Can You Use a Dirt Bike Helmet on the Street?

Dirt bike helmets and other motocross helmets are definitely not the same. And if you are a dirt bike guy and more into off-road trails, you probably have an ATV helmet. 

However, dirt tracks are not common in most places, and you might have to ride through the street a lot to reach those tracks. So, the question naturally comes to your mind, can you use a dirt bike helmet on the street? 

Well, that calls for a thorough discussion and a full insight into the helmet’s features and safety requirements. So, let’s dig in and find out.

Dirt Bike Helmet Vs Street Helmet

Various models of street helmets are designed to work in specific instances with varying degrees of safety. The most popular form of all is the full-face one, which is covered from back, front, top, and sides. 

They are known to be the safest of all motocross types. They feature great aerodynamics to make them comfortable and quiet, a full-face vigor to ensure clear vision at high speeds, and full face and head protection with robust construction and chin guards. 

And the helmets seem excellent in terms of comfort and safety while riding through highways at high speed. 

Conversely, an ATV helmet comes with a wide opening at the front with no wind visor to let you accommodate your goggles.

A sun peak is there to keep the direct sun glare away from your eyes. Also, lighter weight and broader opening ensure good airflow, keeping the rider cool. 

Both the helmet types provide the most safety; however, they are designed to work in different instances. 

Dirt Bike Helmet Features

Dirt helmets come with specific features that make them suitable for aggressive off-trail ridings. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

Wide Opening

The opening is kept wide with no visor to fit your goggles that work better with all the debris flying around. 


The weight of these helmets is kept low so that it doesn’t put stress on your head for an extended period of riding on bumps. 


These models offer little protection against noise, and the feature comes in handy, enabling you to hear the tire noises or locate your opponent nearby. 

Sun Peak

The peak is adjustable and gives your eyes a shade while you are riding at extreme angles. Also, it blocks a lot of debris picked by your front runner. 


The wide front opening and insulation features offer great ventilation, keeping you from sweating too much. 

Can You Use a Dirt Bike Helmet on the Street?

Well, it’s not illegal to use dirt helmets on the street if they meet the required safety standards. And if the tracks are far from your home, chances are you wore the dirt helmets while riding to the trails. 

So, can you use them on-street? Honestly, you shouldn’t. On-street, you ride at higher speeds that need great aerodynamics, noise protection, and a see-through visor. Dirt helmets are anything but that, featuring no visor and no noise protection. 

Yes, the noise you will hear at 70-80 kph is unbearable, and if you are caught up with rain on the road, driving with a dirt helmet can be a nightmare as there is nothing to prevent the rain from hitting your face. 

The sun peak and no visor design create poor aerodynamics in these helmets that can make riding over 80 or 90 kph difficult. 

Also, driving on-street requires high-speed impact-resistant helmets. ATV ones are not designed for that. The sun peak comes in handy with dirt, but if you encounter any road accident with a dirt helmet on, it might twist your neck by catching on to something. 

Can You Wear Full Face Helmets on Off roads?

The purpose of every helmet is to safeguard your face and head from any crushes and minimize injury. Now, dirt and street helmets are designed very differently, keeping in mind what’s needed in the trail and on-road riding. 

While full-face ones are considered safest, they don’t feature the optimization required for off-road riding.

Street helmets are heavier, with multiple layers of cushioning inside to resist the high-speed impacts. The aerodynamics is designed so that you don’t strain your neck muscles and keep your head stable. 

Now, getting on dirt tracks with such features is a devastating experience. You will feel the weight on your head. Also, the resistance the helmet and cushioning provides is not comfortable either. And within a few minutes of being on the dirt, the visors may be blocked, and you won’t see anything. 

Not to mention, insufficient ventilation can make you sweat profusely, and your visors will quickly fog up. 

So, are full-face helmets good to go on dirt? A big NO to that.

Final Words 

So, can you use a dirt bike helmet on the street? You probably have used one on roads while getting onto tracks. It might seem fine, but don’t get overconfident with that.

Because dirt helmets are far from good on the streets, feel free to check all the reasons with a comprehensive analysis. 

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