Best Fox Helmet: Recommended for 2022 (Updated!)

Are you thinking of buying a fox helmet but getting overwhelmed with the choices? That is completely understandable since there are so many options on the market right now. However, not all fox helmets are the same, and they all come with their own advantages and disadvantages, where some are better than others.

So to help you find the best fox helmet, we spent hours researching different products and finally put together a list of 5 incredible fox helmets that can be just the thing you need. We have also included a buying guide towards the end that you can follow to find the right helmet for yourself!

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5 Best Fox Helmet Reviews

5 Best Fox Helmet Reviews

Helmets are a very important part of your gear, be it for mountain bikes or motorcycles. Their main objective is to protect you in case of a fall or a crash, so you need to make sure your helmet is up for that task.

In this list below, you will find some of the best helmets on the market right now.

1. Fox Racing 2021 Youth V1 Helmet

The first product on the list is the Fox Racing 2021 Youth V1 Helmet that can be a great option for your kid or a younger sibling as the main target for this product is the youth.

However, you can also get this for yourself by going for the large size.

So, the first thing that you need to know is that this helmet makes use of Fox’s Patented MVRS visor system to take care of the rotational forces.

That means that in case of a crash, the magnetic visor release system will release the visor to avoid any further injuries.

This thing has a lightweight polycarbonate and ABS shell construction, which does a great job scattering the energy in case of a crash, thus minimizing the impact.

It is a well-ventilated helmet that will keep the user from feeling discomfort by sweating too much.

There are a total of 9 intakes and 4 exhaust vents that ensures good airflow. It comes with a comfort liner and cheek pads that can be removed and washed as needed.

This thing has a very sturdy build, which will definitely keep anyone using it completely safe. Since it is also quite durable, you can be confident that it will last you a pretty long time.

You will not have to worry about the helmet coming off either, as it fits very tightly. However, some people may find that too snug for them, so it depends on each individual and what they prefer.

This black/yellow product can also be found in three other colors that you can choose from. It is a great quality helmet that looks not only good but also offers excellent performance.


  • Features MVSR for maximum protection
  • Very well-ventilated
  • Sturdy build
  • Quite comfortable


  • May be too small for some

2. Fox Racing Powersports-Helmets Rampage Helmet

Next, we have another high-quality helmet, which is the Fox Racing Rampage Helmet. Not only does this thing look nice, but it also has a lot to offer.

Let us first start off with the outer shell of the helmet, which has a lightweight injection-molded ABS shell construction. It is quite tough and can withstand a lot of abuse without falling apart.

On the other hand, the inside has a mesh lining and padding, which not only provides protection but also helps keep anyone wearing it cool by allowing the air to pass through.

Speaking of air, this thing is also nicely ventilated with the injected mesh vent screens, allowing incredible airflow.

It is also very good at providing protection from dirt and debris that you will likely come in contact with when out on a ride. You can even adjust the visor as you like.

This is a very comfortable helmet that does not restrict head movement in any way. That makes it good for hours of use without feeling any discomfort.

If you decide to buy it, do make sure to check the size chart and know your head measurements. You would not want anything too loose that it comes off or something so tight that you cannot even fit your head.

Overall, this is a top-notch helmet that will not only have you looking good but also protect you from heavy damage when you are out on your bike.

From its strong and high-quality build to the reliable performance, this thing will leave you little room for disappointment.


  • Very comfortable
  • Strong but lightweight ABS shell outer construction
  • Inner mesh vent screens provide great ventilation
  • Offers good protection


  • Only suitable for bike riding

3. Fox Racing Powersports-Helmets V1 REVN Helmet

The Fox Racing V1 REVN Helmet is one that took the motorcycling world by a storm. With just one look, you will notice its top-notch quality and just the overall look of the helmet that will suit just about anyone!

One of the best things about this product is that it comes in six shell sizes and six EPS sizes that will allow you to find a very precise fit.

This thing comes with a Magnetic Visor Release System, also known as MVRS, where basically the visor comes off in case of a crash.

This thing has a solid polycarbonate and ABS shell construction, which makes it highly durable

The mesh liner and cheek pads do an excellent job making sure you feel comfortable and that the helmet does not feel too tight or snug.

You can easily remove and wash the comfort liner and cheek pads whenever you need to.

Another thing you will appreciate about this helmet is that it has excellent ventilation. There is a total of 9 in-take vents at the front and four exhaust vents at the back.

The areas they positioned the vents, like on the chin bar on both sides, play a very big role in allowing the air to flow through freely and keeping you cool.

All in all, this is one of the finest helmets on the market right now. The only issue that some people may find bothersome is that it can be quite heavy.

However, other than that, this is a very impressive helmet that was made keeping the user’s needs and likings in mind.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Top-notch quality and solid build
  • Comes in 6 sizes for a precise fit
  • Comfortable


  • Can be a bit heavy

4. Fox Racing Powersports-Helmets V1 Matte Helmet

Are you looking for a more budget-friendly helmet? If so, the Fox Racing V1 Matte Helmet Is just the thing for you.

Like many other good fox helmets, this one too features MVRS, where the visor will automatically come off if it feels enough pressure, which can be very useful in case of a crash.

Still, it has a strong enough construction that you will not have to worry about it popping off while you use it.

However, that is not the only safety feature this helmet brings you. It also includes a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which can be found inside the helmet.

What this does is that in case of certain impacts, it minimizes the damaging force transmitted to the brain.

It has a lightweight injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS shell build, which does a great job scattering the energy in case of a fall or accident.

With its 6 shell sizes and 7 EPS sizes, you will find it quite easy to get a precise fit.

You will find 9 entry vents here, along with 4 exhaust vents. The placing of the vents is quite smart and helps with the airflow, so you can feel the air passing through as you ride your motorcycle or bike.

This way, you will stay cool and not sweat as much as the helmet sits tightly on your head.

It also comes with comfort liners and cheek pads that you can easily remove and wash as needed. So if you think this is all you are looking for in your next helmet, do check this product out!


  • Heavily ventilated
  • Precise fit
  • Removable and washable comfort liners and cheek pads
  • Great design


  • None

5. Fox Racing Powersports-Helmets V1 Plaic Helmet

Moving on to the last product on our best fox helmet list, we have the Fox Racing V1 Plaic Helmet. This is another well-loved product from fox racing and you will see why!

When it comes it build and quality, this thing can outshine most other helmets. It has a polycarbonate build that makes it highly durable.

This all-black helmet has a very glossy look and comes with 6 shell sizes with 7 EPS sizes so that you can find your best fit.

It features the well-known magnetic visor release system as an additional safety feature, along with the multi-directional impact system that greatly reduces impact to your brain in case of a crash.

Another thing that makes the helmet so safe is that it is built in a way that disperses the energy upon impact, thus minimizing damage. You can cool off easily in this as it is a well-ventilated gear that allows thorough airflow.

Overall, this is an excellent helmet that will not only keep you safe and protected but also make you look great.


  • Well-ventilated
  • Comes with 6 shell and 7 EPS sizes
  • Very comfortable
  • Offers great protection


  • Can be a bit snug

What to Look for While Buying Fox Helmet?

What to Look for While Buying Fox Helmet

If you want to buy a good fox helmet, just knowing about these products is not enough. When we picked out the best ones, we were looking at certain features and properties of the helmets.

That is exactly what you need to do as well if you want to find the right one for yourself. Below are some of the things that you need to consider when buying yourself your next helmet.

  • Quality and Build

One of the most important things that can make or break a helmet (quite literally) is the build and quality of the product.

Is it a well-built helmet? Was it made using high-quality materials? These are some of the questions that you need to ask when buying such a product

Fortunately, most fox helmets, especially the ones on this list, were made using top-quality polycarbonate. The build quality of a helmet also determines how many hits it can take and how durable it is.

  • Weight

Your safety is incredibly important, that is why you need a helmet that will offer you the best protection. Weight plays a key role here, as the heavier your helmet, the more protection you will get from it.

However, that is not always the case, and something that is too heavy can create additional problems by affecting your riding.

So what you need is a perfect balance. Make sure the helmet is heavy enough to provide you with full protection but also somewhat lightweight that it does weigh on your head too much.

  • Ventilation

When you are out riding, especially during the summer, you are likely to sweat, especially with a helmet that has poor ventilation.

The excess sweat can greatly reduce your stamina and make you disoriented, which can become extremely risky.

What you need is a helmet that has good ventilation and airflow. Look for products that come with a lot of vents like the ones we have on this list.

Having a lot of entry and exhaust vents ensures that air can pass through freely and help you cool off.

  • Fit

Before anything else, though, you have to make sure the helmet of your choice actually fits you precisely.

You surely do not want anything that will move every time you shake your head or something so small that it does not even fit your head.

So all you need to do is very carefully measure the size of your head, which includes your hair as well. Then also look at their size chart to see what would be a precise fit for you.

  • Comfort 

Comfort is another very important aspect of a helmet. You will surely want something that sits very comfortably on your head.

Fox helmets come with a comfort liner and cheek pads that feel soft to the touch and can be removed for washing.

  • Features

Additional features on a helmet can make them stand out from the rest. One such safety feature is the MVRS that fox helmets specialize in. This thing can be very useful during a crash by preventing further damage to your head.

There is also the multi-directional impact protection system that does an excellent job minimizing damage to your brain in case of an accident.

Are Fox Helmets Good?

Are Fox Helmets Good

Yes, they really are. Not only do fox helmets look absolutely great, but they also have a lot to offer. They are some of the best quality helmets on the market right now and very well-known and with good reason.

First of all, they have a very wide range of products with different designs and features, so you get a lot of options to choose from.

Fox helmets also come with a variety of features depending on the product, including the innovative MVSR that can be very useful and can really help to protect you in the event of an accident.

These helmets typically also run small, which means that they fit very tightly, and you will not need to worry about them coming off easily.

However, snug does not mean uncomfortable as these helmets are usually very well-ventilated with padding on the inside.

The most important job of the helmet is to keep the user safe. Fox helmets are always up for that task.

Depending on the particular model, fox helmets are made using the best of materials and have a solid build, which makes them very durable.

They can take hits and some can even disperse the energy to minimize the impact on the user in case of a fall or a crash.

Final Words

Before you go out and buy yourself a helmet, so make sure to have your head measured accurately.

To get the best fox helmet, make sure to consider all the important features and aspects like good ventilation, comfort, safety features, along with a few others.

We hope you found this review helpful and provided some clarity for you about the different products.

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