Best Spark Plugs for Harley Davidson: Recommended in 2022

One of the crucial parts that engines rely on is the spark plugs. They are the ones that are responsible for starting the combustion process. And as they offer constant punches of electricity to get the engine running, they tend to wear down over time.  

For that reason, you need to replace them from time to time. However, when the units of your Harley Davidson fail, you would not want to replace them with something that is average in quality. Instead, you should opt for the best spark plugs for Harley Davidson.

Those will be of premium materials, which will enable them to ensure optimal performance. Alongside that, they are going to have a high lifespan as well. So you will not have to go through the replacement process that often.

Have a quick look at our top 3 recommendations

Why Buy a Motorcycle Spark Plug?

Why Buy a Motorcycle Spark Plug

As we have mentioned above, these components are one of the important parts of a motorcycle. Without these, the engine will not be able to carry out the combustion process properly. It is the part that initiates the ignition, which then allows the combustion process to continue.

So, if you were to start a vehicle that does not have a spark plug in it, you will fail to get it moving. And the same thing goes for motorcycles as well. Without these, you will not be able to make the bike run at all.

Though all of the vehicles are going to ship with these installed, they are going to wear down over time.

The wearing down occurs because of the constant sparking that they have to initiate when the engine is operational. And when they do wear down substantially, you need to purchase yourself a new set.

Without getting them replaced, you will find it hard to start the engine. Alongside that, if you were to use the worn-down spark plugs, you might notice that your engine is stopping when you are on the road. For that reason, you need to replace them once the previous ones wear down substantially.

6 Best Spark Plugs for Harley Davidson

Best Spark Plugs for Harley Davidson

You might already know now that a solid plug is more than what it seems to be. And considering how important they are, you would not want to skimp one bit on the quality and the capability. Well, to make it easier for you to get one of the well-performing ones, we have compiled a list of them. Take a look:

1. NGK Iridium IX DCPR7EIX

Going through the gapping process when you get your hands on one of the new sets of plugs can be a bit of a tedious job. However, you will not have to do that if you get this one that is from NGK Iridium.

As we have mentioned above, the plugs that you will find in the package will be pre-gapped. That means there will be no need to go through the process of gapping them manually when you get them shipped to you.

Aside from shipping pre-gapped, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. It has a 25 percent smaller electrode than the other platinum ones that are available in the market. For that reason, it achieves a reasonably smaller footprint.

In fact, it is ¼ of the size of the conventional nickel electrodes that are in the market. Because of having such a small diameter, the electrode should be able to reduce the overall voltage requirement.

As a result, the overall lifespan should increase significantly. You will not have to go through the hassle of replacing these frequently. And it has a metal shell plating on the exterior.

The plating that it has on the exterior will make sure that it does not rust or corrode over time. Also, the plug technology that it integrates will enhance the performance of the plugs. 


  • Ships pre-gapped
  • Electrode is 25 percent smaller in comparison
  • Has a reasonably low voltage requirement
  • Can operate optimally for a long amount of time
  • Boasts metal plating on the exterior


  • Does not work with Ion sensor tech
  • Some of the units have threading issues

2. E3 Spark Plugs Power sports E336

Professional riding requires professional equipment. And these spark plugs that are being offered by E3 can properly illustrate what professional units are capable of offering.

Unlike some of the other units that are out there, this one has a specialized design. The design is ideal for areas that are colder in comparison. As a result, no matter how cold it is outside, you should not face any trouble starting the engine.

Aside from the design that it sports, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. It has the capability to withstand harsh and rough environments. For that reason, you can expect it to last for a good amount of time without any issues.

It even contains Yttrium-enhanced alloy. That alloy enables it to reduce the side wire temperature to about 8 percent. So the amount of pre-ignition will be reasonably low.

Alongside that, the reduction of the heat on the side wire will enhance the overall lifespan even further. And you will not even have to worry about the fitting either. It sports a universal design that will make it easier for you to install this.

Lastly, it has the capability to reduce CO emissions to up to 58 percent. It can even reduce the amount of hydrocarbon to about 42 percent, which is considerably high when compared to the other units.


  • Features a special design
  • Capable of withstanding harsh and rough environments
  • Contains Yttrium-enhanced alloy
  • Lowers the number of pre-ignition
  • Has a universal fit


  • Might require some modifications to get the optimal performance
  • Some of the units might ship defective

3. Orange Cycle Parts Iridium Performance 6R12

Are you looking for something that will require a considerably less amount of voltage to operate? Well, then you should put this on your consideration list.

Let us talk about the most highlighting feature of this set first. Instead of utilizing the standard electrode, the manufacturer has opted for an Iridium one. This electrode is considerably smaller than the standard ones.

Because of being that small in size, it will be able to work optimally by consuming a reasonably less amount of voltage. And for the ultimate spark plug technology that it packs, it will be able to offer you superior overall performance.

Aside from the size, the unit has the ability to lower the heat during the ignition process. That, combined with the extended bottom, would be able to achieve a relatively higher lifespan. You can expect it to last for a good amount of time.

Alongside that, the exterior has gold plating that will protect the unit from corrosion. And the upper portion has a black ceramic, which will protect that portion from wear and damages.

Other than that, it comes in a pack of two. That means you will not need to get two of them separately to replace the old set from your motorcycle. And for how well built these are, you might not even have to replace these that early.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Reasonably small in size
  • Requires a considerably less amount of voltage
  • Exterior has gold plating
  • Exceptionally durable


  • Some of the units might have drag specialties on them
  • Can not resist rust that well

4. Ngk Spark Plugs 4929

Being able to operate at a higher range of heat is one of the factors that make one of these worth getting. And this unit that is from NGK is one of those.

To start with, it has a unique design. The design focuses on operating at a much wider range of heat. In fact, the operational heat range that it has is higher than most of the other units that are in the market.

Aside from having the capability to work in a broader range of heat, the unit's build quality is pretty solid as well. The materials that this one is of is capable of resisting carbon build-ups. Also, the design lowers the number of pre-ignition.

The unit contains high alumina ceramics that are able to transfer heat exceptionally well. For how efficient the heat transfer is, the performance you are going to get will truly be extraordinary.

Alongside that, the unit has proper electrical insulation as well. And, the solid copper core that it comes with will make it achieve a reasonably higher lifespan. That is further enhanced for the nickel-tipped electrode that it packs.

Other than that, you will not even have to worry about any leaks, thanks to the triple gasket sealing that it has. It will lower the possibility of gas getting leaked during the combustion process.


  • Capable of operating at a broad range of haet
  • Can resist carbon build-ups
  • Packs high alumina ceramics
  • Core is of solid copper
  • Has nickel tipped electrode


  • Some of the packages might ship with missing screws
  • Threading on the top is not that smooth

5. Orange Cycle Harley Electra Glide Classic

Offering OEM fitting for the aftermarket parts is something that most of the brands do not offer. However, the case is not the same for these ones that Orange Cycle is offering.

First of all, the design that it features completely resembles the conventional spark plugs. For having such an identical design, you will not have to worry about fitting that much.

Other than the design, these are capable of working on the OEM heat ranges as well. That means the performance you are going to get will be identical to the ones that shipped with your bike when you first bought it.

However, the outlook is something that is not common with the conventional ones. These units achieve a unique look, thanks to the black color coating that the upper portion has. And the upper portion is of ceramic too.

On that note, the insulator is capable of properly insulating the core from heat. The insulator is of 95 percent pure alumina that should last for a good amount of time without showing any sort of issues.

Aside from that, the package comes with two of the units. Because of that, there will be no need for you to get each of these separately. You will be good to go by purchasing only one package.


  • Ships with two of the units
  • Has OEM shape
  • Features a unique outlooks
  • Insulator is of 95 percent pure alumina
  • Capable of properly insulating the heat from the core


  • Color coating on the top does not last that long
  • Might ship with missing parts

6. Champion RA8WHP

On the lookout for something that has an exceptionally high capability of resisting corrosion? Well, look no more because Champion has got the thing that you were looking for all this time.

To begin with, it has a proper coating on the exterior. That coating will make sure that the unit does not corrode over time. As a result, you will not notice any exterior flaws even if you leave your motorcycle unused for a long amount of time.

Other than the coating, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. It has a good build quality, thanks to the premium material that the manufacturer has utilized for manufacturing this.

Aside from the build quality, the unit has a 0.7 mm fine wire of iridium that is tipped in the center. Combined with the V-trimmed ground electrode, it should be able to operate optimally for an extended amount of time.

The body has a heat-active alloy that will assist in reaching the operational temperature quickly. That means you will not have to go through the hassle of dry starts in the winter seasons.

Besides that, the alloy will also ensure that the unit is maintaining a stable temperature under different loads. It is capable of maintaining a suitable temperature even when you are pushing the engine to the absolute max.


  • Corrosion-resistant coating on the exterior
  • Utilizes high-quality materials for the overall construction
  • Packs a heat-active alloy
  • Build quality is pretty praiseworthy
  • Sports V-trimmed ground electrode


  • Fitting is not OEM
  • Might require some modification before installing

What to Look for While Buying Spark Plugs for Harley Davidson?

What to Look for While Buying Spark Plugs for Harley Davidson

Before you make a purchase decision, you will have to consider a couple of factors. By keeping those in mind, the chances of you ending up with something that is actually worth the money will be considerably high. That being said, the factors that we are talking about are as stated:

  • Build Quality


First and foremost, you need to consider the overall build quality. Even though most of the brands will be able to offer you plugs that will offer good overall performance, they are not going to use that much high-quality material for the overall construction.

And when it comes to the build quality, the quality of the material will indicate it. That means the ones that utilize high-quality materials for the overall construction will have a good build quality.

Considering that, you would want to opt for the ones that are of high-quality material if the build quality is your main concern.

  • Voltage Requirement

One of the things that will not be the same for all of the units you will stumble upon on the market is the voltage requirement. While some will have a considerably low requirement, many will require a good amount of voltage to operate.

On that note, the voltage requirement generally dictates how much efficient the plugs are. The lower the requirement, the higher the efficiency level is going to be.

And the ones that have a relatively smaller-sized electrode are the ones that are going to require less amount of voltage to operate.

So, if you were looking for the ones that are highly efficient, you need to opt for the ones that have a small electrode.

Usually, the iridium electrode that most of the brands are going to utilize will have about 25 percent smaller electrodes than the conventional ones.

  • Coating

Corrosion is one of the problems that occur to the spark plugs over time. And it can deteriorate the overall performance of the unit substantially.

Also, if corrosion does occur on any of the portions, it will slowly spread to every other metal part, which will eventually deteriorate the unit's overall lifespan.

Considering that, we would recommend you opt for the ones with a proper coating on the exterior.

Those will not only be able to protect the core and the exterior from corrosion but also will be able to protect them from wear and damages. As a result, you will notice a significant jump in lifespan.

  • Insulator

The last thing that you need to consider when you are in the market for one of these is the insulator.

For this, the first thing that you need to check is whether the insulator is made of quality material or not. We would suggest you opt for the ones that are of pure alumina.

Other than that, you need to consider how efficient they are in resisting the heat from the core. If you happen to get one that is not that efficient in insulating the heat, the performance you are going to get will not be that consistent.

How Often Should You Change Spark Plugs on a Harley?

How Often Should You Change Spark Plugs on a Harley

The duration is something that is going to rely on how much distance that you have traveled with the spark plugs on. For most modern bikes, the distance is somewhere between  15000 and 16000 miles. However, many might only last for about 10000 miles.

Nevertheless, the good ones are going to last for at least 15000 miles. Some of the high-end ones can even last for more than 16000 miles.

On that note, there are a couple of factors that can make the plugs wear out comparatively fast. Road conditions, heavy loads, and other factors can make these wear out faster.

Talking of which, there are a couple of signs that can let you know when to change the plugs. If you notice that the engine is taking way too long to start, you might want to change the plugs.

On the other hand, if your motorcycle is running a bit rough when you are putting it on the high load, you should get it replaced.

Alongside that, if you notice that the engine is losing too much power and there is sputtering occurring when you are at the highest speed, you must get them replaced.

4 Types of Spark Plugs for Motorcycle


Just like any other parts, there are few different types of spark plugs in the market. In fact, there are a total of four different types of these in the market. They are:

  • Single Platinum

These are some of the expensive types that you are going to find in the market. Instead of using the other metals, these will have platinum inside the core. However, in terms of conductivity, these are not the highest ones that are out there. 

Nevertheless, these tend to last for a good amount of time, thanks to the higher corrosion resistance capability that these have.

  • Copper

The most common ones that you will find on the market are the copper ones. Copper is generally known for being the best conductor.

For that reason, these do not overheat that easily. However, the lifespan is something that these are not that well-known for. Some of these will typically last for about 4000 to 8000 miles.

  • Double Platinum

Just like the name suggests, these are going to have plates of platinum on the tip. For that reason, these are better performers when compared with the single platinum.

However, with the increase in performance, the price takes a big hit too. These are more expensive than the single platinum units that are out there.

  • Iridium

The last type that you will find in the market is the Iridium ones. These are not that great when it comes to conductivity.

However, the performance of these is pretty praiseworthy. These require a low amount of voltage as well. And some of the high-end ones can last for up to 16000 miles plus.

Final Words

If you want your Harley Davidson to work flawlessly like it did when you bought it from the market, you need to replace the spark plugs with the best spark plugs for Harley davidson. And the ones that we have included in our recommendation list are all worthy picks in that criteria.

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