Best Motorcycle Grips for Vibration: Buying Guide 2022

If you’re a passionate motorcyclist, you should be acquainted with the fact that grips are one of the most important components.

After all, they deal with maintaining control and vibration. So, if your bike lacks good grips, you’re missing out. It’s time to get the best pair for your bike.

Finding the best motorcycle grips for vibration is no easy task, as it involves going through all the specifications of each product and weighing the pros and cons. However, you can rest assured as we’ve got you covered.

We’ve categorized 7 amazing motorcycle grips with their features as well as an informative buying guide that will help you to find the perfect pair for your bike.

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7 Best Motorcycle Grips for Vibration

Looking for an ideal pair of grips for your motorcycle? Here are 7 great finds that will be perfect for almost anyone who needs decent quality grips for their bikes-

1. Grip Puppy Comfort Grips

There’s no way you haven’t heard of Grip Puppy comfort grips since they are one of the most renowned designers of motorcycle grips. They design some of the best motorcycle hand grips known to last long without frequent maintenance.

The best part about these grips is how comfortable they are. When you’re riding for a long time, it’s common to get your hands tired and worn out.

These grips allow your hands to stay in place on the handles without any pressure. The softness and plush feeling of the grips truly act like their name, ‘Puppies’.

Apart from the comfortable feeling, these grips do a good job at absorbing the maximum amount of vibrations produced from the motor. They also cross out vibrations emerging from your arms, thus adding to the softness.

Since these grips are going to be your daily companions, they are bound to wear out fast. However, these grips are designed with maximum durability.

So, they will last for a long time. These grips are also built with UV and ozone resistance, which is another great quality.

Moreover, these grips are waterproof and can be used comfortably in any kind of weather. They pair well with heated grips and deliver a great result.

So, if you’re looking for a decent quality grip pair, this is the one you should invest in.


  • Comfortable and soft on the hands
  • Ensures firm grip
  • Stamps out motor vibrations
  • Built to last long
  • Designed with UV and ozone resistance


  • Not suitable for heavy cruisers

2. ODI Vans Cult Street Motorcycle Hand Grips 

Another great pair of motorcycle grips to add to your collection is this one by ODI. Such a sophisticated and modern design is perfect for your V-Twin Motorcycle. You can count on this unique pair of grips to offer the best service possible.

This pair of grips come with Van’s wave sole pattern, which is of great quality, especially for V-twin motorcycles.

Such wave pattern actually helps in ensuring maximum airflow and maintains ventilation. You can’t go wrong with this design after all!

The grips also bear domed center sections that help in the elimination of vibrations. Also, these sections contribute to improving the performance of the grips.

Besides, these grips are designed with high-quality material that provides strength & firmness yet still feels comfortable enough.

These grips look really attractive and pleasant on your motorcycle, owing to the stylish brown color. The design is quite sleek and the color stands out in the crowd.

You can touch these grips and have an idea of how comfortable they can be. They are soft enough to support your hands and prevent them from wearing out from biking for hours.


  • Supports adequate ventilation
  • Smart design and color
  • Soft and cozy even after long rides
  • High-quality material
  • Eliminates vibrations


  • May need frequent cleaning up

3. Scott Sports Motorcycle Grips 

Scott Sports is another great brand that you can invest in for some amazing bike grips. If your requirements are firm grip, proper annihilation of vibrations, and comfortable feeling, this is something you can look for in your bike.

This one is designed with a full waffle outline that not only looks attractive but also bears a classic outlook.

If you’re a classic enthusiast, this waffle design should definitely impress you. It also features a radial design that pairs well with the waffle pattern.

The Scott Sports grips are equipped with a single density feature that allows a marked decrease in vibrations originating from the engine.

Apart from blocking vibrations from the engine itself, it also plays a vital role in getting rid of the arm pump.

So, you can stay assured and keep riding for hours without feeling fatigued and discomfort.

It is created to accommodate 7/8" handlebars, which is perfect for almost all kinds of motorcycles. This is the best motorcycle handlebar grips you can find in the market. The presence of homogenous safety wire channels also makes it easy to secure the bars.

These grips also feel quite comfortable even after you’ve spent hours riding. They don’t wear out your hands and fingers, instead, keep them in place properly.

The overall design & outlook of the grips as well as the color scheme are also quite attractive and will look good on any bike.


  • Feels smooth and comfortable
  • Secured easily on the handlebars
  • Sleek and stylish outlook
  • Reduces engine vibrations
  • Eliminates arm pump and discomfort


  • Installation may be difficult for beginners

4. Oury Street Motorcycle Grip 

Oury will never disappoint you with its flawless designs and durable bike grips. This one not only aces the comfort and durability test but also is cheaper than most motorcycle grips.

It comes with a small flange and a large anti-vibration pad as a basic structure of the grip. The anti-vibration pad does a remarkable job at minimizing any vibration arising from the motor.

This pad also plays a role in getting rid of any numbness and making sure that your rides are free of hassles. It also contributes to maximum shock absorption.

These grips come with smartly designed and well-defined contours. They do a great job at working for faster and speedier drives since they are provided with maximum resistance.

You can use them despite the weather change. Whether it's rainy, hot, or cold, these grips will never fail you.

They are water-resistant, so you can use them in wet environments without any fear. From off-roading to all-terrain vehicle biking, these grips will be fun to use almost everywhere. The material behind these grips is tough quality rubber that is quite sturdy.

Overall, these grips are comfortable enough for any kind of sporty drive. They will last for a long time if maintained properly.


  • Perfect for any weather condition
  • Channels water easily
  • Ideal for speedy and sporty biking
  • Contours are well-defined
  • Minimizes any kind of vibration


  • Do not offer cruising facilities
  • The rubber material is not double layered

5. Surpassme Motorcycle Grips 

The Surpassme motorcycle grips are quite popular for their easy and simple outline of features. You can choose them if you prefer quality over anything else.

These grips comprise of classic diamond design that is preferred by most vintage lovers for their bikes. Apart from the outlook, this design is quite beneficial as it feels comfortable, has water-channeling property, and bears a solid grip.

With a strong and sturdy build, these grips offer high strength and durability. The build of these grips ensures resistance as well as crossing out vibrations.

It absorbs almost all the vibration and shock that arise from the motor. And it does a pretty decent job at keeping your ride as relaxed as possible.

And with standard quality rubber material, you can count on it to last a long time. These grips also feature an anti-slip surface that supports your hands, preventing them from sliding off the throttle on the bikes.

Grips from Surpassme come in 22mm and 24mm diameters that go with both left and right handlebars easily.


  • Ideal anti-slip surface
  • Good quality rubber material
  • Adequate adherence to handlebars
  • Strong and firm grip
  • Smart and classic diamond design


  • Difficult installation process

6. RSG Motorcycle Universal Grips 

You can choose this pair of grips because of their classic features and smart design.

A unique feature of this product is the universal fit. With an inner diameter of 22mm/24mm, these grips can accommodate any handlebars that are near 7/8".

So, if you’re someone who keeps changing their handlebars, these grips will be perfect for you.

Starting from ATV bikes, dirt bikes, and even pit bikes, these grips will suit them all. You don’t need to work too hard to install these grips. They come with inner cores that do a good job at adhering to the handlebars.

The material for these grips is double compound rubber gel material, which is high-quality and highly durable.

While the outer layer provides a smooth surface, the inner layer supports the attachment with the bars.

These grips are equipped with pillow tops capable of self-cleaning. So, if you’re someone who wants low-maintenance grips for their bikes, this is the one you should go for.

They also have a remarkable role in minimizing vibration and absorbing the maximum amount of shock.

Despite such strong resistance, these grips feel comfortable enough to accompany you in your daily drives.


  • A double compound rubber gel material
  • Maximum shock absorption
  • Minimum vibration
  • Self-cleaning property
  • Strong adherence to handlebars
  • Universal fit


  • The rubber comes a little hard at first

7. Biltwell Motorcycle Grips 

Last but not the least, we have motorcycle grips from Biltwell that are pretty decent in quality and comprise of some useful features.

The grips are made from TPV compound, which is known for its outstanding features like UV resistance, thermoplastic property, and strong potential. This compound also appears soft and comfortable, despite being such a powerful material.

These high-quality grips come in two sizes- 1-inch and 7/8-inch. They will fit almost any kind of handlebar.

You can install these grips in no time by following the instructions that come with it. They are also quite low maintenance, as they do not require frequent clean-up.

The softness of the grips contributes to eliminating the maximum vibration associated with the motor.

They also dampen any kind of arm pump fatigue so that you can have a comfortable ride. Besides, they have a sleek exterior that makes it easy for them to catch anyone’s attention.

These Biltwell grips are capable of delivering good throttle response. You can also expect standard steering quality from them. Overall, they are a great option for your motorcycle.


  • Powerful material
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • Simple installation
  • Eliminates vibration and arm pump fatigue


  • Not suitable for small hands
  • Wider in the center, so seems heavy for some bikers

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Motorcycle Grips for Vibration

Now that you’re familiar with some suitable motorcycle grips, let's talk about the necessary factors you need to look for before buying bike grips for vibration.

Here are some of the important things you should take into account before purchasing motorcycle grips;

  • Material

The most common material of motorcycle grips is rubber. Although these days chrome and aluminum are incorporated with rubber to enhance the build of the grips, rubber still occupies a major portion of the construction.

Before picking grips for your bikes, try looking for options that come with dual-compound rubber material.

Such kind of material can actually make a huge difference in your grip features. Dual-compound rubber grips allow suitable grip traction as well as firm hold to the handlebar.

The higher quality of the rubber material also influences the longevity and durability of the grips. So, it's better to choose something with maximum strength so that it lasts you a long time.

  • Vibration Elimination

Since we’re talking about motorcycle grips for vibration, we surely can’t miss out on this important feature!

Minimizing any vibration arising from the engine is an essential factor when it comes to bike grips. Look for a pair of grips that take care of not only the vibrations originating from the motor but also the ones that form from the arms.

  • Compatibility

This is another important feature that should never be overlooked. Compatibility not only refers to how well-suited the grips are with your handlebars but also to how well they accommodate your hands. So, look for grips that have the ideal inner and outer tube diameters.

If you’re more into cruising, it is better to go for thicker grips.

However, if you want grips for casual and sport drives, thinner ones are more appropriate. Thinner grips are also pretty straightforward and do not need much effort to control.

  • Comfort

Grips are going to be your allies almost every day, every hour, and every minute when you’re riding. So, you can’t feel at ease if they’re harsh and rough on the hands.

Before choosing grips for your bikes, look for the ones that claim to have softness and an adequate amount of ventilation.

Going through these important factors, you can definitely pick the most suitable kind of grips for your motorcycles.

Final Verdict

It is not easy to choose the best motorcycle grips for vibration, especially when the options are numerous. Settling for a single pair of good-quality motorcycle grips takes a lot of effort and research.

You can discover the best pair of grips for your bike in no time by following our helpful review. We’ve talked about 7 amazing options with all their important features that will assist you in making a wise decision.

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