Best Motorcycle Cargo Net: Top Picks in 2022

The convenience of a vehicle is that it takes you from one place to another very easily, but what about your belongings? In a car, or boat, you have plenty of space to keep different stuff, but the same cannot be said for a bike.

However, you can use cargo nets to securely strap any time to the back of the motorbike. Hence, we went on a quest in search of the best motorcycle cargo net, and we are excited to share our findings.

Each of the products has amazing structure and material that will certainly keep a stronghold no matter how large of a pothole you hit!

Need a quick decision? Here you go

Image Product Our Rating Price

CARTMAN Bungee Cord Assortment 28 Pieces with Motorcycle Net

RELIANCER 2 Pack of Bungee Cargo Net

PowerTye 50152 Black 15″X15″ Cargo Net

Benefits of a Motorcycle Cargo Net

Benefits of a Motorcycle Cargo Net

In the simplest sense, the best use of cargo nets is to add security to whatever package you are carrying. But besides those, after tons of research, we have found some interesting benefits.

  • Multipurpose


Although typically people buy these products for motorcycles, you can actually use them on other vehicles such as RVs and water vehicles! We can take it one step further and say that these are strong enough for different home use as well.

Users can wrap and latch different cargos with these nets and maybe keep them hanging, and we certainly will not judge.

  • Durability

Motorcycle Cargo Net Durability

These products are very strong, and once you buy one piece, you can expect them to last for a long time. If you are moving or hauling things a lot by bike, you will be happy with this purchase.

  • Security

Motorcycle Cargo Net Security

Finally, once you secure the package with a cargo net, you can stop worrying and the bumpy road. These items have hooks for secure attachment and elasticity that will stop the net from snapping.

8 Best Motorcycle Cargo Net

8 Best Motorcycle Cargo Net

In this segment, we will talk in-depth about each of our favorite picks, and that should help you find yours as well.

1. CARTMAN Bungee Cord Assortment 28 Pieces with Motorcycle Net

What you will carry or how large the load will be might be different from day-to-day. So, it will be counterproductive to get normal ropes or a net that does not stretch.

But CARTMAN has the perfect model to fix such issues. Once you try these out, you will be hooked (or your belongings will be!)

This product comes as a kit with multiple things. One of which is a black rubber net with hooks on its ends.

There are six different hooks on two of the opposite sides of the square. So, users can attach those to the back of the bike without needed extra clips or tape.

As the net is a rubber compound, it will stretch as much as you want. In total, the length of the net is 15-inch by 15-inch.

Besides the mesh, it also comes with single pieces of multi-strands in different sizes. There are four different sizes in this kit, and they all have different colors as well.

Since the number of strands varies in each size, the color-coding makes it easier to remember these items’ lengths. You will also get 12-inch pieces for securing small objects. Sturdy hooks are present at both ends of the piece.

Moreover, these materials are UV-resistant, making them a good contender for harsh weather. Thus, it will not snap from excess tension or from dust and dirt.


  • Multiple pieces come in a bag
  • UV-resistant strands and net
  • Large cargo net
  • Does not snap
  • Great elasticity


  • Hooks might come loose

2. RELIANCER 2 Pack of Bungee Cargo Net Elastic Motorcycle Luggage Bungee Netting

The best part about mesh nets like these is that they are flexible. Hence users can loop it, wrap it, double it up according to the object they are carrying. But if the net is rigid and fixed, then you lose that advantage.

That is why you need to pick the RELIANCER net. It is extremely flexible, and you can twist it as much as you want. The best is you get two of these in one kit!. If you think that one is not covering properly, double it up with the second one.

Adding another layer will also increase the strength of the net. However, the mesh itself is quite strong and can easily carry a weight of 200 lbs.

Hence you will not have to worry about your things ripping through the net. Each strand in the net is also quite strong and has a durable knot.

It will not come loose anytime soon. The smaller boxes in the net are 3-inch by 3-inch, and according to that, users can decide which object to strap. If the load is smaller than 3 inches, you can again try the doubling technique.

Besides that, the net is quite elastic. Without any tension, it is about 15-inches, but you can stretch it up to 30-inches. The net will stop expanding after that, but it is still strong enough to not tear apart.


  • Comes with two cargo nets
  • Stretches to 30-inches
  • Can carry up to 200 lbs
  • Very flexible
  • Has tight knots and hooks


  • Does not come with any other accessory

3. PowerTye 50152 Black 15″X15″ Cargo Net

It is motorcycle cargo nets, so it should not be a very complicated product to get, right? We think the same, and hence our third recommendation is a very simple yet effective product that we believe will fulfill the products’ basic needs.

This is a net with an amazing bungee thickness of about 4.4 mm. So, the net is sleek yet thick enough to cover whichever item you are wrapping and carrying on your bike.

Moreover, since a bike will hit potholes and the journey can be bumpy, you need the net to stay secure.

Hence, the smaller holes are only 2-inches, and it creates a tighter mesh, compared to other products where chances of slipping are high.

Overall, the coverage is about 15 inches by 15 inches, and it obviously stretches. Consequently, you will not have to worry about the strands being stiff.

Additionally, the net is very sturdy as well, and each intersects a tight knot which will ensure that the small boxes do not fall apart. Thus, you will get rigorous use out of the product. Additionally, it also has amazing quality hooks of ABS plastic.

There will be six hooks on two sides of the square, which will assist users in securing the net around any cargo. You can also use the hooks to latch the net on the bike. They are also adjustable, so users will have the freedom to wrap however they want.


  • Small squares for better security
  • 4.4 mm thickness and elasticity
  • Has an overall size of 15 by 15 inch
  • 6 adjustable and sturdy ABS hooks
  • Very easy to use


  • Does not offer many accessories

4. Heininger 4249 HitchMate 12″ x 12″ StretchWeb Cargo Net

Who says cargo nets have to be boring and bland? You must be thinking, what else can a product with only one purpose bring to the table, right? Well, these Heininger nets can secure your cargo while looking stylish!

Moreover, it is a 12-inch by 12-inch net that does not use traditional polymer as the strings. It has a unique material that makes it extremely durable and also stretchy. Thus, users can extend it to cover bigger packages without fearing that the net will snap.

Moreover, instead of knots, the net uses secure interlocking to eliminate any chances of the strands coming apart or getting loose.

Thus, the product can hold its shape despite being pulled and stretched a lot. Additionally, it has a bright orange shade in the center that makes the net look cooler.

Even the hooks on this product are different from your usual motorcycle nets. Each of the 6 hooks has a sharp bend to make sure that it does not come unhinged. There are also circular cut-outs on the hooks.

Users can tie ropes through these hooks for even safer transport. The hooks are detachable as well. Finally, you will get a portable fabric bag where you can store the hooks and the net after you are done using the item.


  • Stylish yet effective product
  • Has high elasticity and holds its shape
  • Hooks offer security and versatility
  • Adequate sized net
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • A little expensive

5. ZMFLL Black 15″x15″ Motorcycle Cargo Net

Somewhat of an irrational fear that we have is that the hook will loosen or get unhinged thanks to the bumpy and jumpy roads. But ZMFLL has a way to get rid of those irrational fears for people like us.

It features unique fishing pole hooks which curve a lot. So, even if the package moves a lot, the hooks will stay put. It will swing, but the curved edge will prevent the hook from falling off. Moreover, there are six hooks in total in this entire net.

So, even if one hook gets unhinged by some chance (which we are highly doubtful about), the other ones will take care of it. Additionally, the net and the hooks have a secure bonding. Thus, the chances of the hook breaking are minimal.

Another reason why users love this product is its strong strings. Unlike regular rubber, it uses multiple strands of latex which adds an impressive level of strength to the net. Thus it holds the object quite well even if heavy stretching is needed.

Those latex pieces are then covered with a black coating, and each string is connected with tight knots. The smaller boxes are about 2 inches, while the whole net is 15 inches and has a square shape. Plus, you can stretch it whenever needed.


  • Durable and highly flexible later material
  • Close smaller boxes of 2 inches
  • Secure and adjustable U-shaped hooks
  • Tight knots for added security
  • Highly stretchable material


  • A very basic net design

6. BUNKER INDUST 16″ x 16″ Heavy Duty Bungee Cargo

Whether you are carrying a small product behind your bike or a large one, you want a net that can cover them both (separately and all together, cause why not!) However, these nets can sometimes be too small for large cargo or too large for small objects.

Hence, you can try the BUNKER INDUST item. It is the perfect net for any situation, making it an absolutely versatile piece. First of all, the net is 16-inches long by length and breadth. So, it should comfortably cover every inch of your load.

Moreover, it stretches up to 30 inches! So, no matter how big the object is, you can stretch to hold it in place.

Plus, the reason why this product is also suitable for smaller items is its 3-inch boxes. When the strings of the net tie into knots, it creates 3-inch boxes inside the net.

So, that size should prevent any cargo box from accidentally slipping. More importantly, each of the strands is very strong and sturdy. The mesh strands are 5mm thick and have latex inside. Thus, it gains extra flexibility!

Finally, to securely tie the net around the cargo, you will get six unhook-able hooks. These ABS pieces are quite strong and will tightly hold on to the bike of wherever you attach them.


  • Has amazing stretching tendency up to 30-inches
  • 6 ABS hooks
  • 5mm thick strands
  • Has latex material
  • 3-inch small holes prevent slipping


  • Hook can break from the net

7. Zoe Sunny 2Pack 15.7″x15.7″ Cargo Net, Heavy Duty Bungee Net

We have reviewed so many products, but we have not forgotten our paranoid customers (no shame in that, we certainly can get paranoid around large potholes!); hence, we have found a pack from Zoe Sunny.

This brand offers not one but two of their super-strong cargo nets! So, you can wrap your luggage however you want and not worry about the net, even if the package is small. What is even more beneficial is its high elasticity.

The 4 mm string can stretch up to 31-inches! Thus, you can use the net for multiple purposes other than your bike. Such as carry it on top ATVs, canoes, and even paddle boats. The synthetic is, of course, resistant to water.

Moreover, the smaller boxes on the net are not as wide either, and each makes up for 3-inches. As a result, even if your luggage is small, this product will come in handy. Plus, you can layer the nets to make the boxes even smaller.

Another important addition the brand makes is using stainless steel hooks instead of plastic. Thus, the changes of the hooks breaking are minimal.

Furthermore, those are adjustable, and combining the two nets, you will get 12 hooks. Thus you can mix and match the hooks and add more than 6 on one net if needed.


  • Extremely high stretching capability
  • Comes with stainless steel hooks
  • Can be layered
  • Small boxes
  • Versatile usage


  • Can be costly

8. Dogxiong 2 Package 6 Hook 15″ x15″ (40x40cm) Motorcycle Cargo Net

Last but not least, we bring you a classic net from the brand Dogxiong. It has everything users will need for properly securing any cargo behind or in front of their bikes.

Not only bikes, since there are two of the same nets in this package, you can also layer them and make it even bigger than its 15-inch size. Thus, the net becomes versatile and applicable for ATVs, boats, and other purposes.

Additionally, these high-quality nets can stretch a lot, and that should make things a lot easier when it comes to pulling and tugging the mesh over certain objects, whether they are big or small. The layering and multipurpose use of dual nets will make things secure for smaller objects.

On the other hand, stretching will cover the entire area of any large cargo. Moreover, there will be six hooks on either side of the net.

These hooks can be adjusted as well, so if you do not like the current placement, simply shift it to make the net more secure.

Finally, each of the strings on this net and interconnected through a knot. So, there is no way that the netting will fall apart or come loose. If anything, with more use, the knots will get even tighter.


  • Has multipurpose use for bikes, ATVs, and water vehicles
  • 15-inch net with high-quality stretchable material
  • Six hooks for secure fastening
  • Set comes with two nets
  • User-friendly


  • Hooks might have less depth

How to Use a Motorcycle Cargo Net?

How to Use a Motorcycle Cargo Net

There is a special trick or warning needed when it comes to hooking a cargo net. However, if you have never used one of such products and need reassurance, then read the following segment.

Place the Load

Place the Load

The first thing you need to decide is where and how you want to place whatever you are carrying.

If your object is round, we would recommend using a box first to cover the item and then place it on your motorbike. In case you have space on the passenger end, that will be an excellent spot to keep the object.

As long as the load is on the center and not tipping sideways, you should be good to go. If you have to stack items, make sure to distribute the weight as much on the bottom tiers.

Cover the Load

Place the Load

After you are happy with the load placement, start covering it with the cargo net. Usually, these nets will be 15 by 15 inches or 12 by 12 inches, but the good thing is they are expandable. So, do not be afraid to stretch and pull to cover the entire backside.

You should also note the inner boxes’ size and make sure that nothing is small enough to slip through those holes.

Latch the Hooks

These nets will have hooks that you can use to secure the net. You can connect it to any part of the bike without worrying and even wrap it double times if the size is large enough.

Before heading off, give the net a good tug to make sure none of the hooks comes loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need a Mounted Rack to Use a Cargo Net?

Since you have a cargo net, you don’t need a mounted rack to transport your cargo. However, the rack mounted on the motorcycle is handy if you plan to transport cargo regularly or carry larger items.

2. Can I Reshape The Metal Hooks?

Although it is possible to reshape the cargo hooks using a pliers or even with hand strength but it is not recommended. If you are excessively bending the hooks, the metal behind them can become weak and cause them to snap easily.

Final Words

With the best motorcycle cargo net, you can ride your bike as freely as you want without fearing that the package will fall off.

Moreover, the bike can now carry items and not just you from place to place, and we all love a little multitasking in our lives!

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