Best Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley: Reviews and Guide for 2022

Do you not love the sunset beach ride on a cool summer day? Without a doubt, the experience is much more intense if you own a Harley Davidson. Indeed, during this cathartic escapade, you want to avoid sudden mishaps at all costs.

However, it’s quite impossible to predict an unforeseen motorcycle failure. For instance, what if the tire punctures in the middle of the road. What can we do except for fixing the flat tire? 

In that case, you require the best motorcycle lift table for Harley to ease the tedious process of correcting the unprecedented incident. 

With the additional lift, we assure you the bike will remain vertically straight during maintenance. You see, we did not find one single reason to evade purchasing such a handy product.

In a hurry? check our top 3 picks

8 Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley

Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley

For all motorcyclists and bikers, one crucial factor holds the most importance. And that element is acquiring the appropriate bike lift table. We guarantee you an incredibly time-saving process through this extensive list of reviews.

1. APlusLift MT1500X Motorcycle Lift Table

Without question, the Harley Davidson you own needs an equally suitable lift table both appearance and quality-wise. In that case, this option offers an exceptional color combination that draws our attention. 

The black coating not only enhances the appearance but also protects the structure from further damage.

Subsequently, the orange covering is even more durable than the black painting due to the powdered layering. What’s more interesting is the product’s capacity as we witnessed this lift table is capable of elevating vehicles that weigh around 1500lbs. 

Above all, this highly durable thick gauge steel construction allows for effortless pneumatic elevation by using your feet. With a metric grade of 8.8 bolts, rest assured, you will have a more secure and powerful operating experience. 

Moreover, the large surface area, which is 48-inches in width, is suitable for Harley.

In fact, the additional extensions enable you to raise the length and width of the table lift. More importantly, the scissor-lifting table consists of a premium quality pivot shaft, which is efficiently manufactured using cutting-edge technology.

The rear wheels are durable enough to support and maneuver the lift table. Furthermore, the slip-resistant properties in the manufacturers’ supplementary tapes help you have smooth functionality. And the most significant inclusion is the free service jack that allows additional lifting.


  • Highly durable construction material
  • Exceptional resistant properties in paint coating
  • Includes extensions for a large range of accommodation
  • Ergonomic framework for smooth execution
  • Incorporates a free service jack


  • Hefty design 
  • Does not accommodate large bikes

2. Extreme Max 5001.5044 Motorcycle Scissors Jack

It’s a terrible situation to bring a poorly constructed scissor jack for assistance. And by poor construction, we mean a material that is not durable enough. Regarding this particular model, you can throw your concerns out the window.

The motorcycle scissor jack integrates steel as the composite material for assembly. As a result, we guarantee you that this model will exhibit absolute resistance to rusting and impact damage. Additionally, when vertically upright, the lift measures up to 14-inches.

Hence, you will obtain an excellent extension to perform the mechanical task on your motorcycle.

From our experience, we suggest you not use this option on extra-heavy bikes since it is more suitable for smaller vehicles and Harley Davidson. The weight limit of this motorcycle scissor jack is 1000lbs.

Furthermore, the foot pedal allows you to raise the machine to your required height. As a matter of fact, this company offers a high-quality and user-friendly 7-inch by 8-inch wrench that you can get individually.

And as it happens, combined with the socket, this scissor jack assures you with fluent functional capability.

On the other hand, the compact structure is ideal for portability. For safety precautions, the ergonomic lock technology prevents sudden drops that may occur. Predominantly, the exclusive platform provides a great deal of traction and protection through the inclusion of rubber padding.


  • Scissor jack rises to 14-inches
  • Small and compact structure ensures user-friendliness
  • Robust and durable steel formation
  • Rubber padding protects and supports motorcycles 
  • Locking mechanism avoids sudden falls at all cost


  • Not ideal for large vehicles
  • Not durable enough

3. VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack Hoist Stand

It is better to be safe than sorry. We all know safety is paramount. That is why this product is quintessential for your motorcycle endeavors.

Therefore, under any circumstances, this option ensures a proper lifting mechanism. In fact, the triple positioned bolting system shuts the lift table in place during operation.

As a consequence, you will have optimal protection no matter what. Besides, if you own a Harley bike, then this hydraulic jack’s long-lasting steel building material provides resistance from damage and corrosion. Primarily, the manually operated device incorporates a foot pedal for your utter convenience.

Among everything else, the rubber padding’s anti-skid properties embodied within this hydraulic jack framework maintain ease-of-use.

After that, this feature also prevents scratches in your vehicle. On top of this, the manufacturer highlights the weight limit of the machine, which is 1500lbs.

Transportation is a walk in the park for this model as it gave us the liberty to maneuver the structure using the handle swiftly. Primarily, the incorporation of swivel casters lets you rotate the lift table at a 360-degree angle under load.

While you may think that with a 1500lbs mass capacity, the product is heavy-duty, however, that’s not the case since this option exhibits a very compact design that is both efficient and effective. 

Moreover, the makers include additional tools such as ratchet straps, two bar adapters, and a removable handle.


  • Sturdy and strong steel construction
  • Includes swivel casters for 360-degree rotation
  • Rubber padding has anti-traction features
  • Three locking setups assure protection
  • Small and compact structure for ideal maneuverability


  • Fragile piston
  • Assembly guide unreliable

4. Apextreme 1100 LB Motorcycle Lift

How can someone with a Harley Davidson get a flimsy lift table and risk the motorcycle to scratches and misfortune? In that case, we all look for a product that solely focuses on providing a helping hand while fixing the vehicle. This is the best motorcycle lift for harley davidson in the market.

As it happens, this specific bike lift features a sturdy building block in the form of steel. Steel as a construction material not only adds to the aesthetic value but also gives protection from rust. More significantly, the powdered paint layer application offers proofing from dust and grease.

Even more so, the galvanized application of coating further helps reduce the chances of corrosion to zero.

Subsequently, the dolly tray’s inclusion helps plenty with portability, as the 4-wheeler tray aids in rolling the model to its destination. The steel caster wheels are tough. 

Simultaneously, versatility is by far the most crucial factor, as it decides the compatibility aspect of the motorcycle lift. In the case of this option, it is compatible with various vehicles, including ATV, Harley, cruiser, etc. 

There is no doubt; the large surface area of 14.6” by 9” accommodates all types of vehicles. 

On another note, the rubber cushioning protects your vehicles from abrasion and dents. The non-skid elements of rubbers also restrict the motorcycle from slipping.

Furthermore, by using the handle, you can raise the lift table to 2.25-inch to 16.4-inch. Above all, the weight limit is 1100lbs.


  • A comprehensive platform for more significant usage
  • Galvanized coating prevents rusting
  • Black painting also ensures dust and grease resistant properties
  • Highly durable steel formation
  • Addition of a dolly tray helps with transportation


  • Additional tool is not suitable for lifting
  • Weight capacity is lower than 1100lbs

5. Black Widow BW-1500AO-V2-MC Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Most of you may wonder about the capacity of a motorcycle lift table. Some flimsy options crack during the lifting of heavy-duty bikes like Harley Davidson.

However, we observed an incredibly resilient attribute of this particular bike lift that allowed us to work even with all-terrain vehicles.

Consequently, we can guarantee you will not find a platform as vast as this specific one. Essentially, the overall measurement of the ramp is 78-inches in length and 27-inches in width.

All the more so, it consists of a detachable loading ramp and a rear dropout platform for a thorough inspection of bikes. 

A manually controlled motorcycle lift is significantly more steadfast than other choices. As for this model, the comfortable foot pedaling mechanism helps elevate your Harley Davidson readily. Not to mention, robust steel construction imparts a great extent of durability and longevity.  

Indeed, it is a matter of great uncertainty how much pressure you must apply to reach the ideal elevation.

That said, the makers recommend at least 90 PSI. Chiefly, the foot-operated system allows you to have a proper vehicle raising technique without having to encounter sudden drops or falls.

Alternatively, no other option offers as much security as this lift table. Keeping your bike intact without conforming to further damage from using the machine is the ultimate goal. And for that, the internal forward wheel locking system integrated into this model prevents your vehicle from rolling over.


  • Extensive 78-inches by 27-inches surface area
  • Detachable loading panel and back dropout platform
  • Smooth operation through foot pedaling
  • Rigid and strong steel construction ensures durability
  • Forward wheel clamp secures the vehicle in place


  • No rubber cushioning for anti-traction abilities
  • Heavy machine hinders transportability

6. ZENY 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift

Some of you are more inclined towards purchasing a hand-operated item rather than a foot-operated option.

In fact, this exclusive model captivates the user through its elementary yet effortless crank mechanism that permits you to rotate the handle in a circular motion for elevation.

On the other side, this scissor lift reaches a maximum height of 13.25-inches. Besides, before you make the buy-in, it is crucial to know the product’s weight limit. In the case of this model, you will have a peak capacity of 1100lbs.

Moreover, we can give you absolute assurance when it comes to the durability aspect. The scissor lift jack embodies a solid and sturdy steel composition that protects the product from harm.

And if you own a Harley Davidson chopper, then maintaining its longevity holds the highest priority. 

For that reason, the 14.5-inch by 9-inch spacious platform incorporates rubber padding all over the surface. As a result, you will safeguard your vehicle from undergoing scraping and prevent it from gliding over the panel.

Primarily, visually pleasing the customers is as vital as any other product features as the product encompasses a high-quality red finish. Concerning compatibility with vehicles, this model helps repair a range of motorcycles and ATVs.


  • Straight forward hand operation through the usage of crank
  • Reaches a maximum height of 13.25-inches
  • Adequate and commodious 14.5-inch by 9-inch platform
  • Steel formation makes sure of durability and sturdiness
  • Rubber pads help reduce scratches and slippage


  • Bearings are susceptible to breakage
  • Not supportive of all sorts of heavy-duty vehicles

7. Black Widow BW-0101 Motorcycle or ATV Lift Jack Stand

We are all looking for a heavy-duty lift that functions remarkably well when it comes to motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and PWCs. For most mechanics, a superior grade lift is essential to raise the vehicle off the ground to repair the broken parts.

In the present case, we introduce to you a model that has unrivaled power and influence. If anything, this particular option can take a load up to 1500lbs.

And if you compare it with other models, the weight limit is significantly high and adequate for all Harley Davidson users.

During vehicle maintenance, you will have to elevate the bike to its optimal level. For that reason, this model allows for a hydraulic foot pedal.

A hydraulic system offers the ability to carry hefty loads and ensures improved pressure and force. The caster wheels guarantee stable navigation. 

Regarding comfort and convenience, this ATV lift table features a detachable 7-inch long jack handle for better grip during operation.

Most importantly, you will have no issues with the ramp as it provides you with an extensive area of 12-inch by 2.5-inch that contains rubber padding to avoid slippage.

Similarly, for more security and safety, the production company implements a 3-position locking mechanism that bolts the lift table shut and prevents sudden drops during functionality. Without question, the black-coated finish over the industrial-strength steel composition is highly durable.


  • Optimizes hydraulic foot pedaling
  • Incorporates a 7-inch detachable jack handle
  • Caster wheels make sure of unfluctuating motion
  • Black coated over steel construction
  • 3-position latching system for safety


  • Not accurate guidelines
  • Big and heavy machine

8. Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Are you looking for a professional-grade motorcycle lift that eliminates the nuisance associated with vehicle repair?

This unique option brings forth a noteworthy lift table that is quite distinct in comparison to other models. The 11 gauge steel formation ensures high endurance and resilience. 

It turns out; the dimension of the platform is beyond belief. The large surface area measures up to 81.25-inch in length and 21.75-inch in width. When compared with alternative options, no other models offer such an extensive range.

Additionally, the checkered plate panel keeps the Harley from sliding off the surface as it provides stability. Apart from that, the machine’s portholes give you the liberty to attach straps for additional security. As it happens, we witnessed complete safety precautions built-in within the product’s framework.

At the same time, the overall lift table stands 8.5-inch by 34-inch tall. As a consequence, you can repair your motorcycle by keeping it at the level of the eyes. With a mass limit of 1000lbs, you can virtually fix several vehicles, including ATVs, motorcycles, and Harleys.

For further protection, this model incorporates a forward wheel clamp to secure the vehicle. Under load, the inherent locking system helps reduce the probability of incidents.

Moreover, the double foot pedaling mechanism makes it easier for swift execution.


  • A vast surface area
  • Diamond plate platform to prevent sliding
  • Provides a front-wheel clamp for security
  • Dual pedaling system for swift workability
  • Highly resistant and resilient 11 gauge steel formation


  • Bolts are prone to breaks during the assembly
  • Not ideal for larger vehicles

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

Things to Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

As one of your garage’s crucial tools, a motorcycle lift table holds utmost priority for everyone. There is no doubt; we all must proceed with caution when it comes to purchasing something so vital.

Hence, before you make the purchase, it is essential to venture further into the details of the features that make a product exclusive in all aspects. Without any delay, let us get acquainted with the key points.


Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley Assembly

Steel is the most frequently used construction material as it provides a great deal of corrosion resistance and enhanced strength at an affordable price. We are all very familiar with this particular aspect and acknowledge that steel is significantly sturdy than other materials.

On the other hand, you must keep an eye out for the bolts and handles that come with a motorcycle lift table for Harley. 

For instance,  if you have the misfortune of conforming to a model with bolts that crack under impact, then you are in trouble. Therefore, make sure the pins, handles, and bolts are firm and unbreakable.

Safety Precaution

Safety Precaution

Ensuring both your and your motorcycle’s safety is the basic necessity of all bike lifts. It is not unusual to see abrupt falls of vehicles from the lift table due to unsatisfactory protective measures.

The weight capacity is a prime factor that all users must follow to ensure safety during operation, as heavier bikes can bring about unwanted complications.

Those of you searching for a brand new and premium model, you all must tread carefully when it comes to precautionary measures. Some options provide anti-skid and scratch-resistant properties, which keep your bike in place. 

Hence, look out for these exclusive features that offer security and help restore faith and reliability in the user’s mind.

More significantly, some attributes assure your lift table locks up to secure the motorcycle when elevated. As a result, you will altogether avoid precipitous drops.



It is quite unnerving to buy a product that is too heavy to maneuver appropriately. However, sometimes a heavy-duty choice is the only purchasable option due to the immense features’ availability.

Thereby, when you pick up your desired option, and if it’s not compact and small in size, make sure it has wheels for ideal portability.

Swivel caster wheels ensure stable and steady 360-degree rotations. As a result, it reduces the hassle of effortful transportation.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Composition and protection aside, there are details in a product’s framework that encourage the user to make a quick and rapid purchase. These features are built-in and integrated within the machine’s design for ideal usage and performance.

Therefore, pay attention to features like a front-wheel clamp, which prevents the motorcycle from rolling over the platform and secures the bike in position for close examination.

Similarly, the detachable side panels fall under the category of convenient design input. So, watch out for these exclusive yet efficient design features for an improved and exemplary work setting.

Difference Between Lift Table: Harley Vs Others

Difference Between Lift Table: Harley Vs Others

It goes without saying that not all lift tables can accommodate all sorts of motorcycles and vehicles. Some operate exceptionally well with smaller bikes, while others fit perfectly with more extensive and heavier motorcycles.

Concerning Harley Davidson choppers, this manufacturing company is perfecting the art of making motorcycles for over a century. Hence, it is common to find slight or even major differences in these bikes’ specifications and customization.

The fundamental dissimilarity between Harley and other motorcycles is the wideness and breadth. If you do not focus on this criterion when purchasing the lift table, then your bike may fall or slip, resulting in a hazard.

Therefore, you need a big and inclusive motorcycle lift for Harley, which can provide proper accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a motorcycle lift?

A motorcycle lift is a device that can hold your bike at a specified height, allowing you to get underneath it for maintenance. The most common uses of a motorcycle lift are to change your oil or clean your air filter. 

2. How do I secure my motorcycle when it’s on the lift table?

Some motorcycle lift tables are developed with a front-wheel clamp that increases the stability of the motorcycle. However, it’s advised to use additional straps and clamps to secure the front and rear axle of the motorcycle.

3. How to maintain a motorcycle lift?

Maintaining the motorcycle lifting platform is critically important for preventing damage. Nevertheless, many citizens are unaware of bike lift table repair procedures. If this is the case, then an expert will be the ideal choice. Adhere to recommended procedures in that situation, and you'll be a pro at doing this.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, our exclusive selection of products brings forth the best motorcycle lift table for Harley. The comprehensive list and the detailed features present sufficient knowledge to make a cost-effective and standard purchase.

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