Best Inline Fuel Filter for Motorcycle: Buying Guide 2022

Fuel is the driving force for any vehicle. But even this can get contaminated. Using contaminated fuel to run your car or bike can cause the engine to shut down. This can cause massive accidents.

To make sure your bike runs as it was supposed to, you need to filter the fuel. And the best way to do that is by using inline fuel filters.

Now there are many options to choose from. But we gathered the top six options for the best inline fuel filter for motorcycles.

Choosing the perfect one is crucial. It will make sure you get the most out of your engine. Take a look at our selection and decide which suits you the best.

Need a quick decision? Here you go!

6 Best Inline Fuel Filter for Motorcycle

While looking for the perfect fuel filter, you will find numerous options. They vary from each other on different levels. For your ease, we have put together the best six. Take a look at what each of them has to offer.

1. K&N 81-0221 Sintered Porous Bronze Fuel Filter

Unlike the similar-sounding name M&M, K&N is a company that is known for its filters. They got air filters, oil filters, cabin filters, and tons more. But the one filter that stands out the most is their inline fuel filters.

More precisely, the K&N 81-0221 model. It has a transparent design that is perfect for letting you know about the status of the filter.

The filter is designed in a manner that will increase the horsepower and acceleration of your bike.

The narrow outlet nozzle size makes sure your engine receives the fuel at high pressure. This makes it easier to get ignited too!

To ensure this high volume of fuel is discharged after filtering through sintered bronze as filter media, the media is porous and will only let the fuel flow out.

One of the best things about this media is that it's reusable. You can take the filter out, clean it, and plug it back in, all the while getting the same result as the first time.

Once plugged in, it will assist your bike for up to fifty thousand miles. Once that threshold is reached, you will have to clean it again.

As the exterior is transparent, you will know when to clean. This will also let you know which fuel source is clean and which is not.


  • No limitations regarding the type of fuel
  • Low pressure and high-volume fuel injection assist in better acceleration
  • Filter media can be reused by cleaning after a particular mileage
  • The installation process requires no special tools


  • No other flange diameter options
  • Not compatible with all engine types

2. CocoMocart Gas Inline Fuel Filters

CocoMocart is a well-known brand that has numerous power supply products. The universal 1/4" × 5/16" inline fuel filters are one such product. Similar to the K&N one, the filter is made of a plastic exterior. It is called universal, for it can be used with all sorts of automobiles.

If you are looking for a filter that's compatible with your bike, this is the best motorcycle fuel filter.

The filter media is a hundred millimeters paper cylinder. This might seem unreliable, but it uses magnets at both ends to separate the impurities. Hence, the filter is sure to work with both gas and oil.

The build material is also cold-resistant. So, you will not have to worry when out on a ride in winter.

Due to such a magnetic filter, you might be thinking it has a bit of a complex installation process.

But that is not the case. It has a straightforward installation process. But as the filter is mainly paper, you will have to replace it frequently. The brand is not of the reusable kind.

As the exterior is mainly plastic, they made it transparent. So, you will know when to change out the media.

When such a time comes, remove the head from the apparatus and swap the media. It is that simple! The best thing about this fuel filter is that you can use it anywhere, anytime.


  • Super-easy installation and usage protocol
  • Works with almost all outdoor power equipment
  • Magnets filter out all the metallic contaminants
  • The recyclable paper filter makes the media environment friendly


  • Filter media is not reusable
  • Requires frequent changing for undisturbed fuel flow

3. APE RACING Inline Fuel Filter

A misconception is that fuel filters reduce your engine's performance. But that is not the reality.

In the case of APE racing, their inline fuel filters are something that assists your engine. The quarter-inch flange enables fuel to flow at a higher rate than usual—this helps accelerate faster.

So, you can shrug off all those rumors and use this fuel filter for better fuel efficiency.

The media used is similar to the one used in the CocoMocart fuel filter. So, you will have to replace them after a specific mileage. But the replacement process is easier than the alternatives.

There is an arrow etched on the plastic exterior. Plug the inline fuel filter with the arrow along with the fuel flow, and you are done.

There is no complicated installation step.

You can use the filter in almost all types of engines. Motorcycles, lawnmowers, generators, Go Karts, you name it.

This is a universal fuel filter to the most authentic sense due to its double-length compared to the alternative.

The length increases the volume of fuel it can filter at a time, allowing it to increase the fuel ejection rate. And we all know that the more the fuel, the better the acceleration!


  • A durable see-through exterior shell helps to keep tabs on the fuel status
  • The 35-micron mesh helps to stop all form of contaminants
  • Higher flow due to double length helps to increase acceleration
  • Cylindrical design enables it to blend in with the engine


  • The kit needs to be replaced entirely
  • Not suited for industrial type vehicles

4. ZYTC Clear Gas Inline Fuel Filter

Another great inline fuel filter is the one from ZYTC. It has a plastic exterior that makes it transparent to keep a look at when your filter is working correctly. This also works as a fuel indicator. If there is no fuel left, the filter will seem empty.

The feature makes it so you will get a heads up about your fuel situation with just a glance.

Despite having a plastic exterior, the shell is durable and will withstand harsh conditions with ease. It is cold-resistant and scratch-resistant. With this on your bike, you can go for a ride wherever you wish.

There is no holding back. Though the filter is designed for golf carts, it can be used with other engines as well.

To make sure you get non-contaminated fuel, it utilizes stone media to filter. With this media, you can clear out all the contaminations and get clear fuel. It is perfect for liquid fuels as well.

Moreover, the solid media, once used up, can be replaced. You will need to take the lid off, take it out and put a new one in. It will be as good as new.

But be careful while installing the filter since it tends to break. The plastic quality is pretty good but not suitable for long-term usage.


  • Replaceable filter media reduces the cost
  • Designed for using with golf carts type engines
  • The installation process is similar to plug and play
  • The conical design increases the fuel flow rate


  • The probability of it breaking during installation is high
  • Cannot be used to filter gaseous fuel

5. K&N 81-0300 Replacement Fuel Filter

Unlike the previous K&N product we talked about, this one, the K&N 81-0300, is not a reusable one. This inline fuel filter has a plastic and metal body, which is replaceable.

Having such a build, it can be used with all types of engine. You are not limited by the engine type you own. Take the filter and plug it in. The installation process is that easy.

The metal rims on both ends of the filter give it a rigid structure, and the plastic body makes it transparent. Due to this, you can see the status of the filter media.

Whenever you feel like the media is too clogged up, you can easily replace it. This also allows you to decide which fuel sources are clean and which aren't.

Moreover, the replaceable media has a unique look to it. It uses a clear mesh net to trap the contaminants.

Due to this, the kit is not suitable for fuel injectors, as using it for a fuel injector might cause the mesh media to tear due to high pressure.

But it is perfect for all the other fuel types. In fact, it is one of the few which can filter both gaseous and liquid fuel.


  • Special tools are not a must in case of installation
  • The exterior material is resistant to oil, heat, and cold
  • Transparent viewing exterior shell for an easy status update
  • Clear mesh filter lets you know when replacement is required


  • Fabric mesh filter media makes it unsuitable to be used for fuel injectors
  • The filter media is not reusable, so it has to be replaced

6. AloneGoer 81-0221 Inline Gas Fuel Filter

Finding a compatible inline fuel filter is a challenging task. To make it easier, we present to you the fuel filter by AloneGoer. Their 81-0221 model fuel filter is perfect for Honda Kawasaki and a few other bikes.

These replaceable parts are cheap and easy to install. You will not have to worry about finding a suitable filter for your bike ever again.

Having a plastic exterior, the kit is transparent and durable. But once it is plugged in, it is a bit hard to replace.

It is better to replace the whole equipment instead of just the media filter.

But if you wish, you can reuse the kit after replacing the media. For that, you will need to pop the lid open and replace it. Though it is not recommended, it will work as well as it were new.

The kit is perfect for bikes for the conical design. This allows the fuel to have high volume and low pressure at intake.

But when it nears the outlet, the situation is reversed. That is, it will have a lower volume and higher pressure.

This allows that the engine has a higher horsepower and acceleration rate. So, unlike conventional fuel filters, this one will increase your engine's fuel efficiency. It has the ideal design for racing engine applications too.


  • Perfect for racing applications as it increases the fuel flow rate
  • Because of a smaller form-factor, it will not stand out from the setup
  • Fuel flow is done at a higher pressure due to the conical design
  • The durable exterior can withstand rough weather and situations


  • The whole kit has to be replaced
  • Not compatible with all automobile engines

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Inline Motorcycle Fuel Filter

Now that you know about the best fuel filters, you can find the one that suits you. But there are a few things that you need to know about before choosing the perfect one. They are-

  • Compatibility

Different fuel filters are made for different vehicle models. They are generally designed with a particular engine type in mind. Though they claim to be universal, they are not true about that.

They can be used with all engine types, but whether they will be effective or not depends on their design. Choose the one that compliments your engine instead of bottlenecking it.

  • Durability

Your fuel filter will be right next to the engine in most cases. It will be near a heat source.

So, if they break, then you are looking at a severe fire hazard. Make sure the fuel filter you are going to buy has a sturdy build.

Most of the fuel filters use plastic for the exterior. Make sure the plastic used has a higher grade than the usual. Or else get one that uses a metal body.

  • Diameter

Motorcycle engines require a higher fuel flow rate. This helps the engine to work efficiently. Your fuel filter might bottleneck this flow rate if the inlet and outlet are narrow.

To make sure that is not the case, choose a kit that has wider nozzles. A bigger nozzle diameter will assist in the fuel rate and help to increase acceleration.

  • Engine Preference

A fuel filter has a limit on the rate of fuel it can filter. If your engine requires more fuel, it will not be able to do so.

For this reason, the manufacturers make fuel filters that are good for particular automobiles. You will not get the same result from a fuel filter built for SUV when plugged in a tractor.

So, decide which engine you are going to use the filter for and buy accordingly.

  • Mesh Size

Media used in a filter has variable contaminant filtration ability. This is due to the different mesh sizes. A bigger mesh will allow more fuel to flow out, but it will stay impure.

But if the mesh is small, all the contaminants will get stuck, but it will lower the fuel flow rate. Find the best mesh size for your requirements and buy it.

  • Media Type

Different fuel filters have various media. Some use stone, some paper, and some use solid porous metal. Some of them even have a magnetic feature that separates the metallic impurities.

Different media have different capabilities of filtration. Make sure to select one that can filter out most of the contaminants from your fuel.

  • Installation Process

Installation of a fuel filter is easy if you get the right one. Some of them require special tools for installation. This may be problematic for many. Get a fuel filter kit that doesn't require such specialized tools.

Though most of the fuel filters we mentioned are easy to install, make sure you get the right one.

Do Inline Fuel Filters Reduce Flow?


One of the biggest misconceptions people have about inline fuel filters is that they restrict the fuel flow.

Many users claim that this is the case. But that is not entirely true. The reason is that you will get the correct flow rate if you use the perfect inline fuel filter and maintain it.

If the fuel filter you are using is not suitable for the engine type, you will get a reduced flow. Different engine requires different flow rate. For instance, you use a bike fuel filter for an SUV.

This will cause your SUV engine to get fuel at a different rate than it is supposed to. This, in turn, reduces your engine's efficiency.

Moreover, if you use a fuel filter that is not cleaned properly, it will reduce the flow.

If the media is clogged up with contaminants, then the fuel will not have enough space to flow. So, you will be dissatisfied with the performance.

If you do not want to face such problems, you will need to do two main things. They are-

  • Make sure to use the inline fuel filter that is compatible with your engine
  • Replace or clean the filter media as per the recommended schedule

Final Words

We tried to make sure that the recommendations we offer for the best inline fuel filter for motorcycles are universal. Even though they are compatible with all engine types, make sure to choose one that suits your engine the best.

If not so, you will be bottlenecking your bike. It will not be able to perform at its best. So, choose wisely.

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