Best Motorcycle Tank Bag: Reviews 2022 (#1 is Recommended!)

While we bikers have an undying love for our two-wheeler beasts, it’s needless to say that their lack of storage space is not something we’re fans of. And if you love taking long road trips, it’s essential to have a few items close at hand (like your spare house keys, maps, and those Instagram-worthy hot new shades).  

So, what’s the best way to make up room for them? Simple! Get yourself the best motorcycle tank bag out there. And don’t worry- we’ve done your homework for you by looking at the various products carefully.

Here’s what we found after careful consideration and research. 

8 Best Motorcycle Tank Bag Reviews

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag

Instead of skimming through hundreds of reviews, go through the ones we’ve listed out to choose the best of the best. Let’s check them out.

1. LEXIN LX-MTB03 Motorcycle Tank Bag

What if your phone cover doubled as your motorcycle’s storage bag? We know we’d love to get something along those lines. That’s why we decided to put this product from LEXIN at the top of our list.

It’s by far one of the handiest items we found in stores today, and anyone without it is definitely missing out.

For bikers who need to constantly have their smartphones ready for use, this is the perfect option. The front of this 7-inch case has a clear opening to house devices with 6.5-inch screens. 

You can use the touch mechanism through the clear opening very smoothly. Be it your portable GPS, an amplifier, or just your everyday cellphone — any of them can be fit into this pocket. 

The design is suitable to fit any motorcycle or snowmobile that has a metal gas tank. There are strong magnets to hold it in place and protect what’s inside. You also don’t have to worry about your device overheating as it has been designed to prevent that.


  • Has a clear opening to use smart devices on the go
  • Breathable and roomy to keep a phone, cards, coins, etc 
  • Fit for any bike with a metal tank
  • Very strong and protective case to prevent damage


  • Zipper might scratch the tank over long term usage

2. Nelson-Rigg Trails End Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag RG-1045

While the rage nowadays is all about magnetic bags, a good old strap-on storage bag still serves its purpose to the tee.

It’s also a fool-proof option for making sure your stuff doesn’t go flying when you’re riding on the highway full-speed. Considering these advantages, we put this Nelson-Rigg item in the second place on our list.

Stylish and very durable, we loved using this bag on our everyday rides. It was easy to strap on and quickly take off for refueling the tank when needed. 

The design fits all sorts of bikes, from the dual-sport ones to off-road and adventure bikes without falling short of space. In fact, the UltraMax polyester material is quite expandable to create more room when needed.

There’s also a clear pocket enabling touchscreen usage, which is great for keeping smart devices. The company also included a nice rain cover and some installation instructions (which are fairly simple). 

Admittedly, we were skeptical of the “waterproof” aspect of the cover, so we took this bad boy out for a rain ride. Long story short — it’s definitely good for use in blue weather.


  • Has 4 mounting straps for stability 
  • Includes rain cover and reverse zippers for durability
  • Material is providing maximum UV protection and is expandable
  • Suitable for touchscreen devices


  • Bit bulky in size and design

3. AZTOP- Motorcycle Tank Bag

Here, we’d like to discuss this high-quality bag from AZTOP. In our opinion, this is the best value bag on the list. It’s strong and sturdy and comes at a very reasonable price point. You really can’t beat a good bargain when the product is equally impressive.

This bag is made of good quality 1680 Oxford material and is resistant to wear and tear. And as long as you don’t attempt to drown your stuff by throwing it in the water, it’s fairly water-resistant. 

Light rain to medium-heavy pours will be handled just fine. And the magnets they included are strong enough to hold the bag firmly in place. 

We heard a few complaints online about this bag not fitting some iPhone models like the 6 Plus.

So, we tested it ourselves and were delighted to find that the company actually made the bag bigger. It perfectly fits a variety of different phone models from the Samsung Note8 to iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, 6, etc. 


  • Fits almost all phone models very well
  • Has 4 pockets and a clear compartment for smart devices
  • Comes with powerful magnets and an extra mounting belt for added safety
  • Material is water-resistant


  • Clear compartment isn’t suitable for touchscreen usage

4. Chase Harper USA 540 Magnetic Tank Bag - 2020 Model

Want a bag that you can carry around even when you’re off the bike? Then you should check out this product from Chase Harper USA. With its universal fit and travel-friendly design, this is the ultimate commuter bag for bikers. 

Often when we go on our road trips, we have to carry certain belongings that don’t really fit into the typical tank strap-on bags. This becomes a big problem since leaving the bike to even grab a bite can be risky. 

So, the option of being able to take everything along thanks to an attachable strap was something we loved. Even the clear pocket for phones or maps is detachable.  

Besides this, the material on this product is industrial-grade nylon that’s been coated with ballistic urethane.

It’s water-resistant and very durable. After speed-testing them, we found that the magnets are strong and heavy-duty. And the bottom portion is made of non-slip rubber material allowing for extra grip minus the scratches.


  • Comes with a shoulder strap for carrying as a backpack 
  • Clear phone bag is detachable
  • Nice aerodynamic shape
  • Magnets are strong and stay put at high speeds


  • A bit pricey

5. Dracarys Store Motorcycle Tank Bag

The Dracarys Store has another great magnetic bag fit for almost all the Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki bike models. 

With four pockets and a size of 13.8 x 6.7 inches, this is a good choice for those who need to carry drinks, lunch items, and their digital devices daily. We found it to be made of high-quality materials making it quite durable.

This is an affordable tank bag with great value in the long-run. We say “great value” because unlike the other cheap products in the market, this one doesn’t fall apart at the end of the first month. 

It actually performs really well as a storage compartment for multiple items like your wallet, phone, papers, keys, and snacks, etc. And there’s a strap with a folding flap which makes it easier to carry your things around even while off the two-wheels.

Another winner aspect of this particular product was how strong the magnets were. We speed-tested them and filled the bag with various items to see how they hold up, and guess what? The 4mm magnets held up just fine! 


  • Has a strap to carry the bag by hand
  • Budget-friendly price 
  • Great durability of the material
  • Very strong magnets


  • Clear bag doesn’t prevent heating hence devices get overheated in the sun

6. Kemimoto Store- Motorcycle Magnetic Tank Bag

For those of us who love to travel to new places often, using a real-time Google map is extremely helpful.

But whipping your phone out again and again for just checking how far you’ve come can be a hassle — especially when you’re on two-wheels. So, we figured you’d need something a bit more compact to assist you in the process. 

This product isn’t as big or bulky as the previous ones. It’s the perfect tank “pouch” to get your phone to sit right in front of you as you drive. With 8 powerful magnets and a smaller size, this little bag will hold on to your tank for dear life. 

From your iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10 to the Note 10 or iPhone 12 mini, it’s going to fit them all and more! 

The most eye-catching feature of this product is its unique zippers that get locked when the handles are lied down.

So, you can say goodbye to scratches on your precious bike. It also allows pulling the zippers away a bit to make the pouch more breathable during the summer heat. Isn’t that neat?


  • Saves space and reduces distractions due to its smaller size
  • Doesn’t scratch the tank
  • Can carry a wide range of smartphone models
  • Strong magnets are very stable to hold it in place


  • You can’t use the finger-lock mechanism through the clear cover

7. Lozom Motorcycle Gas Oil Fuel Tank Bag

Out of the many we reviewed this one is having the most utilitarian set of pockets. We really liked how the company included a secondary pocket beside the transparent pocket which many other bags lack. 

In total, you’re going to get 4 compartments — one main, one secondary, one small, and a clear one. We especially recommend this one to those whose bikes have fat bob-style tanks.

If you’re on a tight budget and just want something to carry your stuff during short rides, this can be a good deal. While it’s not the most durable, it is decent for the super affordable price it comes in. 

The magnets that come with the bag sit on 4 sides to fasten it firmly to the bike tank. They’re strong and firm, but you can replace them with stronger ones if you want. 

This is also a water-resistant bag which means riding in the rain will not be an issue. We noticed that there’s also a built-in cable port access in this which makes it even more convenient. 

It fit a variety of bikes from a BMW, a Harley to a Honda. There’s also a strap for carrying it along when off the bike, which is usually a feature for the higher-end products.


  • Very affordable price
  • Fits a variety of bike models
  • Made of water-resistant material
  • Magnets are replaceable


  • Zippers aren’t very durable

8. ZHL MotorcycleTank Bag

Although we’ve been talking about the practicality of these bags, aesthetics is definitely no joke either. So, we included a very stylish yet practical bag from ZHL as our last pick on the list. 

It’s made of high-quality Oxford fabric and has a style that can go with any kind of biking attire. With this, you’ll not only be riding down the street with speed but with equally impressive style.

Coming at an affordable and cheap price, this product provides great quality nonetheless. It’s got nice construction and a clear bag offering touchscreen usage.

You can easily see maps and control your phone screen through it. The material is water-resistant, and the zippers are of good quality. 

The magnets on this are strong but not as strong as higher-end items. They didn’t come off once throughout our tests, but we figured they wouldn’t be holding up the same over months of usage, so keep that in mind. 

Another aspect that concerned us a bit was how after a few hundred miles, the bag left some scuff marks on our tank.

We did manage to remove it, but the better way to go would be to glue some thin felt material on the bag’s underside beforehand.


  • Good quality construction and stylish design
  • Fits a lot of small to medium items in it
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Water-resistant and has good magnets


  • Underside causes tiny scuffing on the bike

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Tank Bag?

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Tank Bag

It’s one thing to choose a bag for casually carrying around and another to get one for your bike. There are a few things you’ve got to remember when getting one of these accessories. And our team of bikers has listed them out for your convenience.

  • Attachment Style

Motorcycle Tank Bag Attachment Style

How your bag actually attaches to the tank is extremely important. It’s basically the sole factor deciding the safety of your items while you’re driving full-speed ahead.

While straps with Velcro were the way to go before, nowadays, the hype is about magnetic pouches that seem to hold equally well.

Of course, there’s the possibility of magnets wearing out or getting loose. So, either invest in a bag where you can replace the magnets, adjust them or add a strap over the bag in addition.

  • Pockets and Sizes

Motorcycle Tank Bag Pockets and Sizes

A wise man once said — you can never have too many pockets. And it’s quite true when it comes to bags for your motorcycle.

For bikers, going on road trips or even cross-country traveling means listing out essentials and limiting how much stuff they carry with them. 

So, having a tank bag that’s spacious to house various items is a huge advantage.

Besides, it helps when you get to fit all your favorite snacks in the same place. Clear compartments that allow touchscreen usage is our favorite aspect in such bags. And if you’re into it too, we reviewed some awesome ones, so give any of them a go.

  • Durability of Material

Motorcycle Tank Bag Durability of Material

Depending on where you live, think of what material will work best during regular weather. There are bags made of water-resistant material that make sure your belongings don’t get wet when it rains.

Again, there are high-quality fabrics and nylons which prevent overheating during the summer. 

If you like to carry smart devices like a phone or a GPS tracker, then the breathability of the material should be a prime priority. After all, no one wants their precious iPhone to turn into a baked potato under the sun.

  • Special Features

Motorcycle Tank Bag Special Features

Some bags have unique features that give them an edge over their competitors in the market. For example, some pouches have locking zippers to prevent scratches.

There are products with a non-slip coating on the surface to give an added grip. You’ll even find those with shoulder straps to carry around like a regular backpack.

  • Price Range

If you’re on a tight budget, get something that has good material and convenient features to serve its purpose perfectly.

Of course, you’ll have to sacrifice a bit of durability if you’re opting for cheaper options. 

We recommend getting something that’s in a mid-range budget to get your money’s worth of use. And if you want to treat yourself, grab a high-end product that’s sure to last a long time.

Types of Motorcycle Luggage

Types of Motorcycle Luggage

There’s a lot to unpack when discussing the different luggage types for motorcycles (no pun intended).

Our own biker gang uses a variety of them on their everyday rides, and here are a few popular ones:

  • Saddlebags

Just like their name suggests, these bags work pretty much the same way as a bag on a horse would. You’ll be able to carry a water bottle and few small items, but that’s about it. They’re usually soft-shelled though you can find harder ones called “panniers” often as well.  

  • Tail Bags

These bags sit right behind you on the bike and stay upright. They’re usually strapped to other points of the vehicle, like the rear seat or frame.

  • Tank Bags

Tank bags are perhaps the most inexpensive and easily accessible motorcycle luggage types out there.

They’re lightweight and can be attached to any metal tank with magnets. And even if yours isn’t made of metal, there’s the option of strapping them up like every other luggage.  

  • Fender Bags

If you’ve got a dual-sport, then chances are, you’re well aware of what a fender bag is. It’s a tiny fabric bag that can be attached to the extended portions of the front and rear fenders on these bikes. Though versatile, they’re not usually waterproof.

Besides, you’ll find fork bags, OEM bags which are usually made by bike companies themselves, and handlebar bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do magnetic tank bags stay stable?

Yes, as long as there are multiple strong magnets, the bag stays firm. But it’s better when the bike has a windshield or fairing. 

2. What’s the best way to carry luggage on a motorcycle?

The best way to do so is to get a tank bag or a backpack. In fact, combined with built-in storage included there’s a lot of luggage you can carry while riding.

Of course, use straps to secure them when you’re carrying heavy loads to prevent accidents.

3. Do magnetic pouches scratch the tanks?

The good quality ones won’t scratch your bike’s surface as they come with a special coating. Some also have padding underneath for the same purpose.

But if dust and dirt get stuck in between, your bike’s custom paint is sure to get a few marks here and there.

4. How do I prevent scratches on my bike tank?

While there are a few different methods, we recommend cleaning the surface regularly with a soft cloth. You can go the extra mile and apply a Teflon coating every 6 months or so. It helps keep scratches off quite well.

5. What’s a tank bag for?

Exactly as its name suggests, tank bags are for keeping items attached to the tank of your motorcycle. They have different pockets and chains to secure small to medium items. 

6. Is it good to have locks on tank bags?

Yes, definitely! Since the sole purpose of having these bags is to store and safely keep your belongings, built-in locks and zippers are very good features on them- especially when you’re on a bumpy road.

Final Words

Now that you’re one step ahead of the game with the best motorcycle tank bag at your disposal, why not bring the show on the road? There’s no way you’ll lose your house keys this time!

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