Best Motocross Helmet: Recommended for 2022

Riding a motorbike has a certain kind of thrill to it. Maybe you like burning some asphalt on your local tracks or get some dirt on your favorite machine offroading through the wild terrains during the weekends.

No matter what it is, safety must always be the primary concern. Speaking of which, let us dive into some of the best motocross helmets that you can find in the market.

We have done some research and analysis before making a shortlist for you to check out. So how about we check these gears out and see which one will be perfect for you.

In a hurry! Here are our top 3 picks

Top 8 Best Motocross Helmet Reviews

Top 8 Best Motocross Helmet Reviews

Depending on your needs and preference of choices, there are many products available in the market. Here are some of the best ones.

1. O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road Style 2SERIES 

Based in Los Angeles, USA, O’Neal is a traveling gear manufacturing company that produces some of the top-notch products available. This unisex off-road style helmet is no exception when making a list of those things.

With a variable size from small to XX-large, this black/hi-viz painted helmet is an absolute delight in everyone’s eyes.

Now do not let the looks fool you because no matter the size, this extremely lightweight designed helmet made with ABS shell is very robust when it comes to working.

After successfully qualifying both the DOT and ECE 22-09 safety certification, this one will provide a superior protection level, no doubt. The high-quality removable and washable paddings are very easy to take off and clean up after a rough ride.

Even on hot days, the multiple air vents will help to keep you cool and comfortable. Along with a height-adjustable visor, the double-D chin strap keeps it firmly attached to you always.


  • Extremely lightweight design at only 3.08 pounds
  • Internationally certified by both DOT and ECE
  • Unisex design will suit all sorts of riders
  • Hi-viz color works as reflectors during the night
  • Double-D chin strap provides superior safety


  • Wingnuts are a bit flimsy
  • Can be a little too tight in certain areas

2. ILM Adult ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle Off-Road MTB Helmet

Talking about our next product is by ILM, another quality American-made helmet manufacturer. This ATV motocross helmet comes in an attractive matte black design. Built with a unisex design, this will perfectly suit anyone looking to maintain proper safety during some offroading.

While talking about safety, you can rest easy knowing that this one comes with a DOT-certified standard. The lightweight build prevents extra fatigue from riding for a long time. Its ABS shell body also provides superior shielding in all sorts of unfavorable conditions.

The aerodynamic yet stylish exterior not only works as showing off as a pretty one but also maintains speed by reducing air resistance while riding. Its air vents found both in the front and back help in air circulation, keeping you cool throughout the ride.

When the interior paddings get dirty, it is relatively easy to take them off and wash them. Feel free to detach its sun shields or adjust according to the direction of the sun whenever needed.


  • Meets and exceeds the minimum safety standard
  • ABS shell is super durable
  • Options to detach visor when not needed
  • Sun shields are easy to take off and adjust
  • Multiple air vents for circulation


  • Comparatively heavier design
  • Does not come with an ECE certification

3. AHR H-VEN20 DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face 

Yescom is a popular helmet from the maker AHR. This stylish black and grey design helmet will easily steal your gaze away. Its lightweight design structure is made possible due to the thick ABS shell structure.

The interior includes a high-density EPS liner for a fully ventilated air circulatory system to keep you airy, fresh, and comfortable while using it. After using for a long time, you can also find replacements of the liners readily available when needed.

As you already may have guessed, you can take the liners out in some relatively easy steps and wash them off whenever they get dirty. The cheek pads also come off for a quick wash according to your needs.

This one gets an extremely sturdy buckle in the chin strap, keeping the helmet fastened to you, especially in all sorts of unfortunate events. However, taking it on or off is an incredibly effortless process.


  • Designed for both male and female
  • Passed DOT certification for safety
  • Comes with a sunshade at the top
  • Beautiful design in grey and matte black
  • Lightweight design allows prolonged ride without discomfort


  • Foam quality may degrade after a few washes
  • Interior may become uncomfortable relatively fast

4. YEMA YM-915 Motorbike Moped Full Face 

Yema helmets are well known as top-level brands for providing style and security for riders of all categories. Manufactured by Lanxi Yema Motorcycle Fittings, this one is undoubtedly one of the finest products to get your hands on.

This exceptionally robust helmet has an ABS build shell to prevent all sorts of mishaps from happening during offroading. Its multi-density expanded polystyrene foam provides exceptional padded safety from any misfortunes that you may face.

Multiple air ventilation options are present for a breathable environment within the helmet, even on hot, sunny days. The interior linings are also removable for washing or replacing with new ones.

Aside from its dashing looks, its aerodynamic design reduces air resistance during all ride conditions. So whether you plan to go for touring, mountain biking, or other outdoor ridings, this, paired up with DOT certification for superior safety, is the perfect helmet for you to wear with much ease.


  • Feathery light design at 2.8 pounds only
  • Extra room for wearing glasses
  • Sturdy chin strap
  • Quick-release buckle function
  • Streamlined design for internal noise and drag reduction


  • Does not come with a face shield
  • Difficult to use during rain

5. WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV 

Power Gear Motorsports manufactures this particular unit with a focus on children and youth riders. This matt green painted one has a certain appeal when it comes to design. This is the best youth motocross helmet on the market.

It comes with DOT certification for safety, which provides one less thing for the riders to worry about.

The interior comes with a hefty amount of cushioning to soften the blow while facing any adverse situations. This one’s padding still retains a certain comfort level without any safety issues. The paddings are trouble-free to take off and replace, not to mention fully cleanable.

With a glossy layered UV protective finish, the helmet’s beauty not only increases but also protects from the harmful rays while riding under the sun. Its advanced aerodynamic design lowers wind resistance and provides stability during every ride.

With a total of seven ventilated areas, you do not have to complain about heating issues at all. The quick-release buckle will fasten the helmet most safely and efficiently come off when needed.


  • Wide array of colors available
  • Multi-density EPS foam provides full impact protection
  • Extremely stable in high wind environments
  • Fully washable interior
  • UV protected finishing


  • Chinstrap seems a bit frail
  • Colors are inaccurate compared to the pictures

6. 1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

1Storm is another brand providing quality helmets under the manufacturer Power Gear Motorsports. This particular product comes with a full-face design primarily focused on off-road biking. Its thermoplastic alloy shell build states its durability along with its aerodynamic design.

This best dual-sport design helmet comes with a dual visor setup. Its clear outer shield is perfect for use during night rides while maintaining a clear view ahead. The inner smoked visor works as a sunblock during sunny day rides.

Its extensively cushioned interior padding is exceptionally comfortable, removable, and washable.

The interiors are perfectly capable of protecting you from any unwanted accidents. All these, along with the DOT certification for safety, takes the game to a whole new level.

There are eleven separate openings for ventilation. You also get switches to tighten up or loosen the visors, depending on your own needs. The outer shield is also replaceable when needed.


  • Systematic vent placement for optimal air circulation
  • Advanced dual sports design for multi-purpose usage
  • Inner smoke visor helps ride under the sun
  • Appealing glossy finish for UV protection
  • Dual rivet for protection


  • Visor clips may fall off quite easily
  • Quite heavy at 5.24 pounds

7. Senhill DOT Motocross Unisex Offroad Dirt Bike ATV Motorcycle Helmet Gloves Goggles

Talking about a sleek-looking offroad helmet, here we have one by the manufacturer Senhill. This one comes at around 2 pounds of weight, which makes it the lightest on this list.

With the DOT safety standard, you can rest assured that this one will indeed protect you from any unforeseen and unfortunate incidents. Feel free to check out the DOT sticker at the back of the helmet.

After taking a ride on the dirt hills and roads, feel free to wash them off by effortlessly taking off the paddings. Not only are they washable, but the design and comfort level is more than just satisfactory.

Unlike the other products in this list, this one will surprise you with the fact that you will get a pair of free-size gloves and goggles right within the package. The soft and breathable material in the gloves will provide you superior comfort and protection.


  • Unisex design provides an absolute versatility
  • Usable while riding in most terrains
  • ABS built offers superior protection
  • Polyester liner is exceptionally comfortable
  • Comes with goggles and a pair of gloves


  • Goggles do not have antifog features
  • Product seems quite fragile

8. LS2 Helmets Gate Stripes Full Face Helmet 

LS2 is a famous brand for helmets among all motorcyclists across the world. The reason is simply due to the quality that they adhere to while making any of their products. All this while maintaining a range of trendy designs within their arsenal.

The kinetic polymer alloy they use while manufacturing the shells offers a tremendous sturdiness level and provides protection from all types of unwanted incidents. With an incredible amount of lightness, this unit is extremely easy for prolonged wear.

This one comes with multi-port flow-through ventilation, which will keep the inside of the helmet cool even on the hottest summer days. The cheek pad design maintains a slight curve so that you can wear eyeglasses without any discomfort.

Its DOT approval passes all safety standards so that your rides can be a lot safer than before. If you are looking for a motocross-style helmet and go out for many recreational rides, this product will be a perfect choice.


  • Eye-catchy design
  • Fully certified for providing protection
  • KPA hard body offers a certain hardiness
  • Curved cheek pads suited to facial structures
  • Breathable interior provides cozy ride during hot days


  • Weighs heavier compared to other helmets
  • No options for closing vents for winter rides

What to Look for While Buying Best Motocross Helmet

What to Look for While Buying Motocross Helmet

Many factors come to play when choosing the right helmet for your next motocross adventures. So make sure you consider these before spending money on them.


Motocross Helmet size

Many sizes are available in the market when it comes to choosing a helmet. The size charts may vary from one brand to another.

Since online shopping has become pretty standard these days, make sure to check up size charts for the particular brands from which you hope to buy.

Surely you do not want to return your purchase to the store after waiting for days to acquire it. The best thing will be to a store and try them out. Helmets must have a proper fit that is not too loose or too suffocating.

Do keep in mind that helmets may seem a little too tight at first, but eventually, the interior materials loosen up a bit.


Motocross Helmet Construction

There are a lot of materials that come to play when making the whole body of the helmets.

You will find polycarbonate materials or fiberglass composites in the build materials in most of the top-quality materials. Aside from these, many helmets use carbon fibers to make.

These are certainly among the best ones when it comes to durability. The make of each helmet factors into many conditions. Based on the materials used while making the products, the overall weight, level of comfort, and safety ratings vary.


Motocross Helmet Purpose

There is a wide range of helmets in the market. Some of them come with many features, while others are quite limited. The high-end ones with many features also come at massive price ranges.

If your purpose is as a hobbyist during weekends with other fellow riders, you can go for a decent one with quality protection and some needed features.

But if you are a professional, then investing in the top quality ones is wise considering they provide the highest safety level.


Do not forget that the primary purpose of buying a helmet is to protect you from accidental injuries. Budget plays a prominent role here.

Even if you have a very low budget for purchasing a helmet, the least bit that you should consider is going for a decent brand with the minimum safety features available that you can afford.

Buying knockoffs because of money issues will make you waste your money on something that will only work as a showpiece with no benefits.

On the other hand, spending all your money on the highest-end helmet is also not right as you should also focus on other gears such as gloves, riding boots, and body protectors.

Understand your needs first, then choose the best one that you can afford within your limit

Safety Certifications

Motocross Helmet Safety Certifications

DOT certification is from the department of transportation in the United States, which sets a minimum standard for the helmets' durability. The European economic commission has a measure known as ECE22.05 stating that it passes the minimum safety standard.

You need to know whether the helmets you buy will be able to provide you proper safety.

How to Fit a Motocross Helmet?

How to Fit a Motocross Helmet

Sizes always differ from one brand to another. So you must follow the instructions and the size charts of the particular brand from which you plan to make your purchase.

Even if the sizes are the same from multiple brands, the fit may differ as they most likely will have a difference in shapes. You can measure your head’s circumference and then compare it to the chart of the respective brands.

Get your hands on a tape measure. Put it around your head, making sure that it goes from one inch over your eyebrows to a slightly lower part of the back of your head. Now this measurement will help you narrow down to the right choice.

While wearing the helmet or taking it off during the fitting, a little tightness is completely normal. Just make sure that the tightness does not get uncomfortable. Also, adjust the straps before hopping on to another trial.

While wearing it, try putting a finger between the helmet and your forehead. If your finger fits, you need a smaller size. Try asking someone to push the helmet up from the base. If the helmet comes off, this is too big for you and will come off during a crash.

Final Words

After extensively analyzing the market and most of the riders' needs while choosing the best motocross helmet, we narrowed it down to this list. We hope that this guide will help you spend your hard-earned money on the right product. Happy riding.

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