Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

There was a time when textile motorcycle jackets were the alternative safety gear for bikers. Today, they have become a staple fashion outfit too. Yes, with textile motorcycle jackets, you can get the right protection technology in different style options.

It is essential to find the best textile motorcycle jacket that can fit your requirements and serve the purposes. There are plenty of brands available in the market offering different features. You must be able to pick the ideal product from the lot.

When it comes to buying textile motorcycle jackets, you need to consider plenty of things. If you are confused about the options, this comprehensive guide will help you through.

Would you like a quick choice? Take a look at our 3 top recommendations.



As mentioned earlier, there is an abundance of options available online that can spoil you with choices.

To further ease your hassle, we have reviewed the 10 best motorcycle jackets on the market. Weigh their features and conduct a fair comparison to find your ideal textile motorcycle jacket.


First up on the list is a premium quality all-season jacket that will perfectly abide by your requirements. This Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Riding Jacket is a 600D textile jacket.

While the rugged and strong material makes it durable, the soft and comfortable inner materials provide you the required convenience.

You can wear this jacket in the summers, winters, and monsoons. It is also packed with CE approved armors on the back, shoulders, and elbows. You can avail all these features at a jaw-dropping price.

The REISSA Membrane in the jacket's exterior and interior will offer 100% water-resistance to the jacket. The breathable mesh lining underneath the jacket is for your utter comfort. You will also get a removable winter thermal lining to keep you warm in winters.

Key Features:

  • It is a 600D premium textile motorcycle jacket with extra durability.
  • You can use it in all the seasons, round the year.
  • The REISSA membrane makes the jacket 100% waterproof.
  • You will also get CE approved armors on the back, chest, elbows, and shoulders.


Joe Rocket is a popular brand among the motorbike gears; they have also introduced a range of riding jackets. This jacket is the perfect definition of durability and safety.

The outer shell is designed with waterproof Rock Tex and Hiten to create high impact resistance. Whether it is abrasion or heavy rains, nothing can destroy your jacket.

Not to forget the CE approved armor on the shoulders and elbows that offers extensive protection during accidents. Also, it comes with a CE spine protector, which is an additional pocket of spine armor.

It has a variable ventilation system that comes with waterproof zippers. You will get a perfect fit with good arm length, and the product is available in different sizes, starting from S to 5-XL.

For extra cooling and comfort, the jacket is designed with Cross-Linked Ventilation along with Wind Tunnel Cooling. Everything about this product is worth falling for.

Key Features:

  • For maximum impact, the jacket is designed with combined waterproof Rock Text and Hitena.
  • It comes with CE approved armor on the shoulders and elbows.
  • CE spine protector is also an additional armor at the spine region.
  • For proper ventilation, the manufacturers have introduced variable flow ventilation, cross linked ventilation, and wind tunnel cooling.


If you are someone who goes for adventure trips and long rides, you will definitely love this product. Whether it is durability or resistance, this product has excelled in every vertical.

It is an all-weather 600D textile jacket. The rugged and strong built is meant for its superior durability. The soft and comfortable inner material will provide you the required warmth during winters.

You will also get CE-approved armors on the back, shoulders, and elbows. The jacket is made with a 3-color contrast HWK design that makes it uber stylish.

It comes with REISSA Membrane that will give your jacket 100% water resistance. You will hardly find such a quality product at such a steal deal price.

The mesh and breathable underneath lining make the jacket completely comfortable during the hot summers. With this product, you will get 5 years replacement warranty.

You will also get different size variants starting from S that goes up to 5XL.

Key Features:

  • It is a 600D textile jacket that is 100% waterproof.
  • It comes with a soft and breathable inner lining for added comfort.
  • The product is made for all seasons; you can use it all through the year.
  • It has CE approved armors on the shoulders, elbows, and back.


A brand that doesn’t need any introduction is Milano. It has been known to manufacture many motorbike gears, and yet again, they have been surprised with their range of best textile jackets.

The premium quality interior and the exterior membrane is 100% waterproof, so you can use it during heavy monsoons without any worry.

It comes with a removable thermal quilted liner with zippered vents on the back and chest for added breathability. Not only safety specifications, but the jacket is also superior on the styling front.

You can grab this product in different dual color variants; this particular one comes in a classic red and black combo. Also, you don’t have to worry about sizes; you can find sizes from S to 3XL.

There are CE approved armors on elbows and shoulders that are easily removable. You will hardly come across such products that are brimmed with features and highly pocket-friendly as well.

Key Features:

  • The inner and outer membrane is 100% waterproof.
  • It comes with a removable thermal quilted liner.
  • You can avail of the product in different sizes and color variants.
  • It has removable CE approved armors on elbows and shoulders.


Next up on the list is a premium quality product that fulfills all your requirements in a single go. It is designed with 600D polyester fabric.

The jacket is both abrasion and water-resistant, so you can go longer rides without worrying about any damages. The lining of the jacket has high elasticity with mesh and breathable fabric.

It is an all-season jacket that comes with a removable cotton liner. Also, there are 5 removable EVA protectors on shoulders, elbows, hem, collar, and back.

For extra comfort, the manufacturers have added an adjustable hem, collar, and cuff. You will also get two external pockets to keep your riding essentials.

You can use this jacket in spring, autumn, winter, and summer, offering you dedicated comfort. It is available in different sizes from M to 2XL.

Key Features:

  • It is a 600D jacket made with abrasion and waterproof material.
  • You will get 5 removable EVS protectors on shoulders, elbows, and back.
  • It comprises removable warmth cotton liner.
  • You can adjust the cuff, hem, and collar according to your comfort level.
  • You can grab this product in different sizes and three color variants.


Particularly designed for long motorcycle rides, the Viking Ironside jacket is made with breathable material for required airflow. You will never feel suffocated in this.

The mesh design rightly creates ventilation in the jacket. The Ironside is covered with CE-approved armor on the upper and lower back, elbows, and shoulders. It also protects the jacket from abrasion.

The multi-storage pocket with zipper protection will help you keep all the belongings safe while riding. This jacket is known for its superior comfort and utmost functionality.

It is available in different color variants that will make you look superior in terms of styling. You also get Velcro straps on cuffs and waist so that you can adjust the fit accordingly.

Even made with the highest quality products, this product is highly pocket-friendly. You can ride in style and ensure your safety with the Viking Ironside textile jacket.

Key Features:

  • It is designed with breathable mesh material that maintains regular airflow.
  • The CE-approved armors are present in the elbows, shoulders, lower and upper back.
  • You will get multi-storage pockets with zippers.
  • There are Velcro straps on the waist and cuffs.


A jacket that is rightly made for bike rides is right here. It will provide maximum protection to the hardcore adventure enthusiasts.

At the front, you will find a two-piece chest plate designed with high impact plastic. The back of the jacket is made with high-impact plastic that will give an extra shield.

Instead of the armors, you will get articulating plastic shields on the shoulders, forearms, and elbows. Also, there is additional padding on all the sensitive areas.

When it comes to comfort, manufacturers have done a great job. It is made with vented mesh making this Titan jacket best-in-class in terms of comfort.

You will get adjustable elastic straps to make the jacket fit on your body without any hassle. It will also provide you added comfort and protection while riding.

It is best for dirt biking, skiing, snowboarding, and many more exciting adventures. Get the product in different sizes starting from S to 2XL.

Key Features:

  • It gives maximum protection with a high impact plastic protector.
  • The vented mesh creates enough ventilation while riding.
  • There are adjustable elastic straps for a comfortable fit.
  • Available in different sizes from S to 2XL.


Just like the name suggests, it is a superior quality motorcycle gear that you ever wanted. Whether it is the durable and comfortable material or the adjustable fit, you will love this product completely.

It has CE approved armors, two on the elbows and two on the shoulders. This will protect you against accidents and abrasion. There are adjustable straps on the cuffs, collar, waist, forearms, and biceps.

There is a removable thermal jacket inside that works great for cold winters. You can easily remove it during the summers. You will also get ample pockets with zippers to keep your essentials.

This jacket is highly preferred by people who go for cruiser dirt biking and other adventuring touring. Get this product in sizes starting from S to 4 XL.

Key Features:

  • It comes with CE approved armors on elbows and shoulders.
  • You will get a removable thermal lining to keep you warm in winters.
  • There are adjustable straps for cuffs, forearms, waist, collars, and biceps.
  • There are different sizes available starting from S and goes up to 4 XL.


It is a lightweight jacket that is ideal for regular rides. From comfort to protection, this jacket covers all the aspects.

Instead of armors, you will find overlay panels on the shoulders and elbows without any center seam. It is made of high strength and abrasion resistance.

It is designed with a REISSA membrane that offers 100% water resistance. The jacket will not allow an ounce of moisture to enter the jacket. So, you can wear it during heavy monsoons as well.

There are two heavy gauge main zippers that have a 3-layer rain flap for ultimate protection from all the elements. Each and every specification of this product is made to enhance its quality.

It also comes with a Thermolite warmth liner at zip-out sleeve length. Being an all-season jacket, you can expect it to offer superior protection in heavy weather conditions.

There is a CE approved microcellular PU armor on the shoulders and elbows that is also removable. It protects the jacket from possible abrasion and maintains its durability.

Key Features:

  • It has both CE approved armors and overlay panels for extra abrasion resistance.
  • REISSA membrane offers complete water resistance.
  • Two-way main zipper with 3-layer rain flap for added protection.
  • It is available in sizes S-3 XL.


Last up on the list is a high-quality product that is designed with the capability to withstand extreme conditions. It is designed with advanced reinforced poly-fabric.

The jacket's breathable and waterproof construction is certainly commendable that makes it a preferred choice for many. The major highlight is its Direct Ventilation System (DVS) that has a zippered chest and exhaust port at the back.

The CE approved protectors on the shoulders and elbows are meant for internal impact protection. You will also get back and chest compartments with PE padding of Nucleon.

The abrasion resistance fabric makes this product ideal for heavy-duty adventure activities. On the style front, you can avail of this jacket in different classy color variants.

There are different sizes also available, starting from S that goes up to 4 XL. Make sure to check the size chart.

Key Features:

  • High-quality jacket made with poly-fabric making it abrasion-resistant.
  • It comes with a Direct Ventilation System for superior ventilation.
  • There are CE approved elbows and shoulders for internal impact protection.
  • It is available in different color variants and sizes.



You cannot just buy anything available on the market. You need to gauge the quality and efficiency of the jackets against some parameters before making a purchase. Here are the factors you must be considering while shopping for textile jackets:

1. Check The Material

When we talk about textile jackets, they are made of polyester fiber. The density of the fiber is rated with D (denier). It is said that the higher the D rating, the better the durability of the jacket.

If you want to buy a jacket that lasts long without any wear or tear, you need to look at higher D rated products. In motorcycle gears, durability is termed as slide time. It is time your jacket will stay on your body and protect you.

2. Armour

Almost every quality jacket comes with armor on the shoulders and elbows that offers added protection. In some of the premium products, you can find pockets for chest protection. You need to ensure that the jacket you choose has an armor feature.

It is a feature that distinguishes thickness, flexibility, durability, and breathability from the cheaper options.

3. Waterproof

Another important feature that you need to look for in a jacket is its water resistance. When you are going on long rides, it is quite difficult to predict the weather and other road conditions.

Hence, it is essential to choose a jacket that is waterproof inside out. Jackets having an internal waterproof membrane will have an outer poly layer that will soak up the water easily.

4. Ventilation

A vital feature that you cannot overlook is the ventilation. Jackets having ventilation and a removable thermal layer can go year-round. Premium jackets have at least two zippered vents both in front and rear.

Better ventilation will offer you comfort while riding, so it is important to look for ventilated jackets.

5. Visibility

When you are riding at night, it is important not to wear darker colors. Today textile jackets come with reflective materials that will offer better visibility to the other riders. It is ideal safety protection that will prevent accidents and collisions.

Pinlines and reflective panels are the most important safety feature you need to look for in your jackets.


There is no doubt in asserting that textile motorcycle jackets are becoming highly popular and competing with the staple leather ones. To understand their significance, you need to understand what are the benefits of buying these jackets.

  • Perfect For All Weather: Yes, these jackets work well for all weather. You don’t have to buy different jackets for each weather. It is well-ventilated for hot summers, warm enough to keep you safe in chilly winters, and comes with a waterproof coating for unexpected rains.
  • Versatility: There is nothing more versatile than a textile jacket. They are more adjustable than the leather ones and have more features compared to others. For more features, you should go for textile motorcycle gears.
  • Protection: When it comes to protection, textile jackets have got you all covered. They have protective armor on the shoulder and elbows that will protect you during accidents. If you want superior protection, it is better to rely on textile motorcycle gears.
  • Easy To Wash: You cannot wash your leather jackets at home; you need to get them dry cleaned. But that’s not the case with textile jackets. You can both hand wash and machine wash them.
  • More Pockets: If you are someone who wants more pockets in their jackets, then textile jackets are the right fit for you. There are ample pockets that will also offer protection. You will get both internal and external pockets.


1. Is a textile motorcycle jacket safe for riding?

Many of the high-quality textile jackets come with safety gear. You just need to go through the options and pick a product that has a maximum number of safety features.

2. Why should textile jackets be the preferred option?

These jackets are preferred for many reasons like the balance of function, aesthetics, and cost. They are well-ventilated to offer the rider the required comfort.

These jackets come with better visibility due to the usage of reflective materials. So, you can rely on textile jackets at any time of the day.

3. Can you machine wash your textile gear?

Yes, you can machine wash the jacket at the front load in gentle mode. However, it is safer to handwash these jackets for better protection.

You can remove all the pads and open the zippers for your first wash in order to clean it properly.

The Bottom Line

Textile motorcycle jackets have become one of the necessary riding essentials for many riders. Whether it is being waterproof or providing shoulder and elbow armor, these jackets have proven to be beneficial on so many levels.

With the myriad of options available in the market, you might not be able to pick the right product. That’s why we compiled this guide to help you find the best textile motorcycle.

You can refer to the top 10 products available in the market to narrow down your options. Make sure to consider the buying guide that will help you make a smart decision regarding the product.

Conduct your independent research before you choose any particular product. After all, it’s about your comfort and safety while riding.

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