11 Best Stormtrooper Helmet: Check Out The Best Deal!

Love the Star Wars saga? Want to dress up as a Stormtrooper for a Halloween party? Or just need a new costume for your cosplay at Comic-Con? Either way – we have the best Stormtrooper helmet in this article to help you achieve that.

Becoming an Imperial Army soldier is totally possible as long as you have the right helmet. Sure, you won’t have the ability to shoot laser bullets and jump from spaceships. But you can still feel like one inside the right helmet.

Here, we want to go over some of the highest-quality models out there, show you how to pick the right one, and eventually relieve any doubt you may have about Stormtroopers and their helmets. Care to find out more? Then don’t hesitate and scroll down!

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Best Stormtrooper Helmets Reviews

Best Stormtrooper Helmets Reviews

So you’ve decided you want a Stormtrooper helmet. It could be for yourself, a friend, a child, or just anyone. Whatever the reason, we’ve assembled a list of 11 helmets in this article to help you find the perfect model no matter what you’re looking for. Here’s more about each:

1. Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Premium Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • Darth Vader design
  • Adult-sized version
  • Multi-piece modular design

The first model in our list is a Black Series Stormtrooper helmet - a Darth Vader version for people who want to take their cosplay to a whole new level.

If there’s a character on Star Wars that genuinely stands out for its color and unique background, then that’s Darth Vader. So there’s no doubt you will easily make an impression on anyone that sees you.

Sure, you will need the rest of the costume, which will probably take you far from being a standard Stormtrooper. But precisely for that reason, we couldn’t leave this costume behind as one of the best options.

This is a huge replica, though. So it works more for adults than for children. It has many sounds, though. These include an FX sound that starts when you put it on, several Darth Vader dialogues, and so on.

The best of all, however, is the magnificently realistic interior. As soon as you put it on, you’ll realize how well-made and excitingly accurate it is.

And lastly, it is decently comfortable. You get an adjustable strap with a magnetic buckle. Similarly, it has a completely opened back that lets enough air get inside. So it will not be a problem to put on and off and wear for hours on end.


  • Super-realistic and accurate design
  • Comfortable and soft lining
  • Modular design makes it practical
  • Ultra-cool FX breathing sound
  • Cons

  • Fits tightly
  • 2. Star Wars B7097 Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Electronic voice-changer
    • Collector’s grade quality
    • One-size-fits-all design

    If we had to pick the actual best Stormtrooper helmet replica, we wouldn’t choose any other than the B7097 Imperial Stormtrooper model.

    This one also comes from the Black Series collection. That means you get all the superb accuracy that takes your enjoyment of the piece to another level.

    But there’s a lot more to enjoy from this helmet. One of them is the electronic voice-changer. Yes, you can talk through the helmet, and it will automatically change your voice to that of a Stormtrooper. So you’ll sound exactly like one and make you feel like one as well.

    The design and details are outstanding, as well. It all starts with the small details on the plastic construction that withstands a lot of use. Then you get a shiny look as well, which takes it to another level of realism.

    Apart from that, the helmet is decently sized to fit adults and children. Any child over 8 years old can use it comfortably.

    And it all happens because it has a decently padded interior that also allows enough ventilation to wear for hours.

    So apart from being one of the most realistic and beautifully accurate, it is also super cozy to use.


    • Amazingly accurate details all around

    • Fits adults and children with ease

    • Voice-changer feature makes it extra fun

    • Decently breathable and comfy


  • A bit expensive
  • 3. Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker Battle Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Luke Skywalker design
    • Synchronized LED lights
    • Surround sound system

    Sometimes, a white Stormtrooper helmet is not the best idea. Instead, you want a helmet from one of the best characters from the saga.

    In that case, nothing will fit you more than the Luke Skywalker Battle helmet, directly from the Black Series collector’s set.

    There are many things to love about this helmet. One of them is the array of FX sounds and lights. You can simulate the Battle of Yavin or the Battle of Hoth on top of the X-Wing ship.

    The sound goes directly into your ears with a surround system. It makes you feel as if you were directly on the battlefield. Along with the synchronized LED lights, it takes your helmet experience to a whole new level.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, the helmet is made of high-quality materials that last. This pairs up well with the high-quality padding inside, so you can wear it comfortably at any moment.

    From the highly detailed exterior, the super-comfy interior, to the next-level simulations it offers – there’s almost nothing to hate about it.

    While not exactly a Stormtrooper helmet, it still manages to take your Star Wars experience to a whole new level.


  • The unique X-Wing helmet design
  • Sound and lights effect for extra fun
  • The high-quality build makes it last
  • Incredibly comfortable internal padding
  • Cons

  • Not precisely a Stormtrooper helmet
  • 4. Star Wars Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic Pilot Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Retractable visor
    • Side com-link microphone
    • Limited Poe Dameron’s helmet

    After the new Star Wars series from Disney, few characters became as popular as Poe Dameron. And that’s why we couldn’t leave it out of this article.

    Also coming from the Black Series of collectibles and offering exceptional realism in almost every aspect, this helmet will surely become a go-to choice for any fan.

    It all starts with the super-detailed exterior. Exactly what Poe Dameron wore when flying the X-Wing – this helmet looks like an exact replica.

    Another excellent feature to consider is the interactive design. You get a retractable visor that will make you feel like wearing the real helmet. And with the speech protector on the side, it can amplify the wearer’s voice and make them feel like using the real thing.

    This gets even better when you consider the surround sound experience. The electronic system boasts an internal microphone and headphones that simulate communication between the wearer and the BB-8. That’s enough to make it an outstandingly fun helmet to have.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, the helmet is amazingly comfortable and easy to put on and off. Boasting next-level padding on the interior, it will make you feel cozy for hours.

    There’s simply nothing to hate about this helmet.


  • Adjustable straps for easy wearing
  • Built-in communication system effects
  • Amazingly accurate and gorgeous design
  • Next-level interior padding for comfort
  • Cons

  • Fits snugly on adults
  • 5. Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Rogue One’s Black Series collection
    • Internal voice changer
    • Ultra-accurate depiction

    Ever seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Well, this helmet comes directly from that movie—an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet from one of the best Star Wars spin-offs ever made.

    Once again, it comes from the Black Series collection. So you get not only the accuracy necessary to take it to the next level but also many other features.

    Some of these features include the detail-oriented design. It looks exactly like the helmets the Stormtroopers used in the movie.

    But it wouldn’t be as realistic without the voice changer system, an electronic device that changes your voice as soon as you talk to it. You’ll sound like a Stormtrooper.

    The helmet is super-comfy nonetheless. It works for both children and adults, even though it is large-sized.

    On top of that, it boasts a high-quality plastic construction. So it can resist scratches decently well while keeping it from breaking too easily after a fall or unwanted impact.

    There’s a lot to enjoy from this helmet, and it looks exactly how you may want it to look. So there’s nothing to complain about it.


  • Gorgeous and accurate depiction
  • Comfortable & breathable design
  • High-quality plastic resists scratches
  • Pretty fun and enticing to use
  • Cons

  • A bit difficult to put together
  • 6. Rubie’s Store Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Polyester construction
    • 2-piece modular
    • One-size-fits-all design

    Want a First Order Stormtrooper helmet from the Force Awakens movie? Then you’ll love this Rubie’s Store model.

    Not only is it one of the most exciting for its design, but it is also an amazingly cheap option. You won’t have to spend too much and still get exceptional quality.

    The helmet, for example, is made of polyester almost entirely. This ensures an excellent experience from the first moment you use it. It delivers a light and comfy design so you won’t end up with neck pain after using it.

    On top of that, the design comes with a one-size-fits-all scale. That means most adults can use it without problems, as well as most teens. So it is amazingly comfortable and well-made in its entirety.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, the level of detail is superb. Despite its affordable price tag, the helmet manages to come with every single detail that makes it look exactly like the original. So you won’t only receive a comfy and durable helmet, but also a super-accurate replica.

    Considering how light and durable it is while still offering excellent accuracy to the original, this helmet is undoubtedly an option you don’t want to overlook.


  • Incredibly cheap for its quality
  • Very accurate and well-made
  • Decently comfy and light design
  • Fits children and teenagers perfectly
  • Cons

  • Not recommended for adults
  • 7. Rubie’s Star Wars Collectors Edition Fighter Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Black Stormtrooper version
    • Imperial Navy markings
    • Black tinted eyes

    A collector’s edition resembling a Stormtrooper fighter model – this helmet takes accuracy and entertainment to another level.

    You can feel like defending the Empire’s Death Star Super Station. One of the few helmets that manage to come with such an exciting black design for the Empire’s fighters – the best-trained pilots and soldiers in the galaxy.

    There’s a lot to unpack from this helmet. One of these is the marking of the Imperial Navy. This adds tons of accuracy to the piece. Then you can enjoy the exceptional level of detail all around, ensuring a magnificently accurate product.

    As for the material, it uses heavy-duty plastic. It is light enough to be comfortable, especially alongside the one-size-fits-all design. Along with a pretty snug interior that fits adults and teenagers easily, this is a go-to model for most people.

    Whether you want it to power up your cosplays, for your children, or even just to have as a collection at home – this helmet will surely surpass your expectations.


  • Sturdy yet light plastic construction
  • Unique Imperial Navy depiction
  • Decently accurate and detailed design
  • Surprisingly comfortable interior
  • Cons

  • Black lenses make it hard to look through
  • 8. Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Premium Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Mandalorian version
    • Viewfinder & Rangefinder HUDs
    • Full-scale replica

    A Stormtrooper helmet is always a great option. But what about a Mandalorian helmet? That’s even more awesome.

    That’s why we couldn’t leave the Boba Fett helmet out of this list. It comes with everything a quality helmet should offer – starting from the super-popular Boba Fett design that anyone will love.

    Feel like hunting some bounties? Then wear up Boba Fett’s helmet and start your hunt. It comes with tons of functions that will make you feel like the original Mandalorian.

    The amazingness starts with the Viewfinder and Rangefinder HUDs. You can push a button, and two red LEDs will illuminate. This pairs up well with the white range-finger HUD in front, taking the realism of the piece to a whole new level.

    Despite its already superb design, the piece offers a lot more. This includes the full-scale design that fits anyone – including children, teenagers, and adults.

    The interior is well-padded, ensuring extra comfort. And with the premium construction overall filled with exceptional details, you’re likely to never be disappointed when wearing this helmet.

    And if you feel like not spending too much money, then you’ll be happy to know it is decently cheap for its exceptional quality.


  • Amazingly accurate Boba Fett’s design
  • The premium build makes it last
  • Cozy and insulated interior
  • Super-fun HUD feature
  • Cons

  • Feels a little expensive
  • 9. Star Wars Black INCINERATOR Trooper Helmet

    Highlighted Features

    • Voice-changer electronics
    • Mandalorian-inspired series
    • One-size-fits-all design

    We come back from a Mandalorian series helmet. This time is not a Mandalorian himself, but the helmet of a real Stormtrooper.

    But this is not any typical Stormtrooper helmet. This is an INCINERATOR Trooper helmet. One of the rarest types of Stormtroopers, these are the ones that will burn anyone’s house if they don’t comply with the Empire.

    The quality of this helmet is superb. It goes from the most exciting lines, combining the Trooper white with the red decals that separate a standard Stormtrooper from an Incinerator. Everyone will know your range with this helmet.

    This pairs up with the super-realistic level of detail. Even the smallest of designs is entirely accurate with the original version, so it improves your cosplay, costume, or collection exponentially.

    To make it even better, the helmet is utterly comfortable. Specially designed for adults and teenagers, it fits almost anyone with ease.

    And on top of all that, it comes with a voice-changer electronic system. Activate it with a push of a button, and it will change your voice to that of a Stormtrooper.

    There’s way too much quality on this helmet to hate – so it is easily one of your best options.


  • Gorgeous and accurate Incinerator design
  • Fits teenagers and adults with ease
  • Pretty comfortable & ventilated insides
  • Premium-quality build all around
  • Cons

  • Not recommended for children
  • 10. Rubie’s Store Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet for Children

    Highlighted Features

    • PVC construction
    • Mask-like design
    • First Order Stormtrooper version

    Want to surprise a child who loves Star Wars? Then you will appreciate the cheap yet highly accurate kids Stormtrooper helmet from Rubie’s Store.

    It is the smallest in the whole list, perfect for children of all ages. Similarly, it is well-made with a PVC construction. It doesn’t have any lining but makes it up with lightness, so any kid can enjoy wearing it around without feeling a little bit of discomfort.

    Another exciting part is the accuracy of the design. Despite not being amazingly detail-oriented, it looks exactly like a First Order Stormtrooper helmet. So if your child is a big fan, he will have little to nothing to complain about it.

    When it comes to comfort, it doesn’t disappoint either. It boasts an excellent set of ventilation ports, so the plastic lets enough air go in from all sides. And if that wasn’t enough, the half-helmet design makes it super-easy for any child to put on and off at any moment.

    There’s no drawback about this Star Wars helmet. From the exquisitely accurate design to its comfort level and even the lightness it offers, any kid will love it for sure.

    What’s even more important, it is extremely affordable.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Super-light and comfy for children
  • Comes with an extra mask for fun
  • Decently accurate for is cost
  • Cons

  • Not the most durable
  • 11. EFX Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Prop Replica

    Highlighted Features

    • Scanned from the original concept
    • ABS construction
    • Certificate of Authenticity

    Another super-accurate Stormtrooper helmet, this time from EFX, it is designed to surpass expectations in almost every sense.

    The thing that sets it apart from the competition is the unique design it offers. It comes from the original Stormtrooper concept that Ralph Mcquarrie created in 1975. So you can say it is probably the most accurate replica you will find.

    Just a quick look will tell you how amazingly good-looking this helmet is. From the details on the sides to the visor, breathers, and shape – the accuracy of this helmet is jaw-dropping.

    The piece is full-scale, meaning it looks and feels exactly like the original thing. Wearing it alongside a Stormtrooper bodysuit, you can feel exactly like a Stormtrooper with little effort.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, it is one of the sturdiest helmets in the list. Coming with an ABS construction, it feels super-tough to prevent any type of breakage or wearing.

    Last but not least, you get a Certificate of Authenticity. This will let you know that this helmet comes directly from the original scanned art design, so it is one of the most valuable models out there.

    Pair this up with the rest of its exceptional features, and it will easily surpass your expectations.


  • Unique prop replica from the original
  • Exceptionally accurate and good-looking
  • Top-notch comfort and fit
  • Easy to modify & adjust
  • Cons

  • Fits loosely on most people
  • Factors to Consider While Buying a Stormtrooper Helmet

    Factors to Consider While Buying a Stormtrooper Helmet

    You’re probably already sure of what model to pick. Well, we don’t blame you – these helmets are amazing.

    But even if you’re somewhat assured, we still recommend taking a look at some of the most important factors.

    These will help you pick the best Stormtrooper helmet for your needs and desires. Want to learn what we’re talking about? Then take a look below:

    • Material & Build Quality
    Stormtrooper Helmets Material & Build Quality

    Want the helmet to last? Then be sure it comes with high-quality materials that do.

    This means materials like PVC, ABS, and other high-end plastics. If you’re willing to go a little lower in quality, then polyester and similar materials will do the job.

    But overall, a quality construction not only helps to make the helmet last longer, but it will also prevent breakage, wearing, and scratches. So it must be well-made.

    At the same time, consider whether the helmet is only one piece or two pieces. The models that come with two parts are often more long-lasting because they don’t change shape much over time. You can be sure they will fit properly even after several years.

    Sure, it all depends on the overall quality of the piece apart from its material or build type. But overall, considering all of them together will give you a clearer idea of what you’re getting.

    • Overall Comfort 
    Stormtrooper Helmets Overall Comfort

    Once you have the materials and construction figured out, then you can jump directly to how well it fits on your head. Here are various things to consider, such as:

    • Size
    Stormtrooper Helmets Size

    This is not easy to know because almost everyone has different head sizes. So we recommend going for one-size-fits-all if you’re looking for a helmet for a small-headed person like a teenager or young adult.

    Instead, if you want something for a grown-up who has a big head, then be sure it explicitly says adult size to prevent it from not fitting.

    Lastly, if the helmet is for a child, be sure it is designed to fit a child’s head. Otherwise, it will probably fit too loosely, which can be a problem.

    • Padding
    Stormtrooper Helmets Padding

    Apart from the size, though, you should go for helmets with enough internal padding. This often comes as foam and other soft linings that improve your overall comfort.

    • Weight
    Stormtrooper Helmets Weight

    Another critical thing to consider for comfort is the weight. The heavier the helmet is, the more uncomfortable it will be – especially for children.

    • Design
    Stormtrooper Helmets Design

    And as the last consideration, consider whether it is a full-head helmet that covers your entire head and can be awfully hot or a half-head helmet that covers only your face and sides, allowing more air to go in.

    Sure enough, the latter will be the best choice if you’re looking for higher ventilation and comfort.

    • Design & Accuracy 
    Stormtrooper Helmets Design & Accuracy

    If you want to enjoy the helmet to the max, then you have to be sure it is well-designed and as accurate as possible.

    Let’s say you want to complete a replica costume of a Stormtrooper from the Rogue One movie. What should you do? Easy, look for a Stormtrooper Imperial helmet with that exact design.

    But it shouldn’t only be exactly the right helmet depending on the movie or sage you want to match. It should also be awfully accurate and exciting to look at. Here’s where the details enter into action.

    If you’re a collector, cosplayer, or hardcore fan, then you’ll want to pick something as accurate as possible. You need to pick something that has nothing to complain about in terms of accuracy.

    • Electronic Features 
    Stormtrooper Helmets Electronic Features

    Lastly, consider all those extra features that make the helmet a lot more fun to wear.

    These features include anything from special sound effects to unique visors or HUDs that move, as well as voice-changer devices that activate when you speak from inside.

    Whatever adds up to the experience of wearing one of these helmets, then that’s a useful feature to have.

    How Does a Stormtrooper Helmet Work?

    How Does a Stormtrooper Helmet Work

    The primary purpose of a Stormtrooper helmet is to protect it. This is only possible thanks to a quality construction made of four layers.

    These layers include a Plastoid composite armor on the exterior, a second anti-blaster mesh as the second layer, and a magnetic shield as the third one.

    The last layer is an insulator to keep the trooper fresh but warm. Inside, the trooper can enjoy Cellular padding for superior comfort.

    This is the build, though. There’s a lot more a Stormtrooper can enjoy from its helmet, including features like:

    • Multiple visual modes like infrared and night vision
    • Anti-flash lenses with polarizing effect (glare protection)
    • Target-acquisition systems that work in different light environments
    • Com-link systems and other communication devices
    • Breathing filters that prevent chemical and biological contamination inside
    • Ventilation and insulation systems for comfort

    These are some of the basic features a Stormtrooper helmet offers. Depending on the level of the trooper and the specific task he needs to achieve, the helmet may differ in features and construction.

    Sure, you won’t get any of these features in a real-life Stormtrooper helmet. But this can give you an idea of what the original concept offers, and how you can pick the most accurate version possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you ready to make your last pick? Or do you have some doubts that need answers? If you do – then you may find that your doubts are not unique. Below, we’ll answer some of them, so take a look:

    1. How much does a Stormtrooper helmet cost?

    Commercial helmets can be anywhere from $10 bucks for a simple non-accurate piece, up to $300 or a little more for decently accurate and feature-rich helmets. This depends on the quality, of course.

    The best replica Stormtrooper helmet can cost up to $1.000 or more. But that’s for uniquely accurate and limited versions that are not easy to find.

    If you’re only a typical enthusiast, we recommend going for the cheaper models. This includes if you only do cosplay or want a costume for a Halloween party.

    But if you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan and want the most accurate helmet for your collection of high-end collectibles, then feel free to spend the extra bucks. They’re completely worth it.

    2. What is the most Elite Stormtrooper?

    The best among the best Troopers from the Empire become Imperial Shock Troopers. These are the ones that make the battle decisions, hold the lines, and carry the heavy weapons.

    In contrast with their less intelligent and experienced counterparts, Imperial Shock Troopers never miss a shot.

    Most of the Stormtrooper helmets in this list are indeed Imperial Shock Trooper helmets. So you’d be wearing exactly what you need.

    3. Why did they change the Stormtrooper helmet?

    The helmets changed enormously between one movie to the other. This happens because the technology within the Star Wars universe improved exponentially.

    This update came with tons of different features, including breathing filters, cooling systems, multi-targeting HUDs, and much more.

    Obviously, the helmets also became a lot more enticing to the eye. The newer models are thinner and sharper. This adds an extra touch of style that not only adds an ergonomic feel to the helmets but also increases the overall appeal.

    4. Why do Stormtroopers wear white?

    The focus was to separate them from the rest of the people and make them look like an army. However, the white color came up for different purposes.

    One was the ability to reflect laser guns more easily than other colors. Two, white signified solidarity and unification of the forces.

    And three, adding colors to white was easier, so the troopers with higher ranks usually had extra colors on their armors or helmets for easier identification.

    5. Why are Stormtroopers so weak?

    There are many conclusions to this question. Yet, the most popular and the best among them all is that Stormtroopers are not indeed weak. They’re just humans or clones, people with no special abilities apart from their military training.

    When you put these people alongside Jedis, robots, and other alien species from Star Wars, they indeed seem weak. But they’re not.


    So, what helmet are you choosing? With so many options, it may seem like a titanic endeavor. But it won’t be that much of a problem if you consider our buying advice and recommendations.

    For the best experience, go for the one that best meets your level of love for the saga. If you’re a hardcore fan, don’t hesitate to pick the most accurate and expensive replica. But if you only want a Halloween costume, then a cheap and comfortable model will be ideal.

    Whatever you pick, be sure it is the best Stormtrooper helmet for your needs. That will set you up to enjoy the helmet to the max.

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