Best Neck Brace for Motocross: Recommended for 2022

While motocross can be a fun and thrilling sport for some, it is also the cause of many severe injuries among many riders. Even though there are arguments regarding the use of braces, since you are here, we assume you believe in how important they are.

And you are correct! They do work in protecting your upper body from injuries, and we have discussed more about it down below if you are interested. But other than that, we hope you are ready to find your best neck brace for motocross.

Since everyone is different, our guide and reviews are going to help you find exactly what you need and look for. Do you need a shielded brace, or an extra comfortable one? Or a mix of both? Keep reading to find out!

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5 Best Neck Brace for Motocross

5 Best Neck Brace for Motocross

This review section contains a variety of different types and designs of neck braces that many professionals also love. Every one of them is of excellent quality as well, so don’t hesitate to check them out.

1. EVS Sports R4-BK-A Sports R4 Race Collar

With a cross-body strap and a hard molded surface, this race collar is your reliable partner in races to keep you safe and protected. If you are not sure which sports race collar to choose, then this one is a good place to start.

It has a polymer shield or molding on top to serve the purpose of protecting your neck and collarbone during crashes. The collar has been tested on high-impact to ensure total security even during the most dangerous accidents.

And to make sure you are comfortable while racing, it has a bio-foam liner. This foam not only provides you with extra comfortability while racing but also helps to absorb impact, providing even more security.

These race collars are available in two sizes: Y and A. the size Y is the perfect fit for people under 160 cm or 5’3” height with being under 48 kilograms or 105 pounds in weight, whereas the size A is for people above that height and weight range.

Besides that, it is very lightweight as well, so you won’t feel any pressure or weight on your shoulder while racing. This also ensures no neck or shoulder strain even if you wear it through multiple races.


  • Polymer shield protects the neck and collarbone during crashes
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Available in two sizes to fit people of most sizes and weights
  • Tested on high-impact to ensure total security
  • Sturdy and low profile design


  • Not suitable for people with a larger upper body
  • Release clip may show some issues

2. RIDBIKER Motocross Neck Brace for Adult

If you are looking forward to buy the best youth neck brace motocross, then you need to invest in a good neck brace or collar like this one. Its design and construction are explicitly done for fitting the youth riders.

But apart from motocross or motorcycle, it is also suitable to use while snowboarding, cycling, skating, skiing, and all other such sports that could lead to injuries if not wearing the right protective equipment.

So you are getting the most out of your money through this multi-purpose and versatile neck brace. You can consider it as your reliable partner during most extreme sports to keep your neck safe from injuries and accidents.

Moreover, thanks to its injection-molded polymer frame, you are getting a neck brace that is impact resistant and comfortable to wear even in extreme cold or hot weathers and temperatures. The foam liner is removable as well, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Not only that, it offers a carbon fiber back plate that protects the back, including the spine, from any high-impact accidents. Plus, the closure system makes sure you can quickly remove the brace when faced with any emergency.


  • Multi-purpose use and versatile
  • Protects the neck and back, including the spine
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Quickly and easily removable brace in case of emergencies
  • Comfortable and impact resistant


  •  Waist strap can be a little inconvenient

3. Speedway Motors Fire Retardant Cotton Neck Brace

Long races require adequate neck protection to protect your neck from injuries and help in reducing fatigue. And for that, you need the best protection and quality offered by Speedway Motors.

Not only that, but it will also provide you with superior protection in any quick or dangerous races where you are likely to get injured.

The neck collar is 2 ¼ inches thick with a foam-filled inner pad and FRC cover. This will help in providing you with the ultimate level of comfort for those long races.

Moreover, since the cover is made of FRC or Fire-Retardant Cotton, you are safe from this collar around your neck catching fire in case of any such incidents. They have been certified and rated by SFI with a 3.3/1 rating.

Besides that, it offers a universal fit. The neck brace or collar has a convenient hook and loop closure system so you can adjust it to fit securely around your neck.


  • Offers superior neck protection and reduce fatigue
  • Fire-retardant cover
  • 2 ¼ inches thick foam provides the ultimate comfortability
  • Certified and rated by SFI with a 3.3/1 rating
  • Offers a universal hook and loop fit


  • Can feel a bit thick for some people

4. IRON JIA’S Motocross Neck Brace for Adult Motorcycle Cycling

With an eco-friendly construction and fashionable design, this best motocross neck brace is going to be your new favorite if you want a touch of fashion with protection.

It is made of PU or polyurethane leather which makes them thermostatic and completely safe from fire. These neck braces can handle high temperatures without melting, making them a piece of durable and reliable safety equipment.

Other than that, it has a brushed cloth and mesh covering for wearing it comfortably for a long time. All of these contribute to limiting your range of head movements and motion to prevent serious injury.

This neck brace will ensure protecting your clavicle and cervical spine. It will also protect your upper body against over-flexion, axial compression, lateral over-flexion, and overextension. Plus, it absorbs the additional impact wearing a helmet as well, further protecting your cervical spine or neck.

They use a convenient button system for holding it securely in place, and it is much easier to take off. Along with that, they offer free size, so you don’t have to worry about the fitting.


  • Eco-friendly and fashionable design
  • Protects the clavicle and cervical spine
  • Helps to absorb additional impact from wearing a helmet
  • Offers a free size
  • Easy to use and take off


  • Not adjustable; may feel a bit too thin or thick depending on the person

5. Leatt STX Road Neck Brace

This is a versatile all-terrain vehicle neck brace, which means you can use it for protection in not just races but on other occasions as well, making most out of your money.

It is safe to use it to ride different types of motorcycles, including off-road motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street motor scooters, etc. Not only that, but you can also wear it using personal marine craft, snowmobiles, and any utility vehicle.

The company uses a unique Alternative Load Path Technology or ALPT, which reduces the neck force during an impact or crash. While wearing it, it transmits the energy from the helmet to the body, reducing up to 43 percent of the risks of any severe neck injuries.

Along with that, these have on the back two identical scapula wings. They are to help you in adjusting to your and mostly any body shapes out there. But not only that, it offers a height adjuster as well, so it fits according to the rider’s shoulder and total length.

Made of reinforced polyamide, it is non-flexible and rigid. However, it comes with integrated padding that creates easier and comfortable movement of the neck, especially while looking over the shoulder.


  • Usable for riding different types of vehicles
  • Uses ALPT to reduce neck forces during an impact
  • Fits most body shapes
  • Offers a height adjuster
  • Rigid body with integrated padding
  • Easier and comfortable movement of the neck


  • Can be difficult to put it on at the beginning

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Neck Brace for Motocross

Neck Brace for Motocross

Down below are some of the most critical factors you need to keep in mind when looking to buy a neck brace for motocross.

  • Body Shape and Height

Firstly, you need to make sure the neck brace you will be buying fits your body proportion well. Most of the neck braces are made with keeping the body structure of an average healthy man in mind, and if you fall into that category, then you might not likely experience much difference even if you buy a regular size.

However, if you feel like the brace doesn’t fit snuggly around your neck and is a bit tight or loose, look for another one. The same goes for if the brace rocks back and forth a lot when pressed on it — it is not for you.

If you are buying online, check the size charts, their recommended body shape, and height, etc., before choosing one.

  • Level of Comfortability

A neck brace is not only there to protect your neck and collarbone during injuries. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it during races, the chances are it won’t do a good job at protecting you either.

Like we previously mentioned, it should fit snuggly in place around your neck and shoulder. And if it is a long race, then a comfortable neck brace is a must. In such cases, light and foam-filled ones are the most comfortable to use in those long races.

Some even have extra padding on the shoulder area to provide extra comfort and protection. It is best to try them out in stores rather than buying online if you are not confident.

  • Ease of Use

An issue or a hassle that you might face wearing these braces is the time it takes to put them on or remove them. Some neck braces use a simpler mechanism which makes it easier and quicker to put it on, and in races, you know it is important to manage time.

For that, ones with buttons are great as it ties the brace securely in place while also taking minimal time. Other alternatives are the hook and loop system, which work in almost the same way.

  • Compatibility

After being compatible with your upper body proportion, it is also essential to make sure it is compatible with your motorcycle or just the helmet. Given during these races, you will be wearing your helmet on top; if the brace doesn’t fit around it, then it is a fail.

Like before, you want to find one that isn’t too tight or loose when on, whether it is over or under the helmet, depending on your preference.

  • Construction and Safety

Without being constructed from at least good and reliable quality materials, the brace can actually do further damage, especially to your neck during accidents. The impact can cause serious to fatal injuries to your cervical spine.

The RIDBIKER neck brace is a great example of what you should be looking for. It has carbon fiber at the back along with foam liner that helps in resisting or absorbing the impact, so you don’t end up with any broken bones around the neck and shoulder area.

While a foam-filled brace might be comfortable, having layers of protection around the foam serves its ultimate purpose.

Motocross Neck Brace – Do They Work?

While a lot of riders complain that neck braces can do more harm than good and also restrict their neck movement during races, not wearing one can be very dangerous.

To prove the point, Action Sports EMS Inc. conducted a study over the course of 10 years. Many riders from small and big events, including AMA National Amateur Motocross Championships’ qualifiers, took part annually in this research.

In total, they went through about 8,000 patients with injuries from motocross. Although the number between those who wore the brace versus those who didn’t were nearly a draw, the place of the injury answered everyone’s questions.

It turned out, among the people who didn’t wear neck braces, 239 of them suffered from major to minor cervical spine injuries. And on the other hand, only 26 people among riders wearing neck braces suffered from cervical spine injuries.

Moreover, in this study, four people who didn’t wear a brace died from cervical spine injuries compared to one person with braces on. The chances are clearly much higher without wearing them.

These neck braces are made to protect your neck, collarbones, and shoulder from high impacts. Not wearing them just leaves room for injury, especially when you are in a competitive and dangerous sport such as motocross.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all neck braces compatible with motocross chest protectors?

There are a variety of neck braces on the market, but not all of them are compatible with motocross chest protectors.  Some neck braces are designed to be worn with specific types of chest protectors, while others are not compatible with any type of chest protector. 

2. should you wear a neck brace for motocross?

A neck brace can protect your neck from injury. Some people choose to wear a neck brace when riding a bike, while other people do not. If you are involved in motocross, a neck brace could be mandatory.

3. Does neck brace work for other sports?

In the past few years, neck braces have become popular with side-by-side drivers and mountain bike racers. These neck braces are appropriate for off-road sports. It's a good idea to use one on a four-wheeler or mountain bike to protect your neck from damage.

Final Words

Playing dangerous sports also means being responsible for your own actions. So wear all those protective gears, and we hope you understood what makes the best neck brace for motocross for you and have found one that meets the criteria among our reviews.

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