How to Clean Motorcycle Engine Fins?

Road salt, road film, fluids, and sand; these pesky things are liable to make the fins of the motorcycle engine dirty! So, to take proper care of your little vehicle, it becomes crucial to learn how to clean motorcycle engine fins in an appropriate way!

Glad to see you! Here, I’m giving you some free tips that you should follow to keep the engine fins clean and tidy.

Not only you’ll learn the proper way of cleaning, but I’ll also let you know how to polish the fins in the best way possible!

Seems interesting, eh? I hope so. Let’s jump to the process to get familiar with these easy-peasy methods.

How to Clean Motorcycle Engine Fins: 5 Simple Yet Effective Steps!

So, without any delays, let me show you the easiest technique that you can apply to clean up your motorcycle engine fins. Here, I’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions for your convenience!

Let the Engine Cool

The first and most important thing is to turn off the engine so that it gets cool. Otherwise, your hand might burn when you touch the hot engine that was running for too long.

Wash Off the Engine

Once it gets completely cool, you should move on to the washing task straight away. In that case, using a pipe with powerful water flow won’t be a house of cards at all. Even it’s the best way to go when it comes down to getting rid of dirt with ease. 

Use Shampoo

Yep, to turn your motorcycle fins into spick-and-span, using car-friendly shampoo has no better alternatives! It lets you remove the road salt, fluids, or such things from your bike, and at the same time, ensures a crystal clear finish! 

What’s next?

Sponge Comes in Handy!

Did you make a mixture of shampoo with water? If not, then this is what you need to do right away.

After mixing them perfectly into a piece of a bucket, make sure to get your hands on a soft sponge and use that mixture of soapy water for cleaning up. Try to reach deeper into your motorcycle fins so you can make it absolutely dirt-free!

Time for Final Washing!

Guess what? You just have to use that pipe once again to wash off the soapy water from the fins. Speaking of the flow of water, it should be average.

And if you still notice any stuck-on dirt on the surface of your motorcycle’s fins, feel free to use that soapy water again and then wash it off through clean water. That’s all!

Note: After completing your cleaning task, it’s better to wait at least an hour so that the fins get entirely dry.

What Steps Should I Follow to Polish the Engine Fins?

So, now you’re interested in learning the easy methods of polishing the engine fins, am I right? That’s good. Make sure to note down each and every point that I’m going to share with you right now: 

  • Aluminum polish and a piece of a wheel (cone-shaped) will be needed.
  • Ensure to squeeze out adequate amounts of polish onto the top of the wheel after setting it up on the drill’s chuck.
  • Turn on the device and place the drill into the wheel on both sides. It lets you enter much deeper where you can’t reach so easily for cleaning and polishing purposes.
  • You should continue moving the device till the polish is over. When you notice that it appears to be zero, ensure to add a little more.
  • After completing the “polishing task,” rinsing the motorcycle’s fin will be necessary to get rid of the residual.
  • As for absorbing water or any residue, feel free to utilize a piece of rag or chamois.
  • Let it get completely dry, and you’re DONE! 

A Couple of Things to Consider

  • The polishing task should be performed after completing the cleaning task.
  • Although clothes or pieces of rags come in handy, using chamois is the best decision.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re polishing or cleaning, rinsing the engine fin is crucial.

Wrapping Up! 

As a bike owner, you should know how to take care of it properly and perfectly. 

In that case, if you’re not familiar with the techniques of cleaning motorcycle engine fins, the overall performance of the engine will decrease at a higher rate, and your loving vehicle will get weaker day by day; this is what you should keep in your mind!

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