Best Motorcycle Seat Pad: Recommended in 2022

For avid motorcyclists, the only thing worse than rainy weather is an uncomfortable seat pad. A painful experience will replace the exhilarating feeling you get by riding a bike if you do not have a top-notch seat pad in your vehicle.

Therefore, if you do not want prolonged soreness or back pain, there is no alternative to purchasing the right quality product. For this reason, we have chosen some of the best motorcycle seat pads you will find anywhere in the market.

We can assure you that our product list will help you choose the perfect seat to comfort you.

Need a quick decision? Here you go!

8 Best Motorcycle Seat Pad Reviews


You can say goodbye to soreness because our product list will ensure that you get the best experience. Here are the eight best seat pads  you will find in the market.

1. Airhawk R-REVB Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion

If you enjoy traveling by bike, you need a product that will provide you with an elevated comfort level during your journey.

Nobody wants to deal with massive back pain from long trips due to the absence of seat pads. While your motorcycle seat works fine for short trips, you still need a decent quality seat pad to be on the safer side.

Airhawk R-REVB Cushion comes with a pressure point support feature. Meaning, the built-in stress-relieving process will help to reduce the pressure on your tailbone, scrotum, and prostate. Therefore, you will not feel deprived of a comfortable ride anymore.

Furthermore, this product contains a unique patented air technology present in the cushion to ensure everlasting comfort. This mechanism can provide a more extended and more enjoyable ride by preventing pressure injuries from occurring.

Moreover, its ergonomic design consists of a center cut-out area with a back cutaway.

This type of design will provide much-needed relief to your tailbone area. As a result, such a method will offer a tapered transition to an increased amount of comfort.

A material like durable polyurethane alongside a breathable spacer mesh cloth helps to provide better air circulation. Therefore, this removable and inflatable air pad will make sure you have the proper support.


  • A three-layer knit polyester provides air circulation
  • Back cutaway will offer relief to your tailbone
  • Get everlasting comfort due to a patented air cell technology
  • Built-in stress relieving features available
  • Product has removable properties


  • May not provide a better grip
  • Unstable around the edges

2. Hommiesafe Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion

If you are a professional rider, you already know how the road conditions of rugged mountain roads, various obstacles, or undulating roads can be harmful. Unless you are careful enough, you could end up damaging your back if you frequently make long journeys in such areas.

Hommiesafe Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion will provide you that much-needed relief during long journeys. The configuration of this pad is higher than the regular ones.

This fabric material airbag will become your favorite item for flexible and comfortable driving. As the design contains small mosaic cushions that you can fill up with either air or water, it will provide that softness to support your tailbone.

Moreover, their air convection technology paired up with the anti-gravity effect will provide the best support for your spine, thigh, and hips. No other product can give you this level of stress-relief and shock absorption.

That is not the end; it also has a shallow groove design. Meaning, you can now stay cool even if you remain sedentary.

Setting aside the ergonomic design, let us talk more about the practicality of the product. After all, you may use the seat pad for hours during long rides.

Hence, the cushion must stay in place properly without moving or falling off. Fortunately, this product comes with a double-bandage fixation that will hold it in place.


  • A perfect cushion choice for long journeys
  • Breathable and flexible material reduces sweating
  • multi-cell design provides seating comfort
  • Air convection technology creates an anti-gravity effect
  • Shallow groove design provides a breathable state


  • Straps and clips may not work properly
  • Metal clasps may scratch the bike

3. Airhawk Medium Seat Cushion Cruiser

While seat cushions are not always necessary and at times may feel like an excessive waste of money, we can assure you that the product we will be talking about now will be perfect within a budget.

Not all cushions can provide the correct amount of support to your tailbone. Significantly, the relatively inexpensive ones, hence, you have to be careful to choose one with the proper benefits.

Airhawk Medium Seat Cushion Cruiser can be the perfect option for you. You will not find any other product within your budget that will work as fine as this one.

It has a unique multi-cell design with inflatable properties. The multi-cell design helps to absorb the vibration of your motorcycle so that you can have a comfortable ride.

Furthermore, the most important and notable feature of this cushion is the material. How breathable and comfortable the airbag will depend majorly on the fabric of the product.

This device has polyurethane material that is known for providing superior breathability. It also has stretchable properties so that the outer cover will protect your seat.

Overall, this product contains all the fantastic features to make it a top choice for your motorcycle. You can benefit from all these properties within a reasonable budget as well. Hence, the Airhawk Cushion Cruiser will be a win-win choice for you.


  • Polyurethane material provides superior comfort
  • Air circulation can occur through the open-mesh side panel
  • Extra ventilation will reduce heat build-up
  • Comes with an inflatable multiple-cell design
  • You can protect the seat with the urethane base


  • May become unstable when you use the brakes

4. Wehope Seat Air Cushion Pad

The primary purpose of using air cushion pads is to ensure that you do not suffer any long-term injuries. Motorcycle users tend to end up with severe back pain and tailbone injuries from years of using the vehicle.

If you are a long-time user, then the only way to ensure that you do not end up with pain is to purchase the right quality airbag.

We hope Seat Air Cushion Pad will remedy that problem. We can guarantee that there is no better product for long-term protection and safety.

This product helps to prevent pressure injuries from occurring and provides a comfortable sitting position. Hence, it is perfect and essential for a long riding day.

Like some of the products we have discussed earlier, this one also contains the classic multi-cell design. It will ensure that you experience the ultimate seating comfort.

After all, this comfort will help to prevent pressure injuries from starting in the first place. This device will absorb the vibration and ensure that you get a smooth ride.

Furthermore, you can safely secure the air cushion pad. It will not move away if you make sudden brakes or accelerations. To ensure extra protection, you can attach it with a belt.

The non-skid bottom elevates the function of its polyester material to provide a superior level of breathability. All in all, the Wehope seat pad is an excellent product.


  • Provides long-term comfort and safety
  • Secure it with a belt to keep it immovable
  • You can fill it with air for shock absorption
  • Breathable polyester material provides comfort
  • Multi-cell design available


  • Does not come in a medium size
  • Strap may break with usage

5. Coleman MadDog Seat Protector

Every motorcycle user has dealt with this issue that we will be talking about now. You guessed it right: rain. It is an annoying feeling when rainwater transfers to your clothes from the seat. Especially if you are making a long journey, that would ultimately make you feel uncomfortable for hours.

Not anymore, because Coleman MadDog Seat Protector has waterproof properties. This product’s surface is smooth, and because of that, the water slides off the body sideways.

Thanks to the superior texture, it will not hold too much water or transfer it to your clothes. If you choose this product, the rain will not be an issue for you anymore.

Moreover, unlike conventional air cushions, this product contains an extra soft-molded foam material.

The foam material will help to provide more layers so that you feel even more comfortable. As you can understand, this motorcycle seat pad will be the perfect option if you want to have long trips.

Besides providing you with extra comfort and protection, this device’s seat protector will also work as a cover.

If your motorcycle’s seta has tears, this product will stop those existing rips from tearing even more. Therefore, if you choose this device, your vehicle’s seat will get protection from further damage.


  • Seat protector acts as a cover to prevent damage
  • Product is perfect for any type of terrain
  • Relatively easier to attach to the bike
  • Three additional buckles will keep it in place
  • Contains superior soft molded foam materials


  • Foam material may seem thin
  • Buckles can dig into the seat at times

6. ASI-Motorcycle Air Seat Cushion

Compatibility is a major issue in finding the right kind of air cushion for your motorcycle. Not all models will be a proper fit for your vehicle, and that will cause problems when you make long journeys.

As you can guess, an improper fit will make you feel extremely uncomfortable, and then the purpose for getting an airbag will be in vain.

We suggest the ASI-Motorcycle Air Seat Cushion that will prevent such issues from occurring in the first place.

This comes with a universal fit feature, and it will be perfect for any motorcycle model. It comes in one size, but the 12 x 9.5 x 2-inch dimension makes it ideal for any vehicle.

Furthermore, you can adjust this product without any hassle. The straps are flexible enough, and you can quickly move them to your preferred length.

As a result, the fitment of the product will not be an issue anymore. Unlike other products, the straps stay in place and do not scratch the vehicle.

Your search for an airbag that will withstand even the harshest season is now over. This product contains neoprene rubber that has weather-resistant properties. Such a premium neoprene material can resist even the harshest weather conditions like heavy rainfall.


  • Universal fit will be compatible with many models
  • Rear seat cushion makes the back comfortable
  • Adjust and secure it in place effortlessly
  • Neoprene rubber material with weather-resistant properties
  • Major shock reduction feature available


  • Relatively more expensive
  • May not provide an adequate amount of pressure

7. Air Motorcycle Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

We all know how a seat cushion can be a prominent part of a motorcycle for long-distance travelers. There is no alternative to a quality air cushion if you want to avoid pain and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Especially rugged mountain-side roads or bumpy roads filled with obstacles can become a real hassle to deal with if you do not have the right product.

Luckily, Aquacapsule came up with their Air Motorcycle Pressure Relief Seat Cushion product. Keeping the problems mentioned above in mind, they have manufactured this product with pressure relief technology. You can fill up the small mosaic cushions with air or water to manage the pressure.

Moreover, it also has a cool-down technology because there are shallow grooves on the product. That helps to provide a proper ventilation pathway. As a result, the airflow will be better, and you will face less heat transfer between your legs.

Without a doubt, such a feature will be a blessing if you travel to hot and humid areas in the summertime.

The most exciting feature of this seat cushion is that it contains premium Lycra material. This type of material has elastic properties and feels soft against the skin.

It will recover the creases properly and quickly alongside improving the feel of the cushion. Overall, once you purchase this product, it will become a permanent addition to your vehicle.


  • Anti-skid particles help to keep the product in place
  • You can use a double bandage fixation for stability
  • Great restraint and comfortable material
  • An ergonomic pressure relief technology available
  • Water fillable cushion


  • Without water, this product will not work properly

8. GRAND PITSTOP Cushion Seat For Touring

Are you a professional motorcycle rider? Do you enjoy taking long tours and traveling for hours on your vehicle? Then you need to have the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides with you.

GRAND PITSTOP Cushion Seat For Touring will be the perfect option for you. As you can see from the touring part of the name, this product has all the necessary features if you enjoy touring.

When it comes to touring, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional rider because airbags will benefit you either way. This product will be a super practical purchase.

It comes with a unique air seat and an inbuilt air pump. You will not have to go through the hassle of filling it up with water, unlike conventional products.

Moreover, you can get optimal pressure relief on your spine and tailbone because this product contains advanced air pocket technology.

It can also disperse your weight and help to improve the blood flow of your legs. This important feature will prevent your legs from getting cramps after long hours of traveling.

When it comes to quality, you will not find any air cushion better than this product. Unlike most products with synthetic inner PVC plastic material, the GRAND PITSTOP uses a durable neoprene rubber component.

Its washable cover is custom designed for your benefit. Hence, it will help to absorb shock and transfer heat properly.


  • An inbuilt inflator/deflator will help to adjust the pressure
  • Provides support to your tailbone
  • Air ventilation method will keep you cool
  • Seat comes with detachable properties
  • You can also use a rain cover during monsoon


  • Might set you up a few inches higher on the bike

Do Gel Pads Work On Motorcycle Seats?


With all the different types of available seats for motorcycles, it is straightforward to feel confused. Here, we will be talking about gels pads precisely and whether they will be a better option for your vehicle or not.

  • Gel pads contain a different type of design compared to air cushions. The gel material helps to spread out the rider’s weight evenly. As a result, you will notice with gel pads that there will be a significant reduction in pressure points. We already know that less pressure point means less numbness.
  • The gel can also help absorb vibration and shock due to your vehicle hitting on the road’s rough bumps. You can expect smoothness every time you use it.
  • The polymer gel material of the gel pads will help to cushion your body to relieve excessive pressure. You can also say goodbye to sweat-related chafing because this product can increase airflow and keep your legs cool.
  • The primary problem with air cushions is that the air does not shift properly from one side to another when you move. That is not the case with gel pads.

Moreover, the gel consistency helps to provide a surface during weight shift. Hence, it will help keep the pressure at an even level so that there is a proper circulation level.

Types of Motorcycle Seat Pads

All-day extended cruising on your motorcycle will not be an issue anymore because we will be talking about different kinds of seat pads available in the market. There are four main types of seat pads that you will find commonly anywhere.

Foam Seat Pads


This type of material can conform to your body as it contains soft components. It comes with tiny air pockets that will help to distribute your body weight properly.

  • Open-Cell Foam

This type of foam is squishy and very soft compared to the other ones. It can absorb shock relatively better.

  • Closed-Cell Foam

As you can guess from the name, it is firmer than the other foam types. Hence, it can hold its position well and provide water-resistant features.

  • Memory Foam

The memory foam can conform to your body shape. It is a variant of the open-cell foam, and it can change back to its original condition as soon as you stop using it.

Gel Seat Pads


This type of seat pad contains polymer gel material. It can help to relieve the pressure points effortlessly. As this product will help to absorb the vibration and shock, your body will stay comfortable even when you ride the motorcycle for hours.

Air Seat Pads

Motorcycle Air Seat Pads

If you want a removable seat pad to fill up with air or water, this type of seat pad will be perfect for you. These are convenient because you can maintain the pressure manually.

Its pressurized air will provide you a comfortable seat. If you want a seat pad to relieve pressure from your tailbone, you can go for this type of air cushion.

Sheepskin Seat pads

Motorcycle Sheepskin Seat pads

Sheepskin is a type of material you can use to keep the seat cool even during hot weather. Humidity can be a real pain because it will make your legs sweat and chafe. However, sheepskin can keep that area cool and sweat-free.

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Seat Pad?

Motorcycle seat pads are a great way to add some extra seat cushioning and comfort to your ride. It is a great idea for riders who don't want to feel stuck in one position and would like to be able to change position while riding.

They can also help protect your motorcycle seat from tearing and wearing down. When you're preparing for a long ride, adding a motorcycle seat pad is a quick and easy way to make your ride more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are motorcycle seat pads necessary?

Yes, even if you travel only for a small amount of time, seat pads can provide you relief and comfort.

Furthermore, they can absorb shock and pressure from harming your tailbone. In the long run, you will benefit from having a proper seat pad on your motorcycle.

2. Is there any waterproof seat pad available?

There are a few waterproof seat pads available in the market. In our opinion, the Coleman MadDog Seat Protector will be a better option for you.

It comes with a smooth texture and soft-molded foam material that prevents water from transferring to your pants.

3. Can I leave the seat pad on ever when I do not use it?

We advise you not to leave the seat pad on your vehicle. Even if the product is waterproof, extended exposure to rain and humidity can cause moisture build-up. This build-up may lead to mold formation.

4. How should I adjust the pressure on air cushions?

Most air cushions come with valves that you can use to fix the air pressure manually. You can blow inside the valve to maintain the air pressure to your preferred level. However, you may need a few tries at first to adjust it.

5. Which airbag should I opt for to achieve comfort?

We suggest the Airhawk Medium Seat Cushion Cruiser. This product contains all the necessary features to make it the perfect choice for your motorcycle.

Final Words

Seat pads come with tons of benefits. The most important one among those is the reduction of back pain.

If you choose any product from our review of the best motorcycle seat pad, we can assure you that you will not notice any issues with pain or discomfort regarding the seat pads from our list. May your rides be safe and happy!

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