Best Motorcycle Overpants for Commuting: Recommended 2022

It is very important to have the right outfit for the right occasion. Imagine if you wear a pair of jeans while going to play soccer. It will simply not go with the event, and you will be very uncomfortable in the jeans while playing.

Similarly, while you are riding a motorcycle, it is very important for you to dress properly. That is why we have reviewed some of the best motorcycle overpants for commuting.

These are pants that are made specifically for riding a motorcycle. So, you will be very comfortable while you are riding one.

While doing so, they also protect your clothes from getting wet. So, keep on reading if you want to know more about the product.

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6 Best Motorcycle Overpants for Commuting

Finding the perfect overpants for your commute will not be a problem anymore. Don’t know which overpants to buy? Give this list a thorough reading, and you should have a clear idea about the perfect one for you.

1. HWK Motorcycle Pants for Men Dualsport Motocross Motorbike Pant Riding Overpants

Just because you are wearing these pants only when riding your bike and not with any other regular outfits doesn’t mean that the clothing does not have to be fashionable.

This is actually the first layer of clothing that people will see when you are riding your bike. Keeping that in mind, we have this very stylish overpant for you on top of our list.

Made with an all-black polyester outer layer, you can use these pants as cargo pants, tactical pants, and work pants.

The 600D Cordura textile fabric, along with the 1000D polyester Cordura stitch makes these overpants almost impossible to tear. So, you can use these on a regular basis without any scratches or patches.

Made to fit a little loose, the overpants will lay gently on top of your outfit so that it does not cause any creases in your actual attire. This is a great feature as now you can use them while wearing formals underneath if needed.

Many parts of the overpant, like the zippers and small details, are made with a 5H Scotchlite fabric. This makes you more visible to other riders when travelling at night, increasing your overall safety.


  • Stylish overpants that almost look designer
  • Can be used as cargo or work pants as well
  • 600D cordura textile fabric with 1000D polyester cordura stitch
  • Loose fit to keep clothes underneath crease free
  • Zippers made with 5H Scotchlite fabric makes you more visible to other riders


  • Expensive

2. 5Oaks Men’s Waterproof Comfort-Fit Rain Over Pants

When looking for overpants, you need to look for something that you can put on in a second or two. This is a feature that we would love to have in any kind of pants!

That is why we recommend these 5Oaks overpants. If you are always in a hurry, you will love them! The drawstring closure makes putting the pants on easy breezy. It will take you a minute and a half at max to get these on.

There are pockets on the size that are secured with a zipper and a pull string. So, you can access these pockets even when you are riding with ease.

On the left thigh, there is a security pocket that you can use in case you need some extra space.

Bottom cuffs have a snap button adjustment. When secured, these snap buttons can save your socks from getting wet.

The material is extremely waterproof. You can wear these even when it’s raining quite heavily. There is no possibility of the pants letting even one drop of water in.

Because they are so comfortable and waterproof, you can wear these for hiking, mountain trailing, biking, fishing, and even camping.


  • Drawstring closure along with the elastic band
  • Easy to wear in a hurry
  • Pockets on the side and the left thigh with pull strings
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used while hiking, fishing, and biking as well


  • Snap buttons can be hard to work with

3. Wickec Stock Store Men’s Motorcycle Waterproof Over-Pants

What we love when looking for overpants to wear during a commute is a good fit. Now, the definition of a good fit might differ from person to person.

As Wickec has a lot of sizes to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find just the right size for you here.

They have sizes ranging from small to 4X large. Between these options, you also have tall and short alterations as they know that the length of the legs can vary with height. We must say, they have their size chart under check.

The exterior is made with 600 high-quality denier polyester. This material is great for people who want an overpant that is breathable. To help with the airflow, there is a mesh layer underneath as well.

Wearing this clothing over your usual outfit can get really hot. Overpants with airflow as such keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

To add more protection during your trips, there are hip pads on both sides of the overpant. If you feel like they are getting in the way, you can remove them anytime you want. There is no sewing required for this process.

Besides that, there are plenty of pockets that are well spaced throughout the overpant. You can close the openings of these pockets quite easily, even when riding.


  • Mesh layer underneath the nylon helps with airflow
  • Recommended for hot areas
  • Plenty of sizes to choose from
  • Hip pads added for protection that is also removable
  • Plenty of well-spaced pockets available


  • Zippers break very easily

4. Mountain Warehouse Pakka Men’s Waterproof Rain Pants

This is one of our cheaper options. Although the unit costs less, it is no less than any branded high-end commuting pants.

Made with nylon, this pant is quite comfortable to wear throughout the day. As the material is quite breathable, you can wear this for long hours without feeling sweaty or gross.

So, if you are someone who likes to take long rides on motorcycles, or if your commute is a bit too far, we would suggest you give these bad boys a try.

Rated at 1500g, this fabric is the best option to go for if you want something that keeps you cool and comfortable.

As you might know, being waterproof is a feature that is a must in any kind of pants that you will wear while travelling on your motorcycle.

There is no way to get any sort of shelter in case it rains. You might be able to protect your head, but the rest of your body has no other option than to get wet.

This is when this water repellent fabric is going to be a lifesaver for you. The waterproof rating on this one is 1500 MM. So, although you might feel a little chilly, there is a low chance that you will get wet.


  • Weighs 1500 g for breathability
  • Waterproof rating of 1500 MM
  • Affordable
  • Taped seams that restrict all kinds of liquid that might splatter at you


  • Although it is waterproof, the product cannot be used during heavy rainfall

5. All Season Motorcycle Pants Men Motocross Offroad Overpants

Next on our list, we have the excellent quality overpant from a very renowned brand- Alpha Cycle Gears. The company is very well known in this line of work.

If it is anything related to bike gears, this company has the best quality product, and this one isn’t any different.

The materials used in the pant are very tough. So, even if you use them roughly, it will not have much effect on the pants.

For example, if you go on long tours very often, the rides last more than 5 hours and throughout your tour, you ride both off-road and on-road.

You will need pants that do not make you perspire a lot. Otherwise, they will get you to tire very easily. The pants should be flexible and easy to move in.

These over-pants are the perfect fit for a situation like this. The material is very breathable and comfortable to wear. You will not feel restrained or uncomfortable even if you wear the pants for a very long period.

The pants are very stylish, and they come in different colors. So, you can choose a shade that suits you.

The best part about these pants is that they can be worn in both cold and warm temperatures. There is an air ventilation system in the pant which will cool you down in seconds. For cold weather, you can simply close the ventilation systems, and it will keep you very warm.


  • Excellent fabric
  • High-quality materials
  • Come in different colors
  • Very comfortable
  • Can be used in both warm and cold kinds of weather


  • Not enough pocket


Finally, we have the overpant from Tourmaster. These pants are excellent, and you can rely on them because of the brand’s good track record. The company has satisfied and loyal customers from all around the world. Most expert riders prefer their gear from Tourmaster.

This overpant is made of excellent quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. Comfort and flexibility are the primary features for overpants, and this one satiates both through its build quality.

So, suppose you are touring with your motorbike. The pant your using is too tough. You may be feeling fine while you are starting the tour.

However, after an hour or less, you will feel the discomfort, and the tough material will also restrict your movements. While riding, movement is essential. You need to counter-steer, balance, etc.

If the pant restricts your movement, then there is a very high possibility that you might run into an accident. You will not have such a problem with these pants.

The overpant also has knee guards, so your knees are safer. If you get the right size, then you don’t need to worry about anything else. The pant has dual waistband and an adjustable waist belt for making a perfect fit.

This is a very stylish pair as well. The full black color version goes with anything. So, no matter what color your bike is, these pants will not look odd with your bike.

However, the pant comes only in one color so that can be something some people might not like.


  • Flexible
  • Scrape resistant
  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable


  • Available in only one color

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Motorcycle Overpants for Commuting

While you are buying motorcycle overpants, there are several things that you should know as they will help you to make the best purchase choice.

  • Materials

The material of the overpant is very important. If you are buying something for riding a bike, then obviously that thing is going to be used roughly. The rider of the bike needs to move constantly to take turns or just be stable.

The rider is in direct contact with the weather. Like for example, if it is sunny outside, then the rider is in direct contact with the sunlight.

If the material is not of good quality, then it will be ruined in a very short period. Sunlight rays might destroy the fabric.

The pants will be under constant stress due to riding a motorbike. They can get ruined by that pressure as well. There will be constant friction, and the parts have to bear all that.

  • Breathability 

Overpants are very good for riding motorcycles. However, due wearing them can get you to start sweating. Especially in warm temperatures, wearing an overpant can get very disturbing.

That is why make sure the pants are breathable. This will help air to pass in and out of the pants, which will help the airflow. If the pants are breathable, then as you are riding the bike, you will not feel warm at all.

The heat that your body will be generating will not be stuck due to the breathable feature of the material. There will be enough airflow, and therefore the heat will be replaced with air.

  • Knee Guard

Since you will be using these pants while riding a motorcycle, you must look for some kind of safety gear in the pant. Riding a motorbike is very dangerous. No amount of safety is enough while you are riding one.

The pant you buy should have at least knee guards. The knees are the part of the body that stays outside of the bike, which is why you need protection there.

Also, the knees are the part on which you will land if you fall off the bike. So, this feature will keep you safer.

  • The Size

Finally, the size is something you should not forget in your checklist. It is the most important thing to consider while buying overpants.

Imagine the case of normal pants. Before you choose a design or color, you first go to the part which has your size of pants.

The color and design come later. Similarly, in the case of the overpants, the size is also very important.

You will face a lot of trouble if the size of the pant does not fit you. You should go for something which fits you perfectly; it should be neither tight nor loose.

If the overpant is too loose, then it will not fit your waist size, and it will be too floppy for riding a bike. If it is too tight, then you will not be able to move freely. Your lower body will not be flexible enough to move. This might affect your riding experience.

How Important Are Motorcycle Overpants?

The overprints are made for riding motorbikes. Therefore, it will have all the necessary things need to ride a bike comfortably.

For example, imagine that you are going for a swim. If you are a guy, then obviously you will wear shorts. This is the most convenient dress for swimming. Your legs and arms are free to move; therefore, you can swim with ease.

Now, if you had gone for a pair of jeans as swimwear, then your swimming experience would have been severely hampered.

This is because the jeans would not allow flexible movement. You will not be able to move your legs as easily as in shorts. That is why the outfit is very important.

With overpants, you will be able to enjoy your bike riding experience. Suppose you wore a pair of jeans for riding a bike. Then you will be able to move as easily as you could have wearing an overpant.

The jeans will be ruined soon due to the weather, i.e., rain and sunlight. For constant friction, it might tear off. Finally, it will not have knee guards. The jeans are not made for motorbiking, that’s for sure.

An overpant is more durable, waterproof, and breathable, made with excellent materials, and provides knee protection. Using anything apart from these will be a waste of resources.

Final Words

Riding motorbikes are very dangerous. Therefore, make sure you wear the best gears while riding. The list has all the best motorcycle overpants for commuting. So, select the one that best suits you.

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