Best Wheel Rim Protectors: Reviews in 2022

Alloy wheels are great. They look good on cars and are widely available on a wide array of new models. These wheels, however, are larger than most in diameter and could be susceptible to damage. Being larger in diameter and all, they are prone to scratches and scrapes from road curbs.

And so wheel rim protectors were born. Made to protect your wheels, these great innovations make sure to maintain the appearance of your alloys.

Today, we are going to give you a list of the best wheel rim protectors in the market. And we’ll also tell you why we love them.

Let’s get started!

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Top 6 Best Wheel Rim Protectors Reviews

Top 6 Best Wheel Rim Protectors Reviews

Guard the edges of your alloys. Make sure they remain free from scratch and scrapes with these reliable wheel rim protectors.

1. Turtle Wax 50699 Premium Rim Protector

Let’s start with the one that we consider to be the fastest and easiest solution in protecting your car’s rims.

This is a kit that has everything you need. It tailors to the look of your car, and it protects your rims from scratches and any other damage. Also, it is able to cover rim damage that has already been there before the purchase.

Perfect for both old and new wheels, this kit will be able to provide your wheels the needed protection. It is engineered with the Rim Protectors system and would be able to fit most rim types up to 24 inches in diameter.

All you have to do is to clean your rim with the cleaning wipe that’s included in the kit. After cleaning, just attach the protector to the rim with the provided adhesive, and you’re done!

They hold well in different weather conditions and can endure multiple car washes. Just make sure that the wheels are thoroughly cleaned before sticking the protectors in.

They come in red, black, and silver hues and pair well with your car, no matter the color.

Highlighted Features

  • Can protect rims up to 24 inches in diameter
  • Holds well in any weather condition
  • Comes in three colors
  • Covers pre-existing damage

2. RimPro-Tec System Durable All-Weather Protectors

Nothing is as scary as a sound of an expensive aluminum wheel scraping through unforgiving concrete. So, throw your worries away with these next set of protectors.

Made from a two-piece hard plastic and an acrylic foam backing that is shock-absorbing, this brand can take all the scrapes and abuses that any curb can lash out to your wheels. It comes in a black color which marries well with the look of your car.

These protectors boast of being easy to install. Just clean your wheels and stick the protector, and you're all good to go.

The kit comes with four-wheel bands, cleaning wipes, and an application tool. These are just everything that you need for the reliable protection of your alloy wheels.

And most important, they fit rim sizes from 13 to 22 inches in diameter.

There is nothing to improve on these protectors, by the way. It’s just that some would surmise on its price. It can be a bit more expensive than other brands. But, if you are good with spending a few more bucks for quality, this is a pretty decent choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Can fit rims from 13 to 22 inches in diameter
  • Easy to stick and peel
  • Shock-absorbing acrylic foam backing
  • Kit includes an application tool

3. All-Fit Rim Trim Wheel Protection Strips

Customize your rims without putting a hole in your pocket.

This brand will not just protect your rims from curbs; it also looks great on your car, setting it apart from the others.

Available in 7 amazing colors, you can rest assured the protector can complement any car color. Each purchase of the kit gives you everything that you already need for you to install the protectors.

Each protection strip can fit a rim that is 24 inches in diameter. Your purchase also comes with detailed instructions, making it easier for you to install the protector on your own. The process is not hard, actually, but the detailed instructions are a big help.

It is durable, and once instructions are followed to the letter, the protection lasts you for as long as it can.

If you are on the lookout for the best wheel protector in the market, this should be one of those to choose from.

Highlighted Features

  • Protects rims of 24 inches in diameter
  • Comes in 7 beautiful colors
  • Equipped with detailed instructions for easy installation
  • Durable and will last you longer

4. AlloyGator Set of 4 Original Wheel Protectors

Curbed is just one of the words that can give anyone the creeps.

This is the reason why superb protectors like this brand get popular in the market. Not only is it great to look at, but it also is effective in protecting your wheel rim from scratches and further damage.

Perhaps one of the best alloy wheel rim protectors around, this is made of a “Super Tough Nylon” – making this protector more flexible than its other counterparts. Ordinary brands that are not as flexible can cause damage to your alloy wheels even while fitting; this will not.

One can never imagine a wheel rim protector to be a one-size-fits-all type. This protector, however, has a universal size that can fit rims from 12 to 24 inches in diameter. On top of that, it fits perfectly well for 98% of any wheel and tire combinations.

Once fitted, this will lock to your wheel over 360 degrees with its strong patented technology.

Even over time, the color remains sharp. It can be cleaned with as simple as a car shampoo or any wheel cleaner, whatever suits your fancy.

Highlighted Features

  • Universal size that can fit rims of 12-24 inches in diameter
  • Made of Super Tough Nylon
  • Works well with 98% of any wheel and tire combinations
  • Locks well to the wheel

5. Rimskins 4 Pack Car Rim Protector

Providing a durable barrier between your wheel rim and the curb, this protector ensures the safety of your rim from scratches and damage.

The protector is ideal for rims that measure 20 inches in diameter. Once fitted, you can rest easily because your rims are protected from scrapes.

Aside from the rim protectors themselves, your purchase will also include everything else that you need. This comes with wipes, detailed instructions, and the backing strips that allow you to stick the protector to the rim.

Once properly installed, the protector stays and protects for as long as it should. It can even withstand multiple car washes.

One thing you have to remember, though, is to make sure that your rims are squeaky clean before you install the protectors. Also, follow the instructions to the letter for it to work well.

If there is one thing you need to know about this brand, it is that the protectors would be able to prevent damages to your rim at low speed while parking. For potential scratches incurred at normal driving speeds, this protector may not do well.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits rims of 20 inches in diameter
  • Comes with wipes, strips, and instructions
  • Durable
  • Stays after numerous car washes

6. RimSavers Rim Blades USA 

For maximum wheel rim protection, this is one of the best rim protectors in the market today.

The protector is made from durable materials. Despite its durability, it is light and strong. It is also resistant to tearing even on a strong impact. This makes the protector last you for a much longer time as compared to the other brands.

With some brands, installation may be a bit difficult even with detailed instructions. This comes with a guide “lip” situated on the top side of the blade. As such, this is easier to install. Also, the guide “lip” is not just for easy installation as it also provides extra protection to the rim.

The brand is ideal for rims that measure 24 inches in diameter.

Also, you should know that this brand is designed specifically for wheels that have a flat lip or edge. If your wheels have raised or lowered sections, you should try other protectors.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Comes with a guide “lip” for easy installation and extra protection
  • Fits rims that measure 24 inches in diameter
  • Ideal for DIY fans

What to Look for While Buying Rim Protectors?

Best Wheel Rim Protectors

Knowing brands that excel in terms of performance is not enough. When purchasing rim protectors, there are a few more things you need to know.

Here, we provide you with a guide to help you narrow down your choices. The guide contains a few things to take into consideration when choosing a wheel rim protector. Here goes:

  • Check Your Wheels

One of the most important things is to check your wheels. Are they flat-lipped? Or are they raised or lowered?

While some protectors can work in any wheel, some do not. It will be a total waste of money if the protector you purchased is incompatible with the type of wheel you have.

  • Consider the Type of Rim Protectors

Consider the Type of Rim Protectors

There are different kinds of protectors. First, we have those that are made of nylon that perfectly fit between the alloy and the tire. These types of protectors are more expensive than others. This would also require professionals to do the fitting.

While these are pricey, they offer more durability than the others.

We also have self-adhesive protectors. They stick over the edge of the rims. As you may already know, these are cheaper than their nylon counterparts. You can also fit them yourself without the need of professional help.

They are mostly made of rubber and may not endure much damage.

  • Size Matters

Size of your rim

While there are protectors that can universally fit a wide array of rim sizes, most do not.

Before your purchase, make sure that you know the size of your rim. This ensures that you are getting the right-sized wheel rim protector.

  • The Finish

Rim Protectors

One other reminder is to make sure that your alloys are not of diamond cut. It should also not have a lacquer or paint finish. These two do not just work well with a rim protector.

If you are not sure about this, check with a fitting specialist near you.

How to Apply Wheel Rim Protectors?

How to Apply Wheel Rim Protectors

For rim protectors that you can apply yourself, check out the instructions below.

  1. Check compatibility by ensuring you have the right-fitting rim protector.
  2. Clean the entire wheel. Also, make sure that the wheel/tire area is completely dry.
  3. Each kit comes with an IPA wipe. Press the wipe in between the rim outer edge and the tire bead.
  4. Apply the rim protector and press the tape down. Continue doing this until you have applied the protector to the whole rim.
  5. Cut off excess with a razor knife. See if the protector is firmly attached to the rim.
  6. Use super glue for attaching the seam cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have other concerns that can be bothersome. Here, we answer some of your commonly asked questions.

Q. Can I use a rim protector over a scraped rim?

Yes, you still can. If the scratch is already severe, make sure to lightly sand the damage before the protector is applied.

Q. How long does a rim protector last?

If applied well, it should last as long as your tires. The only time you need to replace it is when it gets damaged from protecting your alloy wheels.

Q. Can you change tires with rim protection?

Yes, you can. You have to take extra care with the changing of your tire. The addition of tire lubes to the blade is a great help.

Q. Will the rim protector affect your wheel balance?

No, it will not. Rim protectors are designed to be lightweight and uniformed in weight. There will be no balancing issues at all.

Q. Will the protector’s color fade?

It should not fade. Some protectors are UV-protected. However, remember that there will always be slight fading, especially to cars that are parked outdoors for extended periods.

Final Words

You can practically hear the scraping sound of your wheel against the concrete at the mere mention of the word “curbed.”

We hope that by giving you a list of the best wheel rim protectors available in the market, we can help you avoid this experience moving forward.

It is painful, we know. So go ahead and get your rims protected.

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