Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

In this article, we will present to you the best products for cleaning and lubrication motorcycles chains. Thanks to these products, maintaining the chains of your motorcycles will become easy and simple. Cleaning the chain is definitely a priority if you want your motorcycle to work properly.

These products are great for protecting your chains from rust and corrosion. It is important to clean and lube the motorcycle chain after a certain mileage and after riding.

Thanks to our list of the best motorcycle chain cleaning products, we hope you will find the right product for you.

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Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Reviews

Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

1. Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle- 6 oz

Tri-flow lubricants and degreasers are the right choices for cycling enthusiasts. Tri-flow super lubricant is the right product to protect the chain of your motorcycle that comes in a 177-milliliter drip bottle pack.

With this product, you can easily protect and lubricate your chain. With this super lubricant, you will not have any discomfort while riding on the road.

Tri-flow lubricant protects your chain from rust and corrosion and improves the performance of your motorcycle.

Tri-flow lubricants combine advanced ingredients, as already mentioned against moisture, corrosion, and friction. This is a low viscosity oil and penetrates even the deepest stationary parts of the motorcycle chain.

Also, this is a high-quality petroleum oil that allows for optimal lubrication under extreme temperatures. This super lubricant works at temperatures from minus sixty to plus four hundred and seventy-five degrees and pressures up to three thousand pounds.

Protect your motorcycle chain with this great product. It will give you perfect performance with just a little application of this superior lubricant. Tri-flow super lubricant is also great for lubricating gearboxes and brakes on bicycles.

High-quality lubricant for lubrication and preservation of the motorcycle chain composed of advanced ingredients that prevent corrosion, friction, and moisture.

2. Muc Off Chain Cleaner, 400 Milliliters - Water-Soluble, Biodegradable Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Spray - Suitable for O, X, and Z-Ring Chains

This is a high-quality product designed for cleaning and maintaining the chain of your motorcycle. Perfect for cycling enthusiasts and those who like to maintain their motorcycles regularly.

The Muc Off chain-cleaner comes in a 400 ml spray bottle. This high-quality chain cleaner is formulated to remove dirt and lubricate the chain with advanced solvents.

The unique formula of this product gives amazing results and easily breaks down oil and grease giving the chain a radiant look. This biodegradable motorcycle chain cleaner also comes with a new watermelon scent.

As already mentioned, it is very important that this chain cleaner is completely biodegradable and safe for the environment and allows for better performance of your motorcycle. Muc Off chain-cleaner is suitable for all types of motorcycles.

For bicycles intended for riding on asphalt as well as those for off-road riding. Also, this product is safe for use on rubber, carbon fiber, and metal components.

This motorcycle chain cleaner is suitable for X, O, and, Z-ring motorcycle chains. The product is easy to rinse with water thanks to its formula.

Muc Off is an extraordinary biodegradable agent with a new formula suitable for Ring, X-Ring, and Z-Ring chains.

3. WD-40 All Conditions Bike Chain Lube and Chain Cleaner/Degreaser

We present to you a high-quality product: WD- 40 Bike all conditions chain cleaner and chain lube that comes in two separate spray bottles.

All cycling and motorcycle enthusiasts will be satisfied with this product for cleaning and degreasing, as well as for lubricating the chains of your motorcycles.

Bike chain lubricants can be used in any conditions - dry or wet. This Bike chain lube is of high-quality and will provide the best performance of your motorcycle and at the same time protection.

Its unique formula prolongs the life of your chain and protects it from corrosion and rust.

Also, it prevents the creaking of the chain and does not contain wax that can form inside the links of the chain and drivetrain and leave a sticky residue. This chain lubricant also contains corrosion inhibitors for optimal chain protection.

In addition to the chain lubrication bottle, we also have a spray bottle for cleaning and degreasing the chains.

This Bike cleaner for chain and the rest of the drivetrain successfully removes grease and dirt and adheres perfectly to the surface of the bike and chain to better clean dirt.

It also does not contain Citrus which can damage the varnishes and paint on your bike.

High-quality lubricant, cleaner, and degreaser for your bicycle chain; comes in two special spray bottles.

4. DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser

We present to you DuPont motorcycle chain degreaser. DuPont is an American brand known as the largest manufacturer of chemicals. This is a high-quality product that will help you clean grease and dirt from your engine chain.

As you know, cleaning a motorcycle chain is very important because it extends the life of your chain but also gives much better performance in driving.

This motorcycle degreaser will help you spend less time cleaning and protecting your chain and spend more time driving. This product quickly and easily cleans grease, dirt and, wax from the chain thanks to its special formula.

DuPont degreaser is suitable for all O-ring, Z-ring, and X-ring chains. This motorcycle degreaser is made from biodegradable ingredients that include esters extracted from soy.

This motorcycle degreaser works well and quickly, it also does not have to be rinsed with water. Just spray, wipe and lubricate your chains and everything is ready to ride. With this degreaser with low VOC solvents, your chain will be like new and ready to drive.

DuPont motorcycle chain degreaser penetrates and removes grease and dirt thanks to its biodegradable formula and it’s suitable for O-ring, Z-ring, and X-ring chains.

5. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit, (Pack of 3)

We present to you the Maxima set for the maintenance of the chain of your motorcycles. In the pack of three we have Maxima chain degreaser, then, Maxima multifunctional chain lube and, Maxima chain wax.

This set is very practical for all motorcycle enthusiasts who like to take care of the maintenance of their motorcycle chains. This Maxima set of three products in a package offers you the best for the maintenance of your motorcycles.

It is suitable for the maintenance of off-road motorcycles as well as for street riding. Maintaining a motorcycle with these products will definitely increase your horsepower.

Maxima cleaner is of high-quality and specially designed to easily and simply clean dirt from chains without damaging rubber O-rings or metal surfaces.

Maxima multi-purpose chain lube is a universal lube for easy and simple lubrication of your chains. It displaces water and protects the chain from rust and corrosion.

Mahima chain wax has a special formula that protects your chain in difficult conditions from wear and extreme pressures and thus provides perfect protection. Its special PARAFILM formula protects in humid conditions and creates a wax film similar to Cosmoline.

Maxima set of 3 products in a package for cleaning, lubrication, and Maxima chain wax of high-quality increase horsepower and lifespan of your chain.

6. Motul 109767 Chain Care Kit

Motul is a global French company engaged in the production and distribution of engine lubricants. Motul presents a high-quality kit for the care and maintenance of motorcycle chains. This set is suitable for the maintenance of your sports machines and equipment.

This convenient care kit includes a cleaning and degreasing product, a lubricating product, a cleaning brush, high-quality nitrile gloves, and a sticker.

Chain cleaner with a carefully designed chlorine-free formula allows you to easily and simply clean the deposits on the chain, all with the help of a specially designed brush that comes in the set.

Motul chain cleaner protects your chain from rust and corrosion for a long period. High-quality cleaning formula will allow you to spend less time cleaning but to focus freely on driving.

There is also a chain lubricant that, with its special formula, allows you to solve the problems faced by speed and endurance racers.

It is also great that this Motul chain care set includes gloves with which you can protect your hands while cleaning and lubricating the chain.

Motul chain care set with high-quality chain cleaner and lubricant with gloves and cleaning brush that improves the performance of your motorcycle.

7. Motorex Offroad Chain Care Kit 

Motorex is a Swiss company that offers a wide range of lubricating products. In this chain care kit, there are, of course, high-quality lubricating oils for off-road motorcycles.

Motorex presents a special set for chain care for off-road driving. In this set there is an ultra-power spray bottle for cleaning chains, then, one larger and one smaller lubricant and a cleaning cloth.

These products have been tested and designed for O-ring, X-ring chains. This great chain care set allows you to easily and simply maintain the chain and drive parts of your motorcycle.

Thanks to Motorex, you will spend more time riding than cleaning and tidying up your motorcycle. Also, this set helps and enhances the power of your motorcycle.

The chain cleaner in the 500 ml spray bottle is of high-quality and its special formula quickly and easily cleans dirt.

Also, thanks to this chain cleaner your chain will be safe and protected from corrosion and rust. The cleaning process itself is easy and simple by applying a spray on the chain, which then needs to be lubricated with a chain lubricant.

That is why in this set we also have a chain lubricant in a 500 ml bottle and we also get a smaller bottle suitable for carrying on the road.

Motorex the perfect chain care set for lubricating and cleaning your off-road motorcycle chains that provides incredible protection.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

In the following section, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding motorcycle chain cleaners. Let’s dive right in!

1. Which are the factors to consider while buying Motorcycle Chain Cleaner?

There are several factors to consider when buying chain cleaners. You should first pay attention to the type of chain on your motorcycle before you decide to buy these products.

We have non-sealed traditional chains and chains with O-Ring, X-Ring, and Z-ring.

The non-sealed traditional chains are much simpler and therefore harder to retain lubricants and are much more prone to rust and easier to get dirty.

Another important thing to pay attention to is the quality of these cleaning and lubricating agents. Most of them are made of heavy metals, but there are also those manufacturers who try to ensure that their products contain a biodegradable formula that is not harmful to the environment.

2. How often should I clean my motorcycle chain?

Maintenance and cleaning of your motorcycle are very important for it to function normally. Also, certain components of your motorcycle are important to maintain regularly after driving and certain mileage. Of course, a lot depends on how often and in what conditions you ride your motorcycle.

It is best to clean certain parts of your motorcycle after about 7000 kilometers.

If you prefer off-road driving or riding in mud and rain, then your motorcycle should be cleaned and lubricated more regularly. If you do this more regularly, the chain of your motorcycle will definitely last longer.

3. What is the best way to clean a motorcycle chain?

If you have decided to clean the chain of your motorcycle, you are probably wondering what is the best way for this endeavor.

Some people mostly just lubricate their chains, and some clean them first and then lubricate them. It is best to place your motorcycle upright and wipe your chain first.

It is best to wipe the chain with a rag soaked in some solvent to better remove dirt.

Then rinse it with a hose or bucket of water and dry it well with a cloth and then lubricate it with lubricant. Then clean the excess lubricant and your motorcycle is ready to ride.

4. Do I really need to clean my chain before lubing?

If you are wondering if it is always necessary to clean the chain before lubricating it, it is not of course, but it would be desirable to do it from time to time.

The chain on the motorcycle should be lubricated primarily to prevent rusting, wear, and keeping the drivetrain in top condition.

Chaining the chain can be a more aesthetic problem if the chain is very dirty depending on the driving conditions, the only important thing is that the chain is lubricated regularly.

So, it is surely more important that you lubricate your chain more regularly and you can do the cleaning from time to time, all of this will have a significant impact on better preservation of the chain.

Also, the lubricant will catch better on the chain which has been previously cleaned.

5. Should I wipe the chain after cleaning?

Cleaning the chain of your motorcycle is certainly not a demanding task. As we have already mentioned, many motorcycle enthusiasts have a different approach to cleaning the chains. Some think it is necessary, while others just lubricate the chains.

If you like to clean your chain before lubrication and if you wash it with water beforehand, after cleaning it is necessary to wipe the chain with a clean rag before applying the lubricant.

It is certainly more advisable to clean and wipe the chain beforehand because the lubricant is much better received.


If you are a fan of motorcycle riding, you should pay attention to the maintenance of your vehicles and their parts such as chains.

Many of these products come in sets and have accessories like special cleaning brushes or rags. It is certainly much more economical to choose a set like this, but it all depends of course on you and your needs.

All these products such as lubricants or chain cleaners are of high-quality and will provide maximum protection but also better performance for your motorcycles. Cleaning and lubricating the chain will certainly not be difficult because it does not take much time.

Although we have presented you with various products and kits for cleaning and lubrication, it can still be quite difficult to decide on the right product because it all depends on your needs and the way you maintain your vehicles.

If you check your motorcycle before each ride, also check the condition of the chain. Maintaining the chain is an easy task and its cleaning and lubrication will be much easier with some of these products. Take your time, find your best pick, and drive safely!

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