Best Motorcycle Sprockets: Recommended 2022

Are you in search of a sprocket for your motorcycle? Bike components are not easy to pick out, especially if you want something complicated like a sprocket to add to the list.

We understand that it can feel troublesome to pick the best bike sprocket among so many available ones.

You have to consider the best rear and front bike components for top-notch performance. That is why we have researched for hours to present to you some of the best rear and front sprockets.

Our list of the best motorcycle sprockets will not only save you time but also money.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Sprockets

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Sprockets

Our in-depth review will help you make the correct decision, and you will see an improvement in your bike’s function.

1. JT Steel Rear Sprocket

Are you looking for the perfect heavy-duty X-ring drive chain for your motorcycle? Most heavy-duty chains may weigh too much for your vehicle. We are introducing JT Steel Rear Sprocket.

Despite being a heavy-duty product, it will not weigh down your vehicle. Hence, unlike other products, it will deal with less amount of friction.

This product contains C49 high carbon steel components. Steel alloy material like this will provide a higher level of durability and endurance.

That is important because if you use the vehicle for a more extended period, it will require a sprocket to withstand such a long journey.

The manufacturer created this product with care. Besides a hand finishing and heat treatment, this product also comes with the appropriate structure to meet popular OEM standards.

OEM products are excellent because they will match your vehicle’s model properly. Therefore, a product like the JT sprocket will be your best option.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that the JT product will provide reliable performance. It is compatible with most types of motorcycles.

Hence, whether you go on or off-road driving, this product will be your best option. You can also use it for dirt bike or dual sport bikes without a worry.

No more worrying about quality because the manufacturer does extra quality checks before the final finishing.

Overall, this product comes with superior quality, unlike conventional ones. You can use it for an extended period without worrying about replacing it.


  • Will help to drop engine rev at a higher speed
  • Quite lightweight
  • Comes with a durable steel construction
  • Superior longevity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Core component is C49 carbon steel


  • Relatively more expensive

2. JT JFT259 Steel Front Sprocket

Most sprockets in the market contain some steel components as their core material. While steel provides superior sturdiness and strength, it also comes at a cost — corrosion.

Nobody wants to invest in a sprocket that will end up becoming rusty after a few days or stop working properly due to damage from corrosion.

JT JFT259 Steel Front Sprocket will remedy that issue because it does not contain any ordinary steel component.

It contains Chromoly steel alloy material. This material has properties that only strengthen the product and improve its ability to resist rust and corrosion from long time usage. Therefore, you will not have to replace the sprocket every few months.

Furthermore, this type of product requires heat treatment. As you know, steel components of sprockets can have rugged features.

And as a result, the front sprocket may not provide a superior function. Therefore, your best bet will be a product that comes with quality heat treatment to smoothen up many areas.

Moreover, aside from heat treatment, this product also contains hand finishing. Meaning, there will be no excess ridges or bumps of the product that may hinder its functionality. Hence, the product will be able to maintain the chain of your motorcycle correctly.

You will not have to worry about reliability because we can assure you that this product functions properly.

It contains quad-riveted pins that will help to resist the lateral forces from breaking the chain. You will not notice such superior resistance in other products for sure.


  • Better than a surface hardened sprocket
  • Lasts longer than other products
  • Chromoly steel alloy is the core material
  • Vehicle specific fitment available
  • This product will work just like OEM parts
  • Accurate machining provides superior performance


  • Splines of the product are relatively thinner
  • May not fit all vehicle types

3. DSparts Dirt Pit Bike Front Sprocket

Are you a fan of pit bike riding? This type of lightweight motorcycle is entertaining for riding in pits.

However, the way to make your pit bike better and more enjoyable is to add the perfect sprocket for gearing. Interestingly, you can also increase the speed of your bike by adding the right product.

DSparts Dirt Pit Bike Front Sprocket will be that perfect addition to your motorcycle. It contains grooves or splines that are properly deep, unlike other products.

As a result, you will not notice half as much metal available with the product. You can rely on this product to provide you with optimal performance.

Additionally, this product also comes with hot-treatment. A treatment like this allows the sprocket to fit into the motorcycle properly and function smoothly.

Since it does not contain extra hard ridges due to the heat treatment, it will not cause excess friction-related issues.

Pit bikes are mostly small in size. What this sprocket device lacks in size, it makes up for it with power.

To handle and get a better grip or control over the bike, this sprocket will help. It comes with 13 teeth and a 20 mm chain. Hence, the chain will be long enough for a proper level of gearing.

Furthermore, you will get additional bolts and holders with the product. Why is that important?

If you enjoy taking care of and maintaining the motorcycle by yourself, these different components will help make a better installment. Hence, you will not have to run to the store to get it fixed.


  • Hot-treatment steel provides durability
  • Additional bolts and holders are available
  • Comes with clear installation instructions
  • This model has 13 teeth and a 20 mm chain
  • You can make your pit bike faster with it


  • Bolts may require replacement

4. HIAORS Motorcycle Front Engine Sprocket

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, then chances are you know what designs and models of parts will provide you better grip and acceleration.

The same goes for front-engine sprockets. This type of product helps appropriately maintain the vehicle’s chain to face no issues while using the motorcycle.

HIAORS Motorcycle Front Engine Sprocket will work wonders because it contains all the necessary components to make it a superior product. It comes with a countershaft width of 17 mm.

A countershaft width is an important measurement that will determine whether the sprocket will fit your vehicle correctly or not.

You can get a better idea of installing the sprocket if you know its countershaft width. Depending on this width, you will effortlessly increase or decrease the gear ratio to your needs.

If you are looking for a sprocket product that will help you gear up your vehicle’s speed by reducing the final drive ratio, this product will be perfect.

Furthermore, you can adjust a 420 chain with this sprocket. This size of the chain can help you to manage the bike if it overheats with usage.

If you use a bike for daily necessities, this feature will be appropriate for you. However, it may not be enough to haul a bigger motorcycle all the time.

Overall, this product is relatively inexpensive compared to the multiple sprockets available in the market.

You can rest assured that it will be the perfect match for your bike. The brand HIAORS is known for producing top-notch bike sprockets that will provide you superior function.


  • Weighs about 3.98 ounces
  • Product is relatively inexpensive
  • This product comes with superior longevity
  • You can fit a 420 chain to it effortlessly
  • Countershaft width is about 17 mm


  • Not appropriate for heavy-duty bikes

5. Vortex 526AS-45 Black Rear Sprocket

Motorcycle enthusiasts and racers primarily focus on how properly they can grip and control their bikes. It is safe to say that the Vortex 526AS-45 Black Rear Sprocket product does that and much more.

If you are looking for a sprocket that will come with the ultimate tolerance level, you will have to purchase it.

Unlike many of the other sprockets out there, this one contains no ordinary steel alloy component. Instead, it comes with a carbon steel alloy material.

This type of material is more different than common steel alloys. Since it is powerful, it is perfect for components like sprockets.

Ultimately, if the sprocket cannot hold your bike’s chain correctly, that will cause significant problems. We can assure you that such chain-related issues will not occur if you choose this product.

This device comes with heat-treatment, and that helps to manage flexibility and corrosion-resistance. We all know that less corrosion means less damage.

Since we speak of corrosion, this product is unique because it also contains silver anodized black layers. The manufacturer electro-plated the black satin finishing.

This outer and extra black layer will provide a robust resistance against rust and corrosion. Hence, you can rely on this product to provide consistent performance.

The most important feature of any sprocket is its tooth design. Since it is the integrated part of such products, designing the tooth can increase the functionality rate alongside longevity.

This vortex patented sprocket with a unique tooth design will help keep the product fresh even after an extended usage time. Hence, you can say goodbye to the hassle of replacing it from time to time.


  • Carbon steel alloy is the main component of the product
  • There is an electro-plated satin black finishing
  • Corrosion-resistant properties
  • Comes with superior longevity
  • A unique tooth design is available


  • Relatively more expensive

Factors to Consider While Buying Motorcycle Sprockets

Best Motorcycle Sprockets

Are you looking to purchase the perfect sprocket for your motorcycle? The sprocket mechanism will help transfer an appropriate amount of power if you use a chain-driven bike. Hence, you must know about all the different features that an ideal sprocket should contain.


Best Motorcycle Sprockets Material

The most crucial factor you have to look out for in any sprocket is the material or the core component. Why is it so important?

As you probably know, the material will mostly determine whether your product will last long or not. Aside from longevity, it also can provide better performance.

  • Steel
Best Motorcycle Sprockets Aluminum

For sprockets and bikes, one of the most popular materials or components is steel. Sprockets are no different in this case. This type of ingredient can provide superior durability. You will not have to deal with the hassle or trouble of replacing it too often.

  • Aluminum
Best Motorcycle Sprockets Aluminum

One primary issue with steel parts is the weight. If you want sprockets with a lighter weight, you will have to go for the aluminum material.

The aluminum will not weigh down your vehicle and will be a better option if you own bikes that are lightweight comparatively.

  • Carbon Steel Alloy
Best Motorcycle Sprockets Carbon Steel Alloy

The most sought out material for any bike components nowadays is the carbon steel alloy material.

This type of steel comes with better longevity and higher performance. It provides anti-rust features, and you will not have to worry about replacement if you choose a sprocket with this material.

Pitch & Width

Best Motorcycle Sprockets Pitch & Width

The distance between the chain’s pins is known as its pitch. Therefore, the sprocket pitch will be the distance between each of the sprocket teeth.

Such measurements are necessary because you can determine the chain’s length depending on the sprocket’s width.

  • 420mm Chain

This type of chain is the better option if you are a beginner or if you use a relatively lightweight motorcycle. It will not be able to handle the heavier ones.

  • 428mm Chain

It is the opposite of the one we previously discussed in the upper section. If you require more power output from your bike, then this chain’s length will be the better option.

Sprocket Ratio

Best Motorcycle Sprocket Ratio

Before purchasing a sprocket, you have to know about gearing and sprocket ratio. It is the measurement of how well balanced your front and rear sprocket functions.

You can effortlessly get a clear idea of the sprocket ratio by comparing the rear and front sprocket teeth.

  • Gearing Up

If you wish to increase your bike’s speed, you will have to opt for this method with less acceleration. Meaning your bike’s gear ratio will be smaller.

  • Gearing Down

On the other hand, if you want to increase the acceleration at the expense of speed, this option is for you. In the case of gearing down, you will end up with a larger gear ratio.

What Sprocket Is Best for Top Speed?

What Sprocket Is Best for Top Speed

If you wish for your bike for more power and speed, there is no alternative to purchasing the appropriate sprocket.

However, guessing and calculating the correct gearing measurement to achieve that speed is not easy, especially if you do not have the proper sprocket component.

You can improve throttle response during quick acceleration and ultimately get the speed that you desire. A product like JT Steel Rear Sprocket will help you achieve that.

This product contains 45 teeth per steel sprocket, which is the perfect number to keep a proper balance between the rear and front gear ratio.

What Is Top Speed?

Motorcycle Sprockets

Top speed means the highest rate at which your motorcycle will be able to function. Not all bikes come with the same level of top speed, and you can improve this feature by adding the right kind of sprocket system to your vehicle. The method you can use to increase the speed of your bike is known as higher gearing.

  • Higher Gearing

If you want higher potential top speed, you will have to opt for a gearing system change. This type of gearing will closely match the rear wheel speed.

That way, your vehicle will be able to transfer the shaft speed and provide you a higher potential top rate with an improved fuel economy.

Aluminum Sprockets Vs Steel Sprockets

Aluminum Sprockets Vs Steel Sprockets

As we have already mentioned earlier, the material of the sprocket will determine how well it functions. There are varieties of materials like aluminum, steel, copper, etc., that are available for different reasons.

Here, we will be discussing aluminum and steel sprockets specifically and why they differ from one another.

  • Aluminum Sprocket
Aluminum Sprockets

This type of material is lighter than steel components. If you are looking to reduce your bike’s weight, this component will be the best option.

Even though this type of material may degrade quickly, if you are looking to reduce the weight, there is no alternative to aluminum ones.

  • Steel Sprocket
Steel Sprockets

Steel ones are less expensive than aluminum ones, and they are not lightweight. However, what this type lacks in weight, it makes up for by providing superior longevity.

Especially the carbon steel alloy types, they are known for being corrosion and rust-free. Hence, by choosing the steel one, you will not have to replace the sprockets every few months.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a sprocket?

It is a type of device or component that you can attach to your bike to enhance speed and acceleration.

This component will help you keep a proper measurement between the acceleration and speed by providing a gearing option. Therefore, you will be able to control your motorcycle better.

2. How long will a sprocket last?

That depends on how well the sprocket functions. Ultimately, you will have to change it one time or another.

However, some products will last longer than other ones, and therefore, if you choose the correct sprocket system, it will last you a long time.

3. Which material is the best for sprockets?

Among the various materials we have searched, the carbon steel alloy one will work the best.

Although it is relatively heavier, you will appreciate how much superior it makes the sprocket’s life-shelf. Furthermore, it comes with anti-rust properties. Hence, your sprocket will not face any corrosion easily.

4. What is the best sprocket?

There are several different models of available sprockets. We believe that the Vortex 526AS-45 Black Rear Sprocket will be a better option for you. This product comes with a unique teeth design that will help to provide optimal performance.

5. How can I change the gearing ratio?

The gearing ratio depends on the number of teeth present in front and rear sprockets. You can change for gearing purposes the number of teeth on both those sprockets to either gear lower or gear higher, depending on your need.

Final Words

No amount of replacement will help if you do not choose the correct sprocket for your motorcycle. Hopefully, our review of the best motorcycle sprockets will help you purchase the right one. Now you will be able to ride with ease and assurance.

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