Best Motorcycle Saddlebags: Recommended for 2022

Do you plan on taking a tour around the country? On top of that, riding on the back of a motorcycle makes the experience so much more thrilling. Really, nothing measures up to this sort of adventure.

At times, you may travel too far away from home. Taking a bag along with you is quite inconvenient in the long run. Therefore, you require the best motorcycle saddlebags to make your traveling expenditure better.

Storing additional clothes, accessories, and the helmet becomes effortless with an exceptional motorcycle bag. Speaking from our experience, the key element of a premium quality saddlebag is researching a little before purchasing.

For that reason, we offer you this extensive listing of the leading options.

Need a quick decision? Here are our top 3 picks for you

8 Best Motorcycle Saddlebags Review

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags Review

By incorporating a comprehensive approach, we went through the motorcycle saddlebags that have the highest potential. Most of them differ from each other based on storage and quality. 

Nevertheless, we can assure you none of the products is inadequate in any manner. Hence, before you burst with excitement, let us dive into the far-reaching reviews of motorcycle bags.

1. Nelson Rigg Saddlebags Waterproof Adventure Motorcycles

If you are going for an adventure, then prepare to plan on the emergency supplies you will carry along. Thus, it would be best if you had a spacious motorcycle saddlebag that accommodates enough stuff. And this particular option provides two bags that hold a mass of 27.53 liters. 

In fact, we noticed an unprecedented and heavy-duty mounting system that allows for easy installation. By setting the four cam-buckle straps in effortless motion, we lodged the bag in place.

Undoubtedly, the straps are durable enough and exhibit prompt-release technique during unfastening.

Simultaneously, the maker’s inclusion of superior quality aluminum, used in building aircraft, in the motorcycle bag’s bolts and buckles highlights absolute longevity. You no longer need to worry about loose straps and unconventional incidents associated with a defective framework.

You may have concerns regarding the saddlebag’s resistance to atmospheric conditions. And that is completely all right and understandable.

As a matter of fact, to satisfy the users, the seams went through electric resistance welding, which ensures water resistance and thoroughly restrains corrosion.

On the other hand, cleaning is utterly easy-peasy as the construction material’s surface is UV coated.

Besides, both products include saddlebag stiffener for uncomplicated packing. With the dimension of 15-inch by 8-inch by 14-inch, you can smoothly horde all your items.


  • A 4-positioned mounting system for optimal security
  • Encompasses aircraft quality aluminum
  • Saddlebag is large and commodious
  • Heat-welded seaming promotes complete water resistance
  • Ultra-violet coating of the bag’s material for easy cleaning


  • Seams are prone to splits
  • Incompetent bag stiffener

2. Vuz Moto Saddlebags Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage

Have you been wondering about flaunting a modern and stylish saddlebag on your adventure bike? Then this specific product is the best motorcycle saddlebags for you. You can simply fasten both of the bags through its easy mountable design and acquire a contemporary yet high-quality outcome.

Moreover, the water-repellant properties of the formation material come from heat-welded seams for greater durability.

As a result, you will not only enjoy the drizzles under an open sky but also keep your belongings safe. Among other things, the roll-top framing of the bag highlights a flexible covering.

Additionally, to further shield your personal possessions from elements that spoil, the bag incorporates air valves. As it happens, the manufacturers put more emphasis on the resilience of this model.

Each saddlebag not only holds 24 liters of vast mass but also comprises top-of-the-line composition elements.

In fact, the polyvinyl tarpaulin integration within the motorcycle saddlebag structure ensures high strength and impact resistance. Similarly, the ultra-lightweight neoprene shielding adds to the waterproof aspect through its synthetic rubber consistency.

Primarily, the mounting method determines compatibility with bike types. If anything, this option embeds four compression straps to hold a considerable amount of weight.

The nylon straps and scrambler straps, which mount on only one side of the bike, assures utter convenience and comfort.


  • PVC tarpaulin and neoprene material is built to last
  • Guarantees one hundred percent water resistance
  • Both of the saddlebags hold 48 liters of weight
  • Includes four compression straps
  • Additional straps for effortless installation


  • Flimsy stitches
  • Bag is susceptible to sagging down to the wheels

3. NBOMOTO Motorcycle Saddlebags Leather

Does your work involve traveling? Point of fact, combined with a motorcycle as a traveling companion, your job’s outcome is both leisurely and profitable.

This professional-grade motorcycle saddlebag match up to no other models in regards to the visually pleasing appearance.

Furthermore, this equally sturdy and lightweight bag’s dimension measures up to 12-inches in length, 5.5-inches in width, and 5.1-inches in height.

It turns out; this measurement is harmonious with various motorcycles types. Aside from that, the stitches on the seams are firm and persistent. 

Fundamentally, the industrial-grade polyurethane leather material exhibits exceptional long-lasting ability. Above all, the fabric possesses moisture-resistant properties and heavy-duty functionality.

Are you wondering about the installation process and speculating whether or not the straps are firm enough?

Well, fret not since this model includes two extra 11-inch leather straps with a metal buckle for additional support.

As it happens, the buckle over the bag’s roll-top covering is made of plastic for protection from weather-related issues. You see, the company focuses on keeping up with the customer’s preference.

Regarding user-friendliness, the buckles open with little to no effort whatsoever. Subsequently, this product accentuates the compatibility factor as it vouches to function remarkably well with almost all motorcycles. This option makes sure of quick and easy storage of essentials.


  • Two 11-inches leather straps for easy installation and convenience
  • It confirms compatibility
  • Large saddlebag with 12-inch by 5.5-inch by 5.1-inch dimensions
  • Top of the range PU leather material assembly
  • Quick-release buckles assure comfort and usability


  • Fragile straps
  • Dust and dirt may enter

4. OHMOTOR Motorcycle Synthetic Saddlebag Heavy-duty

We all had situations when we carried out a quick trip on short notice. Unlike any other experience, you are on limited supplies, and of course, you are in a hurry. At times like this, you require a handy and appropriate saddlebag, which does not fail as you advance through the roads on your motorcycle.

In particular, this model looks like it came straight out of a fashion runway. However, do not let the appearance fool you, as the building material is equally appealing in terms of durability. Elementally, the synthetic leather material composition consists of quality par excellence.

The formation material is the reason behind the cost-effectiveness and affordability of the product. Unlike other choices, faux leather assures low maintenance with no vulnerability to cracks and stains.

Besides, this model encompasses measurement of 17.7-inch by 5.9-inch by 8.7-inch.

Consequently, these dimensions further prove the product’s authenticity based on the ample space for your fundamentals. This motorcycle saddlebag comes in a pair, which gives you the liberty to horde as many basic commodities as possible.

On top of that, the nuts, bolts, studs, and buckles adorn the saddlebag’s framework. Consequently, you will obtain a killer and edgy outlook and unrivaled security after the installation is complete.

Over and above that, the intricate pieces are composed of stainless steel for robust performance.


  • Size is 17.7-inch by 5.9-inch by 8.7-inch
  • Stainless steel bolts and buckles
  • Building material is synthetic leather
  • Easy to install
  • Tight secured and convenient to use


  • Buckle may tear off under heavy load
  • Stiff covering

5. Motorcycle Saddlebags, Synthetic Leather Side Bags

Who, along with us, hates when their motorcycle saddlebag hangs loose and saggy in the rear end? Believe us; it is not pleasant to look at. However, this manufacturing company brings forth a unique design that matches both fashionably and efficiently with your heavy-duty bike.

On its merits, the product exhibits an ergonomic framework that enables it to stay upright and in shape at all times. These two bags firmly attach themselves to the bike and keep your belongings in an orderly manner. Accordingly, if you carry a vacant bag, it will not slump for its rigid design.

Against this background, the motorcycle bag showcases black and white contrast through its durable white stitching.

Most importantly, you can install the saddlebag using sturdy ropes to bind securely. Concerning compatibility, this model is suitable with various motorcycles, including Sportster and Softail.

With a measurement of 13.6-inch in length, 7.1-inch in width, and 11.4-inch in height, you can clearly imagine the considerable capacity this option displays. Predominantly, for quick and easy entrance to the bag, it integrates dual buckles.

One of them is the traditional pin buckle, while the other is a quick-release plastic buckle.

The double-buckle feature facilitates access to your essentials as rapidly as possible. Principally, the building blocks of the motorcycle saddlebag are from synthetic leather that guarantees strength and resilience.


  • Firm and rigid structure that keeps straight
  • A significant capacity for storing essentials
  • Includes dual buckles for safety and quick access
  • Tough and durable synthetic leather
  • Additional rope for proper binding with bike


  • Loose-fitting on bikes
  • Not suitable for all bike types

6. Stansport Saddle Bag

Many of us have a knack for canvas bags while we opt to travel. We cannot deny, they kind of look cool as a backpack.

In truth, this specific option highlights the canvas design on a motorcycle saddlebag. Be certain; the aftermath will definitely convince you to buy the product.

At all events, we vouch for this model’s incomparable layout and development as the weight capacity is beyond belief.

Each saddle bag has a space of 1,056 cubic inches to accommodate your essential products in simple terms. Moreover, the front pockets on the bag are wide and roomy.

Sometimes, the roads can get bumpy and rough. If you have stored a substantial amount of things in the bag’s front pockets, then you may worry about the risk associated with losing the personal items.

However, hold your horses because these pair of motorcycle bags consist of two long straps with metal buckles.

Ergo, you will have enough security while traveling through uneven terrain. Even more so, the structural material is cotton-duck workwear fabric, which, without a doubt, contains a high-grade texture that resists wear and tear. Consequently, this material is absolutely weather-friendly during high speed.

On a different note, this saddlebag pair underwent a strengthening process for further improvement, which includes enhancement on the pressure points.

Due to this feature, you will not attain a motorcycle bag that tears apart halfway through your journey.


  • Dual straps with firm buckle
  • Consists of 1,056 cubic inches of storage space
  • Cotton-duck fabric is its structural material
  • Strengthened the pressure points for longevity
  • Spacious and large pockets


  • Metal ringlets and rivets are vulnerable to corrosion
  • Sags a little

7. Ogio Adult Saddle Duffel Bag

Is it a saddlebag or a duffel bag? There is no one to decide or provide the correct answer. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine what kind of motorcycle saddlebag this model is after reviewing the exclusive features that compare to no other option.

Regarding the construction material of this top-notch choice, you will acquire a silicone-based bottom.

This inclusion is a necessity considering the incredibly heat-resistant properties silicone contains. As a consequence, you will confirm a smooth ride without stressing about your essentials inside your saddlebag.

Unlike all the aforementioned models, this bag’s framework is much more user-friendly and distinct. Instead of buckles and straps, it incorporates two zippers on the top that effortlessly opens to a vast space for safekeeping the personal assets.

With two easy motions, you can open and tightly close the saddlebag. The fear of your items dropping is no longer viable if you purchase this product.

All the more so, the installation technique is considerably easier, as the buckle mounting method fixedly attaches the bags to the bike. 

More significantly, the unisex layout will attract users beyond a shadow of a doubt. For further protection, the product encompasses a waterproof hood attached to the bag. The model’s dimension measures up to 10.5-inch in height, 16-inch in width, and 11-inch in depth.


  • Effortless to install
  • Contains two zippers to open the bag
  • Measurement is 10.5-inch by 16-inch by 11-inch
  • Thermal resistant silicone constructed bottom
  • Rain covering built-in within the design


  • Bag’s color fades
  • Insides of the saddlebag are not waterproof

8. INNOGLOW 2pcs Motorcycle Waterproof Saddle Bags

Versatility is a luxury when it comes to motorcycle bags. You may find a perfect product; however, it may not fit your bike. We all faced such circumstances, and it is extremely annoying. In this review, we kept your demands in mind and chose this exclusive option.

As it happens, durability is not a concern for this product because the synthetic leather material comprises intangible toughness and strength that resists abrasion. On top of that, the moisture-resistant attribute helps keep your belongings safe and sound. 

We can verify that the saddlebag pair mounts perfectly with various vehicles on the subject of suitability, including Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc.

Apart from resisting rough atmospheric impacts, each saddlebag holds the shape firmly and does not sag under load, making it ideal for motorcycle riders.

Similarly, the motorcycle bag’s design comprises metal rivets all over the structure. The presence of these studs showcases a rigid and unwavering framework that lasts long without any wear and tear.

Moreover, the integration of swift-release pin buckles on the dual straps secures your possessions.

On the other hand, the above-mentioned feature also makes emergency supplies readily accessible to you. Besides convenience and comfort, the stitching of the seams adds to the saddlebag’s robustness and strength.


  • Encompasses a synthetic leather construction material
  • Metal rivets secure the shape and structure of the bag
  • Consists of two straps with swift-release buckles
  • Maintains absolute convenience and ease-of-use
  • Completely moisture-proof composition


  • Cheap and delicate structural material
  • Compact in size

How Can I Restore My Saddlebags?

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags Review

All right, leather junkies, before you jump to make a quick purchase, there is one thing that you all must know and have adequate knowledge of.

And that is the restoration process of motorcycle saddlebags. Yes, you read that correctly; you can restore your bags by following through with some simple steps.

Step 1: Unmount and Wipe Dust-off the Saddlebag

We are all very familiar with leather’s process of accumulating contamination over time. In fact, it’s something that occurs beyond our control.

While leather is built to last, it is also built to undergo difficult weather conditions. And that results in the leather losing its appearance in the long run.

However, you can easily reinstate the fresh and original outlook without any trouble. First, unmount the saddlebags out of your motorcycle. And then take a damp, clean cloth to swiftly wipe the dust, dirt, and debris over the saddlebag’s surface.

Make sure you reach difficult to access areas hidden from your sight. Or else the overall process will not have the outcome you are looking for.

Step 2: Use a Safe Chemical Cleanser

Your next step is to find the best and suitable leather cleaner to get rid of all the pollutants making your saddlebag dull and dirty. There is a range of leather cleaner options available in the market. 

However, ensure that you get a harmless and toxicant-free cleanser. Then again, get a clean and damp cloth, and pour the appropriate amount of liquid and start gently rubbing the entire saddlebag, leaving no area untouched.

Use the cleanser according to the instructions and gently wipe down the residual solvent using another clean fabric.

Step 3: Apply Leather Conditioner

Afterward, get a leather conditioner and spray it all over the saddlebag to increase the material’s softness and moisture. Consequently, let the motorcycle bag dry and start using your brand new products all over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the additional saddlebag impact the handling of motorcycles?

It might affect if you are not careful and carrying considerable heavy stuff. Therefore, make sure to put the heavy items on the rear-end.

2. What should I carry on a motorcycle expedition?

Well, it mostly depends on where you are going and how long you plan to stay. However, the essentials are usually helmet, gloves, boots, extra clothing, heated gears, toolkit, and many more.

3. If I get a new motorcycle, can I use the old saddlebag?

That depends on the compatibility factor of your previously owned saddlebag. If your motorcycle falls in the category your saddlebag is most suitable with, then you are good to go. It’s ideal if you check and verify before the purchase.

4. Do I need to drill holes to install the saddlebag?

Of course not; we do not think you will purchase any product that recommends drilling. On top of that, there are simple mounting techniques for all the previously mentioned products. Hence, no more worries.

5. How to keep the leather in optimal condition?

We highly recommend using mink oil on your leather saddlebags to get a supple and luxurious exterior at all times.

Are Motorcycle Saddlebags Worth It?

Motorcycle saddlebags are a popular choice for storing gear while on a trip. They provide a convenient way to store all of your gear, and they make it easy to access whatever you need while you're on the road. Not only are they functional, but they also add a touch of style to your motorcycle. But are they worth the cost?

Saddlebags can be expensive, but there are a number of factors to consider when deciding if they are right for you. If you plan to use your saddlebags for long-distance travel, then they are definitely worth the investment.

Final Words

There is no better feeling than the winds gushing over your face as your ride off towards the sunset. And for that, you will most definitely need the best motorcycle saddlebags because we want you to enjoy the experience without having to worry about trivial matters. 

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