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Documents and reports on the Center City Connector are available for download below.

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Open house materials

September 2017 Construction Drop-in Session

Drop-in Session Display Boards

May 2016

EA Open House Boards (Part 1)

EA Open House Boards (Part 2)

September 29 and 30, 2015, Open House materials

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Fall Open House Design Plans

November 19, 2014, Open House materials

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Locally Preferred Alternative approval by Council

Resolution 31526


FTA approval of City of Seattle request for entry into project development

FTA Letter


Seattle Center City Connector Transit Study

Executive Summary

Volume I: LPA Report

Volume I Appendix A: Purpose and Need

Volume II: Detailed Evaluation Report A-M

Volume II: Detailed Evaluation Report N-R

Volume II Technical Appendices


Seattle Center City Connector Finding of No Significant Impacts (FONSI) and SEPA Addendum


Environmental Assessment (EA)


List of Appendices:

  • A1,2,3 & 4 – Acronyms, References, List of Recipients, list of Preparers (pdf 0.2 Mb)
  • B1– Seattle Center City Connector Transit Study Volume I: Locally Preferred Alternative Report (pdf 7.5 Mb)
  • B2 – Seattle Center City Connector Transit Study Volume II: Detailed Evaluation Report (pdf 14.8 Mb)
  • C – Construction Phasing Concepts (pdf 12.8 Mb)
  • D4.2 – A, B and C Intersection Data, Synchro Data, CAL3QHC Data (pdf 0.3 Mb)
  • D 4.4 – Consistency with Land use Plans, Goals, and Policies (pdf 0.1 Mb)
  • D4.10 – Hazardous Material Sites with Potential to Affect the Project (pdf 21.4 Mb)
  • D4.14 – Historic Properties in the Area of Potential Effect Listed or Determined Eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (pdf 0.2 Mb)
  • D4.15 – Social Resources and Environmental Justice Impacts and Mitigation Summary
  • E – Permits and Approvals (pdf 0.1 Mb)
  • F– Section 4(f) (pdf 5.9 Mb)
  • G – Preliminary Design Drawings of Locally Preferred Alternative (pdf 13.2 Mb)
  • H1 – Transportation Technical Report (pdf 22 Mb)
  • H3 – Noise and Vibration Technical Report (pdf 23.5 Mb)
  • H7– Visual and Aesthetic Resources Technical Report (pdf 12.5 Mb)
  • H14 – Cultural, Historic, and Archaeological Resources Technical Report (pdf 17.1 Mb)
  • I – Endangered Species Act Screening Checklist (pdf 0.9 Mb)


Legal Notices

  • NEPA – Notice of Availability (NOA)
  • SEPA – Notice Addendum to Existing DNS

Small Starts Application

Urban Design Analysis

Transitway and Station Concepts