Best Heated Motorcycle Grips: Reviews in 2022 (Updated!)

Riding your bike in extremely cold weather when you can’t even feel your fingers, can be extremely numbing, often leading to serious injuries even.

However, anyone who loves riding won’t really be willing to give up this activity for a whole season just for the cold. Then how to ensure that they don’t get harmed in the process? By using heated grips of course!

Heated motorcycle grips can really alter the way you feel about riding in cold temperatures.

This article about the best heated motorcycle grips provide you with some insights about this, along with offering motorcycle heated grips reviews. So, keep reading!

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Best Heated Motorcycle Grips Review

Best Heated Motorcycle Grips Review

Have you ever thought to yourself - what are the top motorcycle heated grips? Well, to answer your question, we have reviewed some amazing models so that you can choose from any of them, or just use their features as a reference.

1. Oxford OF690Z Heaterz Premium Adventure Heated Handlebar Grips

The first product we are going to review is one of the best heated grips for motorcycles. The Oxford heated grips are quite versatile as they are equipped with 5 different heat settings, ranging from 100% to 30%.

You’ll need some gloves if you want to use it at the highest setting, while the lowest is a bit warmer than the body temperature.

We love the fact that the grips are made to last for a long time. The rubber material they are constructed with is thick and can resist any sort of wear and tear.

Besides, you can get a pretty firm grip by using this product, which gives you more control. Also, this model is completely waterproof.

One of the most irritating things about using motorcycle grips is the enhanced vibration that comes with those. But with this model, you do not have to worry about any such thing.

This product can easily absorb all vibration, making way for a much smoother ride. Besides, the raised controls on the mode help you to access those easily even while wearing gloves.

Ease of use is another reason why this grip is very popular. Installing it is particularly easy, as is maintenance. Since it comes in a welded case, it is protected from all sorts of weather conditions.

Last but not the least, the model has a battery saving mode that will help it shut down 5 minutes after the engine stops running, making it quite economical.


  • Equipped with 4 different heat settings for you to choose from
  • Made from thick high quality rubber material that is wear and tear resistant
  • Designed to absorb vibration and work fully even in rain
  • Battery saving mode helps to ensure that you won’t get stuck with a flat battery
  • The heat controller is constructed for maximum durability
  • Cons

  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • 2. BikeMaster Heated Grips

    Our next model is quite similar with the first one, if not better due to the low price. A lot of people are averse to the use of heated grips because of the fear of overheating or underwhelming performance.

    But with the BikeMaster heated grips, all these problems vanish within a second.

    With this model, you can get 5 different settings from which you can choose the one you prefer depending on the weather condition outside.

    What caught our eye is that there is an LED indicator for the different settings, helping you switch through each one without much confusion.

    Getting a good grip on the bike is the most important factor while driving one. This model makes sure of that. As it is made from rubber material, you can hold on to it pretty firmly while driving.

    In addition to that, the rubber is pretty resistant to any sort of environmental factors from the outside.

    Making sure that the additional heat does not take a toll on your battery is a pretty important thing to consider. This model offers a simple solution to this problem.

    Its display shows the voltage of the system, so that you can turn it off when the power is too high for the battery’s capacity.


  • Design is open ended which makes it look stylish
  • Has five different temperature settings that allow flexibility
  • Made from rubber that offers good grip
  • Controller does not need to be resettled to previous setting before each use
  • Display indicates heat setting and voltage level to give you the chance to save power
  • Affordable
  • Cons

  • Is a bit hard to install without a mechanic
  • 3. Koso Apollo Heated Grips

    The Koso grips are one of the best heated motorcycle hand grips you will ever lay your hands upon. This model is mainly known for its safety measures alongside its functionality.

    Often, while switching between different temperature settings of a heated grip, we need to move our hand from the handlebar, doing which gives rise to the risk of an accident occurring.

    However, with this product, you can just change the temperature setting using your right hand while keeping it on the handlebar, thanks to the integrated switch that comes with it.

    Besides, the grip is quite firm, so you do not have to worry about it slipping from your hands. It is also quite comfortable to hold on to, due to its cushiony surface.

    One of the best things about this model is that along with having 5 different temperature settings that give you the flexibility to choose, it has an LED indicator for those settings.

    So, you will be able to identify which setting you are currently using by just looking at the light, with no further hassle.

    To make sure that the grips are not draining your bike of power, this product is equipped with both a low battery warning system and an automatic shut off system.

    By utilizing these, you can keep the grip off when your bike is running low on battery and thus avoid the chance of being stranded in the middle of the road.


  • Integrated thumb switch provides safety to users
  • Provides a firm grip while being comfortable
  • Different heat settings help to keep your hand warm at different weather conditions
  • LED indicators display different colors for each setting
  • Low battery warning makes sure that your bike has the required amount of power
  • Memory function of the grips put it back to the previous setting
  • Cons

  • At a higher price point than most other alternatives
  • 4. Heat Demon 215049 Heated Grip Kit

    If you are looking for a simple grip kit that will do the basic job of keeping your hands warm while out on a ride in a chilly night, then these are quite a good bet for you.

    This Heat Damon grip kit is known for its simplicity and ease of use and does not come with fancy features like most of the models we have reviewed here.

    One of the things we love about this model is that it is very easy to install. You just need to clamp on the grips, as easy as that. There is no need for any extra drilling or wiring.

    Besides, the kit comes with all the things that you need for installing it. Therefore, it is a hassle free process.

    The most important thing to ensure while using heated grips is that they are providing enough comfort for you to hold on to, and a firm grasp.

    This model makes sure of both these factors quite well. Since it is made of high quality rubber material, you can keep a firm and comfortable grip on it.

    Unlike a lot of other models, this grip kit does not have a lot of different temperature settings for you to choose from. Instead, there is only a warm and a hot setting.

    However, users agree that both settings are decent for the different kinds of weather, and the hot setting works amazingly for the chilly climate.


  • Grips can be clamped on and does not require to be glued
  • Can fit all ATV models
  • Made from good quality rubber that gives a firm grip
  • Rocker switch can be used in any one of the three different positions
  • Installation is super easy as the kit is equipped with everything
  • Warm enough to provide heat in cold weathers
  • Cons

  • The switch is a bit flimsy
  • 5. Kuryakyn 6228 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips

    Our next model is the Kurakayn Premium ISO grips, which is quite popular among users due to their comfort and stylish features.

    This model has quite a distinct look from other alternatives in the market, with its black and chrome design and removable caps to give it a tailored look.

    While riding a bike, one of the most irritating things riders face is the continuous vibration. This can sometimes even distract riders or cause them some serious discomfort. Fortunately for you, this product minimizes the vibrations to a great extent.

    Comfort is a very important factor while choosing a heated grip for yourself. The Kuryakyn grips focus a great deal on that, making the model out of soft cushiony rubber that feels great under your hands.

    Besides, the product is designed for enough airflow to prevent your hand from getting all sweaty.

    Last but not the least, one of the unique things in this model is that it can be contoured in such a way so as to relieve pressure on the arms.

    This way, you can be sure to ride comfortably even for longer distances. This feature definitely sets the product apart from its counterparts in the market.


  • Has a very stylish appeal due to the black and chrome design
  • Designed to reduce vibration to a great extent
  • Soft rubber material on the grips provide a firm surface to hold on to
  • Allows air flow between the grips for heat relief
  • End caps can be removed for a customized look
  • Designed to ensure little to no pressure on the arms
  • Cons

  • Not compatible with all sorts of bikes
  • 6. Heat Demon 215048 Heated Grip Kit

    Next up on our list is another heated grip kit from Heat Damon. This is different from the previous model as it has a few more distinctive features and performs better as well.

    We really like this model for its versatile use, ease of installation, and variety of settings to choose from which was lacking in the previous versions.

    This model cannot fit all motorcycles, but it is well designed for all ATV models. We love that it is super easy to install; you just need to clamp it on without using any adhesive whatsoever. The ease of installation definitely gives this brand an edge from others.

    Another great thing about this model is that it does not just focus on warming up the grip.

    Any rider knows that while riding in cold temperature, the thumb tends to become quite cold and stiff as well and needs a bit of extra attention. To combat that problem, this model heats it up as well as the grip.

    You can choose from 5 different temperature settings in this model. The only downside is that the low heat setting is quite warm, so you might be better off using gloves with it.

    In addition to all these, this model also conserves your battery by shutting them down automatically after finishing use.


  • Designed to fit all ATV models
  • Grips can be clamped on without any additional process
  • Equipped with separate heat controllers for thumb and grip
  • Has different temperature settings to choose from
  • Automatically shuts down to conserve your battery life
  • Cons

  • The low temperature setting does not work too well
  • 7. IZTOSS Universal Heated Grips Warmer Pad Kits

    If you are looking for a model that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and give you service over the years that pass by, then this is the one for you.

    The feature that easily distinguishes this model from others is that it is made from Kevlar fiber, which helps to distribute the heat evenly to all places.

    The unit also has a waterproof rating of IP67, so it can protect your hands from rain at all times. This is especially great considering that the temperature settings will keep acting normally in the rain too, so you do not have to worry about the additional cold.

    Cleaning heated grips is sometimes a hassle, as they cannot withstand water often. But this grip can be cleaned with water without causing any damage making them particularly easy to maintain.

    Besides, they are very easy to install, so you can definitely use them without any complications.

    The switch that comes with the model has 3 different modes – power on, off, and standby. You can easily switch between the modes by pressing on the button for a bit of time.

    The best thing about this product is that it can warm up in exactly 1 minute after it has been turned on, so you do not have to suffer any delays.


  • Made from high quality Kevlar fiber that helps spread the heat evenly
  • Has a waterproof rating of IP67
  • Equipped with three different temperature settings for your different needs
  • Can be cleaned easily with water
  • Heats up in just 1 minute after being connected
  • Power on, off and standby modes can be easily controlled by the switch
  • Cons

  • Can get warmer than expected
  • 8. Kuryakyn 6383 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips

    Have you looked at numerous grips only to find they are too small for your hands and do not provide as great a fit as you would like?

    If so, then you should be looking for one that has a bit bigger diameter than other models. Luckily for you, this Kuryakyn model matches that exact category.

    These grips are renowned to be among the larger and softer ones in the market. If that is what you are searching for, then this product is definitely worth checking out.

    Do not be worried about the fitting of the model though, as that can be easily managed with the tools that come along.

    Speaking of tools, this model comes with a lot of different accessories that you can use for your advantage.

    These include a front and rear cover, a hardware kit containing a head cap screw and end caps, and ISO sleeves. These come handy when installing the product, as well as while fitting it.

    Finally, this model does a great job reducing any sorts of vibrations that occur.

    Therefore, you will be able to experience a much smoother ride with the additional benefit of the heat on your palms. All in all, this is definitely a model that works along the lines of what it claims to do.


  • The grip is soft and comfortable to hold on to
  • Reduction in vibration makes way for a much more comfortable ride
  • End caps can be attached and removed as per your wish
  • Comes equipped with a lot of different tools
  • Can fit with all Harley-Davidson models
  • Cons

  • The holes can be a bit difficult to screw into
  • 9. BikeMaster Heated Grips with LCD Switch

    Last but not the least, we have the BikeMaster grip with an LED switch. This is quite similar to the previous BikeMaster model we reviewed, except for, as the name suggests, this one is equipped with a handy LED switch, a feature that makes it rank a bit higher on our list of preferred grips.

    Coming to the LED switch, we are very pleased with its various functions.

    The switch can show the level of the battery, help you warn when your battery is running out and when you need to shut down the grips power. This definitely comes to great help when you are in the middle of a long journey.

    Just like the previous model, you have the option to choose from 5 different temperature settings. However, here the LCD switch helps you to control the temperatures remotely.

    It also shows a different light for each different setting, so you can differentiate between them with just a glance.

    Another thing we like about this product is that it does not take too long to heat up. The whole process is done within seconds, so you can enjoy some warmth as soon as you turn it on. Besides, installing this model is a piece of cake, so you do not have to worry about that either.


  • Gives you the flexibility to choose from different modes of temperature
  • Equipped with an LCD controller with an easy-to-read display
  • The battery voltage and temperature settings can be seen through the controller
  • Heats up rapidly within seconds
  • Can be installed easily
  • Cons

  • The grip feels a bit too hard
  • What to Look for While Buying Heated Motorcycle Grips? 

    Heated Motorcycle Grips

    Instead of just looking at all the heated motorcycle grips in the market, you should shortlist them based on some factors.

    The following ones cover most of them and will help you to choose one from our best motorcycle heated grips reviews.


    Heated Motorcycle Grips Materials

    It is very important to have the grip made from materials that you can hold on to comfortably. Most grips are therefore made from rubber or silicone.

    We would recommend that you buy a rubber grip as they are firmer and can offer you more control, while making sure your hands don’t slip off the surface.


    Heated Motorcycle Grips Power

    Most heated grips require about 4A of power. Motorbikes usually have an output of 28A, out of which 12 A is needed for its own functions. Just make sure that the grips don’t need more input than your bike can spare.



    Make sure that the design of the model is suited to your needs. Check how many different temperature modes you can switch from, look for LED indicators if they help you with different setting modes, see if the grips fit your bike and are a good match for your hands before making a purchase.


    Heated Motorcycle Grips Durability

    It’s no use spending a lot on a grip if it does not last for a long time. Therefore, make sure that your product can withstand different weather conditions, as that plays a vital role in durability. A waterproof grip is a must.

    How Install A Motorcycle Grip? 


    You don’t necessarily need a mechanic to install the grips on your bike. Instead, you can do it by yourself by following these steps –

    1. Remove Old Grips


    First, you need to take out any old grips that are on your bike. You can do so by using pliers or cutting them off fully.

    2. Clean the Handlebars

    Clean the Handlebars

    Next, use some rubbing alcohol or grease to help clean all rime and debris, and to make a slippery surface for your new grips to slide on to.

    3. Put New Grips On

    Put New Grips On

    Slide the new grips on by employing a twisting motion. Try to get these as close to the controls as possible.

    4. Wire Away

    Wire the grips to the battery according to the instructions provided with the model and voila, you are done!

    Are Heated Motorcycle Grips Worth It?

    When it comes to motorcycle accessories, heated grips are one of the most popular. They're said to keep your hands warm on those cold winter rides, but are they worth it? 

    Heated grips can be worthwhile regardless of how cold the weather is. However, not many of them come with a high cost and it's a useful add-on particularly if you are a motorcycle rider during winter temperatures. If you wish to get the most out of them, you may also install hand guards to prevent thermal wind from pushing your hands.

    Heated grips are a treat during cold weather. Not only do they keep you more comfortable while you’re riding in them, they additionally decrease the risk of injury by keeping you warm on cold rides.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can the grips warm my hands through gloves?

    The lower temperature setting on the grips might be insufficient for this, so you might need to toggle it higher to get the heat through your gloves.

    2. What if I need heated grips only in winter?

    You can replace the heated grips with normal ones in the summer in this case. Just buy some that are easy to remove and install.

    3. Should I look for a grip made from rubber or from neoprene?

    Rubber ones are usually best as they are much more durable and provide a firm grip.

    4. How do I clean the residue from old grips?

    You can use rubbing alcohol or some kerosene to remove old residue and grime.

    5. What is the use of a LED light on a grip?

    The LED light typically shows the temperature setting of the grip, and the battery voltage of the bike.

    Final Words

    Finding the perfect grip can be an amazing solution for those long chilly rides at night.

    We hope that by reading our article about the best heated motorcycle grips, you are now one step closer to getting one that meets your requirements. So, go shopping for your new riding companion right away!

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