On March 30, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan directed the City of Seattle to halt the ongoing projects related to the Center City Connector Streetcar, except for work on seismically vulnerable water mains, pending a review of alternatives to construct a downtown connector. The streetcar was initially considered as an avenue of transportation that would connect different neighborhoods in downtown Seattle, such as First Hill and Pioneer Square.

There are many reasons why the City of Seattle should use taxpayer dollars wisely. This includes not only fulfilling the city’s obligation to spend responsibly but also providing transparency to taxpayers about how their money is being spent. There are far too many questions regarding the true costs of the project and the risks to taxpayers, which is why we must put a halt to it. You can expect me to continue to clean our budgets and protect the taxpayers as your new Mayor.

Connecting Pike Place Market to Pioneer Square

Center City Connector of the Seattle Streetcar will join the existing South Lake Union and First Hill Streetcar lines, creating new north-south connections that will improve rail transit connections in the downtown core. Once complete, the streetcar will provide better transit connectivity to Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, Link light rail at Westlake, Pioneer Square, and the stadiums.

No matter if you’re a resident, worker or visitor, Center City Connector will make transit connections easier and more convenient!

Center City Connector: Alignment & Station Locations