What Size Dirt Bike Boots Should I Buy?

Dirt Bike race formally called motocross race, is one of those extreme sports that require physical movement the most. So, wearing the right gear plays a super important role.

Apart from the helmet, outfit, and the bike itself, you need a boot to endure all the strength, power, and effort you put in the race. And there are so many factors that will give you input in choosing the right boot.

Questions like what size dirt bike boots should I buy, what are the types of boots available, etc can keep you up at night. In this article, we have tried to bring the perfect solution to those queries.

Which Dirt Bike Boot Should I Choose?

This is one of the most common dilemmas that most bikers find themselves in, given so many variations in the market.

But this actually depends on their use as well as preferences. Here are four common types of motocross boots that we have put together. 

Motocross Boots

These are the ones that are most preferred for dirt bike racing because of the protection they provide. Ankle injuries are very common if you’re into extreme bike racing. 

Motocross boots are usually tight and closely fitted, which protects your feet from hyper-flexion and hyper-extension. Even though you can’t properly walk with them, they will truly serve the purpose they were made for. 

Adventure Boots

If you want something a lot more comfortable than the motocross boots, they will be perfect. You can walk around with the adventure boots all day and not even worry about them getting ruined with water spills.

Adventure boots won’t be much protective in your shin/calf area but are a good choice nonetheless.

Enduro/Trail Boots

This is a great choice if you’re looking for more protection for the toe and ankle area. As enduro boots are more on the chunkier side, they will be sturdy enough to get you through a few years, at least. Rough terrains or hilly roads, you can dirt bike anywhere with this versatile boot.

Trials Boots

Trials boots mainly serve the purpose of walking. When you need to move around your path or along the trails, then you can swap out your bike boots with this for better comfort. 

What Size Dirt Bike Boots Should I Buy

Now, when it comes to picking your boots’ size, it might not be as easy as your other type of shoes. Boots should not make your feet uncomfortable.

First of all, you need to know your shoe size to get the right fit. Different countries have different measurement systems, so most of the places provide you with a conversion chart.

You can be a US 7, but that would make you a 40 in the EU system. So, find out what size you are and in which one. After that, please make sure you know the measurement system of the place you are getting your boots from. 

Measuring Your Feet

If you are not sure of the US, UK, or EU size of your feet because your country follows some other warped-up system, then we are here for you.

And let us tell you that you can always go back to the manual way and find your feet size using a measuring tape!

The safest way that we recommend is to put your foot perpendicularly on a wall and then measure the sole. This will determine your feet’ actual size, and then you can find your US/EU size from a shoe chart.

Opting for a Comfortable Size

Frankly speaking, dirt bike boots won’t be as comfortable as your regular boots. But they should snugly slide into your feet no matter what size you go for.

You should consider getting the comfort you crave in your boots to go for the measurement size that the manufacturers provide. Because sometimes, even though you know your size, it might not align with the manufacturer’s one.

A lot of the time, people get confused between two sizes. The best option in this scenario is to always go for the larger fit. Not too large, though, because that would come in your way of moving across the track.

But when you fit your boots to your feet, they should be tight enough without being uncomfortable. Even if you go for larger boots, put some socks inside to be tightly fitted because it would help you in the race.

Women’s Dirt Bike Boot Size

Most companies build a shorter boot structure for women because of their thin, small feet. These boots also have a large gait on the upper portion that provides extra support on the calves.

But if you’re a woman who has slightly larger feet, then you really should go for the men’s or unisex ones.

Final Words

We hope that questions like what size dirt bike boots should I buy? will not be the end of your worries. If possible, try the boots in person for a better fit, and don’t get impatient while the boots are still in their break-in period.

Don’t forget to take care of the boots because that way, you’ll be sustaining them for a long time.

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