Best Motorcycle Engine Cleaner: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

Engine is a significant part of your motorcycle that you need to protect. Only then will it run for a longer time and won’t cause any trouble. Otherwise, you will see its performance deteriorating day by day. This is where the best motorcycle engine cleaner can come in handy.

It is specially designed for getting rid of the stubborn dirt and debris found on motorcycle engines. These cleaners also improve the overall performance by keeping the engine intact. You can use them every once in a while, to ensure a healthy engine.

For your help, we have brought here some of the best options available in the market. There are plenty of variants available in the market, this review of engine cleaners will get familiar with the options and pick the best one.

So, let’s get started.

Do you want a quick decision? Have a look at our top 3 choices.

8 Top Motorcycle Engine Cleaners


When you go out to buy an engine cleaner for your motorcycle, you will notice that there are plenty of options available. On the one hand, this can be beneficial as you will have more products to choose from.

But on the flip side, it becomes a troublesome task to pick one. You can easily select from these after reading their comprehensive reviews and checking which one fits best into your needs.

1. Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Series Orange Degreaser

If your engine goes through a lot of heavy work every day, you will need a harsh cleaner.

In such a situation, Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser stands out with its power. This product is based on citrus, which helps in getting rid of thick and tough grime, debris, or any other dirt.

Another benefit of this cleaner is that it works quickly. Within no time of application, you will see the grease and filth dissolving. It means you won’t have to wait for hours with this.

In case your engine isn’t very dirty, you can dilute the cleaner with some water and use it. The product can be used even for other parts of your motorcycle after you appropriately dilute it with water because it won’t be as harsh as before.

Key Features:

  • Its formula is made from citrus, which helps in cleaning stubborn and deep grime.
  • It can work for both greatly and lightly dirty engines as it can get diluted.
  • It works for longer when you dilute it with water.
  • It quickly removes all kinds of dirt, oil, grease, or filth.

2. S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle

The next option is from the brand S100. It is a suitable product when you don’t want to get into cleaning hassle and still want your motorcycle to look amazing.

You only have to spray it on your engine, wait for a few minutes, and take it off. The work will get done within moments.

Apart from time and effort saving, this product is also non-acidic, pH controlled, and biodegradable. It means you will neither be hurting the environment nor damaging your vehicle by using it.

As the cleaner doesn’t require additional scrubbing, you can even use it for the hard-to-reach sections of your bike. It will thoroughly clean everything without any trouble.

Key Features

  • It doesn’t require any additional scrubbing or cleaning trouble; just spray on and off.
  • It is biodegradable, pH controlled, and non-acidic in nature.
  • It doesn’t take much time to clean all surfaces of your bike, not just the engine.
  • It can conveniently get rid of all kinds of dirt and grime on your motorcycle engine.

3. Pig Spit PSO Spit Original

Sometimes cleaning isn’t enough for your engine. Its dull surface requires some refinishing or restoring so that it can look new again.

For such situations, you will find Pig Spit PSO Spit Original the most excellent engine cleaner. It can restore a number of surfaces ranging from faded rubber to vinyl or paint.

Applying the product is exceptionally convenient because it doesn’t require unnecessary rubbing. This same factor also makes the cleaner suitable for all the corners and hiding areas of the bike. So you need not worry about any part of the vehicle.

On top of everything else, the product will keep the engine’s surface looking refinished for the longest time. Even if you wish to go out in extreme conditions, it will remain intact. That is why it can be used at any point in time.

Key Features:

  • It effectively restores the original shine and brightness of the surface of your bike’s engine.
  • It can be used on various parts of the bike to eliminate their dullness.
  • It remains in proper condition for a long time and can be used anytime.
  • It can get applied without any hassle as it doesn’t require excessive rubbing.

4. WD-40 - 300070 Specialist Degreaser Foaming Spray

If you haven’t cleaned your motorcycle engine in years, this product will help you out. It comes with a foaming formula that lets the cleaner deeply penetrate the surface.

Through this, the cleaner is able to get rid of the stubborn and thick grime on your bike’s engine. Plus, it sticks on the surface for a longer duration, cleaning it in a much better way.

What makes the WD-40 Foaming Spray stand out in the engine cleaners’ market is its low-residue feature. It means that the product will thoroughly clean the engine without leaving behind any trash.

This cleaner will also be beneficial for more extended distance cleaning because it comes with a nozzle spray. You can simply put it on to make it work for up to 5-feet. There won’t be any hassle required.

Key Features:

  • It helps in removing the deep deposits of grease and grime on the bike’s engine.
  • It comes with a low-residue formula that doesn’t leave any mess behind.
  • It can be used for distant cleaning with its special nozzle.
  • It sticks on the surface for longer for better cleaning.

5. Gunk FEB1 Foamy Engine Brite Engine Cleaner

In case your motorcycle’s engine has a plastic cover on it, and you don’t wish to take a chance with harsh cleaners, give GUNK FEB1 Foamy a try.

This product is designed specifically for these kinds of engines. It won’t let the plastic get damaged while cleaning it properly.

The prominent advantage here is that you don’t have to worry about the cleaner slipping off the engine. Its foam sticks well even to the vertical surfaces. Hence, you just need to spray it on and leave. It will do the work on its own.

Further, no hassle is included for the cleaning part. Once you have let the cleaner stay for enough time, you can rinse it off with simple water. It will conveniently get away from the engine surface.

Key Features:

  • It is suitable for engines that have plastic covers on them.
  • It removes all the grime and filth in no time.
  • It adheres well with the vertical surfaces and doesn’t slip off easily.
  • It can get removed with plain water, cutting out all the cleaning trouble.

6. S100 12600A Total Cycle Cleaner Aerosol

This is yet another best motorcycle engine cleaner from S100. The 12600A Total Cycle Cleaner Aerosol is designed mainly to be used on bikes. You can use it to remove even the toughest dirt on the engine. It will clean everything without taking much of your time or effort.

The spray bottle of this product makes it more convenient to use. You simply need to open the cap, spray the cleaner, and it will begin working.

There is no requirement to dilute it or put it into another bottle. In case your bike is excessively filthy, spray some more of it.

Apart from all these features, this cleaner also doesn’t leave much residue behind it. So there won’t be any messy cleaning or remaining spots. You can conveniently get a cleaner engine.

Key Features:

  • It comes in an easy-to-use bottle, which makes it comfortable to use anywhere and anytime.
  • It can get rid of the toughest and deepest filth with its strong formula.
  • It doesn’t require much scrubbing to remove the dirt.
  • It can be used on different surfaces of the bike, other than its engine.

7. STP Car & Engine Cleaner Wipes

Spray engine cleaners can become trouble sometimes. For these circumstances, you can opt for the STP Car & Engine Cleaner Wipes.

These are large and fibrous that can help you clean all the bike surfaces you wish to wash in a more controlled manner. Moreover, their effect is no less than the spray cleaner.

What further makes these wipes better than the regular cleaner is that they don’t create any cleaning mess.

It means you need not rinse the engine after using them because they collect all the grime on the tissue. You can simply let the cleaner dry, and your bike will be ready to ride.

One of the sides of these wipes is kept scrubby. It helps in rubbing the deep filth properly so that it can get removed without much hassle. This makes the entire cleaning process convenient.

Key Features:

  • It helps in a more controlled cleaning process by getting applied to only a limited surface.
  • It has a scrubby surface that properly rubs off the grime and dirt.
  • It doesn’t require further cleaning as the dirt gets collected on the wipe.
  • It is highly effective in removing stubborn filth due to its heavy-duty formula.

8. Bike Brite MC53000 Black Powder Coated Cleaner

Certain parts of your motorcycle’s engine are powder coated. You can’t use the regular engine cleaner on them or else they will get damaged.

That is where the Bike Brite MC53000 will come in handy. It is explicitly drafted for the powder-coated components so that they get cleaned without any trouble.

Along with cleaning, it also provides additional shine and protection to these parts of the engine. In short, it offers a complete service to the engine to make it look like new. You can even use it for other parts of the bike to clean them properly.

This product’s thorough cleaning is what makes it stand out from all its competitors. It can clean a variety of dirt and stains from the vehicle’s surface, making it easy for you to maintain the bike.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with the powder-coated parts of the engine or other bike components.
  • It is highly convenient to use on the bike.
  • It gets rid of several kinds of stains and filth.
  • It also offers shine and protection to the engine.

What To Look For While Buying Motorcycle Engine Cleaners?

Motorcycle Engine Cleaners

If you are a regular motorcycle rider, an engine cleaner is a must for you. But keeping just any degreaser may not be enough.

You need to look into a number of factors to ensure that you pick only the most suitable cleaner for your bike’s engine. These aspects include:

  • Engine Cover
Motorcycle Engine Cover

Some of the bike engine cleaners are harsh. That is why they have to be restricted to more durable surfaces.

If you use them on the engine’s plastic cover, they will end up damaging the body. It means you need to consider the covering before picking up a cleaning product.

  • Parts To Be Cleaned

You may want to use the same cleaner for the entire motorcycle. In this case, you will have to look for a surface-compatible cleaner.

Plus, you will have to keep the quantity in mind because the whole bike will require more product than just the engine cleaning.

  • Previous Experience

While this may look obvious, many people don’t consider their previous experiences when they pick an engine cleaner. In case you have used any products in the past that turned out to be bad, you can avoid them.

Moreover, you need to look into that particular variant’s components. It will help you choose the cleaner that doesn’t contain the same elements.

  • Concentration

Some products are designed especially for cleaning motorcycles. On the other hand, some variants are more concentrated.

You need to pick here the one that fits best into your requirements. If you want to clean more than bikes, then the second one will be more suitable for you. But you will need to dilute it for using it on the motorcycle.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Engine?

How To Clean A Motorcycle Engine

You won’t get the desired results even with the most excellent bike engine cleaner if your technique isn’t correct. For this reason, you first need to learn how to clean the engine. Here are some steps that you can follow for the same.

  • Remove Dust: In most cases, the top layer on the engine is of dust. You can conveniently get rid of it by using compressed air. It will blow off almost all the dirt from the surface, making it ready for further deep cleaning.
  • Prepare The Engine: There are certain delicate areas around the engine that can get badly affected due to the cleaner. You need to cover them up using some plastic and masking tape. It will help in protecting these parts.
  • Use The Cleaner: After preparation, you need to apply the cleaner thoroughly all over the dirty area. You will find all the using directions on the cleaner’s bottle. Once your cleaner does it work, you can remove it using a high-pressure spray nozzle and a water hose.
  • Scrub and Dry: Finally, you need to scrub the surfaces to remove any residue or remaining grime on them. Once done, you can leave them to dry completely before using your motorcycle. This may take some time. After which, you can remove the masking tape and plastic from the bike.

You can also include a few steps of polishing and protectant application here. It will keep your bike’s engine intact for a longer period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which motorcycle engine cleaner is the best?

This query’s answer depends on your individual use case because different cleaners offer different benefits.

While some of them are good for deep grime, the others work for stains. You need to check with your unique purpose, read each variants’ features, and then decide which one you want to pick.

2. How often can you use the bike engine cleaner?

The cleaner should be used every once in a while to keep the engine performing well. If you use your bike regularly in extreme conditions, you will need to use it more often. But you can delay it for weeks if the bike doesn’t get used much.

3. What should be the engine’s condition while cleaning it?

It is mostly recommended that your engine should be completely cool before you use the cleaner on it. Otherwise, there are chances of the body getting damaged. So you should let the engine cool down before cleaning it.


Your bike’s engine is something you can’t compromise on. Hence, you should keep its proper care to ensure it keeps performing well for the longest possible time.

For this purpose, you can pick up the best motorcycle engine cleaner and use it regularly. It will help you in maintaining your bike’s engine and other components so that they will look good and work excellent.

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