6 Best Leveling Kit for Chevy Colorado: Reviews in 2022

"Hey! Look, your truck is bowing to my sedan" your funny friend just cracked a joke. However, it got everyone laughing but you. 

It is very common, and all the trucks come with a feature called the rack. The front is not at the same level as the rear. It is done with a purpose like towing. But this is modifiable with a leveling kit. 

The purpose of this kit is the same as you are thinking right now. It gives the truck a leveled look and aggressive stance. 

To maintain this leveling, the right kind of kit is crucial. The best leveling kit for chevy Colorado will eliminate the factory rack without messing with the handling. Here's how you pick the right one. 

Top 6 Best leveling kit for chevy colorado

Top 6 Best leveling kit for chevy colorado

1. Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit 

The Chevy Colorado is perfect itself, but the urge to do more is always there when you own a fantastic ride like this one. The rake can make the ideal vehicle a little dull.

That's why the Rough Country 2" leveling kit for 2015-2020 chevy Colorado is here. It is the leveling kit that can achieve a perfect look although the front and rear. 

Usually, the factory rack is not much; thus, a 2'' leveling kit is ideal for the job. Your vehicle will get a level-up look with this kit.

There is another factor that is important when you plan on going off-roading with your Colorado. That is the ground clearance. 

You might want some height there as there are so many obstacles on those types of roads. Therefore, an increased and leveled vehicle will ensure a smooth ride while you take on those rough roads.

As we talk about a smooth ride, you might feel the performance might decrease with the new adjustments you got for your ride.

However, that is not the case. You will not feel any difference when you are handling the vehicle. That is why a good leveling kit is worth it. 

The installation process is relatively straightforward. There is a recommendation from the previous users that it is doable at home. 

You just have to find a good video on doing it and get a spring compressor to install it. The best part is its lifetime warranty. So, the backup makes it reliable and durable for a long-long time.

Key features:

  • The kit levels the vehicle by 2 inches and overall leveled look.
  • It can maintain a smooth ride even after the height change.
  • The installation is a bolt-on process, although you have to disassemble the struts.
  • It fits the 2015-200 GMC Canyon also, apart from the ZR2 models.
  • This kit is backed by a rough country's lifetime backup warranty. 

2. Supreme Suspensions - Front Leveling Kit

The installation process is one of the frightening parts of any kind of modification of a ride. Trust us, been there and done that.

That is why we search for easy solutions that will make your after-purchase experience easier. It will be easier when there is an easy, bolt-on leveling kit.

The Supreme Suspension front leveling kit for 2015-2020 chevy Colorado is one of the easiest installation leveling kits out there. 

There is no need for any special equipment for setup. You don't have to cut or drill out any part. It is designed for buyer's convenience.

Although, the company recommends a professional check alignment after the installation. You will definitely see and feel the improvement when you look at the vehicle. It will be more leveled and have an aggressive stance. 

As the front of your vehicle gets a lift, there will be more ground clearance. There are added bonus features; you can have custom tires with larger rims and wider sizes. So going higher will give Colorado a more robust look.

The looks are important, but what is inside matters as well. These spacers are made from carbon steel. This is much durable than other types of steel. The higher carbon content lets it withstand more. 

There is a downside to it as well. It may be more susceptible to rust and corrosion. However, supreme suspensions got that covered with the powder-coated black. 

This method is more resistant to scratching, chipping, and other types of wear. So, the core and the outer part are both durable, thus making it a supreme leveling kit in the competition.

Key features:

  • The spacer is 1.34 Inches in thickness.
  • It is CNC machined to make all the parts precise.
  • The quality of the steel is high as it is made of carbon steel.
  • Its installation process is easy and takes 1-2 hours maximum.
  • The outer part is powder-coated in black.

3. Maxracing 2" Suspension Leveling Kit

The newest edition trucks need a more superior stance as you keep on boasting about it. The suitable leveling kit will have this fixed in no time as there is always a factory rack, even in the new vehicles. 

The Maxracing 2'' suspension leveling kit for 2015-2021 chevy Colorado eliminates the OEM rack that is intentionally there. This drooping look does bother some people and does not look great. 

The leveling kit will give the truck a decent lift to level the front with the back. The even look adds to the style of your truck.

This kit is compatible with chevy Colorado 4WD/2WD and 2015-2021 canyon 2WD/4WD models. However, it is not compatible with the ZR2 model. 

Also, the tires that are most recommended for this leveling kit are size 265/70 R17. If you have aftermarket wheels or wheel spacers, they must be hub-centric.

The installation process is simple and easy. The time required for the setup is 1 to 2 hours maximum. There is no need for special tools as it is simply a bolt-on system. You can easily get the job done without cutting or drilling your vehicle.

The kit consists of a pair of upper strut spacers, a pair of preload spacers, and installation hardware. This kit uses pre-load spacers; thus, if you feel stiffness while you ride, you can check it at a body shop.

Key features

  • The leveling kit will lift the vehicle 2'' and level the front and rear.
  • The leveling gives more ground clearance to the truck.
  • It fits most of the newest Colorado and Canyon models.
  • This kit includes two upper strut spacers, two pre-load spacers, and hardware.
  • The installation is easy and bolt-on type.

4. ZY WHEEL 2.5 inch Front Leveling Kit

Not all trucks are made the same. That's why when you measure your truck, and it may not have the standard rack of 2''. Due to many reasons, there may be more or less. 

The ZY wheel 2.5-inch front leveling kit allows that extra bit of lift to the front of the truck that standard-size spacers can not provide. That is why measuring the truck is essential, and as a concerned owner, you know exactly what you need. 

Other than that, if you plan on adding a show plow or a winch, you will need a good amount of lift to the front. Also, if you have a heavy bumper, it might weigh down the front side as well.

Usually, the rear of the truck has a decent amount of ground clearance. With this kit, you can add more to the front side.

The kit fits 2015 - 2020 Chevy Colorado 2WD 4WD; GMC Canyon 2WD 4WD models. Although, it does not fit ZR2 models. 

The spacer thickness is 1.65 inches. The spacer to the lift ratio is not 1:1. Thus the company recommends measuring the vehicle before and after the fitment for actual lift results. 

When you finally install these, there is little to no hassle at all. The reason is it is a simple bolt-on system that requires no cutting, no drilling.

You might have to disassemble some parts. However, you can take these out as easily as you put in. The maximum estimated time for setup is 2 hours. 

The additional fender clearance allows you to get larger rims and tires for your truck. This will provide more height and, last but not least, an aggressive look. 

Key features:

  • The kit lifts the front of the vehicle about 2.5'', which is more than the standard lift.
  • It gives additional ground clearance to the front of the vehicle.
  • Installation is pretty easy and straightforward.
  • The kit will level the front of the vehicle with the rear.
  • It gives the truck an aggressive look.

5. ReadyLift 66-3071 1.25" Front Leveling Kit

The newer Chevy Colorado and GMC canyon have a decent amount of rack, but not all models have the same. A leveling kit that is suitable for 2015 all models that include the ZR2 is a lifesaver. Thus, making it a viable option when you want the best zr2 leveling kit. 

All the leveling kits that we mention above exclude the ZR2 model, but the ReadyLift 1.25'' front leveling kit is different. That is why it is more prevalent among these model owners, and the fitment is just proper.

This kit focuses on the 2015 edition trucks, which makes the perfect fit almost every time. There are fewer complaints and hassle of return and re-purchase. 

Also, you don't need to saw off anything or drill a hole in the vehicle to make it sit in place. The installation says it is 100% bolt-on. 

That means it is quick and easy to work with. You don't even have to disassemble the struts to install it. This kit has the fastest installation process and is the safest. 

It is a kit that maintains a leveled stance when the vehicle is still. It will not make the front look super lifted. The factory rack is 1.5''; thus, they offer 1.25'' max after installing. It aligns perfectly with the parts.

The leveling kit does not compromise factory geometry and limiting suspension. Thus, you will not feel any stiffness or difference when handling. 

The aerodynamics of the truck also doesn't change as much. Therefore, no need to worry about losing mileage when you install this kit.

Quality materials go a long way. That's why they are worth every penny. The kit is made of military aircraft-grade billet aluminum.

This makes it durable as well as lightweight. Their superior quality makes them last long and few problems down the road. 

Thus, the company provides a lifetime warranty and their unique ready guard powertrain warranty.

Key feature:

  • The kit fits the 2015 chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, and ZR2 models.
  • It gives a maximum lift of 1.25'' to the front of your truck.
  • It has the perfect fitment score.
  • The kit is made of premium quality materials used in military aircraft.
  • Ready guard powertrain warranty makes it reliable for long-term use.

6. Supreme Suspensions - Full Lift Kit

When it comes to truck modifications, the sky is the limit. If you want your truck to feel sky-high, then only a leveling will not quench your thirst. You might need something extra. That is a full lift kit. 

The supreme suspensions full lift kit for 2015-2017 Chevy Colorado and 2015-2020 GMC Canyon is one of those leveling and lifting kits. 

As the name suggests, the quality is also supreme among its competitors. The lift range for this kit is 2.5'' for the front and 2'' rear suspension lift. It will level and lift the truck at the same time. 

When you install the system, you get an overall superior stance over other trucks. There is more to this kit than just looks.

The benefits include more ground clearance at the front and rear as well. This will allow you more space when you are off-roading.

The parts will be safe from damp rocks and debris. Also, the space under will come in contact with fewer obstacles. 

More fender space lets you have larger rims and tires as well. Now you can alter the front and rear tires as well. It will change the overall look of your truck. 

The kit comes with a pair of spacers. They are not the ratio of 1:1 with the actual lift. However, the before and after measurement does change to the unit company boasts.

Since this is a lift kit, it comes with shackles and installation hardware. This setup takes 2 to 4 hours. It is a bit time-consuming but worth it. Furthermore, the kit is a bolt-on system that takes less time.

When we talk about the materials, they use high-strength steel that is durable and corrosion-resistant. Thus, making it a reliable investment modification for your truck. 

Key features:

  • The kit lifts the front 2.5,'' and the rear 2'' suspension lift.
  • It levels the truck as well and reduces the factory rack.
  • The spacers and shackles are made of high-quality steel.
  • All the parts are CNC machined to precision.
  • They are made to resist rust and corrosion.

Things to Consider Before Buying leveling kit for Chevy Colorado

Leveling kit for Chevy Colorado

When getting a leveling kit for your truck, you have to think of many aspects that will affect the fitment of the vehicle. The right type will fit the truck perfectly and ensure smooth, right quality.

The wrong kit will affect your truck handling and mess with the geometry of your vehicle. Also, you won't be able to align the leveling kit with the parts.

Thus, we are here to offer our help, so you start off with the right kind of information about leveling kit.

1. Fitment

Fitment is the first priority when you are choosing a leveling kit. It is crucial because the built of the spacer and other components are according to the model number.

 If you purchase the kit for the wrong model, it will not fit. Further, it will not align with the surrounding parts. Therefore, all the hard work will go in vain. 

Thus, the fitment of the leveling kit with your vehicle model and making year is a crucial part of leveling your truck.

2. Material

Material is also vital when you consider buying a leveling kit. Cheap materials will not last long. That will result in frequent changing and purchasing of other kits. 

So, it is wise to purchase premium quality kits that are made of better materials like high-quality steel or aluminum.

3. Easy install

The installation process is another big concern when you think of getting a leveling kit. If the installation requires cutting and drilling, it will be a big hassle.

Since the leveling kit doesn't change much about the performance of the truck, there is no need for significant changes in the body of the vehicle. The bolt-on leveling kits are easy and straightforward, and hassle-free.

4. Lift range

Another factor is the lift range which means how much left you will get from the kit. It will depend on how many racks you have. So, get a kit according to the measurements of your vehicle.

5. Leveling kit or lift kit

Leveling kit or lift kit

The question of getting a leveling kit or a lift kit is as old as time. The leveling kit only levels the front to the rear. A lift kit will lift the front and back as well and level them. Both have pros and cons. 

You have to choose what type of change you want in your truck. If it is solely for the look and ground clearance in the front, we recommend you go for the leveling kit.

How to Measure How Much Lift You Need?

How to Measure How Much Lift You Need

We have mentioned this part over and over again in this article about measuring the vehicle for the right amount of lift. 

It is because it is a significant part of the entire modification process. Now we will mention the actual procedure. It is pretty simple and easy.

Firstly, take your vehicle to leveled surface. There you can measure the difference with accuracy. Otherwise, the reading on the tape will be inaccurate.

Secondly, a stiff measuring tape is necessary. Also, you will need a black page to record the front and rear readings. 

You can use it to compare the before-after results of the modification you did to the truck. It will help with the comparison.

Thirdly, measure the distance from the bottom of the rims to the middle of the fender covers. So, it is both for the front and rear. Also, do this procedure on both sides of the truck as well. 

Now comes the math part. To figure out the rack, subtract the front measurement from the rear measurement. You now know how much lift will reduce the rack significantly. 

Also, consider the fitment according to the model and making year of the truck. The company clearly mentions this information on their product. 

We recommend you do your measurements and research well and decide on a superior quality kit that will last long down the road. 


  • Does leveling kit damage trucks?

The average height that the leveling kit has is 2''. It does not make a significant change in the aerodynamics of the truck

Thus, there is little chance of the truck being damaged, with the exception of a flawed installing process.

  • Does leveling kit affect towing?

The standard 2'' leveling kit does not affect the towing capacity of the truck. It will have little to no impact on the towing. 

However, if you tow more than the truck is supposed to, it might have some impact, but you would not want to overdo the weight in the first place.

  • How much does leveling a chevy colorado cost?

The average cost of labor for fitting and overall check-up is around $300 to $400. An average quality leveling kit costs between $60 to $100. There are other options which are premium which will cost more than that.

  • Will a leveling kit void warranty of chevy?

A leveling kit that is installed by an authorized gm dealer does not void the warranty. However, if something breaks, it will not come under warranty. The newly purchased chevy warranty will remain unchanged.


As the winter is approaching, you might think of getting a snowplow. This will worsen the rack much more. The rack looks worse but adding accessories makes it worst of all!

Even if you don't get a snowplow, you might like to add a winch or a heavy bumper. It will worsen the situation further. The best leveling kit for Chevy Colorado will indeed prevent that. 

Another strong piece of advice is to get a professional to check the measurement of the truck to determine how much lift you need before you invest in a kit. 

Even though you get the best one, without the proper fitment, all the effort will be in vain. Hope you are ready to make your Colorado level up!

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