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Center City Connector Utility Construction is Underway!

Welcome to the Center City Connector Construction page! This is where you’ll find up-to-date information on construction impacts, schedules, upcoming lane/intersection closures, and more.

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What to expect the week of January 22



This weekend (from 4 PM on Friday evening, January 19, through 6 AM on Monday, January 22), one northbound lane of 1st Ave S will be open between S Main St and Yesler Way. This lane opening is for this weekend only, though we’ll evaluate other opportunities in the future.



The week of January 22, crews will continue installing the temporary water line north of S Main St on 1st Ave S and begin preparing the existing water main to be connected to the temporary main. The temporary water main will run along the curb and connect to buildings on both sides of 1st Ave S between S Jackson St and Yesler Way and on a small section of S Jackson St.

This work will require excavating the street to reveal the water main. Concrete blocks and steel piles will be installed to restrain the water main from moving during our work. Expect typical construction impacts such as increased dust, noise, vibration, and truck activity.



Northbound lanes on 1st Ave S are closed between S Jackson St and Yesler Way while we relocate and replace utilities. Closing both northbound lanes allows space for crews to perform the work safely and efficiently. This also protects the London Plane trees in the center median. We’ll keep intersections and a southbound lane open during the day, with intermittent closures at night and on weekends. Northbound 1st Ave S is detoured at S Jackson St.

  • A signed detour routes those who turn west from 1st Ave S onto S Jackson St to Alaskan Way S, reconnecting with 1st Ave at Yesler Way
  • A signed detour routes those who turn east from 1st Ave S to 4th Ave S


We’ve also closed the westbound lane on S Jackson St from 2nd Ave S to 1st Ave S. Local access is available by way of Occidental Ave S (see construction map). S Jackson St is detoured at 2nd Ave S.

The First Hill Streetcar’s stop at Occidental Mall will remain open during this work.

We anticipate that these lane closures will continue for about 6 months.



Some customers on S Jackson St (between Alaskan Way S and Occidental Ave S) and on 1st Ave S (between S Jackson and S Main streets) can soon expect their first water shutdowns as a part of the project’s required utility work.

During these first shutdowns, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) crews will transfer the water service (the pipe that connects the building’s plumbing to the water system) from the old water main to the temporary water main. Shutdowns are expected to occur sometime between January 24 and February 8, to last 2 to 4 hours, and to impact one building at a time.

Once SPU crews complete the water service transfers, a longer (8 to 10 hour) shutdown will occur to disconnect the old water main from the water system. This shutdown will impact multiple buildings at the same time and is tentatively expected to occur in early February.

The SPU outreach team is currently talking to businesses and building managers to determine the least disruptive day and time to turn off the water for both the short and long shutdowns. While the time frames noted above are likely, dates are still tentative. Affected customers will receive an official door hanger notification from SPU at least 5 days before the long (8 to 10 hour) shutdown. The door hanger will include the exact day, time, and length of the shutdown, as well as any steps customers should take to prepare for it.

We’ll continue to share the latest information here on our website and in our weekly email updates. You can also check out our water shutdown FAQs and map for more details. Information about future water shutdowns will be shared as they are scheduled.



To connect the temporary water main to the existing main, and to provide clearance from a valve chamber on S Main St, a load zone and a parking spot have been temporarily removed on the south side of S Main St between 1st Ave S and Nord Alley. Once the temporary water main is connected, we’ll open the spots back up for use.



You may have noticed parking has been permanently removed along both sides of 1st Ave S between S Jackson St and Yesler Way. This is to allow space for dedicated streetcar lanes, while also accommodating walking, biking, deliveries, and through traffic.

We’re committed to helping people park efficiently. This project includes funding for, a program that makes it easy to find parking availability, rates (some as low as $3/hour), and directions allowing downtown visitors to park in a garage and get to their destination easily on the streetcar.

We’ll update this information and provide notice of construction work as we know more. Read our current construction notice here.


Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and Seattle City Light (SCL) are also conducting work in the area.
To learn more about the PSE work, visit:
To learn more about the SCL work, visit:











Contact us:

[email protected] or our 24-hour hotline: (206) 400-7578.



Center City Connector construction timeline and map

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Construction workers working on utilities

Street and Right of Way Improvements:

  • Improved water, sewer, drainage, electrical, and natural gas services.
  • Improvements to all-way scramble intersections at Pike, University, and Cherry streets will designate pedestrian crossings more clearly.
  • Improvements at all intersections and corners will enhance the pedestrian experience and ensure ADA access.
  • The new streetcar will run every 5 minutes at peak times and will connect more people to 1st Ave to live, work, shop, and play.

What to expect during construction

Center City Connector Streetcar construction will be completed in phases between late 2017 and 2020. We’ll start construction in Pioneer Square, then gradually move north. Here’s what you can expect during the first phase of construction:

parking icon

Parking and load zone changes

The streetcar will have dedicated lanes on 1st Ave so it can run reliably every 5 minutes at peak times. To allow space for the dedicated lanes – while also balancing other modes like walking, biking, deliveries, and through-traffic – most on-street parking along the route will be removed.

  • We’ve been working closely with businesses and residential buildings to replace load zones 1 for 1 within a block of their existing locations. We’ll start adding the new load zones in mid- to late September on side streets off 1st Ave.

Water utilities icon

Planned water shutdowns

Before we can begin the streetcar track work, the existing water main must be relocated and replaced along the route. Water shutdowns will be required as we install temporary and new water mains and connect customers to them. During the first phase of utility construction, planned water shutdowns will affect businesses and residences on 1st Ave and on side streets from about S King St to Madison St.

  • The timing, number, and duration of water shutdowns will vary by location. We’ll continue to share updates on this webpage, and Seattle Public Utilities will contact building managers and businesses to coordinate timing in advance.
  • Check out our FAQs and expected water shutdown map at this this link.

signage icon

Street closures and detours

During Pioneer Square utility construction, northbound lanes of 1st Ave between S Jackson and Yesler Way will be closed to traffic. This is to allow for space to preserve the London Plane trees in the center median. There will be intermittent northbound local access as crews move work zones and complete sections.

  • Any intersection closures will be planned for nights and weekends
  • Sidewalks will remain open during construction

How will businesses be supported during this work?

We’re committed to working closely with impacted businesses and residents during construction:

  • Crews will maintain business access throughout construction
  • Creative signage will help direct customers to businesses
  • The Small Business Development team at the Office of Economic Development has business consulting services available to support small businesses along the route
  • We’ll keep neighbors informed through email updates, flyering, signage, a 24-hour hotline and more


Center City Connector 24/7 Construction hotline: (206) 400-7578
Email: [email protected]