Best Penetrating Oils: Reviews in 2022 [Top 12 Picks]

Trying to get a rusted bolt out of its crevice but it doesn’t get out? Want to remove rust from your bicycle chain? Or just want to get rid of any buildup inside door locks?

For any of those situations, the best penetrating oils will surely help you. They will get rid of the rust, of the dirt and buildup, and still lubricate the metal parts as much as needed.

The best about these oils is that you can use them in the trickiest of places such as tiny crevices, complicated mechanisms, and enclosed components. Without penetrating oil, lubricating this kind of objects would be nearly impossible – or at least pretty hard.

But there’s much more to know about penetrating oils. Here, we’re going to show you all about them. You’ll learn enough to eventually pick the right option accordingly, and be sure of what you’re getting before you’re getting it.So don’t waste more of your time and read up!

Need a short-list? Check these 3 top picks!

Top 12 Best Penetrating Oils Review

Top 12 Best Penetrating Oils Review

To make it easy for you when choosing, we had to pick a list of oils to review. There were many to sort through, but we found 12 that stood out. Here, you have every single critical info about these 12 penetrating oils:

1. Kano KROIL Penetrating Oil

Kano Kroil is known as the oil that creeps. Yes, that’s what this brand uses as a slogan for this oil – and it wouldn’t be far from the truth.

This high-quality oil penetrates even into the thinnest of openings and makes sure to dissolve rust, dry grease, and displace water.

The formula is so effective that it even creeps in crevices as small as a millionth of an inch. That’s so small that sometimes not even water gets through. But this oil will still manage to creep inside and do its job.

You can use it on many different materials still – not only metal. From rubber to plastic and even surfaces with paint – the oil will manage to clean and lubricate them all without problems.

This also means that you can use it on practically any equipment, tool, or hardware. It will work perfectly well and achieve its purpose without leaving a single complain.

Even application is fantastic with this oil, as it features a spout so you can do it precisely and effortlessly.

But the real advantage comes from its corrosion removal capacity. It will loosen up stuck metal objects and get rid of any type of rust around.

Overall, it is an almost perfect option for anyone who expects the highest of quality in penetrating and rust removal without causing any damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent penetration in the smallest of crevices
  • Removes rust and protects against it in the long run
  • Dissolves water & grease and eliminates buildup
  • Does not harden or gum which keeps it working for long
  • Comes with a practical spout for easy & precise application

2. WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray

One of the most popular options in the market is the WD40 penetrating oil. And its popularity is well-deserved – this oil penetrates and breaks rust like no other.

As its name says, this is a Specialist oil that gets so deep into crevices and hard-to-reach parts that lubricating becomes a piece of cake. And it does this extremely fast.

But the real benefit comes from its ability to break bonds of rust that keep things stuck. Whether it is a chain, lock, thread, bolt, or a nut – it will get rid of any sign of corrosion and make it work again.

This happens thanks to the Blu Torch technology. It works wonders on rust, removing even the hardest buildup without problems. The industrial strength it offers will solve any rusting issue in minutes.

On top of that, it still manages to work well on metal, rubber, and even plastic. You won’t have to worry about any corrosion produced by the oil. In fact, the oil even sticks around for long enough to prevent any type of rust from growing.

Another interesting part is the spray delivery. This allows an easy application in either small or large objects. And with its large & practical Smart Straw Spray – then it gets even easier to reach complicated areas.

From its effectiveness to its ease of use – there’s almost no competitor for this fantastic brand and high-end product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-fast action penetrates & removes rust quicker than others
  • Removes the hardest corrosion bonds between metal parts
  • Unique Blue Torch technology makes it fast & strong
  • Convenient spray delivery with Smart Straw spout
  • Works well and safely on almost any type of material

3. Kano Aerokroil Penetrating Oil

In contrast with the simple Kroil – the Aerokroil is also an aerosol. That means, applying it is super effortless and takes less effort for precision.

But it doesn’t lose any of the effectiveness. You can still get the fantastic rust-removing capacity that gets rid of almost any type of buildup or bond between metal parts.

It can also loosen up frozen parts such as bolts, nuts, shafts, lids, springs, and more. Even if you have something ultra-complicated to unstuck, using the Aerokroil can be your way to go.

The penetrating property will make sure that no matter the size of the crevice or object, the oil will still manage to do its job correctly.

But thanks to the aerosol application, you won’t have to stick only to small objects and parts, you can also apply it onto the largest components and still enjoy its benefits.

From dissolving dried grease and oil up to gum created by other lubricants – this is the aerosol you want for ease of use and effectiveness.

It is so effective that it can even displace water and keep your metal parts free from rust for several months or years.

If the Kano Kroil seemed like a great option, then the Aerokroil will be even better – no doubt about it.

Highlighted Features:

  • The outstanding aerosol formula for easy & convenient application
  • Removes rust, dried grease, oil and more
  • Displaces water and protects metal parts for months
  • Works well for small and large objects alike
  • Loosens up stuck parts in just minutes

4. Gasoila Free All Deep Penetrating Oil

When talking about effectiveness, we couldn’t leave one of the best options behind – the Free All penetrating oil.

This is a superb rust eater that gets rid of the most stubborn and difficult-to-remove corrosion in metal parts. You’ll be able to remove any stuck part without breaking or causing damage.

The formula is so effective that it doesn’t only dissolve rust – it also manages to eat it away so well that you won’t see rust again for years.

You can use it practically anywhere, including bolts, screws, nuts, clamps, blocks, joints, locks, and much more. It works on almost any situation as well, from automotive reparations to plumbing and even electrical or marine uses.

But it doesn’t only eat away corrosion. It also lubricates well enough to make things work again in minutes. The loosening effect is so fantastic that it also protects & keeps moisture away.

It also works fast, doesn’t cause any damage to paint, plastic or rubber, and holds a mild smell. You won’t have any problem using it at all.

And with the small spout, applying it will be a piece of cake. You can get it on the hardest of places without creating a mess or producing build up in the long run.

In short, it takes simplicity and ease of use to another level while offering incredible results in almost any situation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dissolves the hardest & strongest corrosion
  • Eats rust away to prevent it from forming in years
  • Lubricates effectively in just minutes
  • Easy aerosol application with practical spout
  • Works on any industry from marine to automotive

5. B'laster 8-PB Penetrating Catalyst

Known as one of the best penetrating oils you can get – the 8-PB Penetrating Catalyst from B’laster will make any rust-removal job possible.

The potent formula separates even the strongest of rust & corrosion away from metal, delivering an outstanding result every time. It creeps out in the thinnest of crevices and makes sure it cleans & lubricates everything on its path.

Professionals use it for almost any type of activity, going from automotive to marine use, and more. Its ability to stand up to 152-degrees Fahrenheit without evaporation will make it an ideal choice for mechanisms that get hot – so there’s a lot more to it than you may think.

Apart from that, it manages to stay on the surface of metals for a lot of time. This ensures extra protection against rust and prevents moisture from forming any corrosion.

And with its unique penetrating ability, it can reach even the rustiest of places and still get rid of unwanted surfaces.

Whether we’re talking about stuck locks, bolts, nuts, or screws – this oil is so penetrating, so effective at getting rid of rust, and so lubricating that it will always work wonders.

Highlighted Features:

  • The high-end formula penetrates, cleans & lubricates like no other
  • Stands tons of heat and still manages to protect surfaces
  • Works well on any situation and for any purpose
  • Gets rid of corrosion and makes metals look like new
  • Comes in several presentations to make it easy to choose

6. B’laster 16-PB Rust Free Penetrating Catalyst

Coming back with PB Blaster penetrating oil, now we have the 16-PB. This is a rust-free catalyst that will not only penetrate deep into any mechanism or object but also clean and get rid of corrosion or rust effectively.

You can use it for any type of purpose, including freeing rusted parts, stopping squeaking in metal parts, and fixing corroding pipes and other components. There’s almost no limit to what this oil can do, and it works amazingly well every time.

It works fast enough to achieve the desired results in hours or even just minutes. And sure enough, it works well for marine, automotive, plumbing, and many other industries without problems. In fact, users confirm it can be used on sports equipment, firearms, tools, car parts, and more.

Another huge advantage is that it doesn’t evaporate in the slightest. Even in the highest-temperature environments, it performs excellently without wearing off.

Applying it is a piece of cake, and it still manages to last a lifetime thanks to a synthetic composition. It won’t cost too much either. And will keep your metal parts protected for a really long time.

If you’re in search of a highly effective oil that doesn’t leave anything behind – then this is your best bet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gets rid of squeaking & noisy metal parts
  • Frees up rusted parts by cleaning & removing rust
  • Cures corrode metals and makes them look like new
  • Does not evaporate with high temperatures
  • The ultra-versatile formula works for any purpose & industry

7. Castle Thrust Ion-Activated Penetrating Oil

One of the most overlooked oils out there is the Castle Thrust Ion-Activated Penetrating Oil. It works like no other and delivers one of the most versatile & fastest working formulas in the market.

It consists of a blend that promotes durability and resistance. This formula lasts several months or years without problems. It does this by resistant the highest temperatures out there without problems.

You can make it work for automotive purposes as well as high-temperature environments. It won’t leave a single thing to be desired, managing to keep metals protected against rust or corrosion for a long time.

The formula even manages to stick to the surface effectively to prevent any mess after applying. It is highly viscous and manages to avoid buildup as well. And you can still clean and remove rust from parts that were stuck or froze before.

What it manages to do even better is work on any type of equipment or machine. Whether you want it for marine use, lawn equipment, vehicles, manufacturing machines, or just anything that requires resilience & durability – then this oil will work wonders.

For those who want to get the highest quality product for their money, then this is an almost perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb durability for a long-lasting lubrication
  • Works well in machines & equipment of all kinds
  • Sticks to the surface to prevent corrosion & rust
  • Does not produce messes or run-off like others
  • Fast-action lubrication penetrates deep into metals

8. Cyclo C10 Breakaway Fast Penetrating Oil

The heavy-duty Breakaway Oil from Cyclo is a perfect alternative for the most demanding users out there who don’t want to pay a fortune for something decent.

What makes it such a fantastic option is the capacity to eliminate squeaking, get rid of rust, and even remove corrosion from the most corroded metals you can think of.

It does this by providing a super penetrant formula that gets deep and cleans in the process. And with such effective lubrication, it manages to break loose bolts, nuts, screws, and other rusted parts without problems.

Many mechanics, marine operators, and even gun enthusiasts have found the Cyclo Break Away an ideal lubricant for their needs. Whether it is a small hinge, a complicated spring system, or simple gears – this oil lubricates everything in seconds.

It is also one of the safest and most environmentally-friendly oils out there. It is made to improve performance, fix stuff, and help professionals get things done in no time.

And with its unique spraying mechanism, it becomes a super-easy thing to apply. Even with the hardest of operations, you’ll find this lubricant to be hugely useful and time-saving.

The ability to get deep, spread well, and get rid of rust and corrosion in the process makes it one of the major options in the list.

Highlighted Features:

  • Removes rust & corrosion and prevents them
  • Gets deep into metal and spreads well
  • Works in any industry including marine & automotive
  • Spraying mechanism makes it effortless to use
  • The environmentally-friendly formula makes it safe to use

9. Schaeffer Penetro 90 High-Performance Penetrating Oil

One of the highest-quality oils you can get comes from one of the best brands in the market – Schaeffer.

It delivers the Penetro 90 High-Performance oil that gets a lot deeper than many other oils using a unique composition.

You will find extreme pressure additives, different types of corrosion & rust inhibitors, synthetic isoparaffinic hydrocarbons, and other unique ingredients. This creates a patented formula that releases friction from metal, gets rid of rust & corrosion, penetrates amazingly well, and increases protection.

You will get a fantastic result on any endeavor, as it sticks, cleans, penetrates, and works for almost any industry. Yet, it is specially made for high-temperature and moisty areas as it can stand lots of heat or moisture without boiling or wearing off.

The oil comes with a spraying mechanism, so applying is a piece of cake. Yet, it is the durability it offers that makes it so amazing – it can last on any surface for a truly long time, even with moisture and other elements around. And sure enough, it leaves a protective coat that keeps everything safe.

Overall, it does everything you could expect a high-end penetrating oil to do. And it all comes from its superb formula that leaves no space for mediocre results.

Highlighted Features:

  • The outstanding formula penetrates & cleans like no other
  • Leaves a protective coating behind for extra durability
  • Ideal for the high-temperature & humid places
  • The long-lasting protective layer makes it super reliable
  • Effortless application with a spraying mechanism

10. Kano Sili Kroil Penetrating Oil King Size

Coming back to Kano products, we now meet the Sili Kroil. This exceptional oil from Kano offers superb results in humid places that not many others will.

Yes, this oil is one of the best you can get to use in marine applications or highly humid working areas. For boats and other outdoorsy objects, you always need something that can handle the moisture and constant humidity. In those cases, the Sili Kroil oil is the way to go.

The lubrication is terrific, of course. It gets into the smallest and most difficult-to-reach places without problems. And it still handles to dissolve rust like no other. You will be left with cleaned and loosened metal pieces ready to do their job.

But it is not its ability to resist and displace moisture that makes it super useful, but also its anti-arcing capacity.

You can use this oil on electric mechanisms that are exposed to high electrical currents, and it won’t burn or boil over time. In fact, it will work well enough and leave a protective layer that avoids corrosion.

Whether you want to apply it on flooded mechanisms or motors, humid spark plugs, or even just outdoor areas with tons of rust – this oil won’t disappoint you in the slightest.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-notch penetration for the most difficult of spaces
  • Unique water-displacing capacity keeps objects safe for long
  • High-quality rust-dissolving capacity for almost any situation
  • The anti-arcing formula makes it ideal for electrical use
  • Works well in marine & outdoor applications

11. Liquid Wrench One Each Penetrating Oil

One of the best brands in the market is Liquid Wrench. It delivers one of the simplest yet most effective formulas in the market thanks to the One-Each penetrating oil.

Its powerful yet basic formula will get rid of rust and corrosion without leaving a single sign of impurity behind. And it works well on any kind of metal, increasing its versatility.

You can make it work on rusty steel nuts and bolts, hinges, and more. Yet, it also works with copper pipes, fittings, and clamps. If you need to use it on aluminum, then it won’t disappoint either, whether you’re talking about latches, locks, or similar objects. In short, it works for almost anything.

Freeing stuff when they’re stuck is the primary job of this oil. It lubricates amazing well and still manages to clean even the hardest of surfaces.

The formula is also low-odor, so it is easy to use. And you can use it on many types of materials apart from metal if needed, including plastic, PVC, and even painted surfaces.

The ability to dissolve rust, cut grease, and clean your metal parts is something you won’t get with many oils out there. And with such an unbeatable cost – this becomes an instant go-to alternative.

Highlighted Features:

  • Potent formula dissolves rust & cuts grease like no other
  • Works on any kind of metal, plastics, PVC and painted surfaces
  • Excellent lubrication & protective layer for long-term results
  • The low-odor formula makes it pleasant to apply
  • Unbeatable cost for the fantastic quality it offers

12. Liquid Wrench L206 Lubricating Oil

We couldn’t finish this review guide without going over the Liquid Wrench penetrating oil L206.

It is one of the most powerful formulas you can get, but also one of the most affordable. That means you get exceptional value for your money, which instantly makes it an ideal choice.

Of course, it gets deep in crevices to clean & lubricate. But it also helps to displace moisture and remove any sign of corrosion or rust it finds in its path.

The oil is so fantastic that it leaves a protective wet film behind that helps to both avoid corrosion in the long run and decrease noise on metal objects.

But there’s another extra feature to consider: it dissolves old lubricants on metal pieces so you can get a cleaner experience. Both in the short and long term, this oil works wonders to clean & lubricate.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing a stuck bolt or nut, a frozen mechanism, or stuck gears and bearings – this oil will solve it all. And you can still use it almost anywhere, including electric appliances, garden tools, metal hardware, and even electrical wires or connections directly.

For its price and unbeatable performance, this oil sets the bar super high.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional cost for the amazing quality it offers
  • Dissolves rust, corrosion, and old lubricants from metal
  • Helps to unfreeze all kinds of mechanisms & objects
  • Displaces moisture for application in humid spaces
  • Leaves a protective film for extra safety in the long run

Things to Consider Before Buying Penetrating Oils

No sense in gliding through all of our reviews without knowing what you’re reading about. That’s why we set up a small buying guide so you can learn all there’s to know about penetrating oils. Read this guide, and you’ll learn how to pick the right option:


The first thing you’ll have to look for is what the penetrating oil works for. This means whether it offers simple lubrication, rust or corrosion removal, and/or cleaning.

You will need to pay close attention to this because the ideal oil will offer all three purposes at the same time.

The rust & corrosion removal will get rid of unwanted surfaces on the metals. Then lubrication helps to keep things working smoothly. And cleaning gets rid of build-up, dirt, dust, gum, grease, and everything of the like.

Penetrating oil for plumbing, for example, needs to remove rust as well as clean any type of dirt or buildup. But if you’re choosing oil for automotive use, then it needs to do all three at the same time.

If you know what the oil is specifically for, it will help you find out whether it works for you or not. Then you can choose with more certainty.


Even though most penetrating oils work with almost all kinds of surfaces, some of them may not. That’s why it is essential to check this before making any final choice.

Most penetrating oils can go on rubber, copper, aluminum, painted surfaces, and even plastic without issues. These are the ones you should go for if possible.

But some alternatives don’t work so well or flexibly. So you’ll have to be careful not to pick something that eventually doesn’t match your needs.

Ease of Use

Applying penetrating oil may look like a simple activity, but it is certainly not.

If you don’t spray or apply oil correctly, then you may end up making a total mess. That’s why some cans usually come with small & thin tubes you can use to apply oil with more precision.

Also, consider oils that don’t come with dropping heads but with sprayers or streamers. Those will be far more useful and easy to apply without making a mess.

But of course, you should go for whatever matches your needs. If you’re applying oil on a large area, then a spray will be your best choice. But if you’re using it on the gears of a small machine, then you’ll want something with a straw or thin spout.

Choose accordingly, and you won’t have any problem when applying the oil.

Environmental Impact

Not many people tend to consider this as an essential factor, but it is. Especially nowadays when the world is going through massive changes due to the mismanagement of humans, then it is vital to use something that has little to no environmental impact.

We recommend oils that don’t emit any kind of organic compounds or fumes that could cause damage. This won’t only help save the planet but also keep your work environment safer – as these fumes and chemicals may also cause damage in humans.


The penetration capacity of the oil goes directly in hand with how viscose the product is. This will also help to achieve better lubrication, so it is related to effectiveness as well.

Here, we recommend going for oils that penetrate even in the smallest of crevices without problems. For that, you should go for low viscosity oils over the thickest ones. That will ensure less friction and better lubrication.

Long-term Effect

If the oil leaves a surface behind wherever it passes, then that’s another sign it is an excellent lubricator and penetrator.

You will have to look for oils that stick to the surfaces and protect against the growth of corrosion or rust over time.

This ability will also prevent any kind of moisture from causing damage. And it keeps the surfaces clean and free of unwanted elements.

If the oil offers a helpful long-term effect, then that’s a significant feature to consider.


Apart from everything we’ve explained already, you may also want to consider the different kinds of penetrating oils there are. These refer mainly to how they’re made and how they can be useful.

Straight & Insoluble Penetrating Oils

These are the most common nowadays. You won’t have to dilute the oil at all, so they’re ready for direct application on metal.

The advantage of straight and soluble oils is that they work well with high-temperature applications, especially in the automotive industry.

They’re usually made of mineral lubricants, esters, extreme-pressure additives, and fats. And they’re totally insoluble in water – so they prevent moisture from causing damage in the long term.

Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic Oils

These are not made of mineral oils but instead unique synthetic materials and blends, including chlorofluorocarbons, silicone, poly-glycol, and esters.

What sets them apart is the ability to work well in marine operations as well as high-temperature areas. They won’t vaporize or wear out over time as others will.

These are among the most resistant of all types of penetrating oils. But they are often highly viscous and excellent remove rust & corrosion. The best penetrating oil for rusted bolts is probably made with this kind of oil.

Micro-Dispersant Penetrating Oils

These have a higher viscosity than the rest and don’t ignite even with direct fire contact. That makes them super helpful in high-temperature places or hot surfaces that demand boil-resistant oils.

They use unique materials to give extra high viscosity. These materials include polytetrafluoroethylene, boron nitride, graphite, and more.

These aren’t the best for penetrating but work really well as lubricants, especially for their unique spreading ability.

Emulsion or Water Soluble Oils

Lastly, you’ll find the emulsion or water-soluble oils. As the name says, they are more soluble with water, so they’re not ideal for places that have tons of moisture.

But the liquidity of these oils is super high, so they can get through any crevice and reach difficult places that other oils can’t.

Many people use them after diluting them a little, so they can become even easier to apply and/or penetrate difficult places. They are also ideal for cleaning.

How Do Penetrating Oils Work?

To put it shortly, a penetrating oil creeps through gaps and crevices in objects to reach bearings, threads, or surfaces and get rid of unwanted elements such as rust & corrosion.

They also displace moisture, debris, dirt, and even dust. Whatever is blocking a piece of metal, penetrating oil will get rid of it.

But how does it work? What does the penetrating oil have that it gets rid of all those undesired elements? And how does it differ depending on the type you get? Well, here we’ll explain all that.


The primary purpose of penetrating oil is to creep into small spaces and lubricate. In other words, it will reduce friction between objects to make them easier to move or remove.

Thanks to the low viscosity of penetrating oils, they’re one of the best lubricants out there. And it is not only because they can get into deep places through small crevices, but also because they clean & remove rust in the process.

They simply help to clean things while making them work loosely. And sure enough, it all comes down to the liquidity they offer, so they can get into any place where other products can’t.

Among the ingredients that make these oils so useful, you can add polymethacrylate, alkyl succinic acid, tert-deputy-p-cresol, lower alkylbenzenes, zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate, methyl silicone, and others.

These ingredients have the main purpose of lowering the viscosity of the oil, but also clean & adhere to metal surfaces.

Anti-Rust & Corrosion

Some oils are not only lubricants and mild cleaners, but they’re also protectors. This is where you’ll find the best penetrating oil for aluminum.

These anti-rust and anti-corrosion oils offer the chance to penetrate just as well as lubricants but leaving a protective layer on the surface of the metal.

These are ideal for machines and mechanisms that are always moving. They also work wonders for bolts, joints, plugs, and screws made of aluminum and similar metals.

This happens thanks to anti-oxidant agents in the oils that keep these surfaces protected for long. They simply reduce the amount of moisture and subsequent impurities to cause any kind of damage.

Thanks to this surface that prevents moisture from corroding or rusting, then the metals will not only get lubricated but also protected over time.


Some oils are not only lubricants or anti-rust – but they can also be for cleaning.

Of course, most penetrating oils have this ability as a second feature, but the ones that clean the most are the cleaning solvents.

These oils contain a unique cleaning agent that gets rid of contaminants like grease, tar, rust, gum, and more in minutes. They act strongly enough to leave metals looking like new with a single application of the oil and a wipe with a cloth.

Cleaning oils also work wonders for bolts, nuts, and screws that are deeply rusted and stuck. In fact, cleaning oils are the best option you can get if you want to get rid of rusted pieces and make them look like new or as close to that as possible.


Finally, you will find some penetrating oils offering a multi-purpose capacity. This formula ensures excellent lubrication, anti-rust, and cleaning at the same time.

Of course, the strength of these oils won’t be the same as single-purpose penetrating oils – but they will still work well enough for any purpose.

If you want to enjoy everything penetrating oil has to offer – then you’ll go for one of these.

What makes them so effective is the uniquely complex formula that penetrates super well into any surface or crevice, and gets rid of residues, gum, adhesives, rust, and much more.

But being so strong makes them only ideal for metals and objects with no paint and/or plastics.

How to Use Penetrating Oils Properly?

Using the penetrating oils to remove rusted bolts seems easy, but it could actually take more time and effort than you expect. That’s why we always recommend doing so with care – or read our set of tips instead.

This list of helpful advice will help you get the most out of any penetrating oil:

·         Always start applying as little oil as possible on small objects. Never add more than needed so you can prevent gumming or messes.

·         For stuck bolts, screws, and nuts – adding more oil will not be useful. Instead, you can use a heat gun or warming device to help loosen up.

·          Make sure to be using a high-temperature oil before applying any heat or direct flame to the oil. Otherwise, you may end up producing fire, which can be dangerous.

·         For applications that demand high precision, you can always use precision straws. Most brands offer their own precision straw or spout along with their bottles/containers. Otherwise, you can still get after-market options or make one yourself.

·         Penetrating oils do not work instantly. In some cases, you may need to wait between 15 minutes up to an hour. Several factors come into play here, including the quality of the oil, amount of rust and corrosion in the object, and type of object/piece you’re trying to loosen up.

·         Most oils work well with all metals. But they may not work with other materials. The most potent oils are often only useful for metals and can be corrosive with plastics, PVC, painted objects, and rubber. Before applying oil to any of those materials, make sure it is safe to do so.

·         Before applying any oil, for any purpose, read the instruction manual first. It will tell you what to avoid or what to do accordingly. This will prevent issues and make the lubricant work better as long as you follow the manual to the letter.

·         Never clean the oil after applying it unless you applied too much in the first place. If you leave the oil, then it will keep the surface clean and free of any rust or corrosion. But if you remove it after applying it, then the metal will form corrosion sooner or later.

·         Wiping away rust, corrosion, dirt, debris, or dust from pieces after applying the oil will clean them up. We recommend this as long as the impurities are enough to damage the piece. Otherwise, let the oil do its work automatically.

·         For soluble oils, try to use more oil than water in the mix. Dissolving too much of it in water will not have the same effect as if you only added a few drops of water.

·         Only use oil in places that indeed need some lubrication, cleaning, or protection against corrosion or rust. If there’s no need to add oil, then don’t add it. Lubricants may eventually produce gum and/or debris if they’re used in the wrong places.

·         Re-apply oil whenever you need to. This will help you keep mechanisms, components, and parts of things lubricated, clean, and protected for long. But don’t re-apply unless necessary.

All these tips should help make the best use of penetrating oils. If you were confused about how to get the most out of them – you should be clear by now.

Penetrating Oil vs. Rust Busters: Which One Works Better?

There’s a final point that many people don’t consider when buying their next penetrating oil: whether they should consider rust busters as well.

This is not easy to know, though. Rust busters and penetrating oils are not entirely different – but they’re sure not the same thing.

They have similar purposes, but the results and applications are somewhat different. And that makes them not interchangeable.

So, which one should you go for next time you go for the best penetrating spray?

First, let’s explain what they offer and how they differ from each other.

Penetrating Oils

This type of lubricant is super light and with low viscosity, ideal for getting into the hardest of spaces as it quickly creeps into crevices, orifices, cracks, and holes – the smallest ones.

Penetrating oils are usually made with petroleum-based products and lubricate amazingly well. They don’t clean much, but they can still leave a protective layer behind. Still, they offer a decent dissolving capacity against rust & corrosion – as well as other impurities.

Penetrating oils can also disperse water and prevent any type of moisture from causing damage to the metal. You can use them to drive water away from all kinds of metal surfaces.

Apart from that, they’re often useful for a wide array of applications, including marine, electrical, automotive, and other uses.

Some of the most popular penetrating oil brands include the WD-40, Cyclo, and Castle Thrust. 

Rust Busters

These are pure rust dissolvers instead of lubricants. Sure, they have decent lubrication properties, but they aren’t as practical or as versatile as penetrating oils.

You can still use them to get deep into crevices and cracks, but they won’t promote the same protection or lubrication.

The formula still tends to be light and easy to apply. But it is thicker than penetrating oils and often stronger in anti-corrosion and anti-rust capacities. That adds up to its application and smell, so you may only use rust busters on metals, or they may end up damaging surfaces.

Instead of applying as a spray or by pouring, rust busters demand the user to soak the pieces on the oil to get the best results. But sure enough, they can make nuts, bolts, screws, and any other part or component look like new afterward.

Some rust buster brands that you may consider include PB Blaster, Kano, and Schaeffer.

Which One to Go For?

As you see, they’re not entirely different from each other, but there’s still a massive variation in application, use, and results.

That’s why we recommend going for penetrating oils if you want the most versatile experience. That means getting lubrication, cleaning, and protection over the long term.

Otherwise, if you only need to get rid of rust – then a rust buster is your best bet. But overall, they’re often not as useful or reliable as penetrating oils. On top of that, they don’t penetrate as much – and that can be a huge issue.


There are so many penetrating oils to choose from that getting just one may feel like a mistake. But don’t worry – you can always do so and feel confident that you made the right choice.

But for that, you’ll have to consider every single recommendation and factor in this article. So read thoroughly and pay great attention to the simplest of details before choosing.

We have high praise for the Schaeffer Penetro 90 High-Performance Penetrating Oil as one of the best in the list. Despite its slightly higher price tag when compared to others – it is totally worth using.

Else, you can get the WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray and still enjoy exceptional results at a way lower price.

But don’t rush out and miss all the other best penetrating oils in this article. For the best pick, always go for the one that matches better with your demands. You won’t regret it. 

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