Best Enduro Riding Boots: Top Picks in 2022 (Recommended!)

Saddling up your motorbike to get into the dirt trail? That means you need the best Enduro riding boots on your feet.

Protecting your feet is essential in almost any extreme sport. But when it comes to Enduro riding on a motorbike – it gets even more critical.

There are so many dangers to consider that just hopping on the bike the wrong way can damage your feet. That's why it is vital to have boots while riding – wherever or whenever you're doing it.

Here, we're going to show you why the right motocross boots can be such an excellent piece of equipment to have. But before that, you should learn about the best boots in the market.

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10 Best Enduro Riding Boots Reviews

10 Best Enduro Riding Boots Reviews

The best way to choose a new pair of boots is to learn more about them. So we decided to bring 10 of the highest-quality models with their own reviews. Here's what we found about them:

1. Alpinestars Tech 3 Motocross Boots

When first setting your eyes on the Tech 3 motocross boots pair from Alpinestars, you realize this is not like any other model in the market. It is a good-looking, sturdy, and tight-fitting model all around.

It all comes down to the anatomic design they offer. You can be sure the pair will feel super comfy when wearing, but also protect your feet from all the dangers of enduro riding.

This happens because you also get TPU material all around the shell. From the calf protector plate to the higher medial protector, lateral ankle, and even heel counter – everything comes with thermal-treated polyurethane. This ensures maximum protection and durability.

Still, the upper part boasts microfiber that delivers proper flexibility and abrasion resistance. At the same time, you can expect it to last a lifetime and doesn't cause any discomfort when wearing.

The inserts are also made of microfiber for further comfort and keep your feet with proper movement. This goes well with the polyurethane toe box, ideal for offering the protection you need without limiting movement.

Despite all that, the boots still manage to look amazing. You can pick between 7 different color designs, so you can boast the one that best matches your attire. 

Combine this with the 3 adjustable strap buckles for a perfect fit, and you're getting a top-notch pair of boots without a doubt. 

Key Features:

  • TPU shell 
  • Synthetic toe box
  • Microfiber interior
  • 7 designs to pick from


  • Ultra-sturdy TPU exterior for durability and safety
  • Flexible and comfortable with microfiber fabric
  • A highly adjustable system with 3 strap buckles
  • Protects the calf and ankle amazingly well
  • The exceptional design looks superb


  • Fit a little too tight at first
  • Extra ankle protection feels bulky 

2. O'Neal Boys New Logo Rider Boot

Few brands offer what O'Neal does, and when it comes to the Boys New Logo Rider Boot - you get no less than fantastic results.

Why is this pair such an excellent option? Well, it all starts with an injection-molded set of plastic plates. This protects all your feet from impacts. Even if your feet hit the ground incredibly hard, you will probably feel little to nothing.

However, it is the metal shank reinforcement that genuinely stands out. It goes all around the boot to make it even stronger. And it adds some weight but making sure you never get hurt when riding on your bike. Your toes will be protected as well, boasting the metal toe guard that keeps them safe.

Despite this shell with metal and plastic, you still get a comfortable interior. You can enjoy air mesh fabric, adding the proper ventilation, so your feet don't get cooked up inside. Alongside a synthetic leather heat-shield, you can expect not even the highest heats from damaging your feet.

As for the insole, you get excellent cushioning. It works pretty well with the top-notch ankle support. And when you add the Goodyear welt outsole, you get the necessary impact-absorption to keep you on the bike for several hours. 

You won't have any problem adjusting the boots either – as you get a snap-lock system with 4 buckles. They will simply surpass all your expectations. 

Key Features:

  • Leather heat shield
  • Metal shank layer
  • Goodyear welt outsole
  • 4-buckle strap system 


  • Highly protective plastic and metal shell
  • Comfortable with cushion insole and air-mesh fabric
  • Decent ankle support and toe-box protection
  • Top-notch grip with Goodyear sole
  • Tight adjustments with 4-buckle system


  • Only comes in black color 
  • Only available in kid sizes 

3. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Forma is one of those brands that are half as popular but twice as good as most other brands. If you don't know about it – then you're set to be impressed.

The first thing you'll notice is a sleek exterior design. Made entirely of full-grain oiled leather, you can expect it to feel amazingly soft as well while providing maximum protection. 

Moreover, the interior doesn't have leather but Drytex lining. This is a unique fabric layer that protects against water but also delivers proper breathability. If you're tired of boots that cook up your feet – then this one may be your best bet.

At the same time, your feet will be totally protected. You get TPU-molded plastic protections alongside ankle reinforcements. And when you add the nylon midsole, and the PP (polypropylene) Mid Dual Flex EVA extra sole, it gets even better. That's enough to keep your feet safe for long.

If all that wasn't enough, you get extra-soft inner padding made of polymer and memory foam. With an Air Pump System foot-bed that you can replace, then you'll set to enjoy this pair of boots to the max.

For adjusting, you meet a Velcro closure and GH plastic buckles so that you can tighten it up to the max. 

And with a double-density rubber sole with injection-molded plastic pads – your feet will be safe even during the harshest activities.

Key Features:

  • TPU protective pads
  • Polymer and memory foam padding
  • Drytex lining 
  • GH plastic buckles 


  • Beautiful and durable full-grain leather exterior
  • Unbeatable shock-absorption with midsoles 
  • Ultra-soft interior padding 
  • Protect every part of your shins & ankles
  • Secure adjustments with Velcro and buckles


  • Leather may feel stiff at first
  • Bulky heels and soles 

4. Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots

Great design and top-notch construction – that's what you get with the Fly Racing Maverik Boots.

While browsing through its unique design, you'll find that the overall shape comes from a 3D-molded plastic construction. From the shift panel that allows maximum grip with the shifting stick to the plastic shin that delivers extra resilience and impact absorption – it is made to surpass expectations.

The protection level on this boot is no joke either. You will enjoy an inner ankle panel that is durable and flexible enough for most uses. This goes well with the rubber heat-shield that keeps your feet safe from any overheating.

But the real advantage comes from the outsole. It is hefty enough to keep the boot attached to the pedals, but also durable enough to last a lifetime. 

You can still enjoy excellent flexibility all around, including the articulated ankle design as well as the plastic-injected fish-tail midsole. If you're an extreme rider who lives a decent level of mobility – this pair will match your needs entirely.

Despite all that, adjusting the boots will be a piece of cake with the 3 quick-lock buckles. Along with an elastic gaiter on top, you can tighten up the boots so no dirt, dust, or water enters. 

Sure enough, it still looks fantastic in the 4 different color options available. 

Key Features:

  • 3D-molded shift panel
  • Rubber heat shield
  • Elastic gaiter
  • 3 quick-lock buckles


  • Plastic exterior protects the whole feet
  • Flexible and comfortable ankle support 
  • Sturdy and durable midsoles and outsoles
  • Unique heat-shield for a more relaxed interior
  • Effortless adjustments with quick-lock buckles


  • Plastic buckles are not as durable as they look
  • Stiffer than expected 

5. Alpinestars Tech 7S Off-Road Motocross Boot

Perfect for any junior or child rider, the Alpinestars Tech 7S boasts every single feature any high-end model should have.

While taking a first look, you'll see how well-made they are with a TPU shell all around. It covers everywhere from the shin to the medial area and more.

The shin plate, for example, will keep even the hardest of impacts from causing damage. And in the medial facing side, the TPU panel ensures maximum grip – so the junior never separates from the pedals while driving.

Furthermore, the toe protector also boasts a sturdy material with a steel shank. Alongside an injected dual-compound shell, it is safe to say that even a hammered nail wouldn't get through. 

With such a durable construction, it is fantastic to still have a comfortable interior. The microfiber upper with PU reinforcements ensures the quality children need to stay safe but also the comfort to maneuver with ease.

When it comes to putting it on, the pair will not put up a fight either. With the 3 straightforward adjustment buckles, even the newest rider can put them on in seconds. And they will still fit super tight to boost up safety and overall reliability. 

All that matches the exciting color options available with 11 combinations that look outstanding, to say the least. 

Key Features:

  • Dual-compound plastic shell
  • TPU shin and media-facing panels
  • Microfiber upper interior
  • 11 color options to pick from 


  • Decently comfortable microfiber interior
  • Fits tightly and securely with a 3-buckle system
  • Super-durable construction 
  • Beautiful design in any of its color options
  • Protects the shin and lateral sides like no other


  • Only available in children's sizes
  • A bit expensive for a junior's boot

6. Alpinestars Belize Oiled Leather Boot

Alpinestars never disappoints, that's why we bring up yet another model from this fantastic brand. This time, we meet the Belize Men's Boot – a pair made of oiled leather for the most demanding users.

Boasting full-grain leather on the entire upper part, you can expect the whole piece to simply feel and look amazing. It is not only leather, as you also get the lower medial panel with suede leather parts, adding the extra softness and grip everyone loves on the best motocross boots.

You will also find a few parts made of microfiber, adding the lightness necessary to feel comfortable and flexible while riding. If you hate super-stiff boots, then this one will not disappoint.

But what truly sets this one apart from the competition is the Drystar membrane. It goes between the upper part of the boots and the lining, adding the extra touch of protection for harsh weather. If you don't like getting your feet wet while riding, then this will come like a superb feature to have.

The interior is still reinforced with an internal toe box. Your toes will be totally safe, even in the most challenging conditions.

Lastly, you'll find an ankle closure system with 2 polymer buckles. Together, they ensure maximum tightness and safety while riding. You won't have to worry about the boots loosening up.

Key Features:

  • Drystar membrane
  • Microfiber layer
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Polymer buckle system


  • Gorgeous appearance with full-grain leather
  • Exceptional resilience and durability 
  • Decently comfortable and flexible build 
  • Protective and fresh interior material 
  • Quality adjustment system for tightness


  • Only one color available
  • Bulky upper part not ideal for big calves

7. Forma Adventure Low Boots

We know you love Forma as much as we do – or at least you're going to do so after learning more about the Adventure Low Boots. Mixing comfort with magnificent ruggedness, you can enjoy a true off-road model like no other with this pair.

This is a mid-height design. That means it reaches the lower part of your calves, so you don't get limited in movement. Yet, it is the full-grain oiled leather that truly sets this flexibility apart – offering the sturdiness you need to be totally protected but without damaging softness.

Alongside the full-grain leather exterior, you meet an ankle TPU molded-plastic protective system. Add the plastic gear pad protection on the toe box, and it gets amazingly better.

The sole is impressive as well. You get a nylon mid-sole with a steel shank. It keeps your feet safe from any type of impact. And when you add the double-density anti-slip rubber outsole, then it gets even more real. You won't have to worry about impacts or hits on your feet.

Despite the superb protection level, you still get a comfortable Drytex liner, excellent to keep the boot ventilated even in the hottest scenarios. And with the polymer padding with memory foam, you'll feel a decently soft interior at all times. 

With the 2 adjustable straps, the Velcro closure, and GH buckles, then you're ready to tighten them up and enjoy long rides with no issues. Even the most demanding of users will be surprised by this quality.

Key Features:

  • Nylon midsole with steel shank
  • Double-density rubber sole
  • TPU-molded protective pads 
  • Drytex lining


  • Hugely comfortable padding with memory foam
  • Fits tightly and securely with buckles and Velcro closure
  • Incredibly attractive with full-grain oiled leather 
  • Nylon sole delivers comfort and support 
  • Highly ventilated and moisture-wicking inner fabric


  • Very expensive
  • Super stiff 

8. Gaerne Balance Oiled MX Boot

If you thought Forma and Alpinestars models were the highest quality in the list – then you'll be surprised by the Gaerne Balance Oiled MX Boot. With the higher price in the sole list, this is an option for those demanding users who want nothing less than the other best enduro riding boots.

This pair offers everything a motocross riding boot should offer – a full-grain leather exterior, gum-rubber sole, waterproof Drytech membrane, and 3 alloy buckles. There's nothing else necessary to enjoy maximum protection and safety while riding your bike on dirt trails. 

The full-grain exterior, for example, makes the entire boots look superb. With the typical brown color and a few darker parts, the entirety of each boot will attract even the most demanding user.

Similarly, you get a good-looking gum-rubber outsole. It boasts a light color that looks superb, while still adding a decent grip and impact-absorption to make it totally worth it.

The whole interior boasts a Drytech membrane liner. This does not only add a slightly soft feeling when wearing, but it also prevents even the smallest drop of moisture from getting inside. It also adds a slight touch of breathability for fresh riding experience. 

And finally, you'll have no problem adjusting it tightly to your feet with the 3-buckle adjustment system. The buckles are made of alloys to make them super resilient and long-lasting. But you can still replace them if necessary.

Key Features:

  • Gum-rubber sole
  • Full-grain leather 
  • Drytech membrane liner
  • 3 alloy buckles


  • Gorgeous with brown and dark leather design
  • Light and flexible construction 
  • Extra-durable and secure alloy buckle system
  • Breathable and comfy interior with Drytech membrane
  • Extra resilient and durable leather construction


  • Ultra-stiff leather build
  • Not as protective as others 

9. Fox Racing Comp Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

If you don't need a super-expensive boot, then the Fox Racing Comp would be a perfect alternative. You get everything a high-end model offers but at a way lower cost.

For example, you get an internal lace system. This helps tighten up the boot in a way that it will never loosen up. But at the same time, it ensures maximum protection – preventing awkward movements and other typical problems from loosening the boots.

The internal lace system works well with the lower buckle and the ActiveLock straps. You can use them to adjust the boot to your feet more easily, and enjoy even more safety when riding.

As for the protective system, you get TPU plates all around. From the shin to the toe box, heel cap, calf, and even the ankle – everything is covered with these TPU plates for extra sturdiness. 

On the sides, you'll find rubber guards for even more protection. This also adds an extra touch of water-resistance – making it almost impossible for anything to get in.

Lastly, you can enjoy the rubber outsole with steel shank. It adds the perfect grip, so you don't lose any balance while driving. And with the steel shank, you get the necessary rigidity for a durable piece. 

Despite all that, the boots look outstanding. With a Black, Stone, and White color options – you're set to enjoy them to the max. 

Key Features:

  • TPU guards 
  • Rubber outsole
  • Internal lace system
  • ActiveLock buckles


  • Super tight and safe adjustment system
  • Highly protective with guards and padded build
  • The sleek and enticing design 
  • Outstanding support and impact absorption 
  • Tightens up really well for safe riding


  • Stiff construction may not be for everyone 
  • The bulky design may be difficult to shift with

10. Fox Racing Comp R Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

So, did you find the Fox Racing Comp's boots worth having? Then you'll love the Comp R. Coming from the same family of boots, this one offers a similar design and build – but with a slight change in support and comfort.

What you'll find more enticing about this model is the floating cuff system. This allows maximum support and mobility on your lateral side. Similarly, you can enjoy the hyper-extension lockout system – perfect for preventing your ankle from over-extending. 

For the protection, you'll meet the same TPU plates all around. You can find the thick and protective TPU material on the toes, calves, heels, and the shins. 

The high protective level goes well with the rubber guard on the medial and burn areas. And won't have any problem making fast and effective shifting with the grip-oriented texture it offers.

Still, you get the rubber outsole that makes the Comp's series such an excellent choice. It adds the necessary grip and resilience.

For adjustability, you meet the ActiveLock system and the Instinct-style lower buckles. Together, you can fit these boots super tight and securely on your feet. 

And if all that wasn't enough, you can still enjoy the lining material that feels soft and comfy. Even in the longest rides, you won't feel a single pinch of discomfort. 

Key Features:

  • TPU plates and guards 
  • Rubber outsole
  • ActiveLock adjustment
  • Soft lining material


  • Highly adjustable and secure locking system
  • Floating cuff allows maximum comfort
  • Ultra-protective TPU plates all around  
  • Terrific rubber guard in central and toe box areas
  • Next-level comfort with soft lining material


  • Not the most durable buckle system
  • Color options could be better

Best Motocross Boot Buying Guide

Best Motocross Boot Buying Guide

Look, we know you're probably not an expert in Enduro riding boots, so we're going to be totally honest – you need to read this guide.

Even if you have some experience with enduro motocross gears like dirt bike helmets, riding jacket, riding earbuds, or even this type of boots, you'll want to learn some more so you can make an even better choice. Otherwise, we can't guarantee that you will like the model you pick. 

So, are you ready to learn more about what makes a motocross boot a great option? Then head down and read: 


There's a small array of materials that you will commonly find on these biking boots. And you can tell them apart by identifying them as plastic or leather fabrics.

But it is a little more complicated than that. 

For example, plastics or polymers can be anything from polyurethane to polyethylene, polypropylene, and even nylon. 

And for leather and fabrics, you may find high-end full-grain leather, as well as you can find synthetic leathers, suede, and even microfiber. 

Of course, the stronger the material and the more expensive it is – the more likely it is to offer excellent results. That's why we always recommend people to go for genuine leather models over all others. However, boots with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) shells tend to be super reliable as well.

At the same time, synthetic materials tend to be stiffer and challenging to wear. While they're super protective against most external factors and impacts, you won't feel too comfortable with them.

Leather, on the other hand, tends to wear down a little faster and weakens over time (it also gets less stiff), but it is way more comfortable and usually looks fantastic. Sure enough, it is also slightly more expensive. 

Go for whatever you find more enticing but also more protective and useful. 

Protection Level

It is not just about the right material; it is also about the proper set of protective features. That's why we always recommend choosing a pair of boots with these parts: 

  • Ankle Support

Probably the main reason why using a motocross boot is so important: to keep your ankles safe.

You need something sturdy enough that keeps your ankle in place at all times. But you also need something that keeps offering that same protection for years. 

That's why you must focus on something that protects the front, lateral, and rear part of your ankle with sufficient sturdiness to last until the boot wears off. Thick leather with reinforcements is always the way to go. 

Overall, you should go for boots that prevent the ankle part from moving in awkward ways. That will be enough to keep your feet safe with the boots. 

  • Toe Box

Your toes are probably not as useful as your fingers, but you still want to keep them safe. That's why a sturdy toe box is also essential. 

The best toe boxes boast thick plastic reinforcements or metal shanks. Those will be more than ideal to prevent any damage to your toes. 

Still, make sure the toe box is still decently light and slim. Otherwise, shifting your bike's gear won't be much of a pleasure. 

  • Crush/Shin Protection

Lastly, make sure you get a pair of boots that are sufficiently high and sturdy to protect your shin (or at least part of it).

Here, you'll find that TPU is probably the best material to have on this upper part. The sturdiness of a TPU shell is unmatched by any leather. Yet, leather protection for the shin with TPU reinforcements also works. 

But don't pick boots without this protection. Otherwise, you'll leave your shin exposed to most dangers.  

Insoles and Outsoles

An insole is whatever goes inside the boot below the foot's sole. And an outsole is the outer bottom part of the boot.

There's nothing better to go for here than a soft mid-sole or insole with memory foam or an impact-absorbent material. Nylon mid-soles are some of the best – if you're looking for quality. 

And for outsoles, rubber is always the way to go. Double-density rubber and those with grip-oriented patterns are among the best you can get. 

Still, we recommend getting models with metal shanks. It goes between the insole and outsole to add the extra sturdiness – not all models offer this, but it is still worth having.

Comfort and Fit

There's a wide array of factors to think about when picking a comfortable boot – and it's not worth the time to talk about all of them.

So we're just going to say that you need to choose between bulky and stiff boots and flexible and light ones. 

There's no in-between here. If you want massive protection, then you'll probably get a bulky and pretty stiff boot. It won't necessarily feel uncomfortable, but it won't be enjoyable to wear.

In contrast, if you want maximum comfort, then you'll have to let go of some protection. Especially if you expect flexibility, then you'll only find boots with little to no protective pads.

At the same time, make sure it is a boot that fits your feet size. If you can't find your exact size available, then going for a larger model is your best bet. Never pick a smaller size than your actual one – that will either not fit or eventually hurt. 

Adjustment System

Last but not least, you want to have a decent adjustment system on the boots. 

The best option here is a set of at least 2 buckles. Some boots will offer 2 buckles. Others will offer 3 or 4. Of course, the more buckles you have, the tighter the boot will fit – so it will probably be better that way. While having 1 buckle doesn't mean it is a bad product, it won't be as reliable as having at least 2.

But the number of buckles doesn't go alone. You also need sturdy buckles. That's why going for high-quality polymer buckles or alloy ones is an excellent idea.

To add even more sturdiness to the adjustment system, you can consider those with Velcro straps. This is what lets you open the boot so you can place your feet inside, yet it also adds safety when it is tightly adjusted.


When it comes to waterproofing, the two key areas to focus on are the inside and the outside of your boot. The linings of your boots are both largely responsible for ensuring that they are waterproof. You can determine their waterproofing by looking at the inner lining and material used in the interior part of the boot.

The inner lining will keep water from penetrating the boot, which means that water can't stay long in your boots and then move to other parts of your foot. The outer lining is more of a preventative measure. It keeps water from touching your foot at all.

Riders commonly forget that moisture doesn't just come from the outside. Sweat accumulates quickly during long trips or hot days. You have to make sure the material used in the area is created from a teflon mesh that prevents absorption and retention of moisture.

Why Use Enduro Riding Boots?

After reading our reviews and buying guide – then you're probably wondering which model to pick. But you may also be wondering if they're genuinely worth having.

Well, here are some reasons why an enduro riding boot can be such an excellent piece of equipment to have for your motocross adventures: 

No Shoelaces

The first and more important reason: these boots don't have shoelaces.

Other shoes and boots usually have these annoying cords that you have to be continually tying up to keep them in place. In the best-case scenario, they just don't tighten hard enough for your needs.

Shoelaces can also be dangerous, as they can get stuck to the chain and make you fall. And in some cases, they may just tear and loosen up your shoe/boot mid-ride.

To prevent that, motocross boots only come with buckles and straps. You won't have to tie anything – just secure the buckles up, and that's it. That will be enough to get you on the road safely with little to no danger. 

More Tightness

Because most shoes and boots come with shoelaces, they're more likely to loosen up mid-ride.

At the same time, they don't fit as tightly and securely as necessary to your feet. And if they are low-profile shoes – then they're very likely to come off during a fall or awkward movement.

That's why a pair of boots is such an essential piece of gear. They use the large design to attach to your feet entirely and never loosen up. Even in the harshest of falls or accidents, Enduro riding boots will stay attached to your feet. 

Superior Protection

Want to prevent injuries? Then there's no reason to use anything else apart from a sturdy set of motocross boots.

Most shoes and casual boots don't offer the toe protection, ankle support, and shin guards that you get with a dirt-bike boot. These are essential to keep these areas of your feet and leg safe, especially if you're riding on high-risk areas. 

Fractures, dislocations, over-extensions, sprains, and simple bruises – the right pair of bike boots prevents all of that. 

Ideal Materials

Finally, you need a pair of Enduro riding boots because they are stronger, more durable, more resistant to exterior elements, and thus much more reliable for riding bikes on dirt.

Materials like leather and polymers are designed for the sole purpose of adding the sturdiness necessary to keep your feet safe. Still, they allow sufficient flexibility to maneuver with ease while riding. This is something you won't get with any other shoe or boot.

How to Wear Riding Boots Properly? 

Wearing enduro motocross boots may seem like a piece of cake. Just put them on, tighten them up, and that's it – right?

Well, no. It takes a little more work than that if you want to wear them snugly for protection, but also loosen enough, so they feel comfy.

Overall, you should focus on wearing them tightly. They should restrict movement a little, but that means your ankle and other parts of your feet are totally safe. 

At the same time, you shouldn't feel any type of pressure or pain while wearing them. They should just fit a little tight, and that's it. Any type of extra discomfort means the boots are not right for you. 

So, how can you make this happen? Easy – follow these steps:

  1. Start by wearing the boots before taking them on a ride. You should do what's called "break-in," which means softening them up a little before driving your bike with them.
  2. Get your feet inside the foot, tighten it up, adjust the buckles and straps, and walk. You should wear them for a day at least before riding. This should soften them up enough.
  3. If they don't feel too comfortable or flexible enough after a day of use, you can always use a heat gun on them. This should soften up the plastic parts and make them comfier to wear.
  4. Once they feel comfortable enough – then you're ready to take them on a ride. Make sure your toes meet perfectly with the front part of the shoes. This will let you shift with ease.

Maintenance Tips for Enduro Riding Boots

Keeping your motocross boots in proper condition is not easy. Especially if you're using them every weekend, or every day - then you'll feel how they wear off fast. 

Luckily, you can always reduce the speed at which they wear off. Here are some tips you can follow for that:

  • Wash the boots after every ride. Especially if you went through mud or wet areas, then you must clean them up entirely and leave them to dry under the sun. Dirt buildup and wetness eventually weaken plastic and leather, so don't let that happen.
  • Secure the buckles, straps, and Velcro systems when not using the boots. Otherwise, they're likely to lose their strength, break, or tear. Sometimes they just bounce around and tear apart from the boot.
  • Tighten the screws on the buckles. Most buckles are attached via screws. They sometimes loosen up after use. Tighten them up to prevent them from falling and losing them. 
  • Never leave the boots under the sun for more than 3 hours. Leather and plastic eventually wear off and stiffen under prolonged sun rays. 
  • Don't use your boots with dirty feet. Especially if they already smell bad, you should clean them up before using the boots. At the same time, never wear them without socks. Otherwise, they're likely to get dirty inside and grow awful bacteria that make them smell. 
  • If your boots smell bad, then you may need to replace the midsole or insole. Most boots offer replaceable soles that you can buy replacements easily for. Don't hesitate to replace them before the smell takes the entire boot away.
  • If the boots come with a few metal parts, then try to lubricate them before using them. This will prevent water and other wet materials from sticking and corroding the metal.
  • Before using your boots, make sure they're totally dry. Otherwise, you may promote bacteria growth and awful smell over time. In some cases, this may wear the plastic or leather off.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things we already talked about in this article. But we may have left a few things out. Luckily, we still have a FAQ section where you can relieve some of your doubts.

  1. Are the Best Enduro riding boots necessary?

Yes. If you're taking your bike off-road through muddy and dirt trails, then you must use something that keeps your feet, ankle, lower leg, and toes protected and dry. The only gear that does that is a pair of motocross boots. 

  1. How long do motocross boots last?

It all depends on what you're getting and how much you use them. A low-end pair can last 6 months if you use them every weekend, and up to 5 years if you use them monthly. But a high-end model may last 2 years with regular use, and up to 10 years with occasional use. 

  1. Should I wear socks alongside motocross boots?

Yes, you should always wear socks alongside Enduro riding boots. In fact, there's a specific type of socks for motocross that help tighten up and keep your feet safer than the regular socks.  

  1. Can Enduro riding boots prevent injuries?

Of course, that's what they're made for. You can prevent anything from hyperextensions to dislocations, sprains, fractures, and even common bruises with boots. However, wearing boots is not a guarantee of not getting injured. You could still damage yourself even with the highest-quality pair. 

  1. Will Enduro riding boots protect against moisture?

Yes, that's one of their main uses. A well-made pair of boots can keep even the tiniest drop of moisture from entering.

Wrapping Up!

Did you learn something about motocross boots with this article? We're sure you did – at least you already know what boots to consider and which ones do not.

Remember, the best enduro riding boots are the ones that best match your requirements. That will be the perfect fit for you.

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