Top 8 Best Tubeless Rim Tape Reviews of 2022

If there’s one thing to know about switching to a dedicated tubeless tape, it is its price. Tubeless tapes can get the job done, but the price can sometimes be overwhelming. And so you settle with insulating tapes, or duct tapes, or whatever it is that you have lying around.

But then these substitutions work at lower pressures. If you go beyond that, a tubeless rim tape is called for.

To help you find the best tubeless rim tape for your needs, we’ve scoured the market far and wide. We want you to have the tape that fits your need, without breaking the bank.

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Our 8 Best Tubeless Rim Tape Reviews

8 Best Tubeless Rim Tape Reviews

It is usually expensive, but it does the job much better than the others. Here are 8 options worthy of your bucks.

1. Stans No Tubes 9.14m x 25mm Rim Tape

Forget your electrical tapes, duct tapes, masking tapes, or any other tape you have around. Here comes the best MTB rim tape that is super sticky and very easy to apply. 

This 10-yard tubeless tape measures 9.14m x 25mm and is ideal for MTB wheels. Aside from MTB wheels, this is also compatible with ZTR Crest, ZTR Arch, and ZTR Flow rims, among others. Its thinner version is great with road wheels.

We like it the most because it’s wide enough to work great even with mountain bike wheels. It performs well and can maintain a good seal, making sure to stop leaks. Also, it is very easy to use and leaves you with no mess.

Before the application, make sure to clean your rims thoroughly. Your purchase comes with instructions. Follow these instructions to the letter to make the installation super easy.


  • Works with different models
  • Very sticky but not messy
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides a good seal


  • Can result in air bubbles when not applied carefully

2. DT Swiss Tubeless Tape Roll Rim

Let us tell you something pretty important. When we have issues with sealing the tires, we always tend to ignore the main reason why we have these issues. We usually do not consider the fact that the issue usually stems from the tape.

This tubeless rim tape is manufactured in Switzerland and boasts of being very easy to use. And it is!

During the application of the rim tape, this just seems to go down smoothly. It conforms right down to the rim bed.

And while you would think other brands could be better, think again. This is perhaps the best rim tape available in the market today. While some ordinary brands can be stiff, this totally tells a different story. It conforms to the shape and does not hold bubbles under the tape once it is applied. 

It almost feels like the tape is magnetically attracted to the rim. We can’t recommend this enough.


  • Conforms to the rim bed
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Great quality
  • Effectively stops leaks


  • May have wrinkled spots when not installed properly

3. NoTubes Stans Flow MK3 10yd x 30mm Rim Tape

You may have already tried other brands, but you find them too thin for your needs. For sure, this is not that brand.

Stans is known for its high-quality products. This tubeless rim tape is no exception.

Specially made to seal Flow MK3 rims, this rim tape is thick enough to provide a sufficient amount of seal. While other brands may be too thin and have the tendency to tear easily, this is different.

What makes this different is that while this is thick enough, you would also be amazed at how it can tightly conform to the shape of the inner wheel. It is also lighter than most ordinary brands.

This is easy to apply and does not leave you with gunk on the rim. The adhesive is strong and lasts longer than the others.

If there is one thing you need to know, though, it is that this is priced a bit higher than other brands. But if in the name of quality, you are willing to pay extra, this is a pretty great choice.


  • Thick enough to seal leaks
  • Tightly conforms to the shape of the inner wheel
  • The adhesive is strong; lasts longer
  • Lighter than most brands


  • Pricier than most brands

4. WTB TCS Tubeless Rim Tape 28mm x 11m Roll

When you are out looking for a rim tape that provides an airtight seal between the rim and the tire, look no further than this brand.

This 11-meter roll can give you enough tape to accommodate five wheels. Its 55-meter counterpart can even support as much as 27 wheels – an amazing feat if you ask us.

The roll comes in many widths. You can choose from 24, 26, 28, 30, 34, 40, 45, and 50mm width measurements.

This rim tape is easy to apply. It works well in sealing leaks. Just follow the instructions to the letter, and you will be able to apply the tape without air bubbles, and that's amazing!

The tape is flexible enough to hold the inner shape of the rim.

One quick reminder, though, be sure to thoroughly clean your rims before the application. That's it!


  • Can accommodate 11 to 27 wheels
  • Comes in a variety of widths
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Effectively seals leaks


  • May be a bit brittle

5. Velox Rim Tape

What we commonly see in the market are rubber band types of rim strips. Of course, they do the job well, but they can easily be misaligned when not applied properly. Some are also not big fans of the plastic rim strips.

This one here is an old-fashioned rim tape that has been produced for many decades. When you have a product that has been in the market that long, you can only surmise its good quality.

Among the many brands of rim tapes available today, this is special. Its performance is consistent. The tape adheres very well to the shape of the inner rim. This is easy to install, and if there's one thing we like the most, it is that this stays in place for a long time.

The tape is made of adhesive-backed cotton cloth and works well with keeping your wheelset safe from tube punctures. Your purchase comes with two rolls, each of which is 2 meters long.

What we have here may be one of the best tubeless tape available today. So, if you find one around, go grab it.


  • Made of adhesive-backed cotton cloth
  • Has been around for decades
  • Easy to install
  • Stays in place; holds tight for a long time


  • Some users find this not thick enough

6. Orange Seal Cycling Tubeless Rim Tape

Proudly made in the USA, this rim tape boasts a slight elastic construction. This gives just enough stretch to provide you with a tight seal on the rim. Such elasticity would also make sure that it covers the spoke holes without tearing.

One more thing about the tubeless tape is that it helps match the shape even of irregular rims.

We must say that this is easy to install. It is manufactured with a smooth surface, which allows you to get a decent bead during inflation.

Once applied, the tire also does not get caught at the edge. It sure slides and pops into place just like it belongs there forever.

However, one thing to remind you is that the alcohol pads that come with the purchase may not be enough. Ensure that you already have the rims cleaned well before the application of the tape. This is the best tubeless tape for carbon rims available in the market.


  • Slightly elastic construction that provides enough stretch
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth surface for a decent bead during inflation
  • Covers the spokes well without tearing


  • Some reported that the tape not sticky enough

7. Sun Rim Tape, 78mm Wide, 10m

More than any type of mountain bike, the fat ones always pair well with the tubeless rims. Fat bikes are built with a fairly high bead seat and a very aggressive bead lock lip. This type of construction makes the tubeless type more beneficial with fat bikes than any other.

While we know that there are various ways to deal with issues concerning tubeless rims in fat bikes, there is none as easy as using this brand. Rims always have holes in the bead seat. As such, there is a need for you to get a tape that would be able to run from bead to bead. This is that perfect tape. 

Not only will this tape do that, but this is also able to plug holes in the tire bead seat without giving you excess tape.

The tape does not absorb sealant like the other ordinary brands. This is lighter and easy to use.

A purchase equates to 10 meters, which would be enough to cover at least two rims.

If you are in need of tapes for your Mulefut rims, make life easier for yourself, and just get this brand.


  • Works with Mulefut rims
  • Good for two rims
  • Does not absorb a sealant
  • Lighter than other brands


  • May not work well during hot weather

8. Whisky Tubeless Rim Tape for Two Wheels

While other ordinary brands are too stiff and have a hard time conforming properly to the contour of the rims, this rim tape is different.

The rim tape is stretchy and flexible enough to be used with rims that are built with a deep center channel. This tape measures 4.4 meters in total, giving you enough for two wheels.

One thing we like about this brand is that you do not need to double apply the tape. One layer is already enough to stop the leaks.

The other thing we like is that it is elastic and translucent. One can never know how much of a great thing these two features are.

Working with elastic tapes ensures that the tapes are smooth and adhere to the shape of the rim. Its translucent features allow you to see where the tape contacts the rim.

The tape is easy to install. It comes in different widths, ensuring that this brand has you covered no matter the size of your wheel.


  • Elastic enough to ensure it conforms to the shape of the rim
  • Translucent, allowing you to see where the tape contacts the rim
  • Available in different widths
  • Enough for two wheels


  • Inconsistencies with width measurements

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Tubeless Rim Tape

Best Tubeless Rim Tape

Rim tapes are very important as it protects the wheels from punctures caused by the expansion of tubes. It comes in different materials, sizes, and constructions.

This is the reason why when shopping for a rim tape for your wheelset, you need to get the one that does the job well.

Here, we give you a couple of things to consider when choosing a rim tape. We hope that through this, you can narrow down your choices. The goal is to help you find the perfect tubeless rim tape, so here goes.

Wheel Size

Best Tubeless Rim Tape

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the right rim tape is your wheel size. Check the diameter of your wheel. Aside from the diameter, make sure you have other information like the right width of your rim.

A very narrow tape will slide out of place. This would result in an exposure of the spoke holes. When you choose a tape that is too wide, it diminishes its efficacy as well.

Before shopping for tubeless rim tapes, make sure you have these types of information handy.

Type of Tape 

Type of Rim Tape

There are varying types of tapes. Some are made of rubber; some are made from fabric. While there are plastic strips available in the market, rubber and fabric are the most common types of tapes around.

When choosing a rim tape, identify which type of tape you need.

  • Rubber Rim Tape
Rubber Rim Tape

A rubber rim tape is not ideal for hollow section rims. This is because the inflated tubes tend to push them into the holes. When you have hollow section rims, go with fabric.

  • Fabric Rim Tape
Fabric Rim Tape

Aside from its compatibility with hollow section rims, fabric rim tape is also ideal for other rims. While the rim tapes that are made of fabric are pricier than those made of rubber, you are assured of the quality of its performance. This makes fabric rim tapes more preferred than rubber.

Rim tapes that slip are common in warm regions. Because of its heat-resistant adhesives, fabric rim tapes are usually preferred as they have a tighter hold than rubber.

Why Do You Need Rim Tape?

Rim Tape

You’re probably wondering what rim tape can do for you. As a cyclist, you’ve probably investigated the world of tubeless tires. While tubeless tires are a great innovation, they’re not bulletproof.

Some tubeless rim does not require any rim tape. These don't have any nipple holes in the central channel. Instead, a solid piece of material is used to cover the nipple holes so that no spokes will poke inside and to seal the tire. But if there is any holes in the rim, tape can be a useful option.

Also, Rim tape will help protect your tire from punctures. There are many types of rim tape that you can use to protect your rim from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you still have unanswered questions on your minds. This is why we are taking the time to address some of them.

  1. Do you need a rim tape when what you have is tubeless-ready?

Answer: No, there is no need for rim tapes. What you need is a removable core Presta stem or any valve cores removal tool, etc.

  1. How wide should a tubeless rim tape be?

Answer: Here’s how to determine the width of your tape. Measure the inner width of your rim. Add 3-5mm. That should be your tape width.

  1. How long does a tubeless sealant last?

Answer: That would depend on the tire and weather conditions. Some brands recommend that you check within 3-4 months. Others can last from 2-7 months.

  1. Can you use electrical tapes instead of rim tapes?

Answer: That would depend on you. Technically, yes, you can. When you double the electrical tape, it will work well. But the quality of the rim tape’s performance is better as compared to that of electrical tapes.

  1. Can I reuse my rim tape?

Answer: Yes, only if it does not have a tear or break on it. But if it already has tears and looks gloomy and sad, go get a new one.

Final Words

Tubeless rim tapes are essential. Now that you already have a list of our top picks, take the time to review what brand can get the job done in the easiest way possible.

We hope that after reading this guide, we are able to help you find the best tubeless rim tape in the market today.

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