Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker: Don’t Miss to Read Before You Buy!

Global Positioning System (AKA GPS) is undoubtedly one of those technologies that have changed the way of our lives for the better. And one of its significant use cases is tracking your beloved motorbike.

Having a tracker embedded into your motorcycle is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial modifications you can do to ensure its security. So then, what’s the best motorcycle GPS tracker? As with everything, that answer is relative.

Therefore, we have come up with the top GPS trackers for your motorcycle, belonging to various price points and feature sets. So, let’s get to tracking the products without further ado.

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Benefits of Motorcycle GPS Trackers

Benefits of Motorcycle GPS Trackers

You might ask whether dishing out a fair amount of money on a tracker for your bike is worth it or not. To answer in short, it certainly is. But let’s go ahead and explain the main reasons we think that way.

Personal Security

You might be wondering how a GPS device with a simple tracking chip can protect you or your family. That’s because many of the trackers that you can find have an SOS button attached to them, which enables emergency services when pressed.

Therefore, it can come in quite handy in times of need. And not only is this helpful when you or someone else is in trouble, that instance applies to many cases.

For example, if a friend is only learning to ride a bike, you could check on them to ensure they are doing okay.



Of course, this is the most critical use of a GPS tracker. If you ever were to face vehicle theft, the chances are that the license plates will be the first thing the perpetrator removes. That would make it tougher for law enforcement to retrieve it.

However, if you have one of these little things tucked inside your vehicle, it will tell you the exact location, and that too in real-time. This ability makes tracking the motorcycle a breeze for law enforcement, and they will probably thank you for that.

10 Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker Reviews

10 Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker Reviews

A GPS tracker can have various features for its users’ needs, which does not always correlate with the price. Here are the top options for you.

1. Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

One of the most crucial things your vehicle’s tracker should have is the assurance that you can track it no matter its location. Unfortunately, most products out there do not ensure that, which our first pick so effectively does.

This thing can ping its receiver from anywhere in the world. Yes, if everything operates the way it should, this thing can ping you from any country it’s in. And it achieves this impressive feat by using an international SIM card.

However, you need to pay a monthly fee to use this service, which is justifiable, given that you are getting such an impressive service. Moreover, getting a lengthier subscription can cut the price down.

And that price is reasonable for the heaps of features you get with this product. Along with the worldwide network, you get the ability to do your tracking effortlessly on popular platforms such as Android or iOS.

Furthermore, you can use voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to further improve its convenience. Some of the unique feats of this product are its minimal size and support for Wi-Fi.

It also has an SOS button, which is appreciated. Moreover, the battery life can go up to 2-3 days to a month, depending on your usage frequency. It keeps five years of history and comes with necessary accessories like a clip, key-chain, and so on.


  • GPS and GSM support
  • Works indoors with Wi-Fi
  • Worldwide location coverage
  • Option to get a 6x bigger battery
  • Supports mainstream voice assistants


  • Long-distance tracking can be somewhat janky
  • Lack of indicating lights

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker

If you want real-time tracking with excellent responsiveness and speed, opting for a tracker with a 4G SIM is something we recommend. That’s because this network spectrum allows for much faster data transfer compared to 3G.

Our next pick is from Vyncs, which has an impressive set of features, including 4G. And as it has an international SIM card included, you can use it anywhere in the world, requiring only an activation fee during purchase.

One of the unique features is that it does not require a battery. Instead, it sips power from the battery of your vehicle to stay operational. This part can be a pro for many users because you don’t need to worry about replacing the battery.

This product will give you push notifications, start/stop points, and even acceleration alerts. Moreover, it sends tamper alerts after you have plugged it to ensure that no one can cause any issue with the tracking.

You can have this tracker send you location updates every three minutes by default, which you can upgrade to 60/30/15 seconds as well. Furthermore, it can contain an unlimited amount of location history maps, which is superb.

Lastly, it goes to sleep mode when the ignition is off. It will only wake up once every hour to give you the location. This feature is convenient, as it can avoid power wastage but keep you updated at the same time.


  • Unlimited location history
  • Collects data all the time
  • No batteries are required
  • LTE/4G international SIM
  • Supports most operating systems


  • Lack of battery might pose inconveniences
  • Initial set up can be tricky

3. LandAirSea GPS Tracker

Something that many trackers for vehicles ensure is resistance to the weather, and mostly water. Even if you are careful with the placement, having the tracker on your bike makes it entirely possible to come in contact with moisture.

Our next pick comes with that assurance, which we like. Not only is it waterproof, but you also get a powerful built-in magnet. You can get the placement of this product however you want, thanks to that powerful magnet.

Moreover, the weight and the size of this tracker are relatively minimal. Therefore, you can place it wherever you want without anyone noticing. And that is helpful because things wouldn’t go as expected if the perpetrator got rid of the tracker.

In terms of mapping, you can use their web-based app with a browser or use a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android. Moreover, it uses Google Maps for map integration.

That bit is crucial since Google provides arguably the best mapping services among all the giant providers. Therefore, using their service makes things much more manageable. Lastly, let’s talk about the alerting mechanism, which makes or breaks the experience.

You can have this tracker send you updates over text or email alerts, along with the ability to monitor things with the app. It also supports geofencing and a mechanism to playback the history of previous locations.


  • Prevention of water damage
  • Slim and lightweight
  • A powerful magnet
  • Supports geofencing
  • Integration with Google Maps


  • Battery’s consistency is average
  • No alert for the start of a movement

4. PrimeTracking GPS Tracker

As we said, it is always a nice thing to have features that ensure your or your loved ones’ safety. One of the most useful features, in that case, is having the SOS feature, which sends an emergency alert at the press of a button.

The next tracker that we have comes with that feature and allows the user to quickly send an SOS signal and an emergency ping. Moving on to the cost, you need to have a subscription to use it.

But the good thing is that you can cancel it anytime you want without hidden fees. When it comes to the form factor, this product impressed us. It is lightweight and small, making it easier to place on your vehicle.

In terms of connectivity, you get an excellent experience. This tracker uses a 4G LTE connection to connect to your device and provides a stable network with superb accuracy.

Another side that makes it unique is that you do not need to pay fees to activate the built-in SIM card. That is something you would face with many other options. Lastly, let’s talk about the tracking ability.

This tracker has an unlimited tracking range with real-time geofencing, which is a valuable addition when it comes to tracking. Moreover, it can even give you alerts about the speed of the vehicle.


  • Built-in 4G SIM
  • A tiny form factor
  • Has an unlimited tracking range
  • Real-time geofencing support
  • Updates every 10 seconds


  • History should be shown in a better way
  • Accuracy could be better

5. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The necessity of custom alerts is something that most people don’t realize. For instance, you could set the tracker to send you an alert as soon as a specific movement takes place. This feature provides granular control to the user.

To our pleasure, Optimus 2.0 allows you to do that. Moreover, you can choose any medium for that alert according to your choice. For instance, you could set it to send you an SMS only at a particular movement.

Furthermore, the user experience is a crucial part of any product’s utility. This one has native apps for both Android and iOS, which work flawlessly. Moreover, you get an international SIM card with an included data plan.

It gives you effortless coverage of the USA and Canada, and the included data plan helps reduce the amount of work you’d have to go through. Another vital part is the battery, which lasts up to two weeks with reporting every minute.

Another commendable bit is that they provide a free upgrade to 10-second report frequency, which is not something you often see. Of course, the frequency will affect the battery, so there’s a trade-off.

It comes in a tiny form factor with a twin magnet case, which can come in handy. And you can get alerts ranging from movement, speeding, all the geofencing abilities along with SOS.


  • A low battery alert
  • SIM includes a data plan
  • Decent apps with improved user experience
  • Powerful twin-magnet case
  • Supports the SOS feature


  • Occasional delays in reporting
  • Quality control could be better

6. Trak-4 GPS Tracker

Something vital that you should take a look at is how effortless it is to set up your motorcycle tracking device. And the reason we have to mention it with such importance is that not many products ensure that bit for you.

Our following product comes from a brand named Trak-4 – quite well-known for their tracking devices. And we appreciate the fact that it provides you with an effortless experience with a setup process that doesn’t take long at all.

Furthermore, it comes with an included SIM card – as expected from any decent tracker. Another superb feature is the battery here. Firstly, you can recharge the battery with a cell charger, which is not always the case in many products.

Moreover, you can get up to 18 months of battery life out of the cell, which is nothing short of impressive. Of course, you would need to lower the pinging frequency to the absolute lowest, but that’s a given.

In terms of the types of alerts, you can set it up to send the notifications to your email and text alerts to your SIM card. You can get either or both of them, which is handy. And you also get support for geofencing here.

This feature gives you a better mapping capability and helps in customizing the alerts. And as for the application program interface, it uses the REST API, which is better than most other options.


  • No activation costs
  • Options for ping frequency
  • Quick set up
  • Unlimited cellular data
  • Impressive battery life


  • A bit chunky due to the battery
  • Antenna is a bit weak

7. XCSource GPS Locator 

At this point, we have the AH207 for you – a compact product with impressive versatility. As you know, how you interact with the tracker can significantly impact the tracking experience as a whole.

That includes things like how you get started and how effortlessly you can contact or receive updates from it. The following product that we have for you does an impressive job at that aspect, especially with its support for various platforms.

For instance, along with the typical apps for operating systems like Android or iOS, it ensures a way for you to be able to access it without either. That’s because if you have a Linux-based OS, for example, you cannot use those apps.

In that case, you can use their web-app, which is very well-built and provides all the features that you would in the native apps. Another bit worth a look at is the integration with Google Maps, which is undoubtedly one of the best providers.

But that’s not the most impressive bit about it. This tracker comes with a built-in switching power supply that works with a wide voltage range, ensuring compatibility with most vehicles.

You can get your alerts through SMS too. Moreover, this product does a decent job with real-time tracking, even with a weaker signal. And the setup process is password-protected for security.


  • Works with a weaker signal too
  • Built-in switching power supply
  • Well-built web-app
  • Convenient LED status display
  • CPU monitor is built-in


  • Indoor reception could be better
  • Initial set up can be somewhat janky

8. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

When getting a tracker worthy of protecting your motorcycle, it must be able to give you an alert right as soon as it detects movement. The issue is that many trackers fail to do that right away.

Unlike those products, the next pick that we have from Invoxia provides instant alerts, be it through its app or any other method. But before we can delve into that, let’s talk about its connectivity throughout the spectrum.

First of all, it comes with a SIM card out of the box, supporting 4G LTE networks. Moreover, it also supports Wi-Fi tracking, which is a bonus when it comes to giving you enough flexibility and versatility.

However, unlike some of the other options shown above, its network coverage does not go worldwide. Moving on to the battery life, you can get up to four months of battery life with it, depending on the ping frequency.

And as you can guess, that frequency has to be relatively low if you achieve that number. There are several options for you – 5, 10, or 30 minutes if you want to change the frequency. You can recharge it fully in an hour.

There is also a mode where it only alerts you when it detects motion with its sensor, which can save battery life. Moreover, it supports geofencing for customized alerts and has a discreet form factor.


  • Impressive real-time alerts
  • Motion sensor provides alerts at any movement
  • Customizability with geofencing
  • Long battery life
  • 4G supported SIM card


  • Durability needs some work
  • Precise location accuracy is average

9. Sinotrack Vehicle GPS Tracker

We realize that many of the products mentioned above can get quite expensive, even with the initial purchase without any upgrades or extra subscriptions. Therefore, we have a relatively affordable product if you don’t require the bells and whistles.

First of all, the ST-901 only supports 2G bands. So, yes, you have to sacrifice a bit of the performance for a lower price point. However, it should still manage to provide you with decent tracking performance.

There’s another caveat – you need to buy the 2G SIM by yourself, depending on where you are and which service provider you want. This feature can be beneficial too, as you get to choose the operator yourself.

You need to plug this product into the vehicle’s battery to get it powered. However, to ensure that it doesn’t go completely dead in the case of a battery issue, it comes with a backup 150-mAh battery built into it.

This battery can provide a backup worth an hour or two, which should suffice. Moreover, this tracker supports real-time tracking. You only need to get their service subscription, and it should be good to go.

It also has built-in GSM and GPS double antennas to give you a decent result. Moreover, these antennas come with ACC, which can detect the ignition of the vehicle. It stores two years of history and has two interval options.


  • Backup battery built-in
  • Two years of tracking history
  • GSM and GPS antennas
  • Ignition detection with ACC
  • You can choose your preferred operator


  • Doesn’t come with a SIM card
  • You only get 2G support

10. Winnes GPS Tracker

The last pick we have manages to be quite affordable without cutting too many corners, which is probably what many users might be looking for. This product is the TK905 from Winnes – a 3G tracker with decent performance.

As we said, this product supports network bands up to 3G. That means if you don’t have 3G in your area, it will be able to use 2G if it’s available. However, it won’t be able to use 4G bands, which would be faster and more efficient.

That also means that the battery will have to go through less load and provide better usage time. Moreover, it has a large 5000-mAh lithium battery, which is more significant than most products you will find.

Another impressive feat of this product is that it has a water and dust resistance rating of IP65, which is not something you see often. Moreover, the strong magnet that it has built-in allows you to install it anywhere easily.

This product gives you real-time tracking at affordable pricing without any hidden fees, which speaks for itself. In terms of accuracy, the product should provide you with accurate results up to 32 feet.

You can use unlimited devices with only one account without needing to spend anything extra. It also supports geofencing and provides you alerts on movement. You also get 180 days of history with timestamps and routes.


  • IP65 water and dust resistance
  • Huge 5000-mAh battery
  • GPS/LBS multiple mode positioning
  • Low battery alerts
  • Up 180 days history


  • Ping frequency isn’t as customizable
  • Real-time tracking could be more accurate

Things to Consider Before Buying Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Your motorcycle’s tracker can be your savior in times of need. And even in your everyday life, it can come in surprisingly handy, given that you buy the right one. That’s what we will try to ensure below with a brief guide for buyers.

While some of the features are common in most products, some are more suited to particular requirements.

  • Battery

The first part is deciding whether you want your tracker to use a battery, as there are products that do not rely on a battery. And there are some trade-offs if you choose to opt for this line of trackers.

For one, you need to keep it connected to a power source from your vehicle to keep it running. On the other hand, you do not have to check whether it’s out of battery every now and then. Therefore, it’s up to you whichever side you want.

  • Battery Life

Should you choose a product with a battery, battery life is crucial because you need it to be by your side whenever you’re out on the road. Having a battery-dead GPS tracker in the middle of nowhere is not something we particularly yearn for.

However, you can connect many of these products to your bike to recharge them, getting rid of your worries. But if yours does not have that capability, at least make sure that it has a decent runtime to keep things smoothly running.

  • Durability

Your GPS tracker is likely to go through a lot of hardships, especially that of the weather. And that calls for some features that will ensure its longevity. One of the most important ones of those features is water-resistance.

Be it fog or rain, the product may come in contact with moisture. Hence, it needs some protection in place against water damage to further ensure the product’s durability. Dust resistance is an impressive bonus as well.

Lastly, the build materials need to be of high-quality as well. That includes the core components and the outer material (generally made of plastic). Slacking off in any of these would make the quality deteriorate.

  • Form Factor

You can find trackers with small form factors to the comparatively large ones. A larger product could mean a better battery life in many cases, but that’s not a given. Besides, too much bulk could hurt the user experience.

There are options with designs that work well with motorcycles, which come at a smaller size and are much easier to attach to the vehicle. Therefore, opting for one of these products would make sense for a motorcycle owner.

  • SOS

Well, this part is self-explanatory. You probably realize that it is not very unrealistic to think about the possible dangers and inconveniences you might face in the future. After all, that is one of the main reasons you’re getting a tracker in the first place.

And as a bonus on that feature, some of the trackers come with an SOS feature. Given that things are correctly connected, all you need to do to send an emergency alert through the device is press a button.

That is why this could be a nice feature to have. While it is not a must-have, it can come in handy if you are ever in an emergency, which is not as far-fetched as it sounds.

Types of Motorcycle GPS Trackers

You can categorize these products according to various aspects. Besides, one of the most critical elements is probably keeping the product running long with as little hassle as possible. So, here are the types of trackers you can buy depending on that aspect.

Power Source

Your vehicle’s tracker’s power source is one of the most crucial bits to look out for. And as you might know, there are two options in that regard – products with batteries or without batteries.

  • Battery-Operated Trackers

These are the most common options that you will generally find. And as with anything that runs on a battery, the first thing to look out for is its capacity. A larger battery is always better as it ensures it will keep running for longer.

Another bit to notice is the type of battery it runs on. Many of the tiny trackers do not come with rechargeable batteries for apparent reasons. Therefore, you need to check if the size is widely available or not.

And these sides are vital as you would want the tracker to be running all the time. The bigger the battery is, the less frequently do you have to check whether it’s running or not. And common type would help you get a new replacement quickly.

  • Plug-in Trackers

As the name suggests, these trackers mainly rely on your motorcycle for power. This feature can be both a good and bad thing. For one, you will not have to keep checking whether the device is out of battery.

On the other hand, you would need to keep the device connected to your vehicle. And this should not have a significant enough effect on your vehicle’s battery, so there’s no need to worry about that. However, you should periodically check if it’s connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Motorcycle GPS Tracker Visible to Thieves?

The motorcycle GPS security system is not readily visible to the naked eye. It's skillfully hidden on the motorcycle, so no one knows it's there.

2. Is it Difficult to Install GPS Tracker in a Motorcycle?

Installing a tracker is not that difficult, but you need to make sure it is safe from the elements so that it does not deteriorate.

Final Words

Be it to keep track of your transport or find out your route, GPS trackers are useful. The products mentioned above are the most suitable options as the best motorcycle GPS tracker. And there are options for all price ranges with various feature sets depending on what you need.

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