coat is user-friendly so you can easily put it on and off with its elastic waist straps with a hook.

Highlighted Features

  • Elastic waist straps with hook
  • The twofold layer of Bio-foam
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight 
  • Injection-molded plastic side plates
  • Possesses perforated chassis to sculpt
  • Full wrap-around body coverage


  • Compatible with a neck brace
  • Adjustable size for kids
  • Breathable for complete ventilation 
  • Highly durable, last long


  • A bit expensive 

8. Jiajun Children Chest Protector

Jiajun may not be as popular as the other big brands in the market, but they produce children, chest protectors that offer good air permeability which means that quality is assured. Your kid’s safety is paramount when they love dirt bike riding.

If you have a child that wants to get out there and blend it up on their trail bikes, at that point you need to purchase a top-notch kids' chest protector for them.

Enduro and mountain dirt riding are mainstream sports activities, and having the appropriate gears is a significant part of ensuring rigid protection in the event of a crash. Jiajun Children Chest Protector helps to prevent your children from sustaining potential injuries. 

This jacket is made from polyethylene hard shell to protect the fragile part of the chest; the Jiajun Children Chest Protector is composed of a design that is long-lasting, durable, and comfortable. 

For night riding safety, this jacket features a PE plastic shell hole with reflective tapes.

Moreover, the jacket also featured a PE plastic shell and shook proof body material that is fastened together for lightweight and comfort.

You don’t need to worry about spending a lot as the thicket has reasonable prices with top quality.

Highlighted Features 

  • PE plastic shell hole with reflective tapes
  • Shockproof foam material 
  • Lightweight 
  • Highly durable
  • Breathable
  • Polyethylene construction 
  • Very comfortable 


  • Very affordable 
  • Built to last long
  • Comfortable with camping foam pads
  • Good air permeability


  •  No elbow protection
  • Not compatible with neck braces
  • No CE Certifications

What to Look out for While Buying an Enduro Chest Protector? 

What to Look out for While Buying an Enduro Chest Protector

The best chest protector is one that protects you from high impact in the event of a fall, an accident, or even a crash.

Protecting the chest is essential as organs such as the lungs, chest, and other vital organs may be exposed to the harmful impact of a crash, a fall, or even an accident when not protected.

Using a chest protector ensures you are safe and protected at all times from any harmful impact that may affect you. So having the right kit is what you need to stay protected on the road. 

This article will look at nine things you need to look out for before buying the Enduro chest protector, helping you to make the finest choice of a chest protector, which will ensure your safety.

So, here are nine things you need to look out for before buying the Enduro chest protector.

CE Certification

Best Enduro Chest Protector CE Certification

So here is where we start the list of things you need to consider, and that is CE certified. The best chest protector is the one with a CE certification, particularly the CE-EN1621-2 and CE-EN16 representing the front and back certification of the chest protector.

A good thing that comes with the CE certification is that the chest protector must be tested by individual experts and then certified for use, with this you are sure to use a product that is recommended and trusted. 

With the CE certification, you are safe from the risk of trying out a chest protector all by yourself, which adds up to your safety guarantees.

A CE certification is a must-have requirement for your Enduro chest protector, look out for this feature before buying your Enduro chest protector.

Adjustable Straps

Best Enduro Chest Protector Adjustable Straps

A good chest protector is the one that allows you to adjust the straps to fit in at all times, giving you flexibility and comfort at the same time. You can easily feel uncomfortable with the straps when the protector is too tight or too free for you.

In both instances, you get distracted on the road, and this can become a challenge. Ensure the straps are adjustable and easy to use to make your ride a comforting and fun-filled adventure. 


Best Enduro Chest Protector Arm Guards

While this is not a compulsory requirement, it is an addition that your chest protector provides additional protection for the arm which is an essential part of the body, that can easily be affected by a fall, accident, and a crash.

Most chest protectors come with this unique feature, and when the guards are removable, it makes it easy for you to decide if you would love to drive with an armguard or not—Armguard a vital feature to look out for when buying Enduro chest protector.

Foam Padding Design

Best Enduro Chest Protector Foam Padding Design

Rightly so, you should be considered about the design of your chest protector. And this is why; a good chest protector must have foam padding designed to absorb the high impact that will guarantee your safety if you mistakenly have a fall, a collision, or even a crash.

The importance of the foam padding is the protection it gives your body in the event of a crash, and it is essential.

This feature is a must-have for every chest protector, to help you stay protected and safe at all times. So ensure your Enduro chest protector, have this important feature.

Cooling Vents

Best Enduro Chest Protector Cooling Vents

Now this is another vital feature to look out for when you choose to buy your Enduro chest protector. Comfort is essential, especially when you are to ride for a long time and cover a long distance.

One way to be comfortable is to have a chest protector with a cooling vent; this way, your ventilation is guaranteed.

Additionally, another reason why people will prefer a chest protector over body armor is heat, and having a chest protector that cannot guarantee adequate ventilation is like wearing body armor, it can be so unpleasant. Ensure your Enduro chest protector has a cooling vent!


Best Enduro Chest Protector Weight

Your chest protector needs to be lightweight for a lot of reasons, first among them is the comfort it gives you.

A heavyweight chest protector will not only pose a challenge to you as you drive, but it will also make the ride less fun for you.

It would be best if you also had the right ventilation, and a heavyweight chest protector can take this essential requirement off your list as you will end up battling with heat.

Look out for the weight when buying your Enduro chest protector and ensure it is lightweight.

Compatibility with Your Neck Braces

Best Enduro Chest Protector Compatibility with Your Neck Braces

You will need additional protection for your neck and having a chest protector that does not interfere with this need, is a get for you.

Most chest protectors work best with neck braces that are of the same make, while others work with each make.

It is, therefore, vital that you look out for this compatibility and ensure your Enduro chest protector is the perfect fit for you, to guarantee your comfort and safety at the same time.

Polycarbonate Materials

Best Enduro Chest Protector Polycarbonate Materials

The last on this list of things to look out for is polycarbonate materials, this is an important feature you must look out for, to stay protected.

Ensure your Enduro chest protectors are made from polycarbonate materials as the material is designed to give you high impact protection at all times, which makes it easy for you to stay protected on the road.


Best Enduro Chest Protector Reviews

Reviews are important, and you should consider before buying your Enduro chest protector. Reviews help you to know the effectiveness of the product from users, and this will guide you on the pros and cons of the product.

It also makes it easy for you to make an informed decision on the product, from the experience of the users you have read.

The reviews should be read from independent sites other than the product sites, as paid reviews are often uploaded on most product sites, to entice buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions    

Here are some common queries answered to give you more insight into chest protectors;

1. Do chest protectors work?

Yes! They do. Most chest protectors have designs that safeguard your chest, back, shoulder, and spine from any injuries resulting from crashes or falls.

Chest protectors have continually become more protective for motocross, Enduro, mountain dirt bike, and off-road riders in recent years.

Furthermore, it also serves as protective gear for some other sports activities like skiing, snowboarding, and skating.  

It is of higher-value when purchasing the protector, to pay attention to the size and fitment.

It is only when the jacket suits you well that it will adequately protect you from significant injuries during a fall. Oversized jackets without adjustable shoulder and waist straps can be useless for safety.

2. Do pro motocross riders wear chest protectors?

Yes! They do. Motocross is one of the most dangerous sports known worldwide. It's an extreme sport that builds on adrenaline.

With opponents racing close to each other, the risk of a crash falls at a 90% high. All thanks to this era of safety first, motocross riders must now put on the protective equipment, and those are the chest protector.

The use of chest protectors assures riders of maximum safety in case of a crash. So, as you sit at the edge of your seat enjoying the racers, you will notice most professional motocross riders wearing chest protectors.

3. Do I need a chest protector for Trail Riding?

For trail riding, you might need a chest protector, but that should be enough. Most likely, there will be fewer falls and no crash at all.

So, covering your chest with protectors is enough safety, and it might just save you from a broken rib or any other fatal chest injuries. Most chest protector also features PE shell hole with reflective tapes for night rides.

These reflective tapes help to increase the visibility levels of your bike at night, making you noticeable to other upcoming vehicles. 

4. What is the most common injury in motocross?

Motocross is an exciting, rough terrain bike riding sport that is rapidly picking up in prevalence. Due to the thrill of the ride- accelerating through muddy terrains, uphill’s, downhill’s, corners- comes the risks of bodily injuries.

Research has revealed that motocross puts the body under strain, and the probability of injury is high. 

The common injuries associated with motocross are, broken collarbone, ankle sprain, broken leg, a fractured finger, ligaments tear.

Others include sprain wrist, broken wrist, rotator cuff tears, knee sprains, fractured ribs, femur shaft, axial skeleton fractures, facial fractures, and others.

Motocross riders should wear protective gears like chest protectors or roost deflectors, to stay free from bodily injuries.

5. What Is The Difference Between A Roost Deflector and A Chest Protector?

There are distinctive differences between a chest protector that covers the full chest area and a roost deflector, which is progressively lightweight and permits a more extensive range of movement while riding.

Many riders see a full chest protector as somewhat awkward and choose the other, which serves to deflect any dangerous objects like rocks, stones, sticks, and trash. 

However, a roost deflector doesn't offer a similar degree of protection and most likely won't hold up just as a full chest protector in an accident or crash.

Most present-day chest protectors have been planned in light of solace and have formed fits for a less meddling impact.

A chest protector is utilized as extra cushioning for rough terrain use and well known with motocross riders for offering maximum protection in case of an accident or a crash. 

Roost deflector, shift from hard to semi-soft materials for protection against little sticks and garbage, out on the track or trail which increases your safety.   

Chest protector regularly offers increasingly inflexible insurance and fortified shoulder cushioning to provide protection to your shoulders and neckline bone in case of a fall.

Although no chest protector is a guarantee to forestall broken bones, a little included protection goes far.

6. What are chest protectors made of?

The chest protector product for Enduro is the best performing and best quality for motocross. It's designed with comfort and a blend of high quality that is durable, which makes it the best choice when it comes to the super useful features.

Moreover, the chest protector composes of paddling that is in the outer and inner layer; it has the battens that prevents it from shifting. It covers the abdomen and chest. In 1979, it was improved to basic design with flappy materials that go around the front shoulders.

All thanks to modern advancement, chest protectors are now made with rigid cycolac type ABS plastic, embedded grid technology, polyethylene shell armor, 3DF impact foam protection, breathable fabrics, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Having the right kit and safety gear is an essential way of protecting yourself on the road. In contrast, the production of safety kits is primarily competitive as new brands make their way into the market every day.

The need to get the right gears for yourself is a duty you own yourself, and this list gives you a real insight into what you need to look out for before buying your best Enduro chest protector, with a desire to help you make a safe and well-guided decision.

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