Custom Dirt Bike Helmets: How to Get Your Own?

The dirt bike helmet is a protective gear that every dirt bike rider must wear. The major goal of the dirt bike helmet is to safeguard the head of the rider in case of an impact. It can reduce or prevent any form of head injury and even save a rider’s life.

There are certain dirt bike helmets that can provide extra conveniences to the rider. For instance, some come with intercom, ear protection, face shields, and ventilation. A custom dirt bike helmet comes with these conveniences as well as performing its primary functions.

That’s why dirt bike helmets from untruthful manufacturers will never be accurate. Some brands try to create a custom made product but end up creating a different type of dirt bike helmet.

Therefore, when you cannot buy the custom dirt bike helmet that suits you from manufacturers, the best thing to do is get your own.

How to get your Own Custom Dirt Bike Helmets

Custom Dirt Bike Helmets
  • Purchase a dirt bike helmet and paint it as you wish
  • Buy the helmet and pay another person who can customize it to your taste
  • Get a custom helmet which is fairly used
  • Go for the novelty helmet
  • Purchase a dirt bike helmet which is painted
  • Get your old helmet and pinstripe it
  • Use a custom made helmet cover on your own
  • Place multiple designs of stickers on your helmet
  • Glue on millions of spikes and crystals on your helmet
  • Create a helmet from your best video game
  • You can paint on a smiley face on the helmet
  • Create a badass face mask instead of a helmet
  • You can even shave off your hair and tattoo/paint on it
  • Airbrush the helmet you are using before

How to custom Paint your Own Dirt Bike Helmet

Custom Dirt Bike Helmets

If you are a dirt bike rider, you probably know that nothing can beat a helmet customized to your own specifications. Painting your own dirt bike helmet is quite easy, just like adding chrome. Moreover, it allows you to showcase your favorite design and make a statement.

Also, you can use the painting to protect your old helmet from deteriorating as well as to look brand new. You can actually transform your ordinary dirt bike helmet into an extraordinary one by painting it. All you need to do is;

  • Get the appropriate paint

Before setting out to buy the right paint to suit your helmet, find out the helmet’s material. Also, find out the particular paints that can suit the material. The easiest way around is to put a call to the manufacturer.

They will tell you the paints that are safe for their product and the ones that are not. If not, you are likely to damage your helmet's outer shell, and unfortunately, you cannot reverse it.

  • Purchase the Appropriate Supplies

Once you determine the perfect paint to use, also invest in the perfect tools required to apply the paint. The appropriate tools you will need for preparation are; screwdrivers, tacky cloth, gloves, sandpaper, cleaning solution, and rags.

For the painting proper, you will need a compressor and spray gun or such other apparatus for painting like a brush. You can also get a tape to cover the parts which are not removable and don't need painting.

  • Lose every Part that is not Necessary

Before commencing the painting, make sure that you’ve removed all the parts that you don’t need to paint or else they can get in your way. For instance, parts such as chin strap, visor, and vents.

  • Cleanse the Helmet Exterior

You can use either soapy water or acetone-based cleanser to clean the outer covering of the helmet carefully. Make sure that you do not allow any residue of debris, grease, and any other substance that will never allow your helmet to dry. After the cleaning, you can air dry it.

  • Prepare the Helmet Surface Using Sandpaper

You can use a heavy-grit paper of about 400 to sand the whole helmet surface. The sandpaper will smoothen out the helmet's surface as well as dull its finish. If the face of the paint is dull, it is easier to stick on the surface, but it will not adhere if the surface is shiny.

After sandpapering the surface, you can use a damp material to clean out most of the dust. After drying the surface, use your tacky cloth to remove any residual dust.

  • Prepare your Helmet for paint

This is the stage you can mask off all the parts which are not removable that don't require painting. Such parts like the fittings, screw holes, and casings. Make sure that you cover and tape its interior to avoid accidental painting the padding.

  • Apply The Paint

First, apply light layers of the paint in slow motion to avoid dripping. Move from left to right or up and down the helmet surface.

Just make sure you do not paint both styles just one or else, the color might look uneven or crisscross. Also, remember to work in a properly ventilated area and also allow the paint to air dry totally after finishing.

  • Create Your Design

Immediately the paint base coat is completely dry, that is your time to create your special design. Make your helmet design look completely original. Paper and tape of about 1/8” should help you make your design. Make sure you are attentive to all the details.

Every line should meet up, straight, and centered. Then, you can paint on your chosen color or colors at a time.

  • Seal the Helmet

The final stage needs you to seal the new paint job to enable you to apply some layers of urethane. When you apply additional urethane layers, the helmet finish will deepen. The advisable maximum urethane coating depth necessary is 4 coats.

  • Shine the Helmet

Your overall work will be completed when you add a glossy, shiny finish to your dirt bike helmet. All you need to do for the desired effect is to use the particular compound for adding a glossy shine. Then you can re-attach every fitting and part you removed, and the deed is done.

Buy the Helmet and pay another person who can customize it to your taste

Custom dirt bike helmet

If you don’t want to customize your own dirt bike helmet, it is okay as well. All you need to do is buy the one you like and pay somebody else to customize it for you. However, before you spend such a large amount of money, make sure you have checked out the works of the person.

If you try to minimize the cost, your bike helmet may come back with a cheap look. You should research craigslist or go straight to your city custom toy stores and ask around. As you reach there, you can get ideas from some beautiful on-site designs.

Then pick out the design you like for your bike helmet and mail it to your designer. Just make sure your artist is the best, and you can wait with baited breath for your dirt bike helmet.

Get a Custom Helmet which is Fairly Used

Custom dirt bike helmet

Even though a dirt bike helmet is fairly used, it can still serve is the main purpose, which is protection and safety. When you buy a fairly used one, you are reducing some bucks and, at the same time, get the best in quality. What is more? If you just add a little touch and clean up, the bike helmet will look as new again.

However, you need to thoroughly examine any fairly used helmet and make many inquiries about it before you commit yourself. In fact, you should ask its owner about the bike helmet history.

Use a custom made helmet cover on your own

Custom dirt bike helmet

Buying a custom made helmet cover to cover your own helmet is another great idea. It is faster, simpler, and you can even change it to suit your dress code. Also, the cover can also serve as a protection for helmets against certain road hazards. For instance, it can protect your helmet from hail, rocks, and occasional mighty June-bug, etc..

Place Multiple Designs of Stickers on your Helmet

Stickers on your Helmet

No matter how crappy the paint job on your bike helmet is, you can clearly stick millions of sticker designs on it for cover. You can even cover the novelty job to an object of beauty with multiple design stickers. You don’t know it, but the stickers are a showpiece for projecting your award-winning image.

Create a Badass Face Mask Instead of a Helmet

You can get yourself a badass face mask instead of getting a helmet. Although it is a half-helmet, you can still get some without crazy designs that you can customize yourself. Bear in mind though that it will not give you maximum protection or warmth, but you will get your badass look.


Customizing your dirt bike helmet is the perfect way to restore it back to life and to personalize it. Fortunately, today’s technology makes room for many options if you want to customize your helmet. With them, you can personalize your helmet without damaging it.

Now that you are totally equipped with the above information, you can now make a move to customize your dirt bike helmet with the design that will wow everybody. Remember that it is a work art that shouldn't be rushed. So take your time. 

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