Are Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Better?

There are times when you’ll see a bike rider who’s got a helmet that’s more expensive than the bike he’s riding.

You ask why? Isn’t a simple, cheap helmet enough for the task? What’s the point in spending such insane amounts on such small stuff? Isn’t it like wasting money?

You start to have many questions, and once you see carbon fiber helmets, you again ask yourself, are carbon fiber motorcycle helmets better than the normal helmets

So many questions. But the answer lies in safety. There’s a point in spending such huge amounts for a bike helmet, and that is nothing but safety and reliability.

What Are Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets?

We’ll see what these are and how these are produced. But before that, we’ve got to know what this carbon fiber thing is, how it’s made, how it works, and all the basics of this, in other words.

Carbon Fiber Explained

Carbon fiber is made of a composite mixture of plastic-based resin and a type of weave carbon fabric. This mixture has been used for quite a long time in supercar and high-end motorbike component production.

Its main goal is one thing, and it’s to make a solid structure of whatever it’s used to make.

But carbon fiber is mainly intended to make solid hardware that is strong and stiff, which helmets aren’t, and that’s a problem.

You see, helmets have to be strong and flexible at the same time, and achieving this while using simple carbon fiber composite to make them isn’t practically possible.

There has to be an alternative.

So, the manufacturers gave it some thought and came up with the idea of using other materials that are similar to the nature of the carbon fiber yet lack the stiffness. For example, kevlar, a strong material yet highly flexible like a fabric. 

Other items such as glass fiber are also used alongside carbon fiber to create a flexible body. By using a combination of these materials, the resulting helmet becomes a solid piece of structure yet flexible enough to absorb hit and vibration from the impacts that a rider may experience while riding.

Are Carbon Fiber Helmets Better?

Indeed, they are. Some of the main reasons are mentioned below – 

  • Safety

In a bike crash, two factors play a major role in deciding how much of the impact the rider’s head has to go through. The first one is the shell of the helmet, and the second is the foam inside. 

Suppose you have two helmets made of the same inside material but with different shells – one with regular plastic and another with carbon fiber. 

Since carbon fiber can take a greater impact without breaking apart or crushing its structure down, it can hold its shape under a great amount of force.

The plastic one will easily break apart even before it reaches the impact force that the carbon fiber could absorb. And that’s what makes all the safety difference.

  • Weight

How heavy a helmet is can play a vital role in a rider’s comfort – especially if the rider’s going through a long ride.

Carbon is lighter yet of the same strength as metal, giving the helmet the same amount of strength a metal could do, except, without the heavy load on a rider’s head.

  • Durability

Carbon fiber is expensive, so are helmets made out of it. But it is durable, so you can use one without a scratch or permanent damage for years, easily. 

Now think of a normal plastic-based helmet. How many times you’d have to replace it, and how often you’d do it? Now consider how an expensive carbon fiber helmet can save on that.

  • Premium Quality

The price of carbon fiber helmets isn’t high only because of the material. There are other aspects of a helmet that creates a greater user experience for a rider, and those are what play a role in increasing the price of a helmet.

You’re likely to get a fog clearing display, sound protective casing, and other features with a carbon fiber helmet. It’s not a guarantee, however. It depends on which brand you choose and how premium the product is.

Are Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Worth the Money?

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets have become popular among motorbikers in recent years. Many riders think that carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are worth the money because they are stronger and lighter than conventional helmets.

In addition, a lightweight helmet increases driver comfort and safety. It allows them to save energy and reduce their exhaustion.

Final Words

The carbon fiber we see now hasn’t come within a short time. There have been decades of research before scientists reached a point when carbon fiber could be mass-produced. And it’s been a blessing for everything, including automobiles.

Hopefully, now you’ve got some answers for why are carbon fiber motorcycle helmets better and how effective these can be.

Yes, they’re expensive but if you think about the value of this material and the outrageous amount of hard work people went through to make this material reality, your idea will change.

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